The Mind - What An Amazing Universe

You are what you think;

The experts say we barely use 10% of our minds. I wouldn't be so sure about that or very proud of it either. What an unexplored area of the body. How many other functions does it do that we are not aware of. What about the mind as a muscle, athletes, businessmen, people of all types are looking into many areas of training - the mind. The latest research shows that the old fallacy of loosing mental powers doesn't have to happen with age. Now they say you can still build new neurons even into what we call old age. It's also discovered that by using the mind just like a muscle we can make it stronger. There are several ways in sports, education and life; using imagery (even before we called it that in high school the coach would say just think of clearing the bar and you will do it.) relaxation (just relax when you fall skiing and you will get hurt less) and mental clarity exercises is new we think yet it is ancient. There are other ways to strengthen the mind as well; reading, is great, not just the paper, bad news does not qualify. Something that challenges you, something new and difficult like Einstien said: "Imagination is greater than intelegence." Some do cross word puzzles (that works your mind in three demensions), learn a new language, play music or learn to play an instrument.

These are all very powerful ways to increas the minds capabilities. Stop watching so much TV, I call mindless meditation, well it is and mindless is what you get. So as long as we work on the body and mind, we will get the best of both worlds. We will look into all the parts of holistic training which includes; mind, body, nutrition and spirit.

Lets start with the understanding of the brain. It's the bio-computer of the body. It's the organ that controls all the bodily functions, systems, muscles, organs, glands, speech, immune system, imagination, thoughts etc. Well according to many of the experts it controls more than we are conscious of that's for sure. That may be a highly debatable fact but let's let that go for another conversation.

So where do we start to fully use this most incredible computer for improvement in health, performance, ultimatley life and happiness. We need need to learn how to use it, it just makes sense. However, it takes training practice, observation and understanding, to be able to use it with control. Some people can just do anything, others of us need to try them a few hundred times before we get it. It's also critical to have someone that can really teach you tools to be able to get control of it yourself. Well even the word control is another debatable concept but it will do for now. Tools, time, teachers, thinking, transcendence are all needed to get to the point where we can harness the power of the mind. Some say let go of control, others say get control, it depends if you think that it is releveant or others that think it's irrelevent.

Mind training for athletic competition and excellence is not a new concept; In my opinion the first principles are attitude and heart. Athletic endeavor is a way to tap into the most deepest parts of our unknown mind and bodies. This can be a great learning experience, or awakening depending on your wording, but unfortunately we got lost on the way to the park. We made winning more important than health, cooperation, friendship, heck peace of mind or just plain fun. We take ourselves way too seriously sometimes in sports. We need to look at the attitude with which we approach the sport or life as they are one and the same. Do we love to compete for competition or do we get upset and stressed if we lose. Are we trying to find oursleves, are we tying to prove something, all this creates stress and we all know that stress and success do not work together. We know that the most powerful mind space for athletic performance is to be able to get in the "ZONE". That means into that deep state of mind/body where thoughts, trivial emotions, or problems don't exist. In technical terms the state of Alpha. Many people experience this "ZONE" the problem is many times we don't have control of when or where we can experience it.

On the other hand we want to be the best and we train. In joy, we compete hard and when you lose its ok. You set your goals and you follow them but even more important you live them. You don't drag the last competition around in your head, you get free of negative thoughts and focus and imagine a perfect outcome. Imagery is one of the most widely used tools in sports. The coach use to say, just imagine clearing the bar, in the high jump. Or close your eyes and visualize making the basket. This was way back in the fifties and sixties, we hardly knew what it meant but we knew it worked. The research has been out forever we just need to keep it simple, and put it to use.

Our self image in competition has a lot to do with our ability when the chips are down. When you are in the heat of competition, is where the most powerful feelings and emotions will surface. This is when the practice and mental training will matter most. We are affected by past emotional occurrences that keep us from attaining self mastery. At every level and starting with the most basic level outlook. Knowing who you are is critical to attaining what you want.

Our outlook on the world, positive or negative affects our personal power to create our own destiny. Ultimately we are the masters of our reality, we have to realize that we need to take responsibility for all our outcomes. We create our results and must be willing to accept this fact to be able to master our minds to create other positive things. If you cannot change who you are, you have to change the things you want!

Concentration - the Zen of mind training (in all athletic and life activities, is an important factor in performance of the mind). Learning to quiet the mind for pin-pointed efficiency has been practiced for centuries, there are many paths to these great arts. Here are a few to start with;

Meditation; Yes! athletes need to be able to completely relax for top performance. Why? Because any tension, not only in the muscles but in thought can cause constriction, loss of coordination or even pain!

