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Insiders Guide to Snaring the Best Lease Deal

Every year, thousands of business owners and financial managers are faced with the task of obtaining attractive financing for equipment their firms want to acquire. Snaring the best leasing arrangement requires only a bit of planning and a smidgeon of finesse.

Ten Equipment Leasing Tips - Save a Bundle on Your Next Lease

According to the Equipment Leasing Association ("ELA"), U.S.

Venture Leasing - A Smarter Way To Build Enterprise Value

In 2003, venture capitalists and investors dispensed over $18 billion to promising young U.S.

Warning - This Lease Might Explode Any Minute

Mike Caringi, owner of a small New Jersey business that sells pumps, found himself facing a gut-wrenching dilemma last summer. Should he continue paying $ 1,500 each month for essential telecommunications services he no longer receives and for leased equipment he claims was never installed? Or, should he stop making payments and face a potential lawsuit from the firm that financed the equipment under a 'hell or high water' lease? Mr.

Dodging Leasings Grim Reaper: Navigating a Payment Default

In her third Harry Potter novel, ?The Prisoner of Azkaban?, J.K.

Venture Leasing: Startup Financing On the Rise

According to Pricewaterhouse Coopers, investment by institutional venture capitalists in startups grew from less than $3.0 billion at the beginning of the 1990's to over $106 billion in 2000.

How Venture Leasing Added Millions To A Startups Equity Value

Craig Berman beamed noticeably after completing his board presentation. Berman, CEO of a startup that develops nanotechnology applications for the defense industry, had just closed a $ 20 million equity round.

Equipment Leasing Blunders That Can Cost Your Firm a Mint

Rod McHenry, the financial vice president of a document imaging company, thought he had great cause for celebrating. He had signed an unbelievable $370,000 lease proposal covering computer servers, workstations, software and other networking equipment.

How To Choose An Equipment Leasing Company

Leasing has become a preferred form of equipment financing, accounting for more than 30% of business equipment acquisitions. Each year, thousands of U.

Ten Ways Start-ups Use Venture Leases And Loans To Generate Millions

The rise of venture leasing and lending has created an opportunity for sophisticated entrepreneurs to gain a competitive advantage. Savvy entrepreneurs are using venture leases and loans to generate millions of dollars for shareholders by leveraging existing venture capital.

With a Lease, The Devil Is In The Details

In the last article we looked at a few of the things you should consider before leasing that first office or storefront for your business. To recap, you should not only consider the old standard "location, location, location," but also consider things like sufficient parking, the number of employees who will be working onsite, and future growth projections.

So You Want to be a Landlord?

The residual income from owning rental properties may bring more money into your life than the fast flip in the long term. If nothing else, the stress is reduced because a well-chosen investment will pay for itself until you the market is ready for you to sell.

Getting Your Venture Lease Approved

Each year venture capitalists fund more than 2,500 start-up companies in the U.S.

Leases And Tenants - The Spooky Tenant

You, Mr. Landlord are pleased to find qualified tenants for your rental house.

Lease Contracts - The Meaning of Joint and Several

When you see the phrase "joint and several" in alegal document or contract it means that that the partieson one side of the agreement are responsible individuallyand collectively for the terms of the agreement.Example: In the case of two tenants signing a lease agreement,"joint" means they are jointly responsible for the rent.

