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What Is Truth? Compromising For the Culture

Who better than the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to report on a conference of Anglican bishops? The BBC is satisfied that the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has brokered a compromise on one of the most controversial issues of the day, namely, which sexual expressions the churches in the Anglican Communion should countenance.

Losing Everything, What or Who is Important?

What or who is important to you? The recent devastating flood in eastern Kentucky reminds us all that life can be swept away in a moment. Hundreds of families lost everything. One family lost their house and everything in it but lost their family – four children ages less than two up through eight were swept away by the raging flood. One woman who had also lost her house and everything in the house stated she and her family were alive and that’s all that mattered.

A Call to the Church: Teaching post-Dobbs

So now it is official. The Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization has overturned Roe v. Wade, and the legal issue of whether and how to restrict abortion has been returned to the states.

We All Face Challenges

Everyone will face insurmountable challenges in life. The price of longevity is heartache, opposition, failures, grief and life events that come out of nowhere. Life is filled with the death of loved ones, financial ups and downs, daily health challenges and world events that impact us whether we like them or not.

Tunch Ilkin: A Tribute

As the regular NFL season ends, the Pittsburgh Steelers need a minor miracle to make the playoffs, and Ben Roethlisberger’s storied career comes to an end, it is fitting to recognize another Steeler great who died of ALS in September 2021. His contributions on the football field are important, but even more significant is the legacy of his character and faith.

Is God Mad at You?

We all may have some issues with the past. Past problems, past mistakes, past sins, past decisions and past ignorance. We live and we learn if we are fortunate enough to live. Sadly, too many obituaries are of young adults who were barely starting life. Some young adults don't think that much about the past because so much of life is in front of them – they hope. Most of us believe life is in front of us. It’s difficult to imagine not existing, but as we all know, life ends.

If the Dead Could Speak

Upon arriving back from visiting my parents’ gravesite, many soul-searching thoughts have swirled in my mind. I was starkly reminded that the length of our earthly life is a grain of sand in a pile of sand a mile wide and a mile high as compared to eternity. This life is short. I also recalled that my collegiate teaching mentor would encourage me to remember that we are sojourners and aliens on this earth on our way to the Celestial City. This is not our home. My mind has been preoccupied, considering more seriously than ever before the most significant matters of life.

The Theology of Losing

The coach angrily paces outside the locker room after losing an early season game. He steps on to the bus and says, “If I hear one word or see even a crack of a smile, you will pay for it in the morning: practice at 7:00 am. Yes, you heard me, 7:00 am!”

The Vital Signs of American Christianity: Critical but not Terminal?

When I visit my family physician, he starts by checking my vitals. It’s amazing how critical are simple things like blood pressure, temperature, and pulse.

The Early Church Was Not Socialist

“The early church was a socialist church.” So said Rev. Raphael Warnock in 2016, four years before the citizens of Georgia elected him a U.S. senator.

A Victory for Campus Religious Liberty: The Case of Chike Uzuegbunam

Chike Uzuegbunam was a student at Georgia Gwinnett College, a public institution in Lawrenceville, Georgia, when he decided to witness about his Christian faith to fellow students on campus. He could not have anticipated that expressing his religious beliefs to his peers would trigger Gwinnett’s unyielding opposition and would make this son of Nigerian immigrants a litigant before the U.S. Supreme Court.

How Martin Luther King, Jr. Changed Hearts

My father was a Presbyterian minister in rural northwest Alabama from 1961 to 1965. I came of age there, then left the University of Alabama with an M.A. in history in 1969. Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. and Governor George C. Wallace framed the historical context of a changing south to which I returned in 2008.

The Methodist Church is Coming Apart

The initial reports read to me a bit like the losers won, but the church of my upbringing is on the verge of coming apart after decades of internal turmoil. The details of the deal will be important, but leaders of the United Methodist Church have agreed in principle to an amicable parting of liberal and conservative factions.

Can the Self-Destructing Antonio Brown Be Saved?

When you think life revolves around you then destruction is waiting at your doorstep.

The Coming of Jesus Affects the Life of the Christian

There are those who see this life as their entire existence. They don't know any other life. They may have a vague hope that there is something after death, but it is so vague and uncertain that it has no effect on the way they live. To them this life is everything.

Revive Us Again: Billy Graham and that Old-Time Religion

Hallelujah, Thine the glory. Hallelujah, amen. -William P. Mackay, 1863

Billy Graham - Shaking His Hand

I never had the opportunity to shake hands with Billy Graham.

Make This a Year to Renew Worship Passion

As we prepare to enter the spring of the year, our faces brighten with a new sense of the beauty of life. In our part of the world, life begins all over again. The trees and flowers bud and blossom, the grass turns green and the frozen world of winter is but a fading memory. We love it!

