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Is Your Child Becoming A Praise Junkie?
Do you praise your child when he fulfils a basic bodily function? Do you praise your child for obeying the laws of gravity? Do you give praise for simple socialisation procedures that your child practises every day?No, you say. Have you ever praised your child for finishing all his meal? Ever praised a child for staying on his bike or perhaps staying vertical on roller-blades? Ever praised a toddler for their terrific smile and fantastic manners?In the last few decades parents in many parts of the world including the US.

Real Monsters Under Your Bed
There may really be a real monster under your kidā??s bed!Seriously, they could actually be there!If you are a parent you have heard about monsters under the bed and in the closet. There was even a movie about Monsters coming into kidā??s bedrooms through the closet.
Twin and Multiple Births are on the Rise
Did you know that the number of twin births have more than doubled since the early 1970s? Today, about one of every 35 births in the United States are twins. Even more significant is the number of triplet and higher multiple births which have increased 200 percent over the last three decades.
My Husband Prioritizes Making Money Above Family Time
"Money is tight, and my husband's obsessed with doing everything he can to make more of it. It's gotten so bad that he's lost interest in our daughter.
Crazy Colors Fun Kid Experiment as a Party Activity
Here is an easy, inexpensive and fun kid experiment for your next kid birthday party.This activity, which is strictly speaking a kid science experiment, can be used in any party as entertainment.
Alias: Aptitude
Be aware. You may become totally overwhelmed when you get the results of the special education  testing on your child.
Navigating in the New World: Parents and Teenagers Growing Together
One of the most prevalent myths of our modern culture is the one that says, "Adolescence is a time of inevitable conflict." You will hear doctors say it, and teachers, and therapists, and pastors, and even parents.
Grandparents! Help Your Grandkids Do Math!
This may come as a surprise.But despite all the advances in education, many kids stillstruggle in the math class.
Surviving As A Single Parent: Seven Simple Suggestions To Make Your Life Easier
1 - Forgive even if you will never be able to Forget -Let go of grudges you may hold against your child's other parent, who is absent from BOTH of your lives. Holding onto feelings of anger will not change your situation and will probably consume a great deal of your energy - energy you need to devote to creating a positive environment for your child.
Top Seven Tips for Back-to-School Success
Parents play a critical role in their child's success.  These seven tips from http://www.
Working Moms: Too Busy for Your Children?
17 Quick Ways to Strengthen the Bonds of LoveOn Mother's Day, we celebrate the most important job on the planet.Most moms appreciate being acknowledged, but many still feel overwhelmed by the pressures of daily life.
Childs Play: Treating The Insanity of the Mental Health System
In today's mental health system there is a pattern of fraud and coercion that takes way the freedoms and dignity of children and their families. Children are receiving stigmatizing labels and being prescribed psychotropic drugs with many untoward effects.
Our Recommended Eating Program for ADHD
Below is a copy of our eating program for Attention Deficit Disorder - ADD ADHD kids. It is not a very strict program, unless you are used to having most meals at your local fast food restaurant.
Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) for Teen Drivers
Drivers 16 years of age have little driving experience, putting them at high risk for traffic accidents. A series of five research papers published in a September 2002 supplement of Injury Prevention addresses reducing this risk.
Ease Bug Bites with Easy Herbs
Summertime means insect bites and stings. Ouch! Take a leaf from Susun S.
Nights by a Pinocchio Lamp
Sitting by her Pinocchio lamp, she smiled at me as her tiny shadow puppet danced on the bedroom wall. "A bunny!" she giggled with all the jubilance of a four-year old.
Study Skills - How Can YOU Help Your Kids?
Some years ago when touring the Scottish Highlands, a man Imet said something that's stuck with me ever since.He was elderly, yet was still working away on his smallfarm.
A Chance for a Home
"He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home." - Johann von GoetheHome.
Send the Kids Outside!
Think back to your own childhood. Chances are, some of your fondest memories are of outdoor activities and places.
The Twenty-First Century Parent
John was a 43 year-old sales manager at a large company. He's married and has 3 children, ages 7, 9, and 12.