Positive Attitude Information

Positive Attitude Information

Why Do Some Affirmations *Work* - and Others Dont?

By definition,an affirmation is a statement repeated time andagain either verbally or mentally-or written down. The wordsof the affirmation statement - in themselves -when spoken,thought of, or written *without* a pictorial (visualized) oremotional connection- make a very weak affirmation.

Positive Mental Attitude

Look at this glass on the table in front of you. Is it half-full or is it half-empty? Now, do you realize that it is entirely for you to decide what the answer to this question is going to be.

Top Ten Ways to a More Positive Outlook on Winter

Year after year I find more and more individuals saying to me that they were still waiting for the warm temperatures to arrive one more time before the snow comes. In many ways these individuals did not have a very positive outlook on the arrival of the winter season.

Why Positive Thinking Doesnt Work!

There was someone I used to work with who, well aware of their tendency to look at the negative side of things, used to constantly tell themselves to "think more positively". This was said with such a feeling of desperation that I just knew that not only would they NOT think positively, they would probably go even further into negative thinking.

Power of Positive Beliefs

I am an educator as well as a coach and am interested in what it is that brings out the best in the people with whom I work. Over the last few years I have read a great deal of research on the power of beliefs.

Be Positive

This may sound quite aberrant to most of the younger generations who are not really exposed to the personality development articles, books or motivational lectures.Being positive does not indicate that we aren't able to handle a situation which is of abstruse nature.

Positive Mental Attitude

1. Smile2.

Anamchara - Beyond Positive Thinking

One of the most well known books ever written on success is James Allan's "As a man thinketh."This book advocates thinking in a positive manner in order to create the life you dream of having.

Your Mental Attitude is The Key!

As a being of thought, your dominant mental attitude will determine your condition in life. It will also be the gauge of your knowledge and the measures of your attainment.

Life Changing Attitude

Do you really believe that there is anything in this world that is impossible?I'm 21 and I had to grow up at accelerated rates because of multiple circumstances in my life. One of them was the divorce of my parents, my mother had no money and my father didn't seem to care about me and my brother.

11 Great Ways to be Positive about Change

Look for the positives!Seek them out - those little scary places that it's challenging to let yourself go to - the positives are genuinely scary, because they give you hope and it's hard to let go of all the fears you have right now - so hanging onto them is the easiest path!So try letting yourself go, just for the heck of it!Take that step back from being 'done to' and take the initiative. At work, at home or wherever, this can be a great time, if you let it.

Affecting Positive Results Through Affirmations

Last time we talked about how to begin building the mind's powerful framework for success. The lesson we needed to learn was that self-talk has a powerful affect on the results we achieve.

How Tapping The Goodness Within Attracts Positive Change

If your life is difficult--if it's challenging, exasperating, and vexatious-- then it's time to tap the goodness within.Your life can be another way--if you let it be.

Impact of Positive and Negative Catalysts on Events in Human Lives

Have you ever noticed what can happen if you just met a friend in the street and shared a cab? You are both in the cab, all is fine, you plan to attend a social function and suddenly your cab gets involved in an accident. The police comes and you are a witness in an unforeseen event.

Internet Tip of the Week: The Power of Positive Thinking

The late Norman Vincent Peale was a controversial preacher who burst into public consciousness with his best-selling book, "The Power of Positive Thinking". He believed that ordinary people could become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things, and when they believe in themselves, they have the secret of success.