Luther, Reformation Celebrate 500 Years in Germany

One of the events which changed world history is now being commemorated in Germany. The Protestant Reformation, the movement to reform the practice of Christianity during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, is currently being celebrated during the "LutherDecade" (2008 - 2017).

No Ishmaels Please

I want to say a word about faith. Recent events in my own life have driven home just how easy it is to loose sight of what we say we believe.

The Greatest Love and Self-image

The Greek language had three words for "Love" First there was "eros," from which we get "erotic..

What If? -- Musings on the Tsunami

Thumbing through Isaiah recently I was startled to find this: after a passage (in Isaiah 19) in which the prophet describes horrors that caused the hearts of the Egyptians to "melt within them," he predicts that "the people will turn to the Lord, and he will respond to their pleas and heal them." The next lines describe how three bitter enemies-Egypt, Assyria, and Israel-will "worship together" and how all three will become "a blessing on the earth.

What about the 4400?

Murders are so frequent in our country that a single homicide seldom grabs national attention unless the perpetrator or the victim is already a celebrity. Even a double murder is not national news.

What Jesus Expects of You and Me

Sometimes it is hard to know where to start even if you know what your talents are. Jesus has something to say about what we can do and what he expects us to do.

Why More Priests Need To Train As Fighters (And Why We Dont See Many Boxers In Church)

"Therefore I do not run like a man running aimlessly; I do not fight like a man beating the air. No, I beat my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified for the prize.

About The Spiritual World of Madonna

Pop singer Madonna came this week to Tel Aviv to take part in a congress of Kabbala studies. According to press releases, she is going to stay in Israel until Sunday night and will have on the last day of her visit, the opportunity to visit the graves of Jewish Tzaddikim (righteous holy people) near Safed, a small town in northern Israel.

Popping the Balloon of Belief

I'm really excited. I just got a bigger soapbox, and I wanted to invite the rest of you to get up here on it with me.

Here's Help for the "I Can't Say 'No' Blues"

I hear it all the time. Cries from Christian women who want desperately to serve the Lord, but who feel overwhelmed.

Your Mission Field At Work

One point many Christian Working Moms who have been interviewed have made is that they are a shining light in their work place. Whether or not you can speak openly about your faith at work, your co-workers are watching.

Meaning and Marketing - The Will

You are now inside one of the top theological schools in the world and you are sitting in Dr. John Hobbs' Class on Theology with first year Freshman students.

Harry Potter To Christians: Its Not Good To Hear Voices

That is the popular and, thank God (if you'll pardon the use of the G name) the politically correct feeling among most Christians today. You will recall that in the second book of the Potter series, The Chamber Of Secrets, Harry Potter alone heard the voice of the basilisk.

We Must Be Ready. But How?

Revelation 19:7 states, "Let us rejoice and give honor unto him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready."Our salvation is not accomplished by anything we can do, or be.

The Christmas Victory

As the Chritmas season approaches, I figured it's a good time to submit the following article:THE CHRISTMAS VICTORYA logical and practical interpretation of Is.7:14 in the light of context and language.

Finding God in the Clouds

It was a cool August night during the Summer before my Junior year in high school. I was just getting off work on what seemed to be the worst day of my life.

