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Home Security Information

Alarm Systems: Not Just For The Wealthy Anymore!

Over the last 22 years that I have been involved in the security alarm industry, I have seen quite an evolution. Changes have not only taken place in what type of equipment is available, but also in how the consumer buys and use's the equipment.

Alarm Systems & Automobile Tires?

What do alarm systems and automobile tires have in common? This may sound like a strange question to the untrained ear, but lend me yours and I will make sense of it.The reason I mention car tires is that they are a necessity that most all of us have some experience purchasing, at least once in a while.

Alarm Controls are the Brain of your Security System, Use Yours When Choosing One

The alarm control is the brain of your security system. It is typically placed in an area that is out of the way like a basement, attic, closet or office.

Six Common Criminal Types And How To Avoid Them

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" that saying is as true for crime, as it is for health. After taking literally thousands of reports over the years I spent as a police officer; I found that a lot of crimes that had happened could have been prevented.

The Case for Personal, Estate, Corporate and Child Abduction Security in today's World

When one considers the historical nature of security applications and programs of any type, i.e.

Estate and Mega-Yacht Security Systems and Safe Rooms

Why do I need a "safe room? I really don't need one; I'm not that high profile". This is typical V.

Someone Spying?

Someone Spying? So are the Teddy Bear and the Potted PlantSee the cuddly teddy bear over on the shelf? Well, it sees you too. "Right here in the camera, behind the left eye.

Home Security System, You Are A winner

Have you ever been to a local trade show or fair and filled out a raffle and later you find out you have won a Home Security System? Well, you are not alone. Sometimes everyone one wins.

What is Your Security Awareness IQ?

Are you aware of the need for security?Your awareness of the need for security, is the best place to begin a discussion on physical property security. What is security awareness? Our definition is multi-faceted, and includes the ability to identify known and unknown threats, being aware of the technologies, products and services that can defuse those threats, knowing how to operate the products and systems you have, and most importantly the awareness that these systems must be used, and must be used all of the time.

Who Has Keys to Your Castle?

One area of home security that is often overlooked, and one of the most visible, is the common key. Even if you are the owner of a new house, or the first tenant of your apartment, you cannot be sure that no one else has a key to your door.

Where Does Safety & Security Begin? Security Expert Explains

Personal safety begins with you. It is widely accepted that a wide-ranging personal safety strategy must incorporate prevention, deterrence and defiance.

Security Alarm System Motion Detectors

Passive Infrared Motion Detectors- These detectors are also known as PIR detectors. The technology they utilize is "passive infrared".

Alarm System Keypads

The keypad is the device you and your loved ones will interface with daily. It is typically placed at one or more of the following locations:* House to garage door hall.

Alarm System: Wireless Remotes

WIRELESS ALARM SYSTEM REMOTESThese remotes are also known as "key fobs" or "4 button key chains". They are wonderful to have in addition to your keypad as you can turn your alarm on or off without going to the keypad.

Alarm System: Sirens

Alarm Sirens- There is both inside and outside sirens. Many towns have a noise ordinance, which should prevent your installer from putting yours outside, unless you are on a ranch where you need to know what's going on while your out in the barn.