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06/12/2020 08:59 AM
Smart Thinking Over Positive and Negative Thinking
A lot of us strive to cultivate positive thinking, as if this were something very positive. But is it? In this article I explain the pitfalls of positive thinking and the myths about controlling our thoughts and using positive thinking to manifest a better reality.
06/11/2020 11:00 AM
Patience, Understanding, Tolerance, Discipline, Thought, Control (PUTDTC)
We all must live with full tact, consciousness, and work/play ethic, with work first and then play. I get that there are many factors we must live with to be successful at anything, but without good tact, good consciousness and good ethics, the other factors are nothing.
05/25/2020 01:23 PM
The Great Flick Off
What travels faster than the speed of light and spreads quicker than a virus? Fear. It's the thought that counts. For me, it's something like this. I'm not paranoid about getting hit by a car when I leave the house, but I'm not going to go out and stand in front of one.
05/18/2020 10:38 AM
How Are You Coping As Lockdown Restrictions Ease?
How have you found these past few weeks of lockdown? It may be that the weeks have seemed like a lifetime and many of us have been finding the loneliness and isolation a real struggle. Now that those restrictions are easing how are you coping with lockdown? Are you ready to revert back to 'normal' or do you need a little time to decide what you want, to readjust and regain your trust in the outside world?
05/11/2020 07:53 AM
Anger: Cleansing Squall or Hurricane?
Anger is the emotional energy within each of us that rises up when something needs to change. If you act on the need to create change, your anger can be channeled effectively; but it's not redirected to something effective, your frustration will build, sometimes to hurricane force. Anger that is allowed to get out of control is as destructive as a hurricane, but anger that is expressed in healthy ways can "clear the air" just as a mild rainstorm does.
05/11/2020 07:50 AM
How to Find Joy in a Job You No Longer Enjoy or Simply Tolerate
Without question, the business world has been changed and "business as usual" is no longer the case, and it may likely never be again. For those who are fortunate to still have gainful employment, the change in responsibilities has created a new focus on how work is performed. Those who are essential workers must guard their lives in a manner unlike anything they could have imagined. Those who made a transition from working in an office environment to becoming remote employees may now find themselves feeling a sense of performing in isolation. One of the challenges for becoming a remote employee is the lack of interactions and camaraderie available in a physical office environment. This is an especially difficult learning curve for those who were used to working in an open office environment and had the sounds of activity ever present during the workday. Now at home, the only aspect of the job each day to focus upon is the required tasks. There are no diversions, unless there is some type of web meeting, conference call, or traditional call.
05/01/2020 06:22 PM
B.R.E.A.T.H.E. - Dealing With Stress In The Age Of COVID-19
Our world is riddled with fear and anxiety. Finances. Aargh!
04/18/2020 08:54 AM
Why Those Who Are Most Responsive To Change, Will Always Thrive
What are you resisting right now in your life? Is it the sudden change of circumstances in relation to the Coronavirus? Is it something you're missing out on, such as being in contact with loved ones, a friend, work colleagues or others?
04/13/2020 07:41 AM
What Lies Behind What Goes Around Comes Around?
We see many people being good to us especially this time of crisis, the enhanced community quarantine against the spread of Covid 19. Being good is a great discipline and learning to be like one is wisdom. When we are kind to our fellow we also reap kindness.
04/08/2020 05:55 AM
Public Politeness
How do you feel when you walk into a public rest room and there are papers all over the floor, unflushed toilets, and wet toilet seats? If you're a woman, you're probably disgusted-men tend to be less reactive to it. However, men-what about discourteous drivers?
04/08/2020 05:54 AM
The Power of Politeness
For quite a while now, we've heard many public figures, like Rush Limbaugh and comedian Bill Maher express scorn about people who are politically correct. Maher even gave his show the very funny title "Politically Incorrect." Terms like "the PC police" were used to laugh at people who were perhaps a bit strident about defending the rights of small groups of people.
04/07/2020 08:34 AM
Top Tips to Manage Your Time in Social Isolation
We're living in unprecedented times. From our health, income, education, ability to travel, no one has been exempt from the impact of this global pandemic. So excuse yourself if you have an occasional melt down. We don't know how long it will last, what the outcome will be. All we can manage is how we react and learn to take each day as it comes. Here are some top tips to help.
