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An Education in Saving on Textbooks

Every year students flock to the college bookstore to purchase the various textbooks that they require for their classes. Little do these students realize that, in doing so, they are throwing good money away.

Choose the Delivery Mode for your e-Learning Course

There are so many ways to deliver instruction online that the topic warrants its own lesson. In fact, deciding how you are going to deliver a course is critical to the way that you design and develop the course! Your first decision is whether or not you will deliver the course "live" or in a synchronous mode.

Building Interaction Into Your Online Course

You've already decided that you're ready to author online and you have your content organized. Now it's time to face the ultimate challenge in online learning - making it interactive! Interaction in online courses is a two-edged sword.

Distance Learning: Balancing Your Education and Busy Lifestyle

Distance Learning is a priority for most who have already set their lives out in one way or another in that their responsibilities have been laid out, and in quite a few cases, would not allow for regular College schedules. This is taken into consideration when looking for a place to study, and this shouldn't mean below par education.

Parents: Take the SAT Challenge!

I keep a box of tissues on the table where I tutor because, as an SAT tutor and college application consultant, I listen to high school juniors and seniors who are so overwhelmed by college pressure that they begin to cry. Not just girls.

College Bound: The Organized Dorm

I can still remember my shopping list for my first dorm room. Years ago we kept it simple -- the must have storage staple was the old dairy crate and that was pretty much it.

Business Plan Competitions

The idea of a business plan competition first started in the 1980's at the initiative of some MBA students from Texas and has increasingly gained popularity. Such events happen yearly and rejoice a great affluence of contestants, which highly increases their competitiveness.

Write Your Way Into University - The Personal Statement

The Get Into Uni personal statement writing guide contains systematic instructions on the techniques to help increase the odds of your application, however this article contains a short synopsis to writing your way into university. For most potential students there are some clear reasons why they wish to embark on university.

College Tuition Costs are Spiralling

So, our children want to fly away from the nest and further their academic life in college. But with escalating costs, can we afford it? Will they have to take part time jobs to stay afloat or can we supplement their financial needs with college loans?These are just some of the questions that concerned parents and aspiring students are asking themselves nowadays.

Distance Learning, Online Education, Electronic Education, Electronic Learning?Call It What You Want

Whatever you want to label "learning at home" and however you want to define the latest buzz words for non-traditional education, you can find a program and method that suits your needs. Right now over 1.

Medical Assistant - Medical Assistant Distance Education

Considerations in Distance Education for the Medical Assistant InstructorMedical Assistant distance education is emerging to meet the demands of a new generation of students in the twenty first century. St.

IMT College - Full Online

IMT College - full online* Ensure Your Future* Immediate Use of Skills* 8 Week Certificate Course* Online Faculty Support* 100% Online* Anytime, Anywhere, for everybodyExplore Your PossibilitiesNow, no matter where you live or what your schedule, you can tap into one of the nation?s leading business schools and learn valuable skill-sets that will have an immediate impact on your current job and help ensure your future success!Our approach to managerial skills be characterized as attempting to teach all what is necessary to have success in business world and to reach your business goals. Attending our courses you can test your new skills all the time answering on our questions in many tests which are prepared for our students.

Looking For a Rewards Program That Offers Free Money for College Students?

With the rising cost of books, tuition and housing, it's no wonder that college students are looking for ways to cash in on anything that can lighten their financial load. It isn't easy trying to balance an exciting social life, education and your finances at any age - not to mention in your teens and twenties.

CRI Releases Its 2003-2004 College Graduate Survey

Upper Saddle River, N.J.

The Challenges College Students Face on Secular Campuses

What is happening on the campuses of secular universities across America? Thousands of Christian students are losing their faith and non-Christian students are becoming entrenched in their unbelief. Why is this happening? Have they discovered that God, in fact, does not really exist, that we live in a careening universe with no divine Pilot at the wheel? Or does something else explain this trend?The Intellectual Challenge Christian students on a secular campus face a great intellectual challenge.