There are several meditative types of activities to quiet the mind. The difference between Zen and other forms of meditation, is Zen is the art of nothingness. In other words some teachers say to focus on a black velvet picture and then take away the frame. Other forms such as Hindu, or Tibetan give you mantras which are chants or yantras which are visual tools to focus on. These still non-moving techniques where you focus on breathing, visual or vocal exercises, for focus and concentration are difficult without proper training. Us westerners like the ones with goals or some sort of focus an A type personalities. We have to drive towards something, to be in touch with the mind-body communication from most people's outlook. Or totally surender from others point of views, it's all how you look at it. There is actually a third one, just live your life, driving or surrender leave a lot of room for conflict. Like my friend Roger says; "Just live your life to the fullest". Since we can't cause things, trying just keeps us in conflict.

Of the more moving forms of meditation, there is tai chi, or Qi cun, which I highly recommend for athletes and all people alike, for the power and softness it teaches. Slow movement for learning total body balance and awareness. Most of all, learning the unseen and sometimes untapped inner power called chi, or mana. In ancient times the athletes were like warriors, saints, or heroes, for they worked with a mighty force. This is what ultra performance is about the high many athletes are addicted to. It's amazing sometimes we forget our mind and follow the body around and do silly stuff because of the intensity of this energy. The women could say it's our testosterone, but I know female athletes who are even more intense than men. To be able to call on this inner source of power, beyond the physical when you hit the wall is the name of the game.

Yoga for flexibility and quieting the mind. A body that is soft pliable, movable, and still strong will allow the mind to perform much better. I'm also talking about a flexible mind. If we are a type A athlete, it's stressful enough to just train and live on this planet. If you're obsessed, pushing the body and mind only leads to breakdown at some point in time. Patience is a great tool for athletes, and this is achieved through the integration of MIND/BODY. Once the balance is there, we can ignight the flame of spirit. The other part of the equation, not necessarily religion, or anything so mysterious, just our own form of spiritual feeling. Whatever gets us in the "ZONE", that is the key to be able to tap into at will.

We must train our wills, scientifically and spiritually we have the best of all worlds. We have the most up-to-date information available to us, as well as all the ancient ways for ultimate balance. All the sports psychology, sports programs, doctors, magazines and not to mention races, marathons, triathlons, bike races, basketball, you name it, we are going nuts with sports. Sports training, mind training, health foods, there is an explosion of information these days take advantage of it. Great! what a blast we are having, with all that is available to us. It must be working right! if not, what it all boils down to; If you can't apply the tools to achieving your results, change the tools, or change your mind. The key is you have to plan to get anywhere. Bucky said it's 75% planning and 25% doing.

So just a brief summary;

( I ) Set your our goals (for you mind training) short term and long term. Write it as if it's already happened.

(2) Purpose what you want to get out of it, very clearly stated. The nut's and bolts, should be conected to what you want and do in life, or your life purpose.

(3) Priorities a list of all the steps you need to take -if you have been doing the same thing and getting the same results you need to do different things. It may look like this:

My attitude needs to change with not just affirmations of positive statements as really there is no change of attitude it's just find your attitude (being conscious every second of the day is incredibly difficult, yet very simple).

Relaxation exercises starting with 3 times a week working to every day at least 1/2 hr. Try laying down and starting with your feet and working up to the head empty your body of any tension or sensations of stress. Very detailed, very focused, take your time. Maybe a new attitude to competition or something you want to do different.

Changing some attitude that you think that you can do without, you can't stop it as in that you are still in conflilct with it. "Don't think of a pink elephant". What does that mean? Well you can't change an attitude by trying to stop it, just adopt a new one you want. The old will fall away on it's own.

4) Taking a class or several seminars in yoga, martial arts something different and following through. Work on your music and art, take a dance class, read more books, break out of your normal easy habits. Well unless you are totally happy and just love your life, if not! Who is driving the boat?

(5) The material needed are: tapes, books, personal trainer or counseling, a group to work with. Do your research, you can try out a couple of different programs before you commit. BUT COMMIT.

(6) What are your rewards for your perseverance and dedication to yourself? Don't put them out there to chase after as you will never catch them, you can only start by living those things and embody them in your life.

This is the most beautiful part of getting serious about anything in your life. Part of our mind training overlaps into body training of course, but spirit is the prize. Later you find nutrition is very important to mind training as well, my see story on nutrition or read any well known good book on basics like Dr. Andrew Weil's books. They are great, suffice to say that what you eat too, is what you think.

With patience and perseverance your mind training will be as important as your sport, physical training program, it will add to the quality of your life and will keep you healthy in body, mind and spirit.

see for more information and other articles.