03/28/2020 07:39 PM
How to Be a Positive Person
I've been counseling using Positive Psychology for many years. Positive, happy people do have an easier time in life, and bounce back from problems faster. There are always things you can do to increase your level of optimism, even if you can't change who you are.
03/23/2020 11:02 AM
One Little Cell Just Changed Our Lives: Welcome to the NEW Normal
Our lives have just been changed by a microscopic virus cell. Nothing will be the same. Now is the time to be more creative, kind, empowered and smarter than ever. This article outlines how to launch into a new level of creativity, understanding, and kindness..
03/23/2020 10:43 AM
Ten Things Baby Boomers Can Do If Self-Quarantined
I know, baby boomers. Self-quarantining wasn't exactly on your bucket list and we boomers are accustomed to active and social lives. But look at what happened in China and what is taking place in Italy and Spain right now at a breathtaking speed. It's important those over 65 take the advice to self-quarantine even in states where stay-at-home orders haven't been issued yet. So, what can you do if you're like me, stuck at home, to get your mind off all this mayhem? Here are ten suggestions to help you stay calm and keep your sanity.
03/23/2020 10:04 AM
Are There Signs Your Career Stalled? It's Time for a Mindset Tune-Up
You've started your job and worked hard in your career, and yet for some reason you are no longer feeling a sense of fulfillment any longer. It may seem to you the harder you work, the less you are being recognized for your work, or you are summarized in your performance reviews by short sentences of how you have failed, rather than how you have succeeded. The work you enjoy has now reached a point where you are tolerating it as you need the income, or perhaps you do not foresee a future with the company you are working for as you are not appreciated or noticed. The longer you find yourself feeling unfulfilled, unappreciated, or unnoticed in or for your performance at work, you are going to reach a point in which your entire career may seem as if it has been stalled. If your present employer doesn't willingly acknowledge you as an employee, or at least the person you report to directly, how will your career ever advance? What's the point of developing career goals if you are not moving forward along?
03/11/2020 09:46 AM
What If There's Nothing Wrong With You?
What comes to mind when you read the title of this article? Pay close attention to your inner dialogue and notice what it's telling you. Is it disparaging or one of disbelief? Our immediate response is often right because it is an intuitive impulse.
03/02/2020 08:19 AM
Overcoming the Mistakes of Others
Mistakes happen and are a part of life. Some disastrous mistakes have happened in history. One huge mistake was the incarceration into the American style concentration camps of nearly 120,000 persons of Japanese heritage during World War II. Life can very difficult for them, and these innocent persons had to overcome the mistakes made by others. Keeping a positive attitude and working hard can help overome the consequences of the mistakes of other people or even oneself.
03/02/2020 08:19 AM
The Courage to Hope
We've heard a lot about hope recently, but one thing was not said. Hope is scary. Anyone who dares to hope runs the risk of disappointment and feelings of failure.
02/19/2020 09:22 AM
Anti-Aging Not Just About Looking Younger
Ant-Aging efforts are universal and one should not feel bad about wanting to look and feel your best. However, looking your best is more than looking younger.
02/14/2020 10:33 AM
Handling Life's Obstacles?: Challenges, Or Problems?
At some point, or another, each of us face some obstacle, or obstacles, and often, the difference between enjoy the happiest, most contented, life, or a far more stressful one, is how we perceive and conceive of these, and proceed, forward! When something, unforeseen, and/ or, unwanted, occurs, each of us, must decide, whether to follow the path of problematic thinking, versus, deciding to view them, merely as a challenge, to overcome! You can think you can, or think you can't.
01/29/2020 09:52 AM
Attitude Adjustment - How to Change Your Attitude!
I have written in this column recently about emotional hygiene, and doing the necessary maintenance on feelings as well as your physical body and household. Health reminders tell us to wash our hands frequently to prevent transmittal of diseases. Did you know you can "wash" your mood, too, and give yourself an attitude adjustment whenever you want to?
01/06/2020 10:37 AM
Is Determination Alone Enough to Change Those Bad Habits?
Most of us are taught that if we try hard enough we can accomplish any goal. But sometimes, when we've spent years training ourselves into a habit, determination isn't going to be enough to change that pattern. Of course being determined is an essential ingredient in changing your habits but in my 12 years of mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs I can guarantee you, it's not enough! Here's why...