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11/23/2020 07:52 AM
Dire Need For A Change Of Syllabus For - 'The Indian Education System'
Education, as we all know is vital, for the growth of every individual and empowerment in the growth of a nation. Is this critical need, given to all the students in a satisfactory manner? Ironically, the answer is No.
08/21/2020 12:25 PM
THE MEANING OF LIFE - The Secular Versus the Religious Path
In a conversation between Susan Blackmore and Jordan Peterson, both respected academics and published authors, the interviewer and moderator, Justin Brierley, asked Miss Blackmore the following question: Do we need God [i.e. the Judeo-Christian idea of God] to make sense of life?
07/22/2020 01:27 PM
An Effective Way For College Students To Decide Who To Vote For In November
Every adult can think of voting issues and concerns that are important to them. The same is true of college students and first-time voters. However, new voters may overlook important voting issues, unless...
06/11/2020 11:12 AM
Everything You Should Know About An MBA Degree
Earning an MBA Degree from Top MBA Colleges is essential for an aspirant to secure a reputed corporate career. This article covers everything one needs to know about the different types of MBA based on course time and disciplines.
06/08/2020 09:11 AM
UK Artists Fear That Admitting Supporting Brexit Will Be Career Suicide
William Shakespeare (1564-1616) can always be relied upon to furnish with a line that encapsulates a mood or situation. Those familiar with the play Hamlet will remember the line: "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark" - meaning that something is seriously awry. Certainly, when it comes to freedom of thought and freedom of speech in the Arts in the UK a climate of fear and intimidation has developed that calls into question the very values that artists claim to espouse.
06/08/2020 09:11 AM
Innovation in Higher Education During the Time of Crisis
A Couple of years back I was invited to attend an International Conference in Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta), India hosted jointly by two very prestigious Indian Institutions on the theme "Innovative Business Practices in a VUCA world." I was excited and felt a deep sense of joy to accept this invitation to attend as a keynote speaker for two reasons: The theme of the conference was very close to my heart as I always felt that uncertainties are the father of innovation, understanding dynamics of business uncertainties is the core to success. Secondly, the city of Kolkata.
06/01/2020 08:44 AM
Higher Education Must Rise to the Challenges and Opportunities Presented by COVID-19
One thing that we have all begun to appreciate since the arrival of the Corona-virus Pandemic has been the importance of scientists and those that support them. It is clear to the world that until there is a vaccine there is no real chance of bringing the situation under control. Governments have endeavored to wrestle with the need to minimize risk and deaths, and social distancing has become a key aspect of those efforts.
05/26/2020 03:43 PM
Rely on Education Portals to Study Abroad
There are many education portals whose main aim is to assist enthusiastic students who want to study abroad. These education portals can help you get connected with senior students from your selected University. They can give authentic information on the required exams you need to pass to get admission. There will be no cause of error. The reason - they have gone the same route, and got admitted.This article throws light on the popular exams.
05/26/2020 03:40 PM
Language and Culture
Language is a source of communication with other members of society. It is the reflection of the culture to which it belongs. Salient characteristics of the culture can be inferred with the close study of its language. It is the source to transfer the various aspects of the ideology. "Every act of language whether it is written or spoken is a statement about the position of its author within the social structure in a given culture" (Tabouret, 1985). Many linguists and sociologists considering the significance of language in interpreting the cultural values have theorized the structure, functions, and purposes of language
04/01/2020 09:00 AM
Keep Your Job: What Employed Students Need to Know and Do
When 'keeping their jobs' is a critical necessity for financially strapped college students with part-time, co-op and summer jobs, there are things they can do to...
03/29/2020 10:49 AM
Unveiling the Magic of Animation Through Professional Courses
Animation industry is associated with a wide range of career opportunities. Professional education programs help in facilitating industry-oriented knowledge to the interested candidates.
03/28/2020 07:42 PM
The Ten Characteristics of the Scientific Research
Professors and supervisors in general request scientific papers in college but do not always bother to explain what the basic characteristics of a scientific work are. Thinking about this, I tried to summarize in what follows the main characteristics of the scientific research. Note that to do scientific work, you need to have a scientific attitude first.
02/26/2020 09:56 AM
Food Truck Emerging Concept in Hospitality
Food & Beverage industry is one of the widest sectors of hospitality where simplicity is defined by various prospects. "FOOD TRUCK" is the simplest example of street food served by moving vehicles which promises a brighter future to the customers as well as investors.
02/24/2020 12:58 PM
International Law Knowledge And Assignment Help At Lowest Consent
We always ready to provide the best assistance to the students. We never cheat the student's emotions and deliver the accurate Information in International Law assignment help to the students.
01/29/2020 09:50 AM
Lies Are Insidious and Destructive
Dishonest leaders and sociopaths are without a conscience and use lies each and every day to benefit and protect their self-interests. Deceit is...
01/17/2020 09:28 AM
MBA Aspirants Must Note That NMAT By GMAC Will Be Conducted by GMAC in Coming October
MBA aspirants must note that NMAT By GMAC will be conducted by GMAC in coming October this year. The notification and important dates for NMAT 2018 are likely to be announced by 1st Week of July 2018. There will be three sections of NMAT viz.
01/07/2020 03:15 PM
British Qualification Course
The British Qualification Program aligned to National Qualification Framework of UAE government and therefore approved by KHDA Dubai. It is a qualification program for two levels of education (i) Primary and Secondary Level (ii) University Level.
11/19/2019 01:36 PM
EMPI Institution Conducts India's First International Mobility Festival With Inauguration of AIC
EMPI Institutions, New Delhi and it's Atal Incubation Centre, supported by Niti Aayog, Govt. of India; conducted India's first Mobility Mission Festival (MoMi) on Mobility Design, Technology and Business for Vehicles of the Future - Electric, Connected, Autonomous and Shared. This initiative was structured under EMPI iFutures, India's first Futurization platform -?? A platform to carry forward EMPI's credo of Innovating Futures philosophy across different sectors.
09/11/2019 02:26 PM
