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Going it Alone: The Waterfall at Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska

I stood at the observation point on the balcony at the Visitor Center overlooking the great Mendenhall Glacier at Juneau, Alaska. Before me was a beautiful scene. The glacier reflected in the large lake. Ooh, ahh. Both to the left and right were mountains. It was a beautiful clear day. I watched the people too, walking around taking photos, and looking at the scenery before us and at the displays in the center, just a few feet away.

A constant roar came from a tall and full waterfall to the right of the glacier. Once, the glacier covered the waterfall. No one was aware of its presence before the glacier receded. I looked closer at the base of the waterfall. There seemed to be a sandbar and people walking on it. With my binoculars I traced the path they must have taken below me. It crossed large sandbars separated by streams and covered with bushes. I found the general location of the beginning of the path. A ranger told me that there was a way to get out there, but it wasn't official, and that it was a little steep at one point. I decided that the best way to see such a beautiful place was up close, so I decided to try it. My mom and my husband were along with me. I told them I wanted to try the path, and asked if they wouldn't mind just hanging around waiting for me since they didn't want to join me.

Into the bushes I went. Immediately, I had to scramble along steep wet slate under the cover of brush. After following some wrong trails and trying again, I found myself in the large bush-covered sandy area heading towards the waterfall. I jumped little streams and plotted my course across to my goal. My last obstacles were climbing a large rock, and then traversing a 20 ft. wide stream dotted with well-placed stepping stones.

I walked right up to the roaring waterfall, and even climbed up along side it a ways on large rocks. Walking away from the waterfall I encountered a large cloud of mist that emanated from its base. I walked out along the sandbar towards the center of the lake and found a large rock to sit on. I had a snack, enjoying being present in this amazing location -- surrounded by the lake and flanked by a glacier, a grand waterfall and mountains. I met people too. Some kids were climbing up much higher than I had on the rocks. A gentleman from Germany took my photo, and I took a photo of two girls out on their own adventure.

After an hour of 'hanging around,' I turned back. I crossed the creek, climbed the rock, and then looked for hikers emerging from the bushes to find the best path back. A couple times I had to stop and wait for new hikers so I could find the path again. The sun was setting, the floating icebergs were glimmering on the lake, and I enjoyed every moment of delay.

My entire trek took about two hours -- worth every moment. My husband and my mom were very understanding and said they enjoyed the visitor center and the scenery (which included me through the telescope!) I'm glad I had the courage to ask for that time. It would have been easy just to do the scheduled tour, and to take no risks. William Shedd once said, 'A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.' I find that when I go further, it makes all the difference. It creates treasured memories.