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06/01/2020 08:48 AM
Today's Home Alarm Systems
The Alarm systems of today are quite different from those of just a few years ago. The basic premise is the same, if the controller senses an open door or movement, it will sound a siren and call a central station or the police.
04/01/2020 08:49 AM
Key Rings Provide Key Control
I have written articles in the past regarding key rings and what they can do to protect your keys. In this article I will explain how Key Rings can help you control your keys.
02/12/2020 03:04 PM
7 Reasons to Hire a Good Locksmith
Today, security is of paramount importance whether it's home or office. The reason is that both places contain valuable items that must be secured. Adding a quality security system is one way to protect your premises against burglars.
01/07/2020 09:27 AM
2020 Security Check
It's that time of the new year. In January every year I write an article to help you think about your Home, Electronic and Personal Security. In 2019 we had data breaches, new advances in electronic locks and Alexa? and Google? Assistant trying to help us with our everyday lives.
11/11/2019 10:39 AM
4 Tips for Choosing a Good Air Purifier
Purifying your house by removing dust is not enough. You also need to use an air purifier on a regular basis. Actually, the air we breathe in maybe contaminant with a lot of elements, such as chemicals, gas, pollen, dander, and dust, just to name a few.
10/23/2019 09:40 AM
Stainless Steel Padlocks
Stainless steel padlocks have been developed to protect the lock in harsh environments. For these padlocks to be truly considered "Harsh Environment Padlocks" they must have interior protection also. They come in a variety of security levels from low entry level security all the way to high security with key control. Electronic locks are also being made in stainless steel.
10/16/2019 09:54 AM
6 Tips That Will Help You Choose the Best Locksmith
All of us are concerned about the security of our assets and properties. And all of us use locks in order to secure our expensive belongings such as house, money, jewelry, and cars. Therefore, it is important to hire the services of a good locksmith.
08/12/2019 09:05 AM
5 Benefits of Installing Business Video Surveillance Systems
There are many advantages associated with investing in business video surveillance systems. With the increasing advancements and affordability of?business security cameras for sale online, these benefits can now be enjoyed by companies of all sizes. Below are five of the most common reasons to install business security camera systems in work facilities.
08/01/2019 08:15 PM
Some Ways to Prevent Garage Burglary
Garages are the preferred targets of the criminals because they are usually less maintained and secured. Nobody wants to be an obvious scapegoat to the crooks. There are some powerful security devices which you can use to evade an illegal incident. The article will introduce you with some precautionary steps which can help you to secure your garage from theft or burglary.
07/15/2019 10:47 AM
How To Buy Locks On-Line
Buying Locks On-Line is a very easy way to find the correct lock for you needs. However, there may be times that it might be better to call Locksmith. Such as if you needed locks for your house or business and you are not able to install these house locks yourself.
04/03/2019 09:24 AM
Are Smoke Alarms Getting Smarter
The short answer to that questions is yes; smoke alarms are getting smarter. Now let's take a look into why that is. For years smoke, CO and fire alarms were those round white things on the ceilings in your house that woke you up in the middle of the night with beeps when the battery had to be changed.
02/25/2019 09:29 AM
The No Lock... Lock
What does this play on words mean? Well we are accustomed to seeing the lock. Something that you see and can insert a key or push buttons or insert a card into. So, what is a No Lock. This is where you do not see any outward appearance of any locking device.
12/19/2018 02:23 PM
How an Automatic Screw Locking Machine Improves Efficiency
In case you don't know, an automatic screw locking machine can help with the locking and picking of screws properly. They can be used to tighten screws on a variety of devices, such as laptops, mobile phones, and calculators, to name a few. These machines improve efficiency. Let's find out why you need to opt for this machine to improve your efficiency. Read on.
11/28/2018 03:10 PM
Automatic Screw Locking Machine and Its Constituents
Automatic Screw Feeding machine and screw dispensers are typically used for manufacturing of appliances for the home. They are used for finishing screw locking in product assembly. They ensure the function of good packaging in products. Their dimensions typically are 1900 by 800 by 600 mm. Their run range is effectively 800 by 400 by 200 mm which can be adjusted based on the size of the product. The Electrical configuration is BM6-Z which is high precision with Z axis module locked. It has a cylinder which is THK KK-60, components that are SMC, motor driver from Panasonic, bits from Japan that are from HIOS Screwdriver, touch screen from WEINVIEW, KEYENCE FOS and Vacuum tube from MISUMI.
09/17/2018 10:57 AM
Custom Designed Locks
A Custom Designed Lock is designed to the exact specifications for a customer. A customer will approach a lock manufacturer with an idea for a lock that they need. However, there is no "Off the Shelf" lock that will fit their needs. The customer will have to present some idea as to what they want to secure, a basic idea as to the design and the quantity desired.
08/17/2018 12:17 PM
Purchase Locks On-Line
Can locks be purchased on-line safely? The answer to this question is yes, however, not every on-line merchant will serve you well. You must answer this question, what are you trying to secure and how valuable is that to you?
07/24/2018 02:22 PM
Top Designs of and Materials for Padlock Shackles
In a padlock, the shackle is the U-shaped metallic rod that loops through a locker staple, a chain link, a latch lock and so on. Its exposed shape makes it easy to cut with a saw or bolt cutter, pick with a claw bar or hammer or even grinding. There are different designs and lengths of shackles, each providing a different level of security. Shorter and concealed shackles would obviously be harder to access, but the locker design will determine whether the short manacle will slip through.