It Just Doesn't Work That Way
Too many students wait until they enter their senior year or may even graduate before they start giving much thought to their job search. That strategy doesn't...
09/03/2019 09:40 AM
The Russian All-Female 'Battalion Of Death'
The Russian All-Female 'Battalion Of Death', And What Historical Impact Did They Have? World War I and the Ever Sinking Morale Of The Male Russian Soldier saw a new incentive, to raise morale of the sunken-heart and even 'shame' many male 'potential' soldiers into joining the fight. A Battalion Of Female Soldiers were banded together to create new inspiration for 'Mother Country'.
09/03/2019 09:24 AM
Supplementary Exams: Everything You Need to Know
Supplementary exams are a blessing for students who failed in SSC/HSSC. Here's everything you need to know about these exams for matric/intermediate.
08/07/2019 10:12 AM
Are You One of the Ten Percent?
As your college years come to an end, your job search success as well as the positions and starting salaries you are offered take on a new level importance. Your needs, goals and personal responsibilities...
08/01/2019 08:33 PM
5 Startup Lessons They Don't Teach You in College
After graduating, the next thing we like to do is partying and celebrating the victory. However, nobody will tell you that challenges are actually on the other side of the college life.
08/01/2019 08:24 PM
Top BCA College in Haryana-PIET
Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology always remains the first choice of the students because of its academic excellence and best placements in Delhi NCR. Its offers various courses- B.Tech, M.Tech, BBA, MBA, MCA, BCA.
07/23/2019 05:36 PM
Academic and Professional Ethics
Once a person has decided that they want to join the ranks of academia with the vision of bettering themselves and entering the professional world, the steps that they take while pursuing this vision become the code by which their future is built. The actions that are taken and the ideals which are formed during this academic tenure will often determine just how influential and respected a person can become in society, as well as the ethical code that they follow. The philosophy of ethics can be broken down into three categories; personal ethics, professional ethics and academic...
07/10/2019 10:30 AM
Urban Career: What New Path Can Work for You?
Thinking about a promising and lucrative career, simply go green. Surprising isn't it? Yet, this is true. With so many technological advancements and people going the natural or organic way, the green revolution awaits you.
07/08/2019 09:50 AM
Here's How to Be a Good Role Model For Your Students
There are many names give to the role of an educator, from a teacher to facilitator, faculty member, and instructor. Whether you are employed in part time or full-time capacity, in a traditional or online classroom, you are still teaching and directly involved in the developmental progress of your students. Everything you say to your students, along with every action you take, has a direct impact on your students. This is why follow-up and follow through are extremely important, along with an ability to listen with the express purpose of seeking to understand what your students are stating.
07/08/2019 09:49 AM
Five Strategies Every Educator Needs for Uncooperative Students
Does every class run perfectly and without a problem? In a traditional classroom the instructor is able to visually assess how students are performing and responding to the demands made of them. However, with this visual element missing in an online class, it becomes much more challenging to "read" or get a feel for the pulse or mood of the class, especially when the class is not meeting at a scheduled time.
06/19/2019 11:07 AM
Four Steps to Create Feedback Students Want to Read
Do you look forward to providing student feedback, or do you dread the thought of having to read through student papers? Does the thought of poorly written papers frustrate you to the point you cannot enjoy providing feedback, or can you see still see potential in your students? Do students engage with and respond to your feedback? As an educator you may spend a significant amount of time developing feedback for your students, especially for their written assignments. The developmental progress of your students is strengthened when you provide meaningful feedback and they respond to it, either through their actions and improved performance or their follow up questions to you. How do you react when students don't respond to your feedback? What if they continue to make the same mistakes and their performance does not improve? Do you assume that students aren't reading the feedback provided or perhaps they aren't interested in it?
06/19/2019 11:07 AM
Discover How Positive Psychology Can Transform How You Teach
Do you see the best in your students now? Or will you be so focused on classroom management there is only time to get the job done each week? Do you teach online and see a group of anonymous students you may never really get to know? Or do you take the time to learn what you can, through discussions and feedback, to help students with their developmental needs? Teaching students is not always a matter of showing up for class, disseminating information and instructions, facilitating class discussions, and providing feedback. It is more about the instructional approach you take and its effectiveness when utilized. This is especially true for online instructors who teach in a technologically enabled environment. Your classroom presence as the assigned instructor, or lack thereof, determines how students respond to your involvement in class and whether or not they engage with you.
06/19/2019 10:53 AM
Help Students Grow With These 3 Supportive Teaching Strategies
As an instructor, are you aware of how your students are performing at all times? Do you maintain a proactive or reactive approach to instruction? Do you have supportive teaching strategies which are meant to help students grow? It is possible you have developed a routine for your instructional tasks and address students when they ask questions or submit assignments. However, there is an aspect of teaching which requires a continued commitment and that is the manner in which you interact with and support your students.
06/06/2019 03:18 PM
India's Leading Overseas Education Consultants
There are millions of students who aspire to complete their education from abroad or foreign universities every year. This is one of those trends whose charm has not faded in the past few years. If you are also planning to study abroad, you need to get the right assistance before it's too late.
06/06/2019 03:00 PM
College Public Speaking Training Is Vital to College Student Success
Public speaking is considered the most feared course in colleges and universities today yet training in public speaking is vital to a student's college experience and future career. National experts agree that public speaking training has tremendous value.
06/04/2019 09:49 AM
5 Emerging Digital Marketing Trends in 2018
Changes in digital marketing trends are as fast as time. Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube keep updating their feeds continuously. So, it is crucial for digital marketers to keep themselves updated with the latest developments of each moment to stand out in the tough competition.
