Positive Attitude Information

Positive Attitude Information

Ian - When Devastation Happens

Life changes all the time. Nothing is permanent. The only constant is change.

Make Today a Good Day

Life is one day at a time. You don't have tomorrow. You hope for tomorrow but it's not guaranteed. We plan for tomorrow. We save for tomorrow and look forward to tomorrow.

Make Today a Good One

Let's all try to spend today and the rest of our lives more wisely. With rising inflation, we are all having to spend our hard-earned paychecks with care. Life is the same. We have less life today than yesterday. We don't have as much life to spend today. We are all clueless how much life we actually have left to spend. Even if we have a lot of life left there is no guarantee of the quality of our remaining lives.

Finding Hope and Life Before Death

Most of us have wondered about life beyond the grave. Many today are in search of life before the grave. Given what many people traditionally believe about heaven, eternity and life beyond, it would certainly seem very valuable to think about a life beyond. However, what about life here?

Living Life Lighter

Carrying baggage is exhausting. When traveling we often pack more than we need. When making a trip it's always easier to travel light.

You Can At Least Say Howdy

"Howdy," was a common everyday word where I grew up. Raised on old Stidham, now known as Milo road in rural Appalachia, I spent a lot of time at my Grandpa and Grandma Hinkle's store. People came and went buying gasoline, sandwich meat, snacks or groceries for the week. There were cane bottom chairs in the store. Often people would sit and chat for a while.

Lessons From a War-Torn Garden

Walking home from dinner, we heard an explosion. It wasn't close, so we didn't worry. The next morning, we learned a demobilized Serbian soldier had committed suicide in his garage with a grenade. That happened a lot.

I'm a Privileged American . Please Put Race Aside

I do not feel like a privileged person today when I watch Olympic competitions. These young white, black, and Asian athletes from around the world have been given incredible opportunities to train and specialize in their events. When I should have started such training as a child, I did not even know there was such a thing. When we had a functional television in our home, which was rare, we had atrocious reception. I remember hearing Neil Armstrong's famous words, but I could not see anything on the screen. I rarely participated in any after school opportunities because it felt wrong to ask my parents to figure out how to get me home afterwards. Our central heating used a coal furnace which I never successfully learned to fire. I slept in a sleeping bag all winter long. In spite of the challenges, I was comfortable and happy with my life. I felt like a privileged American.

Develop a Plan for 2022

Proverbs 29.18 "Where there is no vision the people perish. "Everyone needs a strategy. You may be 25 or 85 years in age. Who cares? Probably the only one who cares about your age is you. Your age either tells you that you are too young or too old. Remember, age is only a number. We have to put numbers aside and go with our hearts. If God is in it then don't worry about the number.

Our Most Difficult Decision for 2022

2022 will be over almost quicker than you can say Happy New Year! Just look how fast 2021 sped by us all. Time rarely feels as if it's standing still unless we are waiting on something to happen. Time only drags when we need something to happen like a cure for a disease, a job to open or a relative to come home. When time drags, we make the mistake of wishing it away.

Turn The Page

Fall season officially begins September 22 this year. For every season there is a change. Most of us like the seasons especially if we can have four of them.

Simple Principles for a Great Day

Work hard. You feel better and have more money working than if you are doing nothing. Your job is not forever. Visualize the work you want to do and then move your life toward that kind of work. This may require training. Working a low-level paying job in the profession or industry of interest to gain knowledge will help. Be flexible realizing the work you are doing now is preparing you for other opportunities. Working jobs, you don't enjoy will still provide valuable lessons for wherever you want to be later in life. You will also have some money while figuring it out.

Why Do Some Affirmations *Work* - and Others Dont?

By definition,an affirmation is a statement repeated time andagain either verbally or mentally-or written down. The wordsof the affirmation statement - in themselves -when spoken,thought of, or written *without* a pictorial (visualized) oremotional connection- make a very weak affirmation.

Positive Mental Attitude

Look at this glass on the table in front of you. Is it half-full or is it half-empty? Now, do you realize that it is entirely for you to decide what the answer to this question is going to be.

Top Ten Ways to a More Positive Outlook on Winter

Year after year I find more and more individuals saying to me that they were still waiting for the warm temperatures to arrive one more time before the snow comes. In many ways these individuals did not have a very positive outlook on the arrival of the winter season.

Why Positive Thinking Doesnt Work!