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08/28/2019 11:31 AM
Nobody Likes Paying Interest
Though nobody likes paying interest, it has to be looked upon as simply part of your return-on-investment calculation to assure you are making the best use of your new equipment addition. How to get the lowest rate? Maintain your personal FICO as high as possible and get it repaired by a service if you get into trouble, review your D&B business profile and make sure it's accurate, if any tax liens exist then establish a payment plan and have it documented and in place which shows you've taken the right steps to resolve them and finally have your financial statements prepared by a service, bookkeeper or accountant which will indicate you are organized and manage your business seriously. In the long run if managed properly, the finance interest you pay will actually pay you back.
12/05/2017 10:17 AM
3 Reasons Why You Should Think Of Leasing Your Crane Equipment
If your business is in need of crane equipment, then you will have to think of ways to acquire it. And rather than trying to utilize your business funds or resorting to a business loan for purchasing the equipment, you may be better off choosing to lease it.
11/22/2017 03:28 PM
4 Tips To Become Successful In The Hospitality Business
If you are venturing into the hospitality industry, you have to account for certain factors that can increase the chances of your success. Four such simple, yet important, things that you should always remember include- • Be Smart With Your Finances: As with any other business, the smarter you are with your finances, the more likely you are to taste success in the hospitality industry. And this starts right from your investments. Do not make all your investments from your own funds.
11/22/2017 12:12 PM
Tips To Buy The Best Equipment For Your Salon & Spa
Tips To Buy The Best Equipment For Your Salon & Spa: If you are planning to start a spa or salon, then you would already have guessed how having the perfect equipment is very important for the success of the venture. Make sure that you keep the above points in mind when you shop for salon or spa equipment, and you are sure to pick the equipment that is a perfect match for your needs. To pick the right spa or salon equipment, consider the following factors-
07/18/2017 03:32 PM
What You Need to Know About Novated Leasing
A novated lease is one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to lease a new car, and it isn't necessary to be earning a high, executive salary. It is a three-way agreement between a financier, employee and employer.
03/20/2017 02:14 PM
How to Lease a Car and Get the Best Deal
If you can't afford to pay a huge sum to buy a new car, you have another option: you can pay a lot less and lease a car. How do you go about leasing a car? Well, all you have to do is make a small sum as down payment and then make monthly payments throughout the term of the lease. You will give the car back when the term comes to an end. Read on to know the tips that will help you lease the right car.
03/20/2017 02:13 PM
Steps To Follow When Leasing A Fleet
If you have business needs, you can buy a fleet of vehicles. Based on the number of cars you need, you can also lease a fleet. If you have no idea how to go about leasing a fleet, you can follow the easy steps that we have described below.
03/16/2017 12:56 PM
What Are the Benefits of Novated Leasing?
Novated leasing is becoming an increasingly convenient, cost-effective and common way to run a vehicle. For many people, owning a car isn't always the best or most affordable option.
03/22/2016 10:31 AM
Lease What Depreciates - Buy What Appreciates
"Lease What Depreciates-Buy what Appreciates" is a term coined by John Paul Getty many years ago, and many in the leasing industry use it all the time. In this article, I will delve into what it really means as it pertains to the acquisition of equipment and look at the way it impacts the financial statements of an organization.
03/17/2016 10:40 AM
Cash Flow Tailored Lease To Make The Sale
There are an infinite number of ways to structure a lease. This is important to the equipment user, as the lease can be tailored to match irregular revenue streams, and to the vendor of equipment, in providing added value by providing a solution, and ultimately making a sale which may otherwise may not have been made. Successful vendors maximize the use of leasing to gain a competitive edge over their competition.
03/17/2016 10:38 AM
My Customers Don't Lease
Vendors of all types of equipment can, without question, increase their sales, and in turn reduce their receivables by incorporating a leasing program for their clientele, into their sales and marketing strategy. It is simple to implement and costs nothing but a small investment of time. This article explains.
03/17/2016 09:34 AM
20 Reasons To Lease Equipment
Companies have been acquiring equipment using lease financing for many years. Other than good business practice, the reasons for leasing equipment vary from company to company. Some are motivated by the tax advantages inherent in a lease, and other simply have a desire to conserve working capital. This article touches on 20 reasons to lease equipment, some of which may not have been considered.
03/16/2016 03:05 PM
Lease Vs Loan: Which Is Better?
The comparison of a lease vs a loan, as a means of acquiring equipment, is something which has been analyzed for many years. The purpose of this article is to look at each and provide a summary of the similarities and differences.
02/15/2016 11:15 AM
A Finance Approval Can Be a Moving Target
