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Electronic Keyboard

An electronic keyboard is a keyboard instrument that uses electricity to amplify the sound. Electronics keyboards are mostly used in musical instruments such as synthesizers, pianos and electric organs.

Country Music Lyrics

Developed as an amalgamation of various musical forms, country music has a huge fan following across the globe. Country music enthusiasts are divided loosely into two sects.

Country Music

Country music is an amalgam of popular musical forms that has its roots in traditional folk music from the South. Country music is a catchall for the Nashville sound, bluegrass, western ballads, swing, Cajun, honky tonk, Appalachian, rockabilly and jug band music.

Country Music Videos

Country music used to be associated with cowboys and cowboy singing ballads under a setting sun. However, all you have to do today is watch one of the thousands of country music videos to realize how the country western image has changed.

Music and Its Relationship to Intelligence

It can be easily observed that music has an effect on the senses. Music effects the body and the brain in various ways.

Reflections on Music

"Music - everybody listens to music these days. Is there anything surprising in that? If we look backwards in time, we will see that it was not always so. Music then was music - not the good music-bad music, rock music-classical music, this music and that music.

Tuning a Guitar -- Six Awesome Tools to Help Your Guitar Sound Brilliant

Vital to all guitarists is a great sounding guitar. Having a well-tuned guitar the best way to ensure your guitar will sound brilliant. However, tuning a guitar by ear is a tricky skill that comes with time.

Mp3 Songs To Download: Virtual Treasure Chest Of Freebies

It is human nature to wish to get things done without a lot of effort. This need for convenience is one of the reasons why mankind has been able to invent so many things. The quest for comfort and ease has not stopped and is not expected to stop, especially if one looks at the way the standards of living are rising all over the world.

The Advantages Of Having A Set Of Electronic Drums

These days, every time an amateur drummer decides to take his hobby seriously, he or she is faced with the dilemma of choosing between plastic drums and drums sets that function digitally.

How to Choose a String Quartet for Your Wedding

You have decided to have a string quartet for your wedding ceremony music, but aren't sure how to proceed next? What are some of the most important factors in choosing your string quartet and where do you find the best and most reliable group?

Live Ceremony Music on a Budget - 4 Money Saving Tips

So you would like to have some special music during your wedding ceremony, but you are on a budget and don't want to break the bank? Fortunately you have many options for live wedding ceremony music and there are a number of steps you can take to reduce cost while still creating a special and unique atmosphere for your wedding ceremony. Here are 4 tips that can save you some money.

Major Guitar Chords

There are just a few primary guitar chords that even the novice player can very simply master. The information of these primary chords, together with some practice, will help you entertain yourself and your folks with many popular songs.

Guitar Beginner

Is studying the guitar hard? Many people think so, however from my very own experience I can actually say no! It isn't at all. I have been playing for 2 years now and day by day I discover I'm studying something new.

A Portable Music Player History

15 years ago, it was hard enough to get one album in your pocket. Flash forward and you can happily wander around with your entire library. Come with us, as we take you on a little journey through the technological achievements that allowed this to happen.

Learn To Play Guitar

Have you ever wanted to become a rock star? Would you like to know how to play your favorite songs on your guitar? Or write your own music? Maybe you would just like to play songs with your family sitting around the campfire, or serenade your love. Whatever your interests are, learning to play the guitar can be lots of fun.

Fun Ways to Foster a Love of Music at an Early Age

It;s never too early to encourage children to love to make and appreciate music. Here's how:

'Make Music Day' is Coming: How to Get Your Family Involved

The benefits of music education are endless. Studies have associated music education with higher test scores, improved concentration and more. But if you are a parent, you probably know how it goes: many children will begin a music program with enthusiasm, only to complain about practicing a short time later, sometimes even asking to quit.

Private Music Lessons with a Piano or Violin Teacher

Taking private music lessons is one of the best ways to learn your chosen musical instrument.

More jobs for Music Teachers with Guitar Lessons Online

If you are a music student or looking for jobs for music teachers, you might be limiting yourself by considering only local opportunities.

Use The Internet To Promote Your Music!

Are you in the business of creating music? If the answer is yes, you must be dying to make music that touches the people and makes them go wild, right? Well, creating great music is really not an easy thing to do and very few composers actually succeed in creating ground breaking music. However, don't be disheartened if you are not creating music that makes everyone talk about it!

Single Platform for Multipurpose Use for Both the Musician and Talented Music Buds

Music is an art; it is not seen in all, it is a gift of God. The silent sound of music means many things, everyone enjoys music but only a few can play music and very few can become professional in this field.

Digital Media Player: How it Enhances the Quality of Music System

Cassette and tapes were the best entertainment equipment once. In the mid-80's people used to worship those. What is the reason? They were better than their predecessors.

Involving Karaoke Music in Fun Parties

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to select the right music to entertain guests. When it comes to karaoke music, most of the people find it as an increasingly difficult task.

Why Your Guitar Teaching Won't Work Until Your Students Know How To Practice

One of the most frustrating challenges you can face as a guitar teacher is when one or more of your students consistently makes slow progress. Although there are tons of reasons why most guitarists who take lessons never become great musicians, in the end a lot of your success as a guitar teacher will depend on your ability to effectively teach your students 'how to practice'.

Hamilton Music Stands for Every Musician

A Hamilton music stand is an essential item that almost everybody involved in making, playing or recording music needs to have. In fact, most people in music can actually benefit from having more than one music stand for different needs.

Learning to Play on a Student Guitar

When one plays music with the cutaway acoustic electric guitar you know that you are in a different zone. The reason is primarily because of the upbeat tempo that the instrument can dish out.

How to Enter the Commercial and Jingle Singing Market and Sing For Producers and Writers

Entering the jingle singing market can be a lucrative way to earn a living. Learn how you too can enter the business and create a niche for your singing abilities while doing it all from your home studio. Knowing the basics of how the industry has evolved and your role in the new playing field is key.

How To Promote Instrumental Music Online

Instrumental music composers generally face hard time in promoting their creations as compared to the album that is combined with vocalists and lyrics.

Worth Mentioning Facts of Home Audio System

Home audio system is actually one of the most popular devices around the globe. In this quick and hectic age no one offers time to invest each day with his friends or even family, only the actual occasion of pleasure

How To Write Songs On Your Computer

Computer makes most of our tasks easier and people belonging to many different fields are making use of computers for completing the jobs pertaining to their profession.

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How do you begin a piece of music? That's a question I'm often asked. The answer I usually give is that you begin as soon as you start playing - that is, if you're trying to "compose" something, the piece begins the moment it has energy and is something you want to capture.