There was someone I used to work with who, well aware of their tendency to look at the negative side of things, used to constantly tell themselves to "think more positively". This was said with such a feeling of desperation that I just knew that not only would they NOT think positively, they would probably go even further into negative thinking.

Power of Positive Beliefs

I am an educator as well as a coach and am interested in what it is that brings out the best in the people with whom I work. Over the last few years I have read a great deal of research on the power of beliefs.

Be Positive

This may sound quite aberrant to most of the younger generations who are not really exposed to the personality development articles, books or motivational lectures.Being positive does not indicate that we aren't able to handle a situation which is of abstruse nature.

Positive Mental Attitude

1. Smile2.

Anamchara - Beyond Positive Thinking

One of the most well known books ever written on success is James Allan's "As a man thinketh."This book advocates thinking in a positive manner in order to create the life you dream of having.

Your Mental Attitude is The Key!

As a being of thought, your dominant mental attitude will determine your condition in life. It will also be the gauge of your knowledge and the measures of your attainment.

Life Changing Attitude

Do you really believe that there is anything in this world that is impossible?I'm 21 and I had to grow up at accelerated rates because of multiple circumstances in my life. One of them was the divorce of my parents, my mother had no money and my father didn't seem to care about me and my brother.

11 Great Ways to be Positive about Change

Look for the positives!Seek them out - those little scary places that it's challenging to let yourself go to - the positives are genuinely scary, because they give you hope and it's hard to let go of all the fears you have right now - so hanging onto them is the easiest path!So try letting yourself go, just for the heck of it!Take that step back from being 'done to' and take the initiative. At work, at home or wherever, this can be a great time, if you let it.

Affecting Positive Results Through Affirmations

Last time we talked about how to begin building the mind's powerful framework for success. The lesson we needed to learn was that self-talk has a powerful affect on the results we achieve.

How Tapping The Goodness Within Attracts Positive Change

If your life is difficult--if it's challenging, exasperating, and vexatious-- then it's time to tap the goodness within.Your life can be another way--if you let it be.

Impact of Positive and Negative Catalysts on Events in Human Lives

Have you ever noticed what can happen if you just met a friend in the street and shared a cab? You are both in the cab, all is fine, you plan to attend a social function and suddenly your cab gets involved in an accident. The police comes and you are a witness in an unforeseen event.

Internet Tip of the Week: The Power of Positive Thinking

The late Norman Vincent Peale was a controversial preacher who burst into public consciousness with his best-selling book, "The Power of Positive Thinking". He believed that ordinary people could become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things, and when they believe in themselves, they have the secret of success.

