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Basics of RAID
A couple of the recent Tech Tips from www.geeks.

What Is A Fuse? And How To Test It.
A fuse is a very thin wire, which either melts or vaporizes when too much current flows through it. The thin wire may be made of aluminum, tin-coated copper or nickel.
Wireless Networking, Part 2: Setup and Security
The first installment in this two-part series of Tech Tips provided an introduction to the basic capabilities and hardware involved in wireless networking. In the final installment of this two-part series, we will look at some of the basic setup and security considerations that should be addressed.
At War With The Internet
When it comes to sales of technology products over the Internet, there are now two factors that potential buyers must consider as possibly 'too good to be true'. In the past, there was only price to worry about.
Buying Cheap Refurbished Laptops
When comparing refurbished laptop models, ask about these specifications:Central Processing Unit: The CPU or processor is the heart of the computer. The more software you want in your refurbished laptop, the more powerful the processor has to be.
Inkjet Jargon Explained
With all the technical terms out there, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with inkjet jargon. Unfortunately, understanding the differences between the various terminologies is a must in todays advanced technological age.
Easy to Execute!
Plug and play equipment or hardware solves the problem of driver installation, re-starting routines, and generally speaking, "hassle", for those who are not technically proficient.If your computer supports "Plug and Play", then, as the name suggests, you simply plug it in and play.
Dell Inspiron 600m Notebook Computer
After twelve years of owning desktop computers, I finally opted for a laptop so I would no longer be chained to my desk. After months of research and weighing various makes and models, I settled on the Dell Inspiron 600m Notebook Computer.
RAM - What is It & Why You Need Plenty
This is the first article in the Understanding Your Computer series from
A Look Inside The Elusive Inkjet Industry
The Inkjet printer industry is booming. Office supply companies report they make more money on ink sales alone than on printer sales overall.
An Introduction to HD-DVD
High density digital versatile disc is a digital optical media format which is being developed. HD DVD is similar to the competing Blu-ray Disc.
An Inexpensive Solution to Securing Public Access Computers
Offering secure public Internet access is not as easy as it may seem. As the IT manager for a mid-sized public library, it's become apparent to me that creating a secure network of library workstations for use by the public is more important than ever before.
How to Read Zener Diode Code
Many technicians are confused on how to really read a zener diode code. There are many types of code number indicated on it's body.
Routing, Routed, and Non-Routable Protocols
ROUTING PROTOCOLSA generic term that refers to a formula, or protocol, used by a router to determine the appropriate path over which data is transmitted. The routing protocol also specifies how routers in a network share information with each other and report changes.
10 Things to Ponder Before Moving Your Office Network
Moving the office network? How hard could it be? Anybody who's ever moved the office network knows the risks and challenges associated with this colossal task. This mighty endeavour is not merely a case of logging-off, shutting down and pulling the plug.
10 Solid Reasons To Make Your Next PC A Notebook
Notebook computers are becoming very popular. They seem to be popping up everywhere: on tv shows, on airplanes,in movies, or in your friend's lap.
Investing On A 1D Bar Code Reader
Whereas 2D bar codes offer more security and safety for their subjects, 1D bar codes, as read by 1D bar code readers, are more practical for wide scale operations. The reason? Bar codes with single layers are more affordable to produce than the double layered inscriptions of 2D bar codes.
Do You Feel Used by Computers?
Do You Feel Used by Computers?A look at second-user computer equipment.Let's dispense with the myths first.
Ceramic Disc Capacitor-How to Accurately Test It
The last article I mentioned about electrolytic capacitor breakdown when under load. In this article I will talk about the high voltage resin coated ceramic disc capacitor.
Top Three Factors to Consider While Choosing a Data Center for Your Business
Data Centers are the core of the Internet. The computer servers that power the Interne,t call Data Centers their home.