12/09/2019 11:53 AM
A New Year and a Positive New You
Certain times of the year can prompt us to review our lives. It may be a new year, an anniversary, a significant birthday that prompts us to pause awhile and reflect on where we are, on what we've done with our lives and what we'd like our next steps to be. For some this could be a pleasurable few moments of reflection, but for others this can result in an, 'is this it?' response. Let's look at starting a new year with a positive new you.
12/09/2019 11:53 AM
Move Into the New Year With a Positive Mindset
How has this year been for you? If it's been a tough year now can be a good time to reflect on what you've been through, what you've hopefully learned as a consequence, and then start to feel ready to focus on ways to move forward with a positive mindset.
12/02/2019 05:52 PM
It's Okay Not to Be Liked
We all want to be liked. We want to be safe, accepted and comfortably part of the gang. But as we get older we may see that many of our 'friends' are there through circumstance rather than being kindred spirits. There may be few similarities in taste or style. It's then we start to realise that it's okay not to be liked by everyone.
12/02/2019 03:11 PM
3 Instinctive Thoughts You Must Stop to Discover Your True Potential
When you want to start a new project or begin work on a new goal, perhaps for something related to your job, is your first natural reaction to think you are capable and ready to get started? As an educator and career coach, I've found the natural reaction for most people is one of questions and doubt. The natural instinctive thoughts are related to fear and questions about capability and capacity. When these instinctive thoughts begin, it sets the stage for feeling a sense of being limited and at risk for failure. Rather than working from a sense of empowerment and working towards the true potential a person has to learn, when new tasks prompt developmental growth, a person remains stuck in doubt. Yet if you can be on alert for instinctual patterns of self-doubt, it is possible to create a new set of empowering thoughts.
11/21/2019 02:30 PM
Ten Advantages of Ballroom Dance: How They Add Energy, Enlightenment And Enjoyment Into Your Life!
The most wonderful thing about ballroom dancing is that everyone can do it. Ballroom dancing does not discriminate by age, gender or nationality; it welcomes all with open arms. When done with the proper attitude ballroom dancing will add energy, enlightenment and enjoyment into your life. It will also give you 10 advantages that will further enhance your life and take you and your life to new heights.
11/21/2019 02:28 PM
The Power of a Dance Instructor's Index Finger
Have you experienced the dancing floor? It's a wonderful feeling that makes you live for that moment. Be careful, though, pay attention to your partner. Listen to your partner's body language and you will move in unison to the end of the dance.
11/04/2019 10:09 AM
How Do You Feel About Winter?
As the days grow shorter, the evenings longer and colder it's tempting to hibernate. How many of us are secretly relieved when an evening out is postponed or cancelled! But sometimes we need to push ourselves and find ways to feel better about winter. Here are a few hints and tips.
10/30/2019 10:49 AM
What Would Betty Crocker Do?
You may think you can only hurt someone by name-calling, and certainly, attaching nasty labels to people is hurtful: "you're bad, stupid, lazy." What we too often ignore, is how criticism--not just name-calling--can be more hurtful than helpful.
10/24/2019 07:24 PM
Credibility Matters
Credibility is a package deal. No single component can measure a person's credibility. All things considered. An amiable individual who needs judgment will settle on idiotic choices.
10/23/2019 09:43 AM
The Less You Respond To Negativity, The More Peaceful You Become
When did you last experience a negative encounter with someone? Was it this week? How did it work out? It is my experience that we cannot resolve negativity with more negativity. I liken it to putting out a fire with gasoline.
09/03/2019 09:14 AM
Practice Patience and Flexibility
If I just say to myself, "Self, be patient. You'll figure out something. Be flexible. There's always another way," my irritation quickly dissolves, my load is lighter, and somehow the day goes better.
08/08/2019 09:06 AM
My Honest Love... Or Mistake!
This is a heartfelt story that comes from the depths of my soul... AN OVERLOOKED LOVE, PUZZLED FEELINGS, A STORY SO INCOMPLETE. Yet, this incompleteness became my petals of vision.
08/08/2019 09:02 AM
How the Way of Thinking Changes Your Life
Our perception largely depends on our mood. If people or things are assessed in a fair way that can proves to be good for one. Our depression and worries can be lessened that way.
08/07/2019 10:08 AM
Have You the Confidence to Speak Up?