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Self Improvement:Positive Attitude Articles from EzineArticles.com
11/29/2021 09:25 AM
5 Positive Choices Needed to Sustain a Healthy Life Balance
Do you think about your life and what it takes to keep yourself well-balanced and healthy? What I've observed, as a mindset coach is the average person gets caught up with life and many responsibilities held, without thinking about if there is an imbalance in one area or another. Typically, it isn't until a time of crisis, such as a health concern or other triggering event, when someone will stop and take stock of their life. The traditional thinking about balance is related to a work and life balance, balancing family, friends, hobbies, and whatever is important with a person's career. Yet I've found balance to sustain a healthy life involves something much more important, and it all starts with mindset maintenance. If you think of the mind being in balance, there would be a neutral state of mind, without excess negative or positive feelings. But the mind has thoughts flowing through it every second of the day, which means the mind can be in a negative or positive state at any time.
11/12/2021 10:17 AM
Choosing and Changing Your Destiny, Parental Conditioning and Free Will
This article is about the things you can change and the things you may like to consider accepting because you can't change them. Most of all, it's about the wisdom to know the difference. The argument Nature vs Nurture is so old and poses so many questions: Is my life pre-destined? Or were my choices programmed by my parents through the conditioning experiences of my early upbringing? Most importantly, do I have any free will at all? The answer to all of these questions is Yes, Yes and Yes. Life is one third destiny, one third parental conditioning and, of course, one third free will. In what follows, I explain how that works and how all of life can gradually be transformed into 100% free will.
11/12/2021 10:13 AM
Quitting Is Easy. But Today Is Not the Day to Give Up
Consider the last time you were faced with a challenge, something you did not plan for or expect to occur. It could have involved something personal, in which you had one of two choices to make. The first was to accept what was happening to you, quit making any effort to address it, and not allow yourself to feel any sense of hope. The alternative was to find a way of addressing and managing the issue, even if there was little you could do to control it. Which did you choose?
10/19/2021 05:49 PM
Habits That Lower Confidence
One must remember this quote whenever they find themselves in a situation that feels tougher than ever. The only person who can ever get you out of it is you and your belief in yourself.
10/13/2021 11:40 AM
How Often Do You Visit Your Past?
A positive approach of dealing with our painful past is by unhitching from regrets and becoming more receptive to a new surge of exciting experiences. To this I would like to add by saying, that each past experience has taught us of something that should help us strain forward without fearing or doubting.
10/12/2021 12:30 PM
Lifting the Corners of Your Mouth Is Your Hidden Superpower
One of the best examples of success via optimism is Sir Winston Churchill. His candor, wit, and belief in building up others helped him lead England from the darkest shadows of WWII to victory over Nazi Germany.
10/06/2021 01:43 PM
A Fall Self-Care Bucket List
Fall is the perfect time to incorporate the best of the new season into a self-care routine designed to help you slow down. Here are some ways to enjoy the best of this brief but lovely season.
10/05/2021 09:34 AM
Don't Let Your FRIGHT Make You Weaker!
The only thing we have to fear, is fear, itself. These famous words, articulated by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, inspired, motivated, and provided hope, for a nation, facing the prospects of multiple American deaths, from a deadly war. However, they also are true, when it comes, to each individual, becoming the best, he might possibly be!
09/23/2021 11:24 AM
Don't Settle For What Life Gives You
Don't settle for what life gives you. Make your life better because life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced. Few realized that many of life's failures are due to people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.
09/15/2021 08:34 AM
Be Free From Judgment
Effect of Judgment Is it every possible to be free from judgment. In almost every phase of our lives - at home, at school, at work - we find ourselves subjected to evaluations of external judgments.
09/13/2021 11:18 AM
What You Can Do to Face Your Greatest Fears
"There may be times when you have to face your worst fears. Perhaps your fears have a name, or perhaps your fears consist of a situation you do not want to be in. Whatever the case may be, know you can and will rise above it. You are strong." The most destructive form of fear occurs from thoughts you allow to continue to replay in your mind, in which you believe situations or people control you or your life. While it's true you may be limited, because of a situation you find yourself in, a set of circumstances you're unable to control, or anything else you're unable to change now. However, you are limitless in your ability to dream, plan, and believe in new possibilities. Here's something important to remember: You are always free. While you may not be able to control what goes on around you, and the actions others may take in an attempt to dominate you, you control your life by what you think. There's nothing more freeing, especially during the worst of times, than thinking and planning a new life.
08/31/2021 02:31 PM
What Gives You FAITH?