05/28/2019 09:22 AM
How Editing Services Improve Academic Papers, Including Dissertations, Theses, and Research Papers
Academic papers can feel overwhelming, especially if writing isn't your forte. There are style guides and thought structures to follow in these assignments, not to mention research must be incorporated in a succinct way and cited correctly. Engaging the services of an editor can help eliminate your stress about writing for school, and you may even learn something. Here are the different ways that editing services can improve academic papers.
04/30/2019 04:11 PM
Recruitment Into Initial Teacher Education and Training: A Caribbean Perspective
The need to recruit teachers into Initial Teacher Education and Training (ITET) is a worldwide occurrence. However, for the Caribbean region, the challenge is made worse when looked at in light of the fact that trained Caribbean teachers are being recruited to serve in other countries and regions.
04/30/2019 04:02 PM
Are You Interested To Buy Your Assignment?
Advice on how to buy assignments online and chose the best assignment writing service. Read to know how you can ace university with best assignments in class. Is it Safe to buy assignments online?
03/12/2019 08:37 AM
6 Tips to Consider Before Looking for an Assignment Help Service
We all know that it's not a good idea to make haste, especially if you are not in an emergency situation. The same applies when you are going to invest in an assignment help service. It may not be easy for you to find a reliable service in your own town. So, you need to be calm and patient.
01/22/2019 10:46 AM
The Value of an International Degree in Business Management
"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door" - This quote by Milton Berle, one of the most prominent faces in the celebrity world who stunned the Golden age of television, holds an in-depth significance when it comes to building a successful career in the present-day corporate world.The modern-day trading bodies hold structures that are growing wide and expansive with time, embracing new ideas, concepts, and strategies. The increasingly changing business trends are the greatest evidence of the fact.
01/18/2019 04:48 PM
An Insight Into the Different Sectors of the Healthcare Industry
Health has always been one of the major factors determining the growth magnitudes of the economy of any country. The margin between a developing and a developed country is often drawn based on the progress in the fields of healthcare. A strong healthcare sector refers to a lower death rate and a higher level of life expectancy, which largely influences the growth and development of any economy.
12/28/2018 09:59 AM
The Reason Engineering Is Such a High Paying Profession
In this article, we discuss the importance and relevance of the profession of engineering in modern lives. With several Engineering, colleges popping up and a barrage of substandard engineers flocking the job market, the general faith of aspiring students who seek a career in the field of technology requires to be reassured about the importance of pursuing a career in engineering in this era of thriving technology. Decent engineers are still very sought after professionals in corporate as innovation, design thinking etc is the way ahead.
12/21/2018 02:23 PM
Is Technology Making Leadership More Efficient or Dependent?
The article talks on the duality of technology in modern lives.It takes an educated mind to strike the optimum balance in making most of the infinite possibilities that technology is daring man-kind to explore. To business leaders prudence in the use of technology optimises the growth curve and thus it is important for B-Schools to incorporate a curriculum that blends in the application of technology as a core aspect of the learning pedagogy.
12/19/2018 05:13 PM
The Friendships That Develop In College
As students move through college, friendships will develop naturally. They occur through the contacts students have with classmates, dorm mates, teammates, workmates and...
08/16/2018 05:01 PM
Studies Readiness and Career Choice Mentorship
It is a matter of concern to have the school career guidance offices that are poorly equipped with technology. We need digital libraries that are interactive and a place of global connectivity for the learners. They must be more than libraries but be digital information centres. The parents cannot be disengaged from their children's studies and career ambitions. They must be observant of their children's potential and harness it. The schools cannot be left with the responsibility of guiding these children alone. Their holistic development is a partnership.
07/30/2018 09:26 AM
Total Quality Management (TQM) As a Corporate Strategy in Higher Education
The need for continued improvement to the experience of students and staff in higher education institutions (HEis) is now a common clarion call. One way to respond to this strong request for something to happen is for HEis to employ total quality management (TQM) as a Corporate Strategy.
07/30/2018 09:12 AM
How to Choose Your College Major
Bear in mind that whatever subjects you choose in college, you will have to spend a great deal of time learning it. So, it's advisable to think over it seriously. Typically, the best time to decide on your field of study is right before your 11th grade if you haven't already.
07/24/2018 03:55 PM
The Top Management Colleges in Mumbai
Mumbai, properly known as the 'City of dreams' homes numerous administration universities to satisfy the vocation desire of the lakhs of trying directors who come to ponder here. The standard specializations offered by these foundations are Finance, Marketing, Systems and Human Resources. While a few schools offer double specializations, some offer remarkable degrees in administration.
07/24/2018 09:21 AM
A Framework for Developing an Initial Teacher Education and Training Programme
This framework could be used by institutions as a catalyst for discussion, development and implementation of an initial teacher education and training programme. The following areas should make up the content of the framework.
07/22/2018 04:33 PM
Seven Practical Steps to Take When Applying for Various Academic Endeavours
From time to time the career of an academic is punctuated with completing applications for teaching awards, fellowships, research and other grants. These I refer to as academic endeavours. My experience, successful engagement and analysis or the processes involved in a number of these endeavours suggest there are some communal features and associated step linked to these applications. To be successful these must be adhered to.
07/22/2018 04:32 PM
How to Successfully Publish a Paper From Your Dissertation in an Academic Journal
Completing a thesis or dissertation is quite an achievement and you must be commended for doing so. Your dissertation, however, will be placed on a University library shelf and/or in a repository with thousands of others so that future research students can peruse and use it as a guide for their own. While this is useful to future researchers, your ideas should be shared widely with others in your field.