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12/29/2021 11:24 AM
Not My Sheep
If you treat your pet like a beloved member of your family, your pet knows that it belongs to you, is happy to see you, and you enjoy its requited love. People usually respond that way too.
12/27/2021 12:23 PM
Historical To Living
Christians need to learn that Jesus is more than a Scriptural figure, but also a Living being. Christians need to read, study, share and talk with the Living Word.
12/20/2021 06:01 AM
Prophecy and the Online Church
What role does the Prophecy play in the message of the Church? What is the purpose of Online broadcasts? Is technology an important part of the church's ministry?
12/13/2021 09:01 AM
Do You Have The Facts?
Have you ever judged someone without knowing all the facts? Have you ever been influenced by the opinions of others?
12/06/2021 11:17 AM
Are All Believers Disciples?
Can one accept Jesus and live a life of non-commitment? Is it possible for a Christian to achieve Eternal Life without being a disciple?
11/29/2021 10:04 AM
Giving The Glory
The Holy Spirit brings glory and honor to Jesus by opening an understanding of the Word to the saints. When we speak, live, and display the Word, we honor not only Jesus but God as well.
11/23/2021 11:45 AM
Read With Understanding
Scriptural appreciation and understanding are achieved by knowing the setting and the people involved in the exchange. Reading with understanding and appreciation of the intended Word of God is essential.
11/16/2021 11:18 AM
Women in Islam and in Our Society
Islam has empowered women with the most progressive rights since the 7th century. In Islam women are not inferior and unequal to men. There was a time when female children were buried alive and Arabian women were considered as transportable property, Islam honored them and shield them with unrivalled rights. They were given right to education, right to marry someone of their own choice, to divorce and to keep their identity after marriage etc. Additionally, the women had played a vital role in development of nations and societies, but those nations and societies restricted them by violating their rights that Islam has given. The people of the societies so called religious persons, violet the women's rights and involve the religion in the violation. Perhaps, they have forgotten that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) tried to transform the mindset of Arabs regarding the treatment of women, and Islam raised the respect of women in the society. In our society women are being used as home stuffs. Early childhood marriage, honor killing and violation of right to Education are the elements that excluded women from humanism and put them in animalism.
11/15/2021 02:41 PM
The Completed Truth
Churches must realize the importance of the Spirit of Truth in their ministry. Jesus opened the door of reconciliation to God, while the Holy Spirit release the power of God through the Believer.
11/12/2021 10:16 AM
Revisit the Rest Stops
A good friend opened her heart asking us to pray for her: I'm feeling very down today. I'm so worried.
11/12/2021 10:16 AM
Open the Door to a Watershed Event
A minister was criticised quite badly once for tearing a few pages from the Bible while preaching. The churchgoers were very upset, which is understandable.
11/12/2021 10:16 AM
Punishment for Those Who Deserve It
The other day I was helping a friend of mine who stays far away from here. He probably doesn't even know how much I do for him.
11/08/2021 05:49 PM
The Flags of Separation
The churches need to get back to basics. When they do the Church will regain its standing as the voice of God.
11/08/2021 05:49 PM
The Self-Destructive Road Away From God
Sometimes, we come face to face with a verse in the Bible that we actually don't want to read, averse that we wish wasn't there. But we need to hear it, because it's the truth.
11/08/2021 05:49 PM
Looking for a New Community of Believers
The Covid pandemic gave the world a huge fright. Many people thought it was just a trick, and those who believe in conspiracy theories obviously went crazy.
11/08/2021 05:49 PM
More Than a Little
The mountains around us are on fire. The fire actually started in Franschhoek, but the wind pushed it across the mountains.
11/08/2021 05:49 PM
Light a Fire Under Someone
One of my life mottos are: If you really understand what Jesus had done for us on cross, you cannot, out of gratitude, but go and make a difference in other people's lives. I get a glimpse of, let's call her Helen's life.
11/08/2021 05:48 PM
Cars That Don't Go
Gerhard tells the following story: God talked to me about cars with big engines. V8s that roar and gobble up the road when they go.
11/08/2021 05:48 PM
Get Out From Behind the Curtain
When Jesus died on the cross, the curtain in the temple tore from top to bottom. The Message translation puts it so well: 19-21So, friends, we can now-without hesitation-walk right up to God, into "the Holy Place.
11/08/2021 05:48 PM
Know for Sure
During lockdown we challenged everybody who were spinning at home to do a 100km within a set time. Someone offered to make a big donation to a local soup kitchen for everyone who managed to do this.
11/08/2021 05:48 PM
Once Is More Than Enough
The author of Hebrews is banging the same drum over and over again. At one stage you start wondering if he hasn't done enough by now.
11/08/2021 05:48 PM
A New Status
I was watching a Netflix series called The Queen's Gambit. In the first episode the main character, Beth, and her mother was driving in the car.
11/08/2021 05:43 PM
REAL Wellness Perspectives on Radical Islam and Christian Nationalism
The commonaities between Radical Islam and Christian Nationalists is striking, and too little appreciated by the American public. In this essay, pernicious aspects of both are reviewed as incompatible not only with the philosophy and lifestyle practices of REAL wellness but also with our secular Republic and our Constitutional guarantees.
11/08/2021 05:43 PM
Different Branches
I am amazed at the diversity of branches that have sprouted from the Vine of Truth. The singular Church is now identified in the plural. What has happened?
10/26/2021 02:39 PM
Don't Miss the Bus
While I was a student, I used to drive the InterCape buses, spending many nights on the road. One holiday I even drove as much as 43 000km.
10/26/2021 02:39 PM