This market requires awareness and flexibility on both sides of the transaction; it's not what lending was five years ago but in the long run it will be much better for all of us. Remember, you're asking to borrow money from a stranger who has to be comfortable with your ability and willingness to pay them back.
11/04/2015 02:49 PM
Ways to Terminate the Premature Car Leasing Deal
Do you really want to terminate your premature car leasing? If, yes then you must know that the termination of the leasing before time is a very difficult task.
10/21/2015 10:48 AM
Becoming a Rideshare Driver Without a Car
Rideshare companies are preferred by many people because of how good they are in saving transport costs. Essentially, they connect drivers and passengers within a given locality making it possible for the passengers to share rides to matching destinations thus cutting on the costs of transport. Most of these companies work through mobile applications to make it easy for the passengers and drivers to hook up for the rides.
04/15/2015 07:56 AM
Cell Tower Lease: Sell, Joint Venture or Refinance?
There are several ways to turn your cell tower or rooftop lease into cash. Some old ways and some that were unheard of before.
12/23/2014 08:43 AM
Equipment Financing Before the End of 2014
End of 2014 is upon us, how can businesses take advantage of leasing/financing as tax deductions through section 179? Helpful hints and knowledge to lead you and your company down the right path when purchasing equipment.
09/10/2014 09:52 AM
Medical Equipment Leasing: A Great Option for Practices of All Sizes
A rising trend in the medical industry is the idea of leasing equipment rather than purchasing it. But why exactly should a practice look into leasing instead of owning?
07/14/2014 10:21 AM
Benefits of Leasing a Car for Business
Leasing a car for your business is a sensible decision. If yours is a small business or a start-up, leasing a car would prove handy because of lower cost, easy availability and other benefits. This article discusses briefly the benefits of leasing a car for your business.
04/23/2014 11:11 AM
Car Leasing - A Quick Guide
Without having a huge amount of cash lying around waiting to be spent on a car, it would be easy to think that there is no way for you to drive the latest cars around, and be stuck driving older models. Typically if you want a car, you buy it, then after 5 years you want a newer model car, but you're stuck with a car you may struggle to sell for anywhere close to what you paid. This is without considering the amount you've spent on repairs and maintenance of the car.
04/08/2014 02:27 PM
Economic Comeback Makes Financing an Affordable Option Once Again
Coming into 2014, there was a lot of positive energy about the state of the United States economy. Real GDP and employment were both steadily on the rise, with the nation achieving a new record level of economic output despite having two million fewer workers than it did at its peak over the past decade in the 4th quarter of 2007, just before the beginning of the recession. Because of the way that the economy has come back from the recession over the past few years, there are once again plentiful opportunities for companies to take out loans...
02/17/2014 09:26 AM
How to Find the Most Affordable Rate in Auto Leasing?
Depending on your needs and specific requirements, car leasing can be a great option as supposed to purchasing a brand new vehicle. Now if you are looking for a short-term commitment for your transportation, you might as well consider leasing a vehicle instead. With car lease deals that are all over the market today, you don't have to worry not getting approved or having to pay a large down payment. If you choose to lease a vehicle, you will only have to pay the cost of the vehicle's value or its depreciation rate.
01/13/2014 07:42 AM
What You Should Know Before Finalizing Your Apartment Home
Finding the exact type of apartment can be very tough if you don't know how to go about it. With a plethora of apartments, in various shapes, sizes, and amenities included within them, it can be indeed very trying to find the exact type of apartment you really need to satisfy your residential needs. Many factors contribute in deciding upon the perfect type of home.
01/07/2014 09:01 AM
Why Long-Term Car Leasing Arrangement Is a Better Option Than Purchasing a New Vehicle
Just like with any other type of sale, it is pretty important that you consider the pros and cons of long term car leasing before making any final decision. For one, novated lease is not a type of deal that is all advantageous for employees. It also has its own set of drawbacks which can only cause problems if you end up leasing the vehicle for a long time. Now if you are in the process of deciding whether to lease a vehicle or purchase a brand new car, the first thing that you need to consider is for how long you are going to have the vehicle.
12/19/2013 08:21 AM
Novated Lease - Is It A Yes Or A No?
Novated lease is the latest and most popular way for employees to get brand new car. This type of financing method is a very attractive way to create a positive employer-employee relationship. Several businesses have utilized this scheme to magnet several employees to work in their companies. Employers offer their employees a novated lease contract to provide them with company cars which they can drive for work or for personal use.
11/25/2013 03:25 PM
Equipment Lease Rate - What Does It Actually Mean?
Before we understand equipment lease rate, let us define equipment leasing. It is acquisition of vehicle, machinery or any other equipment on rent. By taking the advantage of this facility, you'll not be required to invest capital and can reduce the cost of buying equipment. The ownership of these equipments is in hands of leasing companies.