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3 Places to Experience on Your First Safari
We planned a six-day safari to Maasai Mara, Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha with a final lunch at the serene Kiambethu Tea Farm. Extraordinary wildlife and startling a hippo on a walking safari were among her highlights. Voted Africa's Leading National Park for the sixth time in the 2018 World Travel Awards, the Maasai Mara National Reserve must be on a first-time safari itinerary. Lake Nakuru National Park was next, home to the endangered Rothschild giraffe and black rhinos and finally, Lake Naivasha, the largest of the Rift Valley lakes in Kenya.
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There are endless adventures you can take with your family and your dog. If you are going don't leave your "Man's Best Friend" at home. Our pets are already major companions in our lives, so it's all the more fun to make memories away from home with them.
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Sea Turtle Nesting Season Starting on 30-A
Every year, between May and October, sea turtles nest on beaches along Highway 30-A on the Florida Panhandle. Four of the sea turtle species are protected. There are volunteers who help keep the turtles safe.
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In March of 1778 Captain James Cook sailed the waters of the North Washington Coast where there was an opening along the coastline. He named the place Cape Flattery because he thought he had been flattered into thinking it was a passage into The Strait of Juan de Fuca. In his logbook he wrote "In this very latitude geographers have placed the pretended Strait of Juan de Fuca. But nothing of that kind presented itself to our view, nor is it probable that any such thing ever existed."
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A Saturday Morning in Nigeria
On the streets of Modakake, Osun State, Nigeria. Welcome to Africa.
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Trip Report - Lake Naivasha, A Day Tour
We planned a wonderful day of walking safaris and a boat ride - perfect activities for perfect Kenyan weather. The first stop was Hells Gate National Park. Afterwards we went for lunch of beef stew, chicken, tilapia, rice, chapattis, ugali, zikuma wiki, and kachambari. In the afternoon, we drove around the lake to Wileli Conservancy where there are a lot more animals than in Hells Gate. The grand finale of the day was a boat trip on Lake Oloiden.
01/18/2018 08:16 AM
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"The World's Only Wildlife Capital" is Nairobi with a 117 square kilometre National Park only seven kilometres from the city centre. Black rhinos are the highlight of this amazing wildlife park. It was Kenya's first national park and is a local treasure for Nairobians.
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Summer Time Outdoors
Most kids enjoy playing outdoors or have other activities in the area to participate in. This is the time when most kids take advantage of sleeping in the morning later. While families plan ahead for their vacation with the family during the kids time off.
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Hit the Road With an Outdoor Adventure
Vacations are important times to share with family and have memories to look back upon when you get older. It is very important to plan ahead with the family what you plan or what you want to do on an outdoor camping trip. What essentials you might need to take.
08/30/2017 03:32 PM
Charting the Waters at Cordell Bank
Cordell Bank is a National Marine Sanctuary northwest of San Francisco, about 20 miles west of Point Reyes National Seashore. It is protected for its abundance of life: from sponges and anemones, large schools of fish that can lead to white-out conditions for divers, and marine mammals and seabirds. This article describes how this special place was explored and how it became a sanctuary set aside for marine life.
08/30/2017 09:55 AM
Unite The Family In A Caravan Vacation
I believe the best way to combine experience with the comforts of home is a family caravan trip. Caravan trips are recreational vehicle camping, or sometimes trailer-camping. It's a general term used from big countries. Let's study of characteristics, similarities, and differences. Hundreds of years ago, the word caravan meant a group of camels or another nature of pack animal going long distances. From one country to another country, transporting goods and/or settlers. The advantages of family caravan trips, it keeps the flexibility changing plans. Even knowing an itinerary. Staying longer, short stay, going to specific place a lake than the beach, etc. Family not constrained by pre-planned schedule, open road become domain. Enough, the family saved money on caravan trips.
08/23/2017 02:47 PM
The Great Basin's Lehman Cave
Great Basin National Park has within it high mountains and Lehman Cave where visitors can take a tour to learn more about cave features. The name of the park refers to the area within the United States between the Sierra Nevada mountain range and the Rocky Mountains and includes the states of Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and eastern Oregon. Many rivers in this area drain to inland seas, such as the Great Salt Lake, and don't reach the ocean.
08/10/2017 08:52 AM
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Mountainous District Sirmour Tourism
Sirmour also known as Peach bowl of India. This place is located in south-eastern region of Himachal Pradesh. The enchanting mountain is blessed with some of the most spectacular and beautiful landscapes.
06/26/2017 08:51 AM
The Enchanting Forts of Rajasthan
Enchanting edifices and pristine palaces scattered all along the land makes Rajasthan a must-visit state for tourists from all corners of the world. Coupled with an intriguing culture, Rajasthan is a royal land ripe with fables and fantasies, acquainting its visitors with romance and chivalry through its numerous fortified palaces and forts.
06/23/2017 02:58 PM
Exploring California's Wild Island's: Channel Islands National Park
Channel Islands National Park has all the elements of a great national park: amazing scenery, abundant wildlife, and fascinating historic sites. In the case of this national park, these features are both on land and in the water and traveling across the Santa Barbara Channel makes it more adventurous than most other National Park visits. Most people don't think of islands when they think of California, and that's too bad. Visiting these islands would make for a very memorable trip.
06/21/2017 09:32 AM
Yosemite for Everyone: Five Must-See Sights for Wheelers and Slow Walkers
At first glance Yosemite National Park looks like it would be a challenge for anybody with mobility issues After all, you can't exactly ramp Half Dome or El Capitan. That said, a bevy of access upgrades have been added to the park over the past 20 years, so it's now more accessible than ever. With that in mind, here are five must-see attractions for wheelchair-users and slow walkers in California's first national park.
06/12/2017 08:28 AM
Get Instant Travel Loans - Explore Picture-Perfect Pahalgam
Nuzzled at the confluence of Sheshnag and Lidder Rivers, Pahalgam takes you back in time and surprises you with its warmth. Truly, a pet creation of the creator!
05/17/2017 09:16 AM
Squirrely News
There are times when it feels like the squirrels in our yard are just as much a part of our family as our pets. Seldom do we look out our window or walk around our property, without a couple of squirrels scampering nearby. They race across our deck and railings. They dig relentlessly in our flower pots when we are not looking. Sometimes they even help themselves to the tasty heads of our favorite new blooms. We are constantly filling in holes where they are burying new acorns or digging up last season's crop.
04/30/2017 11:16 AM
Go Tidepooling in California
This article introduces the reader to the outdoor activity of tidepooling, which is the exploration of pools on rocky shores between high and low tides, the intertidal zone. The article includes tips on how to enjoy this activity safely and lists places to visit along the California coast. It also mentions animals you may encounter in tidepools, such as anemones, sea stars, sea urchins, chitons, crabs, sculpin fish, and others. There are book titles and smartphone apps that can greatly enhance the experience.
04/26/2017 11:25 AM
Isle of Colonsay - Why It Is Calling
The seven best reasons to visit an island in Scotland. If you are visiting an island, why you should make sure that it is Colonsay.
04/25/2017 03:46 PM
3 Tips for Maintaining Your Sanity on Houseboat Rentals
Houseboat rentals seem like the perfect guarantee to an awesome vacation, but disorganization and disagreements can ruin it. Use these tips to avoid that.

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