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Remove Ink Stains From Carpet

One of the best solvents you can use to remove ink stains from carpet is also one of the cheapest: rubbing alcohol. It works better if it is 90% isopropyl alcohol, but there is no danger in trying the ones that are 70% if that's what you have available. Whichever you use, remember that ink stain removal is always easier if you treat the stains quickly. Just follow the steps below.

1. Apply rubbing alcohol to a white cotton cloth and dab the stain carefully, so you don't spread the ink. Don't ever pour rubbing alcohol on your carpet!

2. Vaccuum it out after a few minutes using a shop-vac. Alternately, you can blot it up carefully, using a clean white cloth. Don't rub the stain!

3. Repeat the process until you completely remove the ink stains from the carpet, or until you get no more transfer to the cloth. In the latter case it may not be possible to get all of the stain out. At this point, you can try a commercial cleaning solvent, although it is unlikely you'll get much more of the stain.

Always Rinse And Extract Carpet Stains

When you use a solvent other than water to remove ink stains from carpet, or any stains, be sure to rinse the area with water, and then extract it. Vacuuming out the water is quicker and less likely to damage your carpet, but a clean white cloth can also be used to blot the moisture. Repeat the rinsing and extraction once or twice.

Finally, remove moisture from the area quickly. There may still be some ink hiding deep in the fibers. Quick drying prevents stains from wicking to the surface of the carpet and becoming visible again. Plain white paper towels work well to get the last of the water out, and a fan left blowing on the area will complete the process.

Steve Gillman has worked in the carpet cleaning industry for years. For more carpet-care information, and specific stain-by-stain removal instructions, visit http://www.HowToRemoveCarpetStains.com

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