Othon Molina has been involved in the health field as a massagetherapist, manual therapist and personal trainer for over thirty five years. He was one of the first therapist to teach in the University of Hawaii and had one of the first licensed massage schools in Hawaii.

He has studied with some of the top doctors and healers of our times. Like The Touch for Health foundation, Bernard Jensen DC., John Christopher ND., Everts Loomis MD., Ram Dass, Tony Robins, Rolling Thunder, and many more to list here. His specialty is treating sports injuries, back problems, and teaching others how to improve their health or athletic competition using nutrition and other fitness technologies.

Some of his specialties are Kinesiology, Polarity therapy, Reflexology, Iridology, Nutrition, herbs, Native American Indian Medicine, Neuro-Lynguistics and sports medicine with an emphasis in body mechanics. He has been an athlete and runner all his life, and competed in many triathlons, 5k's, 10k's and marathons, competing at an elite level gave him the experience to train others.

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Friendship - Are You a True or False Friend?
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11/01/2016 12:03 PM
Tell Me Who Your Friends Are
We know we are supposed to surround ourselves with people of quality. But what's even more important is to NOT surround yourself with people who will boycott your success. They may not mean to. But often they just can't help themselves.
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Community and the Loss and Gain of Friendships
We all experience the loss of friends and changes in our relationships. It may be our decision, the other person's, jointly decided or something thrust upon us by life. The loss may have come from something negative like jealousy, ill-will, anger or fear. It may have come from a decision based on what seemed best for all concerned. It may have been the natural outcome of something that life brought into the arena. Regardless, we can practise these principles of healing and growth:

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I took a look at the top 500 hits on the Internet and found that at least 90% of them are related to pop culture. Who is dating who, singers, actors, gossip, etc.
Part II--The Journey to a State Called Authentic
Are you on the road yet? If not, pony up your?.um, pony and pretend that you are gracefully cantering down the road toward that state called Authentic.
Its All Up to You (Nobody is Coming to Save You!)
As painful as this realization may be, it is absolutely true. Wherever we are in our lives and whatever we are doing, it is because we have put ourselves there.
Releasing the Illusion of Control
It's amazing how easy it is to convince ourselves that we're in control of everything in our lives. When it comes right down to it, what we eventually learn is that we are in control of only two things: our own thoughts, and our own actions.
How to Get that It Factor Happening
Sitting here today in sunny Queensland Australia, I'm reflecting on what makes one person more attractive than another. Not just by physical attraction, but what makes them captivating.
A Sweep of Vanity: How To Burst Your Own Bubble
"Hoy-day! What a sweep of vanity comes this way!" --William Shakespeare, "The Life of Timon of Athens"If there's one characteristic we hope we don't have, it's vanity. We'd rather be considered aggressive, driven, petty, even mean than have others feel that we think too much of ourselves.
God Doesnt Say No...YOU Do!
There are a couple of things you've probably heard said overand over. The first is, "Why doesn't God answer myprayers?".
When I was a kid sitting in school I can remember looking out the window daydreaming of mountains, and skiing. These were just a few things I dreamed of doing.
Living a Values-Based Life
What is a values-based life? A values-based life is a self-capable life free of doubt or fear; a life that allows you to take risks, fulfill dreams, capture goals and live to your fullest capacity. Sound wonderful? It certainly is.
Two Principles That Can Change Your Life Completely
First principle: You and the universe is one.In order to achieve higher level of awareness,we must accept this unity consciousness.
The Self Appreciation Enhancer
Very often when you are talking to people what you really want deep down is to feel significant, liked and important. Consequently you watch what you are saying and are careful not tosay the wrong thing.
Harvest Moon Lessons
The full moon in September is often bigger and brighter than full moons in other months. It is usually referred to as the Harvest Moon.
Hearts Made Strong
The heart seems to be one of the most vulnerable in the system because it is the one that has held the most fear, the most old pain, perhaps, and repressed energy. It is the one that is most afraid to open to pure unconditional love, which is indeed where your power lies.
Change The World
It is becoming clear that the way a country or society is, the kind of "psyche" it has, depends on the way people relate to each other one-to-one, at the day-to-day level of life.At this one-to-one level there are very simple "Rules" of behaving.
Achieving Your Definite Major Purpose
(Excerpts From The Book)Successercising"The Science Of Success Achievement Course"The Equivalent To A PhD In Success From The University Of Hard KnocksIn his all time best selling book, Think And Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill mentions in his first chapter that throughout the book he will be referring many times to "The Carnegie Secret." He said he would not tell you what that secret is, but when you are ready, it will jump off the page and into your brain.