Nearly, everyone, has, some, unique, combination of needs, goals, priorities, perceptions, skills, and personal attitude, so, it is probably, wise, to ignore, any process, or suggestion, which creates, merely, a, one - size - fits - all, My way or the highway, approach, etc! The reality is, what inspires, motivates, satisfies, and provides happiness, to one individual, may, significantly, differ, from someone else! Therefore, isn't it wiser, to consider, thoroughly, using objective, introspection, what, gives to, personal, meaningful, FAITH?
08/16/2021 10:11 AM
When You Can't Believe What They See in You
'Wow! You're amazing. I couldn't have done what you've done. You've done an incredible job! How fantastic!' How do you react to someone's effusive praise? Do you shrug it off, hardly noticing what they've said, unable to believe what they see in you, suspect that they're simply being polite, or do you smile, enjoy the moment and say a comfortable, 'thank you'?
08/10/2021 09:37 AM
The Curious Case of Invisible Progress
All too often you can find yourself in the very real, very frustrating situation of making a lot of moves but not having a lot of concrete progress to show for it. Here I share with you the idea of invisible progress. This is a powerful idea that you can use to keep getting back up and staying motivated in situations like this one. It can help you get in touch with all that you are accomplishing even when it seems you're not accomplishing much.
07/09/2021 11:06 AM
What's Right With This Picture?
Lunch at a restaurant with a friend, live and in person. A restaurant with indoor seating, no masks required for the vaccinated. OMG, After the long year of home-cooking (not much variety there), take-out (fun from time to time, not all the time), and lusting in front of Food Network re-runs, the trip to the restaurant was more than a welcome event.
06/30/2021 02:09 PM
Power of Positive Attitude
When I was 17 years old, I always focused on improving my Outlook rather than my personal development and maybe that's why I was an example of a big failure at that time. Every day, my parents used to tell me to improve myself but I was so mischievous that every time I ignored them and their words.
05/26/2021 10:48 AM
Is Your Attitude, A Friend Or Foe, Or Somewhere, In - Between?
Each of us, have an attitude! Some have positive ones, and others, far - less, so! The reality is, it can be, a good friend, your greatest foe, or somewhere, in - between!
05/26/2021 10:47 AM
Just Because It Hasn't Happened Yet, It Doesn't Mean It Won't Happen In The Future
What have you been hoping for that hasn't turned out as planned? Is it a goal, a dream, being in a committed relationship, or something similar? Why haven't your plans materialised yet? It's important we consider all possibilities because there could be other reasons things haven't manifested the way we like.
05/20/2021 09:42 AM
Why Say You're Fine When You're Not!
What happens when we say we're fine when we're not? We're regularly advised to talk about our feelings, reminded of the importance of sharing with others when we're down, of letting them help. But when it's not always appropriate, how do we do that?
05/16/2021 11:53 AM
Ignore All The Reasons Why You Can't Do Something And Focus On Why You Can
Do you often dwell on the reasons why you can't do something? You might contemplate why you will never get a better job or be a loving relationship, improve your health or otherwise. By dwelling on these things, we become convinced of their truth. But you mustn't let your thoughts dictate your reality, because you have the power to change and guide your future.
04/11/2021 02:34 PM
5 Reasons To Maintain A Positive Can - Do Attitude!
If you, hope to become, the best, you can be, it is wise, to proceed, consistently, with a realistic, positive, can - do, attitude! Although, many people, claim, to do so, it seems, only a relatively - small, percentage, of them, actually, do. Some try to convince themselves, by, proceeding, wearing, rose - colored glasses, which, rarely, achieves the best results, when it comes to personal development, growth, and/ or, quality, reliable, self - help!
04/06/2021 11:28 AM
You Can't Get to the Pinnacle in Life If You're Stuck at the Bottom
When you view your life from the lens of the past, what it does is to put you in a mentally stagnant frame of mind, perhaps without even knowing it, in which you are not looking ahead or planning for a new or better future. The past cannot help you, as the learning you needed already occurred, and what will help you evolve is ahead of you. If you ever find yourself feeling stuck in reverse, wishing you could learn to look ahead, or unsure how to develop a strategy for mapping out the purpose of your life, then perhaps what you'll read can help you begin to change gears and move ahead.
03/12/2021 01:54 PM
How To Feel Good Often, For No Other Reason Than The Feeling Itself
How often do you feel good, for no other reason than to experience the feelings alone? How do you create these good feelings? Do you listen to music? Exercise? Spend time with those you love or something else? I realise I'm being particular about my questions because I want you to connect with those pleasant emotions. Some people feel guilty because others might be in pain or suffering.
12/28/2020 06:29 PM
How To Avoid Negative Thinking And Achieve Greater Success in All Your Goals
Are your negative thoughts impacting your ability to achieve your goals? Negative thinking is a challenging habit to defeat. Monitor your thoughts and defeat negative thinking before it can take root. Replace those negative thoughts with a positive alternative. When you set weight -loss goals for yourself, you have to make sure that you do not allow your negative thoughts to get you depressed and eat more food. Don't allow what others say about you take away your positive attitude you and prevent.from getting your future results.
