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Inspirational Information

Dont Die With Your Dreams Still Inside You

I write and talk a lot about dreams. Primarily because I knowwe serve an awesome and amazing God, who gave us dreams for an awesome and amazing purpose.

The Power of Inspiration

INSPIRATION can be a powerful thing. It can keep you going when all around you cries out "quit!" It is even more powerful than motivation,as motivation gives you your basic reasons to keepgoing--it tells you why you want to do what you do, because motivation is based on goals.

5 Things That Americans Can Do To Remember Reviving, Surviving and Thriving in the Wake of Sept 11

For those people who lost friends and loved ones in the September 11th World Trade Center attacks, the anniversary will re-open the wounds and renew the pain of great loss. For the rest of us, it is a painful reminder of our vulnerability.

Believe In Yourself And Become a Winner: Lessons from Hollywood

Copyright 2004 Priya Shah A while ago I made it a point to watch the movie "Legally Blonde." Not just for the bright, chirpy and eminently watchable Reese Witherspoon, but also because I loved the message it sent out.

Dare To Dream

The rewards of life come to those who do, not to those whomerely read, talk or day dream. Action is the key.

Are You The Master Of Your Destiny?

How strong are you? I'm not asking if you can carry 150 lbs. of weight.

The Serpents Genesis 1 and 2

Not long after the beginning a being fell from the heavens to the earth. Even as the Spirit of God hovered overhead, the Serpent swam the waters below.

Alone But Not Lonely

In today's fast paced society, we've become accustomed to filling the eeriness of silence with fluff. We turn to many distractions as a means of escaping feelings of idleness or boredom.

The Fighting Father

This man is an Anglican priest but with a difference. You would not want to offend him put it that way.

My Passion, My Life

Every morning I excitedly get out of bed. Just a few minutes of goals and visions for the day swirl in my head.

7 Strategies to Overcoming Anxiety and Panic Attacks

You Can Overcome panic attacks and anxiety!That is great news to those who suffer day in and day out, year in and year out. I have and I know that you can too.

Who is the Pilot?

It was a mild summer day in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina when I boarded United Airline flight 7318 to Washington, DC. Like usual, I promptly located my window seat, with no doubts that the pilots would safely take me to my destination.

Withstand the Test of Time

As I drove home from work late one wintry afternoon, chilled from the freezing temperatures, I noticed the beautiful trees aligned on both sides of the road. Amongst the evergreens and the pine trees, one tree in particular caught my attention as it majestically stood, with its strong branches extending outward.

Mirror, Mirror -- What Do I See?

"A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world.

Accept Every Invitation

How often do you decline an invitation because you have something else you would rather do? Or you're not crazy about the person asking you to join? Or you're not interested in that type of event? Or you feel like doing nothing? ..