11/25/2013 08:39 AM
Valuable Insights for Smooth Landlord-Tenant Relations
Landlord-Tenant relationship is a delicate one. However, the two parties can make it last longer if they keep an open mind. Some of the best practices in this respect are worth a view.
11/19/2013 10:56 AM
Why Get A Car From The Best Novated Lease Company
A novated car lease is an increasingly popular way among company employees to finance their own motor vehicle. This form of financing method allows businesses to lease vehicles on behalf of their workers. A novated lease contract is a simple agreement wherein an employee can use a vehicle for a fixed period of time at an agreed amount of money which is approved by his employer. This is a three-way agreement in between the employer, employee, and the lease company. If you are an employee to who wants to drive a brand new car through this financing method make sure that you and your employer pick the best novated lease company who will be able to provide you the pride of driving a great vehicle for work and play.
11/05/2013 05:52 PM
How to Get the Best Equipment Lease Rate
BEST ADVICE: Write your own summary of your finance request; include the why, what, where, when and who of the upgrade or project - you know what you're trying to accomplish so you are in the best position to write an accurate review. Tell your story and include any explanations of the negatives as well so you don't verbally repeat the same story. With a well written summary, a copy of your credit report and a well organized financial package you will be ready to submit your finance request and get a prompt and often positive response.
10/28/2013 12:56 PM
Car Leasing - So What Is It?
Leasing is a long-term rental agreement offering the exclusive use of a car or van for a set period of time at a fixed monthly price. It offers an alternative, and often cheaper funding solution to buying a new car or van with a bank loan or dealer finance and quite often you are able to obtain bigger discounts on the vehicle than the more traditional method of HP. Car leasing helps you avoid any unexpected costs by offering a fixed monthly payment for the term of the lease.
10/25/2013 03:40 PM
How to Choose the Best Equipment Leasing Company
Once a business has chosen the equipment they wish to acquire, the next step is to decide how to pay for the acquisition. Over the recent years equipment leasing has become a preferred method of equipment financing for small and medium-sized businesses. However, choosing the best equipment leasing company to work with has its challenges.
10/22/2013 12:51 PM
An Operating Lease Could Be for You
Traditionally, operating leases were exclusively for companies buying trucks, computer networks and electronic diagnostic equipment - all these assets lose their value and become obsolete quickly so returning it for the next best model seemed like a good idea. But there are many other strategies that would make an operating lease the perfect fit; mainly companies which are growing quickly, looking to expand and control their costs each step of the way. Numerous high technology companies are in this mode now and would benefit greatly with this type of lease structure.
10/21/2013 11:03 AM
What Are The Benefits of Leasing a Car?
Are you thinking of getting a new car for your family? Well if you don't have the money for the down payment but is hoping to get a new vehicle any time soon, you may want to consider a novated lease deal? Leasing a vehicle can certainly offer you numerous benefits. While a lot of people are a bit skeptical about this deal, you should know that it can be very advantageous on one hand.
10/02/2013 08:47 AM
Advantages of Salary Sacrifice Agreement
Covering all home expenses with the monthly salary can be pretty hard for an ordinary employee. As a matter of fact, utility bills and insurances are barely covered, leaving almost nothing for savings. A lot of people try to make huge savings from their budget simply because it can help them achieve their financial goals.
09/09/2013 04:17 PM
Asset Financing: Leasing Over Loans
Asset leasing provides unique alternatives over traditional financing for businesses to obtain the necessary equipment for their operations. Asset leasing is done either as an operating lease or a capital lease.
09/06/2013 02:50 PM
Other Benefits of Equipment Leasing For Small Business Owners!
More extensive options with lesser costs - with an equipment leasing course of action you are allowed to select your choice of equipment without paying the maximum. This preference, likewise, accompanies the way that generally business equipment leasing companies will frequently handle everything from the support for the leased equipment. Your company can safeguard the expenses connected to the equipment as the leasing company ordinarily gets cost cuts on equipment with identified equipment vendors if they purchase in mass.
09/06/2013 02:49 PM
Equipment Leasing For Business Owners Looking For New Equipment Leasing
Leasing equipment can be very advantageous as it helps you save a lot of money as compared to the money you can spend buying the equipment that you require to meet your business purpose. If you wish to lease specific equipment for a certain purpose in your business it is much better since the leasing of the equipment will help you save money which you can use for the growth and development of your business and you can earn more profits through the use of equipment leasing. Leasing does not cost a big amount of money thus it is affordable and can be used so that you spend less money at the start of the business and the amount saved can be used for cash flow within the business. Here are some of the benefits that you get for leasing business equipment.