12/16/2020 09:35 AM
What You Silently Say And Do, Is More Important Than What You Externally Communicate
What are your innermost thoughts? Are they empowering or disempowering you? If your thoughts are negative, have you tried examining the root cause? In this article, I wish to propose what we silently say to ourselves, determines our reality. It's no surprise, many people spend time fixated on negative self-talk. Not just negative self-talk about themselves, but negative self-talk about others or situations. Whether or not you believe thoughts manifest into reality, what we dwell upon will find its way into our lives if we are unconscious to them.
12/16/2020 09:31 AM
3 Key Steps to Identify Your Core Desire
If you want to achieve success in any area of your life then there is one very basic and powerful way to do this. It is easy to understand and is fundamental to your nature. This is the way that people in all walks of life have achieved success from the beginning of time. It is the building block upon which all success is the built and the rocket fuel that powers it. To accomplish any success in life, you must identify accurately what it is that you hunger for, thirst for and long for. What is your core desire?
12/16/2020 09:29 AM
Your Point Of Focus - Is It Helping You Or Hindering You? Here Are 6 Tips
Your point of focus is either helping you or hindering you. We live in an energetic universe and it's not neutral, it is also a participative universe.Every single thought that you have, and especially the underlying energetic state associated with that thought, is influencing your life. It's either helping you or hindering you. Your internal energetic states, your external behaviours, and therefore your results in life, are the direct result of your point of focus. Over time, what you focus your mind on becomes your reality.
12/10/2020 04:29 PM
The Luck Factor - The Power Of Expectation
A significant component of the power of any success strategy lies in the expectation that you will achieve your goal or objective. Whatever you expect - of yourself, your career, your relationships, your life - sets the limit of what is possible for you. Henry Ford once said: "If you believe that you can do a thing, or if you believe you cannot, in either case, you are right." We invariably rise to the limits of our own expectations in life.
12/07/2020 08:56 AM
Bring on a Positive 2021!
If 2020 has taught us anything it's that life can be unpredictable and we can't take anything for granted. Of course, the high street and many businesses were already facing tough times before coronavirus, but those challenges couldn't have prepared us for this year and the global pandemic. Having the mindset to bring on a positive 2021 means being receptive to new ideas, suggestions and ways of doing business.
11/25/2020 02:08 PM
Why It's Important To Be INTROSPECTIVE?
We each have a choice, to, either, let circumstances, and conditions, determine, our best course of action, or, to try, to be the best, we might be, consistently! If one chooses, the second option, it's very important, to be, INTROSPECTIVE! Rather than, accepting, things, as they may, appear, and permitting, good - enough, to be pervasive, and invasive, into one's thought - processes, only, when, each of us, take the time, and make the effort, to give ourself, a check - up, from the neck - up, will this self - improvement, become more possible, and viable!
11/24/2020 11:59 AM
Why We Need To Use Our MINDS To Overcome Our Fears?
Groucho Marx is often credited with saying, It's a matter of mind over matter. If you don't have a mind, it doesn't matter. While, Groucho, certainly, made that statement, with the intention of being humorous/ funny, a closer examination indicates, there is more, than a little, truth/ logic, in those words!
11/23/2020 07:45 AM
The Joy of Spending Time in Nature
There are lots of reasons why it's important to spend time in nature, many more than 'just' taking exercise. Let's reflect on some of the joys of spending time in nature.
11/09/2020 12:46 PM
You Will Only Be Your Best If You Have FAITH!
If, you don't feel, you deserve to be, the best, you can, possibly, become, how could you, ever get, to where, you say, you hope to reach? The reality is, you will only be your personal best, when/ if, you truly, have a large degree, of FAITH, in your abilities, ideas, and self - worth! After, more than four decades of conducting personal development seminars, and trainings, I have come, to strongly, feel, there is usually a direct correlation, between how we view, ourself, and how we perform, and proceed, through life!
11/02/2020 09:14 AM
Happy Lockdown Birthday!
I'm guessing that by now many of us will have had some experience of a lockdown birthday due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst it may not have been a special decade birthday or one which warranted especial attention, under normal circumstances we'd have had our birthday marked with a modicum of fuss and recognition. But now, how to celebrate a lockdown birthday?
10/22/2020 11:35 AM
Do You Believe in YOU?
What is belief? Is it inborn, or something you can develop?
10/22/2020 11:34 AM
Boost Your Autumn Mood
Autumn is usually the season when we start to hibernate a little, cosy down as the evenings draw in and spend more time indoors. After all the restrictions of the past year, many of us are anticipating the dark nights of autumn and the prospect of further lockdowns with dread. How can we boost our autumn mood?
10/06/2020 12:11 PM
Ever Ask Yourself If You're Good Enough?
How often do you berate yourself, feel that you've fallen short, not achieved what you set out to do or done as much as others in your orbit? A 2020 survey of 2000 adults by a weight loss company has found that we criticize ourselves six times a week; personally I think that number is on the low side!
