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Networking for Success: The 3 Phases of Small Talk

In my mind, small talk basically consists of 3 phases:

Don't expect Instant Results when Networking

The following pointers are taken from a recently published book, authored by Andy Lopata and Peter Roper, titled … and Death came Third!.

How to Start and Maintain Profitable Relationships

How do you cultivate profitable relationships?

How to Create a Powerful First Impression

10 seconds. That's all the time you have to make a positive impression with people you meet for the first time. Since networkers spend so much time trying to meet new contacts, it is essential that they analyze their "meeting" approach for effectiveness.

What To Do If You Forget Someone's Name

What should you do if you run into someone, and just can't remember their name? Ideally, you'll just admit it. Say you remember them, but their name has just slipped your mind.

How to Network if You're Shy

One of the biggest deterrents to effective networking is shyness and the lack of confidence to get out there and meet new people. Even if you consider yourself a naturally outgoing person, you've probably had moments where the thought of entering a room full of strangers made you nervous.

Approachability vs. Working a Room

After a recent speech, an audience member asked me a question I’ve never considered: “What’s the difference between ‘approachability’ and ‘working a room’?”

How to Build Better Business Alliances

Judging by the popularity of instant message programs, chat rooms, and discussion forums, it would seem logical to conclude that people enjoy interacting with one another in an almost anonymous, virtual environment.

Business Networking Tip Number 239: Wear A Name Tag

A few years ago I attended a business networking function through my local chapter of BNI (Business Networking International). Upon entering the room there was a desk with tags that you can write your name on and wear.

Summer Networking Success

Memorial Day has just passed marking the beginning of summer. Summer is the season of graduations, weddings, barbeques, vacations and networking!

Fire Your Marketing Consultant; Most Business Comes from Word of Mouth

Having been in the Franchising Industry and set up franchised units in 23-states and 4 nations, which did business in 450 cities and 110 major markets, we learned early on that once we had set up the initial marketing “Bonzai and Blitz” mission that most of our franchised outlet’s business came from word of mouth, not on-going advertising.

Is Word of Mouth Advertising Fantasy Land?

Some marketing consultants and authors of marketing books actually believe that word of mouth advertising is Fantasy Land? Isn’t that interesting indeed. So one could ask themselves why these marketing gurus and self-proclaimed wondermen or girlie men think this.

Make Your Mark in 60 Seconds

If you are like most business professionals you have attended a networking meeting where you are asked to describe your business, how it works and what you can do for a potential client in 60 seconds or less.

Peanut Butter and Jelly, Yin and Yang, Golf and Business

This successful pairing of work and sport is likely one of the draws for people who enjoy golf. More than one salesman or lawyer has taken up the sport simply so he or she doesn’t get left out of important business discussions.

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The Secrets of Effective Networking
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Put join a networking group on your to do list with a big underline, star and happy face. You'll be glad you did for more reasons than you can count.
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The Secrets to Networking Success
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Hows Your Net Working?
In recent weeks, I've had the opportunity to pass along no fewer than five referrals to other people in my network. I also recently received a very professional and non-pushy email from someone I've never met, who is a member of an organization I'm part of.
Getting Leads
How many leads do you pass on?As a reminder, you must give a lot before you can expect any leads from the group. You must be able to define your best customer, give your pitch and describe what you do best.