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7 Secrets to Explode your eBook Sales! Part 7

Secret #7: How to create a mountain of sales usingmultiple Royalty Publishers!


Are you making this mistake in your eBook business?

You submit your sales page to search engines. Then you submit your eBook to a few eBook directories. Then you wait for the sales to come in.

Well, it's time for you to begin using the 7 Secrets in this article series to help explode your eBook traffic. By systematically using each of the 7 secrets you will build a large foundation that will bring in a lot more sales for you. However, you must keep using the 7 secrets to keep the momentum building.

Ok, now for today's topic: How to create a mountain of sales using multiple Royalty Publishers.

First let's establish the difference between today's secret of royalty publishers and yesterdays secret (#6) of Booksellers.

In this fast changing climate it is really hard sometimes to tell the difference. The difference we are working with in this article is this: Royalty Publishers will publish your eBook and charge a royalty or percentage of your sales as their means of making money.

Because there are no costs for paper and ink, binding, shipping, returned copies, or other fees, eBooks are typically sold at 25% to 50% below soft cover prices. Yet, due to large royalties, most authors receive more income from the sale of their eBooks than from their traditionally printed counterparts

So you might be asking yourself, why would you use royalty publishers if you already are using the Booksellers. There are two reasons that come to mind.

First, you want your eBook to sell as many copies as you can. Second, you want your eBook to gain popularity on the Internet.

If in the future you would like to have your eBook put into print the sales you receive using these 7 secrets will help you a lot to prove your case that the eBook sells well.

A royalty publisher will actually do most of the work for you. They take care of the downloading from their site, the order processing and any other details. They charge you a small % of your sales to do all this work. Many will give you a website designed to sell your eBook that you can use to market it. Otherwise they provide you with sales help.

Many royalty ePublishers allow you to sell your ebook on multiple ePublishing sites. This gives you the advantage of selling a lot more copies of your ebook. However, a word of caution, you MUST read the terms and conditions of each of the royalty publisher before selling to more than one. You must make sure that you are dealing with a "non-exclusive" royalty publisher.

So, as you are trying these 7 secrets don't forget the royalty publishers. They are worth the time invested into them in sales and name recognition.

Now here's the really good part - Royalties from electronicformats are a massive leap forward for writers, from the very first copy sold!

As an example, your electronic download royalties could be: 40%, 50% or even as high as 80% Once again, compare those figures to the normal print royalties: 7% on 50,000 copies for trade paperback, 8% on the first 150,000 copies for mass market paperback, or 8% to 15% on 15,000 copies for hardcover.

The main thing to look out for is hidden up front fees with royalty publishers. There are many that charge them in addition to the royalty percentage.

Below I will list 2 royalty publishers to get you started. Both of these charge only the royalty percentage and NOT any other fees.

For a larger list of NO FEE royalty publishers please see my eBook: eBook Marketing Secrets Revealed.



Happy eBook Sales

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