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Self Improvement:Inspirational Articles from
02/19/2019 12:43 PM
A Morning Ritual Nourishes You Throughout Your Day
How you start your day, in a very real way, sets the stage for what follows. So why not give yourself as good a beginning as possible? Would you like to experience your own expansion of possibilities?
02/18/2019 04:26 PM
Are Men Really Intimated By Smart and Intelligent Women?
Men began to feel castrated and intimated by financially independent women. Some folks opine that men are less drawn to a lady in equal or higher level. But I think many men appreciate and admire women who are accomplished, and are not at all intimidated by their strength, intelligence and position.
01/28/2019 11:08 AM
Prayer, The Reality Of It
Quantum physics and the influencing of reality by thought is a key to prayer, I understand. Sure, in some ways that may sound ridiculous, indeed though, I am simply saying with that statement that there is more to reality than just what we all see at the surface. If we look even a little bit below the surface, there is reasonably more to it all than what we simply perceive.
01/07/2019 01:07 PM
What Burns Our Thirsty Souls
The soul is the place where the life force resides, from the first life breath that began our lifetime to the moment our last and final breath is expelled. This is the most sacred place in the human body; yet all too easily its existence is ignored as it thirsts for the best we can become to materialize. A thirsty soul is the result of ignoring and failing to cultivate the traits that set us apart from other life forms. Compassion, empathy, kindness, sympathy and even remorse for wrong actions all provide the nourishment that refreshes our soul. Our highest consciousness exists within our soul. Ignoring these traits effectively burns our soul, leaving a seared consciousness that has no conscience. No integrity, morality, principles or ethics exist in the person with a seared conscience; the very best any person could be becomes buried in the rubble of resistance to those higher traits.
01/04/2019 02:44 PM
Why Do You Do What You Do?
Are you ever been so exasperated with your loved ones, that you ask them: Why? Why did you do that?
12/21/2018 02:27 PM
How To Believe In The Power Of Infinite Possibilities
Warning! This article may not appeal to you if you are not open to entertaining the likelihood of infinite possibilities. You may even find evidence why the universe is based on science, and mathematics to disprove infinite possibilities.
12/19/2018 05:12 PM
If It's No Longer Working For You, Change The Dance!
We all develop defense mechanisms to cope with challenges and painful feelings or times in our lives to simply push us through the most difficult of times. Sometimes we develop these mechanisms without even knowing it. And it's those defense mechanisms that have helped us get through the most pain in the quickest time period, that we usually hang onto subconsciously. This is in its simplest form, muscle memory and a very natural thing to do. But there comes a point in time where these defense mechanisms no longer work in serving your highest good, so it's time to change the dance.
12/19/2018 02:03 PM
Why Do We Deprive Ourselves By Trying To Race To The Finish Line?
It's the harsh realization, but unless your in an actual race, it's not your job to race to the finish line. Life is short enough without all of society trying to quickly get through the next step before we've even finished the current step. It's so very important in this life to enjoy everything before you with joy and gratitude while paying attention to the journey along the way. It's in the journey of life that we receive our blessings, learn our lessons and grow as a person, but most are so busy taking that next step, that we tend to miss those important milestones that shape our lives.
12/12/2018 06:23 PM
Living THE Meaningful Life You Want
Almost everyone I meet wants to live a life of meaning. They feel dissatisfied if there is no meaning to whatever they do, and course it is perfectly valid to feel this way.
12/11/2018 05:55 PM
What' With A Smart Women?
Smart women are women filled with knowledge and carry on a conversation for hours. They don't to brag regarding however good they are but knows how fight their own battles. They're wiser than the ballbuster.
12/11/2018 05:54 PM
No Matter What A Woman Looks Like, If She's Confident, She's Sexy
To be yourself in an exceedingly world is the greatest accomplishment. Sexiness comes not from not what you look nut on how you carry yourself with grace and confidence.
12/10/2018 10:44 AM
How Would You Know If You Are Reincarnated?
Scientists have worked for years to understand the mechanism behind reincarnation. Why do some remember it while others can recall previous lives, even prove how and when they died? The dilemma is enhanced by the religious banning of anything to do with it.
12/03/2018 11:38 AM
Why Is Reincarnation Such a Challenge to Believe?
Everything about the world is based on recycling of material and life. The entire natural world exists because things that die are reborn, often in a different state to the original. That, however, should be a wakeup call to those who are brain-washed into misjudging life and death scenarios.
11/27/2018 01:01 PM
Problems Are Not Stop Signs But Guidelines
When we have problems never think about them as stop signs, but as an opportunity to review our actions and re-align ourselves. By handling and learning from them. we'll have a clearer understanding of how we can manage a similar drawback in the future.
11/20/2018 11:19 AM
Life Is Too Short To Care About What Other People Say
We cannot please everyone. So, why do we care? Let's live life to the fullest and have fun. At lease we give them something to talk.
11/19/2018 02:31 PM
The I KNOW Syndrome and How It Is Making Us Foolish and Stupid