09/17/2020 09:24 AM
Finish Your Sentences in a Positive Way
I've been reflecting on how we process our thoughts and feelings, the way we allow our sentences to finish. How often do we close with, 'it's not fair', 'I'm fed up', 'why does it keep happening to me?', but then sigh and leave it at that? Rather than remaining stuck at that point why not instead learn to motivate your approach and finish each sentence positively?
09/02/2020 01:34 PM
Can You Resolve a Fight? Is It Possible? Will the Other Party Meet You Halfway?
Sometimes we find ourselves in a pickle and have no clue why the situation is so nasty. Is it then possible to try to work at resolving the issue? Or does it come across that you are always playing the victim card and putting the onus on the other person? Take time to think things over before you try to resolve a fight. It may or may not be your fault. Work on your words before being in the company of people who are out to get you. Once you have that in order, you will be able to cite your points.
08/21/2020 09:14 AM
The Life Sentence: Reality
We all love to win, but who loves what happens before they know how to win? Working on yourself, "failing up", "all of it going down", we all must start somewhere. Let us get real about it all then: The mountain top is the mountain top, but that is only momentary when we reach it. Reality is a whole lot of work in between the mountain top celebrations.
07/28/2020 02:46 PM
The Half-Full Half-Empty Glass Syndrome!
For the last few months, the waves of negative vibes are rising as worryingly as the COVID virus. Reasons for this are not far to seek. In the wake of the 'new normal' forced upon humanity by the killer virus people are getting deprived of things they always loved to do...
07/27/2020 08:52 AM
The Killer Still At Large... Don't Be Callous!
We must learn from this to be compassionate to any loss of lives on our Planet Earth, and never to be callous. The killer virus can infect anybody and can stalk anybody irrespective of religion/region/riches/ethnicity/age, and its low fatality rate does not at all ensure our safety and longevity. Now onward you must learn to think of humanity and live for humanity...
06/12/2020 08:59 AM
Smart Thinking Over Positive and Negative Thinking
A lot of us strive to cultivate positive thinking, as if this were something very positive. But is it? In this article I explain the pitfalls of positive thinking and the myths about controlling our thoughts and using positive thinking to manifest a better reality.
06/11/2020 11:00 AM
Patience, Understanding, Tolerance, Discipline, Thought, Control (PUTDTC)
We all must live with full tact, consciousness, and work/play ethic, with work first and then play. I get that there are many factors we must live with to be successful at anything, but without good tact, good consciousness and good ethics, the other factors are nothing.
05/25/2020 01:23 PM
The Great Flick Off
What travels faster than the speed of light and spreads quicker than a virus? Fear. It's the thought that counts. For me, it's something like this. I'm not paranoid about getting hit by a car when I leave the house, but I'm not going to go out and stand in front of one.
05/18/2020 10:38 AM
How Are You Coping As Lockdown Restrictions Ease?
How have you found these past few weeks of lockdown? It may be that the weeks have seemed like a lifetime and many of us have been finding the loneliness and isolation a real struggle. Now that those restrictions are easing how are you coping with lockdown? Are you ready to revert back to 'normal' or do you need a little time to decide what you want, to readjust and regain your trust in the outside world?
05/11/2020 07:53 AM
Anger: Cleansing Squall or Hurricane?
Anger is the emotional energy within each of us that rises up when something needs to change. If you act on the need to create change, your anger can be channeled effectively; but it's not redirected to something effective, your frustration will build, sometimes to hurricane force. Anger that is allowed to get out of control is as destructive as a hurricane, but anger that is expressed in healthy ways can "clear the air" just as a mild rainstorm does.
05/11/2020 07:50 AM
How to Find Joy in a Job You No Longer Enjoy or Simply Tolerate
Without question, the business world has been changed and "business as usual" is no longer the case, and it may likely never be again. For those who are fortunate to still have gainful employment, the change in responsibilities has created a new focus on how work is performed. Those who are essential workers must guard their lives in a manner unlike anything they could have imagined. Those who made a transition from working in an office environment to becoming remote employees may now find themselves feeling a sense of performing in isolation. One of the challenges for becoming a remote employee is the lack of interactions and camaraderie available in a physical office environment. This is an especially difficult learning curve for those who were used to working in an open office environment and had the sounds of activity ever present during the workday. Now at home, the only aspect of the job each day to focus upon is the required tasks. There are no diversions, unless there is some type of web meeting, conference call, or traditional call.
05/01/2020 06:22 PM
B.R.E.A.T.H.E. - Dealing With Stress In The Age Of COVID-19
Our world is riddled with fear and anxiety. Finances. Aargh!
04/18/2020 08:54 AM
Why Those Who Are Most Responsive To Change, Will Always Thrive
What are you resisting right now in your life? Is it the sudden change of circumstances in relation to the Coronavirus? Is it something you're missing out on, such as being in contact with loved ones, a friend, work colleagues or others?

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