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Wide Spread Government Credit Card Abuse Forces Federal Law Change

The widespread government credit card abuse has forced the federal laws to change to protect the American taxpayers money as government workers would violate the trust of the American people and spend money, which is supposed to be used for official government business.

Business Ethics Case Study; Unbelievable Government Credit Card Abuse

In business management classes across the country MBA students study business ethics. In fact, there are now MBA degrees available that are called Ethics MBAs. But in the real world how ethical is the business community? How ethical is our own government?

Is Stealing Marketing Ideas from Your Competitor Ethical?

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Marketing could make or break a business. That's why it is important to get it right, especially if you’re on a limited marketing budget.

Competitors and Local Code Enforcement

If you are a small businessperson then chances are you have had a situation occur where another small business or larger competitor has used the local Government code enforcement officer to harass you. This is a common occurrence and it is unfortunate that they do not teach this at the SBA seminars.

Too Much Banking Backdoor Information Flow

Most people believe that you can trust your bank. For the most part this is true however, if you are a small business person the chances are that your information is being passed on by loose lips.

Ethics and Competition in Franchising Leaves Unanswered Questions

In most industries in the United States of America we find that there are competitors who were willing to cheat and they are very careful to cover their tracks. In fact, there are companies that specialize in corporate espionage.

Competition in Franchising; It Gets Ugly

It is amazing the amount of competition and modern franchising today in the United States and starting in the rest of the world also. Competition in the marketplace is good for consumer prices and for customers, but when it gets ugly it serves no freeman. And it is amazing how quickly the competition can get very ugly.

How Dishonest is Your Competition?

If you're in business you know that often the competition can be quite dishonest and often they will go to lengths to hurt your business. In fact in all my years in business I have seen just about every single trick they can possibly be played against me.

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Breaking news may feature the Enron debacle, WorldCom activities, or accounting problems but we live our everyday business life making ethical choices that affect our employment and businesses. Consider the ethical choices made in these situations:-A restaurateur hired a firm, used the firm's ideas, benefited from them and refused to pay for the services rendered.
No Credit is Due: Bad Telemarketing
Just a few minutes ago I was debating what to write about this week -- something interesting, perhaps, or maybe it was about time to give some credit to snails, I thought. Then, by some random stroke of luck, fate or writer's lightning (a term I created just now), I received a phone call from a credit card company.
The Social Implications of Computing
Directed by Mark Harrison, "Visions of Heaven and Hell" is a three-part cautionary tale come documentary commissioned by Channel Four, that warns of the impending infiltration of technology and pessimistically endeavours to communicate the sentient of an old Buddhist proverb which states "To every man is given the key to the gates of heaven; the same key opens the gates of hell." and within computerisation lies such a key thought a dismal set of apprehensive predilections.
Ethics in Business - Please Have Some
Is your business ethical?What I mean is "Does your business do the rightthing when faced with that decision?" It's asimple question, which many businesses strugglewith. I just don't understand the struggle part?I have worked for companies that believed they wereethical, and really have no clue.
The Collapse of Enron: Managerial Aspects
Executive summaryIts revenues made up US $139($184) billion, assets equaled $62($82) billion, and the number of employees reached more than 30,000 people in 20 countries around the world.While Enron Corporation was so highly praised by the outside observers, internally it had highly decentralized financial control and decision-making structure, which made it practically impossible to get coherent and clear view on corporations' activities and operations.
Minding Your Global Manners
To say that today's business environment is becoming increasingly more global is to state the obvious. Meetings, phone calls and conferences are held all over the world and attendees can come from any point on the globe.
Do Organizations Serve Us Or Do We Serve Organizations
We have seen an erosion in the confidence that society has in organizational leadership and its integrity recently with the numerous accounting scandals that have become public.Clearly this has led to the demise of several large organizations.
Enron's Ultimate Victim: Ethics
FROM the 'MORAL HIGH GROUND', where we imagine ourselves, the Enron fiasco should have come as no surprise. Enron is simply a quintessential example of the degradation of principles such as trust, loyalty and ethical standards.
The Armaments Industry and Holy (?) Roman Emperors
"The time for fixing every essential right on a legal basis is while our rulers are honest and ourselves united. From the conclusion of this war we shall be going down hill.
The Only Thing You Get for Free in Life is Hungry!
My grandfather was a very wise man. Simple but wise.
Business Ethics
There is much talk today about ethics in business - as there should be, but there should be more than talk; there should be a high moral code for all executives who are responsible to both their customers and their shareholders.I have been the president and CEO of one publicly owned company and also was president of another that was responsible to customers who traded equities.
Laws and Ethics?. Who's Kidding Who?
Years ago I read an article by a renowned psychologist wherein he wrote his studies found one percent of all human beings would never lie, cheat or steal. One percent would always lie, cheat or steal and given the right set of circumstances, the rest of us would likely lie, cheat and/or steal.
Brain Development and Due Process
DUE PROCESSAfricans, especially Nigerians are stereotyped on the internet and offline in foreign countries as corrupt, cheats and thieves.Whenever I have to introduce myself to foreign contacts, whether online or offline, I must make visible effort to prove my contact wrong, because he or she instantly sees me as a scammer-419, another Nigerian cheat or thief.
Better Business Boundaries
To get a new client, we might be inclined to make concessions no matter what the cost: offer a second or extra long sample session; reduce fees; set session times we don't want to work. We might leap at any opportunity before looking at the possible return on investment of time.
Business Ethics: An Oxymoron
An oxymoron: the juxtaposition of contradictory words or concepts. That is what we have with the term "Business Ethics".
Vice of Buggery at FTC
At the Federal Trade Commission we have seen attorneys who suffer from the vice of buggery get promoted to higher and more important international divisions. Now then, are these attorneys who have personal sexual problems and are breaking the laws of sodomy not wanted in the main group of Federal Trade Commission Employees? Is the FTC worried about sexual harassment laws? Are they worried about on-the-clock Men's Restroom "Quickies" and the possibility of the need for an unflattering in-house employee investigation becoming public? Is the Federal Trade Commission afraid to fire these buggerists, for some employee unlawful termination suit? Is buggery so pervasive that the FTC has to invent new titles for these guys so they can be moved up in rank to other divisions? If so why doesn't the FTC adopt a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy" to prevent special treatment of those who suffer from buggery? Can't the FTC get psychological help for these men who thrust their penis up another man's rectum? Obviously these human organs were not set up to do that.
Work Ethics - A Paradigm Shift
Work ethics is a hot topic in today's business and educational worlds. Yet, how do we define this hybrid phrase with the word work meaning more than a specific outcome and the word ethics being more than the values that enhance that outcome?When we say we are going to work, work becomes the place of employment.
Six Reasons to Give
If you run a business, you undoubtedly feel many pressures on your time and money. Why would you want to add "giving to the community" to your "to do" list? Here are six reasons .