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You may not miss eating Ramen noodles everyday, but you are doing yourself a huge disservice if you have completely forgotten every aspect of the student lifestyle. Students learned and studied everyday - something that is essential for you to do if you want to be on top of your industry.
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Naturopathic Schools
NATUROPATHIC SCHOOLS instruct in Naturopathic medicine which is an holistic approach that relies on natural remedies altogether. Sunlight, air, and water are thought of as natural healers; this, along with nutritional supplements and massage therapies are all part of naturopathic medicine.
Online Degree Education - Advantages
Distance education has been getting a lot of attention lately, but it isn't new. Correspondence courses have been around for over a century, allowing students to complete assignments and mail them to an instructor for feedback.
Why Do You Want a Degree?
There are many reasons people seek degrees in today's day and age. As a grown adult, it may seem like an unrealistic goal, but it is achievable.
Online Colleges as a Resource for Your New Career
Online Colleges require successful team buildingMost online colleges require their students to work together in teams to fulfill their coursework obligations. The University of Phoenix Online, for example, requires weekly participation and discussion questions, 4 to 5 individual assignments, and 3-4 team assignments.
Limperts Academy of Design Opens Interior Design Education / US and Canada
You may be bursting at the seams with natural talent, but if you want to become an Interior Designer in the US or Canada, you need to be licensed by the NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualifications). In the past, many individuals may have had the talent but not the financial resources to follow their dream of becoming a designer, but now a window of opportunity has been opened wide by a European organisation called Limperts Academy of Design.
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"Life is my college. May I graduate well, and earn some honors! "-- Louisa May Alcott"Your schooling may be over, but remember that your education still continues.