09/06/2013 01:25 PM
Equipment Lease Tips For Start-Up Businesses and Restaurants!
For another business, attempting to get a bank loan could be a test, particularly without time in business and as a business owner to move down your loan request. In the event that you require equipment financing is an issue, maybe you might think about business equipment leasing?
09/05/2013 04:34 PM
Business Equipment Leasing For Business Owners
As a business owner, you will understand the importance of any equipment or tool that enables you to perform in your line of duty. It doesn't matter the nature of the equipment, all that matters is the output and its benefit to your business. While it is paramount to own tools and equipment to carry out your business dealings, there comes a time when buying the right equipment may be an uphill battle hence you may need to lease equipment.
09/05/2013 04:33 PM
Benefits of Leasing Equipment For Small Business Owners
Many small businesses or those which are starting up prefer leasing equipment rather than buying the equipment outright. Banks have also recognized this trend and they are now giving loans to small businesses. Today, leasing equipment is a common trend for business owners. We have been proving leasing services for many years to small business owners and those businesses which are starting up to ensure that they are able to use business equipment which they cannot afford to buy.
09/05/2013 04:33 PM
Benefits of Leasing Business Equipment
Equipment leasing is one of the most reliable ways of acquiring business equipment today. Recent surveys in the United States found that about 80% of new businesses obtain some of their equipment through leasing. New businesses are always faced with the problem of finances because their flow of income is still low. Leasing is a better alternative to buying equipment because it enables your business to utilize the capital available for cash flow.
07/15/2013 12:23 PM
Equipment Leasing: The Big Three
Having at least one of the C's (cash flow, credit and collateral) will help you get approved for outside financing and if you're positive in all three then you will have a variety of options depending on your business goals. Whether it's for working capital, a location expansion or buying new equipment, you will find that alternative financing will be much flexible it its requirements to qualify compared to traditional lending.
05/02/2013 01:50 PM
How To: Equipment Leasing
Ever thought about leasing equipment for your business? Read this short article to learn about the basics of equipment leasing and end-of-term options.
04/18/2013 05:06 PM
Why It Is a Good Time to Take on That Big Purchase Through Equipment Financing
Financial institutions are now becoming more open to approving equipment financing loans at low industry rates for all types of loans. If you need an equipment loan or lease for a business, this is a great time to finance.
04/12/2013 04:45 PM
If You Have A Poor Credit History Is It Still Possible To Obtain A Lease For A New Car?
Car leasing and contract hire are the solutions that car companies have come up with to accommodate the car needs of people with bad credit scores as a result of the recent global economic crisis. Personal car leasing, bad credit do not usually mix well, but with thousands unable to get car loans and thousands of cars in showrooms what better way to earn income from those cars than having them leased to people who lost good credit through no fault of their own.
04/04/2013 02:00 PM
Venture Leasing - How to Get Financing For Custom-Made Equipment
Most financing sources are reluctant to take on the risk of financing equipment that they may be required to re-market one day, but are unable to move. Many of them know that a small percentage of the transactions they underwrite will not work out, requiring them to repossess and re-marketing the equipment to recover as much of their investment as possible. Custom-equipment presents a huge challenge in that it offers virtually no backstop should all other exit channels fail. Find out how savvy startups convince financing firms to finance needed custom-made equipment.
04/04/2013 11:51 AM
3 Keys to Equipment Lease Approvals
The most desired finance approvals are based on a minimum level in each of these key areas. If a company is lacking in one or more of these criteria then they can still get approved if they have superior strength in just one key component. A lack in all three areas spells trouble for getting approved and the best business strategy would be to build up sales and grow the company further before considering adding additional debt.
03/27/2013 03:14 PM
Leasing Medical Equipment
A large number of patients that require medical equipment to help them deal with a disease or injury will not need those devices forever. Because the devices are so expensive to buy there are companies that lease them to patients for short periods. The leasing of medical equipment makes it possible for more people who need devices to get them.
03/14/2013 03:24 PM
Car Leasing Bad Credit Process: How To Take The Complications Away
Getting a car lease can already be a tedious and complicated process as it is, but it gets all the more stressful when people with bad credit apply for one. These days, more and more people have been listed with bad credit, and more often than not, it wasn't because of their doing. It is because of bad credit that more people are put in the non status group, which means that banks or leasing companies categorize people in two different groups, the first one being those who can afford to pay for loans and leases, and those who are...