There are times when there was something we wanted to say, an opportunity to join in and contribute, but we hesitated and the moment passed. Irritatingly someone else may have even then inadvertently offered our pearls of wisdom and received a great response. If only we'd had the confidence to speak up! Here are a few tips to help.
08/01/2019 08:18 PM
What Can Go Right?
Most people grow into believing that problems and difficulties will be avoided by carefully planning the future. Others devote a lot of their hours to worrying about what may happen and trying to devise ways to prevent it. What if I told you that they are all wasting their time?
07/10/2019 10:31 AM
Thank You for Being Humble
Aggressive people should stand to gain a lot by embracing the humility gene as one of the personal value-systems. Imbibe this gene if you want to reach the pinnacle of success you so richly merit. Remember, it's your life. It's your only life and the buck stops with you.
07/10/2019 10:11 AM
The Scary Phantoms of My Dreams
People who dislike being aggressive or are allergic to being assertive are found to be humble and gentle by nature. Period. Such virtuously grownups are the Humble people that they smile upon the Aggressive people who are clearly unfortunate to understand their unsung defeats and peaceful ignominy of the lesser mortals, namely the compassionate Humble genus.
07/05/2019 12:29 PM
Don't Get Stuck On The One Thing That Ruins Your Day
Do a mental exercise with me: Think of a recent situation that ruined your day? Perhaps you received a message from someone and suddenly you were caught up in negativity? The list of things that can get us stuck in the mental muck is quite lengthy, yes?
05/09/2019 09:08 AM
Whilst You Don't Have To Like Everyone, You Can Still Be Civil To Them
Think about a person in your life causing you distress. Try to get a sense of the emotions you feel when you think about them. Sit with these feelings as you read this article because I want you to revisit them at the end. It's no surprise, sometimes we encounter people we don't like and want out of our life.
04/24/2019 11:54 AM
Changing Inner Dialogue Crucial for Narcissistic Abuse Recovery
Our inner dialogue controls everything we do. It shapes our perception, makes decisions for us, cautions us, forms our values and opinions, tells us who we are and what we like, monitors our behavior, evaluates situations, and makes judgments.
04/24/2019 11:53 AM
What Are You Broadcasting to the World?
Do you know that your brain does not make a distinction between real or imagined? That is why fear, anxiety and negative thoughts can have a controlling affect on your body. What do you do about it?
04/23/2019 10:03 AM
10 Ways to Live More Fully
One of the main issues that people face in their personal and spiritual development is in the cultivation of presence and fully living their lives. Many people get so preoccupied with fixing what is wrong with themselves or healing the past that they forget the reason for doing all of this work: to learn how to be in love with their life each day.
03/13/2019 11:08 AM
The Pains Of Life Are Not The Problem. It's Your Aversion To Them That Causes Suffering
I'd like you to close your eyes after you finished reading this article and think about a current problem. Try to get a sense of the situation and whether other people are involved. Don't create a mental dialogue but imagine the scenario as best you can. Now zoom out as though looking down upon yourself via Google Earth. How does your problem appear from this vantage point? Notice the other things to observe around you from that distance.
03/12/2019 08:39 AM
Message From the Universe: May All Your Dreams Come True!
One of the many daily motivational messages from the Universe offered by your virtual Therapist and coach. Inspirational advice to keep you motivated in moving forward in life despite the many challenges you will face. Never give up as great things are soon to happen. Love life as it loves you and always trust the Universe and yourself that greatness is yet to come. All our videos covers one specific topic related to life's hurdles and I am sure that you are presently experiencing one of them at this given moment. Share it with others who may face similar predicaments.
02/05/2019 04:59 PM
Insensitivity Of Some People
Why do some human beings choose to be insensitive to our feelings? Isn't affection reciprocal? But there are people who make you feel insignificant, who don't admire your views, who strive to belittle you. We all come across these types of people. Sometimes we tend to ask ourselves what seems to be their problem!
01/21/2019 12:16 PM
Befriend Your Mistakes: Explore and Soar!
Think about how children learn, exploring their world for the first time. Along with each so-called 'failure' comes the incremental learning that eventually leads to success.
12/19/2018 02:08 PM
Turn Worry Into Welcome With One Simple Question - This Is Powerful
Did you know that you can make powerful choices, in each moment, that shape how your life feels to you? Read on, as we explore the power of attitude shifts. The power is real.

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