07/16/2018 08:07 AM
Some Tips for Choosing a Locksmith
Being locked out of your car or house is not fun. The situation needs to be handled as quickly as possible to eliminate the stress associated with it. In such a situation, you need a locksmith. Deciding on a locksmith then becomes another problem since there are things that you have to look at so as to determine whether they are a good fit for the job or not. So as to avoid such situations, it is always a good idea to think about such situations and what to do even before they arise. You should have a reliable locksmith in your contacts so that you can get in touch with them as soon as you face an issue.
07/16/2018 08:03 AM
Lost the Key? Don't Worry, Get It Replaced
We are constantly reminded by our elder to have a spare key for your car, house, office, etc, but mostly we overlook this advise until we find ourselves stuck in such situation, where we have no idea what to do with a locked car and keep cursing our memory. "I lost my keys" is used by many people frequently, that is why there are many alternative solutions to this problem. Blacksmiths are our savior in such a situation.
07/14/2018 11:19 AM
What Is Key Control?
Key control is exactly that: control of your lock keys. Getting there is much harder than you may think. You may think if you have your key with you then you are controlling it. There are many other considerations that go into total key control, they are:
07/12/2018 08:20 AM
10 Simple Ways Technology Can Protect Your Family
Home security should be at the top of the priority list for anyone who cares about the safety of their family. It can be especially unsettling when you are away on vacation because your mind keeps worrying about what might be happening in your absence. Are neighbors noticing that you are not around?
07/09/2018 03:49 PM
How to Make Your Smart Home "Smarter"
With the way technology works these days, owning a smart home has become even more exciting. From your home's lighting, temperature control and even safety, the devices you can add are almost limitless. These things can easily make you want to keep adding more.
07/09/2018 10:01 AM
Security & Surveillance Cameras
With the rise in crime, individuals and businesses have adopted the use of security cameras or security camera systems to aid in the prevention of crime, as well as to identify the perpetrators of crimes. Home surveillance cameras or cameras for your business come with a variety of options, so how do you choose which is best for your application. This article will help.
06/29/2018 08:31 AM
5 Benefits of Installing Panic Bars
Have you ever entered a big school, shopping center or office building? If so, chances are that you may have seen a panic bar as well. Other terms used for panic bars are panic bar doors or crash bars. In an emergency, they are a great help. Let's take a look at their benefits to understand them more.
06/29/2018 08:31 AM
How to Hire a Good Locksmith
We all need the services of a good locksmith from time to time. Good locksmiths offer great help in emergency situations. For instance, if you lock yourself in your own house accidentally, you will have no choice but hire a good professional. In this article, we have outlined a few good tips that can help you hire a reliable local professional to get you out of trouble. Read on.
06/14/2018 04:09 PM
Tips for Keeping Your Home and Property Secure
Our home is our castle, and keeping it safe and secure is so important, we're providing you with some simple tips to help. Home security doesn't have to involve an outlay on expensive alarm systems, there are some simple measures you can take will cost little or no money. These ideas have been provided by a specialist security firm and should really help you to stay secure and save money
05/24/2018 08:04 AM
8 Reasons to Install a Home Security System
If you are concerned about your home security, you should consider a number of elements. Home security systems that are monitored by a service provider cost a lot of money for the installation and monthly fees. If you are wondering whether it's worth all the hassle and cost, then the reasons given below can help you.
05/21/2018 10:01 AM
3 Best Places to Install Security Cameras
People nowadays have become so dependent on technology that everything is just a touch away, be it switching on any appliance or looking for some answers on Google. So, when it comes to personal safety everyone is similarly looking for something which is simple and is just a touch away. With the evolution of technology and passage of time, most of the people find security systems are more authentic than security guards.
04/28/2018 11:54 AM
The Top Five Mistakes to Hiding Valuables in Your Home
Everything you have read about how to hide your valuables in your home is wrong. Here are the five top mistakes people make and how to do it right.
04/24/2018 08:55 AM
Top 5 Benefits of the Outdoor Waterproof Camera
The outdoor cameras can provide the necessary security for home and office spaces. The waterproof variety of the machine is ideal for harsh weathers. The outdoor cameras can provide the necessary security for home and office spaces. The waterproof variety of the machine is ideal for harsh weathers.
04/16/2018 10:20 AM
Choosing the Right Automatic Front Gate
Combining aesthetics with security, the perfect combination one aims for and this is what an automatic front gate provides. Now, before we jump to the various types of automatic gates, we need to understand the purpose for which this gate will be installed. This will allow us to make an educated decision which will go a long way in vindicating our decision.
03/26/2018 02:30 PM
Home Security System: Keeping Your Family Safe
A guide on a home security system. It also includes the things that you need to consider when you are planning to install a home security system in your home.
03/18/2018 10:40 AM
Bluetooth Padlocks
Padlocks have evolved to be more secure with built in access control and no traditional key. Bluetooth technology has come to traditional padlocks. Bluetooth padlock locks offer keyless security usually controlled by your smart phone.
03/16/2018 11:37 AM
Guide to Residential Perimeter Security
We should all work together to prevent residential burglary. So, let's talk about securing the perimeter of your home. What can you do to make your home more secure? Are you leaving windows wide-open and doors unlocked? What about fencing and gates? Are you leaving them open and creating an easier opportunity for a residential burglar?