I don't know if this is a teenage thing, but my daughter for a period of time keeps saying I KNOW, whenever I tell her something. Or if I see that she's out of line I'll say something and she says in an agitated tone, I KNOW!
11/19/2018 02:17 PM
The Negative People Around Us: A Perspective
According to some. how people treat us determines our happiness. Our happiness depends most on the standard of our relationships as a result of being social creatures. We care too much what would other people think of us, which should not be the case because life is what we make it.
11/19/2018 02:12 PM
Because Of You I Learned To Trust Again
If your trust has been broken, you may ne'er permit yourself to trust once more. Don't try and shield yourself by being mistrusting. Don't live a lonely and unfulfilled life without significant relationships.
11/16/2018 05:04 PM
When Someone Appreciates Everything About You
Love begins when someone appreciates everything about you that someone else took for granted. Never in my life have I ever imagine meeting someone who always wants what's best for me.
11/16/2018 05:03 PM
Letting Go Of The Fear And Trusting Again After A Serious Heartbreak
At some point of our lives, we experience hurt that we fear to trust again. Our fear of betrayal. Take baby steps day by day to become open and trusting within the very little things. The more we think over our past heartbreaks, the more it lingers in our hearts. But if we just let it go naturally, our pain will heal naturally and will barely leave a scar.
11/16/2018 05:01 PM
Learning To Trust Again After An Unsuccessful Marriage
Nothing hurts quite feeling betrayed by somebody you're keen on and trust. Betrayal comes in several forms, like dishonesty, disloyalty, infidelity, or withholding.It causes psychological distress. A betrayal doesn't essentially mean the tip of the link.
11/15/2018 05:36 PM
The Life And Witness Of John And Betty Stam
In 1925 John and Betty Stam left America to be missionaries in China. Nine years later they would be dead. Their story still changes lives today.
11/12/2018 04:17 PM
The Divine Trial
There is an oft told story whose origins have been lost. There were two people involved, a minister and a former prostitute. The former had a leadership position in a small town, the latter had recently given her life to Christ.
11/12/2018 04:17 PM
Is A New Love What We Need In Letting Go Of The Past?
Love is in fact a key to a happy and fulfilling life. But what about if your heart is already broken because of a lost love? I a new love an answer to let go of the past?
11/05/2018 09:02 AM
The Grasp
Grasp this: We all must grab opportunities when they come, or we all depend on luck, fortune, gambling and chance. I mean, genuine opportunity comes in work clothes that look like nothing to grasp, but the opportunity is there, nonetheless. All you have to do as the Aladdin legend goes is "polish the lamp well, at the very least, then out pops the Genie of opportunity."
10/16/2018 04:40 PM
Why The Greatest Mistake Is To Believe We Are Powerless And Without A Choice
Do you believe you have the power to influence your life? Or do you consider yourself dragged along by life's forces? This is an important question because your beliefs will dictate how your life plays out. For instance, I was talking with a friend recently who mentioned how they've never made a conscious choice about the direction of their life.
10/15/2018 10:00 AM
Dealing With Reality
We all want to win, but we all need to train for it. That is reality. Without real, hard earned understanding, we just hack at life and cannot live efficiently. When we take the time to learn the in, out and everything in life, we get better results. It is just like when there is a difference between flying to the top of a mountain in a helicopter, plane or air vessel and genuinely climbing a mountain.
10/05/2018 11:20 AM
Acres Of Recycling Plastic And Aluminum, Acres Of Diamonds
Riches are found sometimes in the most unlikeliest of places, and wealth creation is sometimes dressed up in work boots disguised as lowly "meaningless stuff". Nevertheless, there is always gold and riches if you look for them anywhere regardless of where it may hide.
09/27/2018 11:30 AM
Brick And Mortar
We must all build our lives from the ground up, brick and mortar style. In that sense, we are all masons of our lives or spiritual builders. With that thought, I begin this article.
09/24/2018 10:11 AM
If You Want To Live Without Fear, Trust That Every Outcome In Life Is Perfect
I don't know a single person who doesn't have any fears, do you? Knowing this, it begs asking: What are your predominant fears? Are you aware of them? In order to live without fear, we must trust whatever outcome arises in life is perfectly orchestrated for our highest good. I'm reminded of a delightful tale by the late spiritual teacher and psychotherapist Anthony de Mello who explains that while fear protects us, it also keeps us trapped and insecure: "How shall I rid myself of fear?" "How can you rid yourself of what you cling to?" "You mean I actually cling to my fears? I disagree." "Consider what your fear protects you from and you will agree! And you will see your folly."
09/20/2018 01:07 PM
Living Life On Purpose - Easier Than You Think
What is the purpose of life or, in fact, what is the purpose of my life? Maybe there is more than only one purpose. Maybe there is a plethora of purposes.
09/17/2018 10:44 AM
The Magical Life
You have got to believe in something inside and outside of yourself, I realize that, for life to mean anything. But, here is the catch to that simple sentence: You have got to think for yourself about what you believe in, you have got to know for yourself if it works or not. The responsibility to lead yourself in where you go falls on you as it falls on me.
09/10/2018 01:29 PM
Walking Alone in the Rain
Ideas, they say, come at moments of loneliness, or seclusion. People have written volumes of books while jailed by their fellow men, who regretted the inspiration gained by their enemies even as they were incarcerated. In 1963, from a jail in Birmingham during the civil rights movement, Dr.