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Ten Equipment Leasing Tips - Save a Bundle on Your Next Lease
According to the Equipment Leasing Association ("ELA"), U.S.
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Warning - This Lease Might Explode Any Minute
Mike Caringi, owner of a small New Jersey business that sells pumps, found himself facing a gut-wrenching dilemma last summer. Should he continue paying $ 1,500 each month for essential telecommunications services he no longer receives and for leased equipment he claims was never installed? Or, should he stop making payments and face a potential lawsuit from the firm that financed the equipment under a 'hell or high water' lease? Mr.
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Some people choose to lease a car rather than buying one outright. Here are some useful tips on what to consider before leasing a car:The most important thing to remember is that you do not own the vehicle.
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Recently there was an article in the Houston Business Journal of the anchor store in many shopping centers through out Houston pulling out. Kmart, took out some stores, so did three other big box stores and a few consumer electronics places and larger furniture stores, now Albertson's has left.
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If you have an investment property, should you rent it or sell it? The answer to that question is that you should do both. If you have lots of time on your hands and are handy with tools, you can choose to rent out your property.
Using Equipment Leasing as a Competitive Weapon
Most great generals know how to design winning battle plans. They also know how to use their resources to gain advantages over the enemy.
Equipment Leasing Blunders That Can Cost Your Firm a Mint
Rod McHenry, the financial vice president of a document imaging company, thought he had great cause for celebrating. He had signed an unbelievable $370,000 lease proposal covering computer servers, workstations, software and other networking equipment.
The Leverage of the Lease
In today's rapidly changing business environment it makes sense to consider all the options before paying for your business equipment - whether it's a photocopier, computer system, computer hardware or software, telephone system, security equipment, office furniture or anything else. Many business people will give great consideration to the actual purchase, getting quotes from different suppliers and considering different choices.
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Car leasing is extremely popular because it provides an attractive method of driving an automobile that you might not otherwise afford. It allows you to make lower monthly payments than with traditional car purchase loans.
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The residual income from owning rental properties may bring more money into your life than the fast flip in the long term. If nothing else, the stress is reduced because a well-chosen investment will pay for itself until you the market is ready for you to sell.
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How do you fix a price point for an apartment? Take a guess? Figure it based on your carrying costs? Check comps and do a market analysis? Charge whatever the market will bear? If you're looking to place quality tenants, less is sometimes more.We all want to make money with income property; the more the better! When you're looking for a new tenant, however, don't assume that you're going to make more money by charging more.
Ten Ways to Save a Bundle on Your Next Lease
According to the Equipment Leasing Association ("ELA"), U.S.