03/15/2018 10:38 AM
Two Great Reasons to Buy a Baby Monitor
All parents want the very best for their newborn, and naturally, a baby's health and safety is the number one priority. This means always keeping an eye on the little one, and being able to see and hear him or her from afar by ensuring they have a cutting-edge baby monitor such as the hugely popular multi-functional baby monitor that can always be relied on. Here are 2 great reasons why everyone with an infant needs a baby monitor.
02/18/2018 09:47 PM
Know Your Home Security System Options
Safety and crime have become a real concern in today's world and this has made home security systems very good investments. When you have a security system in place, you will feel much more at ease. This is especially because burglars are less likely to target homes that have the systems protecting them.
02/16/2018 09:10 AM
What Are the Best and Top 5 Features of a Spy Cam?
Whenever you are going to install a spy recorder in your house for security, you should make sure that you check all the detailed features properly.In recent times, ample of security and safety gadgets are there that provides some control, as well as monitoring of the events in homes and families, are actually being made available.
02/09/2018 02:30 PM
Evolution of the Locksmith Trade - From Conventional Lock to Digital Lock
The modern locksmith has evolved from opening conventional or mechanical locks to opening digital locks. There is a need for the locksmith to adapt to the change especially when studies have shown that there is widespread adoption of digital locks.
02/08/2018 09:16 AM
Gas Leak Detection - Identifying and Handling Gas Leaks
Many homes use natural gas for heating and home appliances. Gas leak detection is something every household should take seriously if you want to prevent potential harm to you and your loved ones.
01/07/2018 06:28 PM
2018 Security Check
In January of every year I write an article to help you think about you Home, Electronic and Personal Security. In 2017 Assistants like Alexa and Siri have become "smarter" and claim to help us more in our everyday lives.
12/14/2017 09:54 AM
How Do You Protect Your Wooden Shed From Moisture?
Everyone loves a good wooden shed. It is sturdy, attractive and adds property value (yes, really). But one of the cons of a wooden shed is that it is more susceptible to moisture than a metal one. Sure, it is worth the risk but you still need to know how to protect it. Otherwise you are going to run into problems like wood rot, warping, cracks, chips and gaps. Here are some steps to take to make sure your wooden shed doesn't end up damaged.
12/13/2017 09:20 AM
How to Prepare a Property For a Flood
The key prospect of a flood is one that can cause fear for personal safety and the tension of harm to the personal possessions. Well, it is obviously unpredictable when a flood will occur and where will it take place? The better solution to such an issue is to stay aware and organised in advance for putting the plans into place while a disaster like this happens.
12/07/2017 11:44 AM
Tips To Secure Your Home When You Are Out for Halloween Holidays
Are you planning to celebrate this Halloween at popular destinations like Salem or Los Angeles? You must be feeling excited to take out your family to experience the real Halloween celebrations. It means that your home will be closed and unattended for some days, making it attractive target for burglars.
11/27/2017 10:01 AM
Security Measures To Take While Hitting The Road
Traveling can be a lot of fun, no matter if you are going with your family, friends or just solo. While having all the fun, staying safe while stepping out your door should be your topmost priority. Just figure out a few things and you get assured with a trip that is not only worth remembering but a safe one too! We have jotted down a few things for you to think through before planning a fun and enjoyable itinerary.
11/20/2017 02:28 PM
Superior Safe Room Vs Ok Safe Room
Bullet-Proof Safe Room Doors - Door Security starts at invisibility. It doesn't help if the entrance looks like a hatch that came off of a Naval Ship. Your safe zone could be compromised of delivery driver or repair guy that spotted some kind of vault door.
11/13/2017 10:14 AM
Why Install Fences Around Your Property?
The fence installed around your property, home, farm and at any other premises is the very first thing that is noticed by the people when they visit your place. Thus, you should install a fence that stands out from the rest. Look for the fence that is maintenance-free out of the various types of fences in the market including wood, vinyl, chain-link, farm and aluminium ones.
10/29/2017 08:53 PM
What Is A Registered Lock Code?
Before we discuss a Registered Lock Code, lets discuss just what a lock code is. When a lock is assembled locking pins are placed inside. These pins allow the opening and closing of the lock with the key.
10/27/2017 10:47 AM
CCTV: A New Measure of Public Safety
CCTV cameras are one of the new tactics whose motto of existence is to safeguard the public and deter the ever increasing crime rate. It offers the plethora of benefits that inculcates a sense of security in the surrounding which is why we can see CCTV camera getting installed at various places be it a home or office or any other public place.
10/26/2017 04:27 PM
Types of Electronic Door Locks
For thousands of years locks and keys have protected many doors and the people and things behind the door but today's technology is quickly changing how doors are not locked. Electronic locks are now replacing the traditional key locks. Although there are many different types of electronic door locks there are three main types that you can find on the market today.
10/17/2017 09:49 AM
LPG Gas Safety Advice
Living in a rural area has its advantages, like the freedom of countryside and the wild animals roaming around, the disadvantages though is normally, no natural gas supply to your home. Roughly around 80% of homes in England are connected to the mains natural gas grid, the other 20% use either oil or LPG to cook and heat their homes. If you are one of the lucky people who live in the countryside, then you will know if you want to cook on gas, the only way would be to have LPG installed.

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