09/07/2018 10:02 AM
You Must Experience the Darkness Before the Dawn While in the Healing Process
When one begins to truly heal their lives, oftentimes many parts of their lives were connected to the original issue in one way or another. Understand that when an issue begins to heal, there is a major reorganization that's required which causes the flow of energy to be disrupted in areas other than where the symptoms existed.
09/06/2018 10:35 AM
Hero Worship - Good for Spiritual Health?
Heroes certainly touch our hearts and fill us with warm approval. We can identify with them. If we need courage to face real hardships in life, then perhaps having a strong hero image within our heads can be helpful? For myself I'm thinking of the hero who has emotional resilience. Today's super heroes like Superman and Batman are all-action figures are very popular today judging by the plethora of superhero films. But are they good role models to identify with?
08/29/2018 11:40 AM
The Right To Make It
The right to make it to where you want to go is always earned, not given. I did not mean it is too hard not to be easy. When you are willing, and I do mean genuinely willing, it is genuinely easy. When you are not willing, but want it anyway, it all seems genuinely hard.
08/17/2018 06:37 PM
The Winners Or Those Who Can Take It Best
Persistence is more powerful than talent or innate ability, although both can help when you have them. Thinking about the art and reality of persistence, some of the greatest things, inventions and work have come out of persistence, even greater than natural talent can yield at times. That reality is what this article is about, and that is what you are going to get in the purest sense of that reality.
08/17/2018 01:30 PM
The Strongest Amongst Us Are Not Applauded For Their Growth, Yet Bloom In Silence
Who are you in your quietest moments when no one is looking? How do you feed your soul when you experience pain and heartache? A wildflower by the side of the road endures the elements and yet blooms in silence. Therefore, strength is gained when others are oblivious to our struggles because we choose to feed our soul with nourishment.
08/01/2018 08:19 AM
One Life Changing Question
One of the most beautiful and powerful questions comes from an ancient source. It is a question that will get you out of bed in the morning, push you to live with passion, to care more, love more and be more. It will drive you to pursue your goals, go the gym, and to be a better spouse, parent, and friend.
07/25/2018 09:13 AM
The Master Key to Landing a Man on the Moon
A boulder field. Fuel running out. Neil Armstrong's heart rate hit 160 beats per minute. He was sweating. But he didn't sound worried or anxious. He sounded cool. Calm. In control. Because he was.
07/24/2018 08:08 AM
Why It's Never Too Late To Rediscover Your Joy And Fall In Love With Being Alive
I want to ask you a question so simple you may not have asked it before: Are you happy being alive? Do you feel a sense of joy when you wake up each morning? Do you look forward to the day or is your outlook filled with dread, worry or anxiety? Ponder this over the coming paragraphs as I try to convince you why it's never too late to rediscover your joy and fall in love with being alive.
07/22/2018 04:42 PM
On Trust
Why be trusting? When Jesus asked Peter to walk on the water, Peter drowned. Peter got scared and was of little faith, so he cried to Jesus for help and trusted that Jesus would save him.
07/20/2018 11:03 AM
Thank God for Everything? Good and Bad?
One day I asked God what would be the most holy, righteous and quickest way to see God's promises come to pass in my life. In other words, what was the quickest way to get rid of the doubt and unbelief in my heart so God's promises would manifest and become a reality in my life. I believe He gave me the answer.
07/11/2018 09:23 AM
Humanity Suffers From Limiting Beliefs
For centuries now, human beings have perpetuated and disseminated certain limiting beliefs that result in limiting attitudes and behaviors. As a result, humanity has for centuries transmitted and preserved beliefs that only damage us as a species. Instead of uniting us and making us stronger, they weaken us. Only by identifying, questioning and changing those beliefs will humanity advance into a new and more accepting existence.
07/10/2018 08:38 AM
They Have No Choice, Still We Judge Them
Given the controversy regarding minorities in many places in the world, today I want to defend that we are all born like blank slates without any knowledge, any beliefs, any awareness of who we are. We are born wherever we are born, with no say in the matter. Nobody can choose.
07/09/2018 08:18 AM
Nicola Tesla - Inter-Dimensional Channeled Messages, and Observations
Tesla's consciousness extremely worthy of welding science, and spirituality. I praise his humanness, kindness, inner listening and determination. He is a man of integrity and vision. Like Tesla, I know energy like love is eternal. "The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence." Nicola Tesla.
07/08/2018 10:22 AM
You CAN Control the Outcome in Your Life!
Harmony in the world within. That's the goal.
07/03/2018 02:53 PM
What Is Your Life Calling? 8 Powerful Ways to Remember Your Brilliance
Your life work wants to be born. It keeps knocking on your door, waiting for your attention and action. Are you clear about what it is? if not, keep reading.
06/28/2018 08:21 AM
Build People Up
We All have gifts and talents that we naturally master. While others seldom wonder "How we do certain things", we can't even give them explanations as to how we effortlessly do them. One of my most precious gifts is to "Build People Up".
06/27/2018 10:46 AM
How to Make the 3 Most Important Choices for Your Day
We make 100's of choices every day. Choices range from, 'what do I wear?' to "do I call in sick today?

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