Bigger, Better, More Beautiful, Harder and Then More
I was drinking a percolated coffee on a farm. It was harvest time.
10/26/2021 02:39 PM
Spit Is Not Enough
My dad always warned us against saying, "I promise you this or that," because you have to keep your word. When my friends and I wanted to confirm something is true, we therefore used something we made up.
10/26/2021 02:39 PM
A New Testament With New Benefits
It must have been 20 years before my mom died that she called all her children together and said that each of us had to choose what we wanted, because she didn't want us fighting about who gets what after her death. We were quite shocked at this, not understanding why she was doing this.
10/26/2021 02:39 PM
All Have Been Called
Many people get stuck on the idea that God chose or called some people to be His children, which then implies that some have not been chosen. This is what it says in Hebrews 9:17: His death marked the transition from the old plan to the new one, cancelling the old obligations and accompanying sins, and summoning the heirs to receive the eternal inheritance that was promised them.
10/26/2021 02:39 PM
Rewriter of Contracts
Now and then I have the privilege of marrying young couples who are in love. We meet with them beforehand and it is wonderful to see them growing through this process as they start seeing the reality on the other side of being in love.
10/26/2021 02:39 PM
Blood Enough for Your Conscious
Sometimes you have to go back to the original scripture to get a new perspective on the meaning of a verse. In the King James translation of 1769, which corresponds closely to the original Greek Bible, verse 14 reads as follows:... how much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?
10/26/2021 02:39 PM
With the Team
It's not always easy to understand the trinity of God. How can one person be three persons?
10/26/2021 02:39 PM
Worries and Jesus' Shoulders
Worry torments you. It steals your energy and leaves you weak.
10/26/2021 02:38 PM
Blood, Thicker Than Water and Sufficient
It's fairly hard for me to write about the same subject again and again. I think the author of Hebrews can teach me a lot about that.
10/19/2021 07:22 PM
What It Really Means To Be A Muslim
Islam is being shown as a religion of terror bloodshed and false image, let's discover what Islam really tells and order to its followers. Here are explained some of the main points which will clarify your some questions but if you needed please just read the book QURAN which will answer your each and every question.
10/19/2021 05:46 PM
Trying To Understand?
As I read the Scriptures, especially the Old Testament, I have a tendency to pause and wonder at some of the choices God has made. I never question His actions, but my curiosity tends to try and understand His reasoning.
10/13/2021 11:39 AM
Upsetting the Applecart
My friend and business partner was very innovative. He never stopped trying.
10/13/2021 11:39 AM
A New Contract That Gives You Life
(If you want to know more about the holy place and the holy of holies in the temple, read Hebrews 9:1-10.) The author of Hebrews repeatedly takes his readers back to a place they know well - the covenant that God entered into with Moses.
10/12/2021 12:30 PM
Warning to Worldly Church Technicians
Does your church look and act and smell like the world? Maybe it is the world!
10/12/2021 12:29 PM
The Blind Syndrome
Why is there such a preoccupation with the Lord's return? Why have so many Believers reverted to the "rapture" as the answer to the "war of the worlds?"
10/11/2021 03:29 PM
To Choose God or Not
The father of one of my daughter's friends died on the West Coast Road. What a tragedy.
10/11/2021 03:29 PM
Grace for the Boundary Breaker
Many people are made to be decent. It's as if they never do anything wrong.
10/11/2021 03:29 PM
The New Stores the Old
A friend sent me a Whatsapp about the old days. I laughed out loud at the list of things that were actually revolutionary inventions in those days: A generator that generated power from your bicycle wheel.
10/06/2021 01:44 PM
Was This Real or a Photo Shoot?
Proverbs 14:12- There is a path that seems right to a man but in the end, it leads to death. On Wednesday, August 1, 2018, a group of Black preachers met with President Trump in the Oval Office. On the surface, the meeting was held to discuss prison reform and other items were read from a prepared document.
10/06/2021 01:43 PM
What Happened To Repentance?
One of the biggest cover-ups in the Christian Faith is the role repentance plays in the salvation experience. Many churches "leapfrog" repentance and promote salvation by Faith.
10/04/2021 09:00 AM
Divine Truth - Can All Faiths Be Right?
How can there be one divine truth amongst the cacophony of conflicting views across the world's religious and spiritual traditions? Some faiths teach self-realisation. Others promise enlightenment.
09/14/2021 10:56 AM
Preaching Precedes the End Times
Is there a difference between Teaching and Preaching? Over the years there has been a fusing of different presentations. What do the Scriptures teach on this matter?
09/08/2021 09:54 AM
What Makes America Beautiful - Opportunity
Freedom-loving, opportunity-seeking, morality yearning citizens must stand up when told to sit down and speak up when told to shut up. If you and I and a few million other patriots resist the drift toward ugly socialism, the beauty of opportunity will be restored.
09/07/2021 08:43 AM
The Supreme Name of Jesus (2)
Jesus knew his nature and authority very well and that was why he boldly ruled over Satan, demons, sicknesses, nature and situations throughout his stay on earth. And even at the point of death he also demonstrated this. He had to personally, willingly submit himself, because mortals could not physically arrest not to talk of killing him. He had to discard his divine nature for them to be able to touch him. Let's just see the drama at point of his arrest. I believe it will give us an insight into what we are saying here: "After saying these things, Jesus crossed the Kidron Valley with his disciples and entered a grove of olive trees. Judas, the betrayer, knew this place, because Jesus had gone there many times with his disciples. The leading priests and Pharisees had given Judas a battalion of Roman soldiers and Temple guards to accompany him. Now with blazing torches, lanterns, and weapons, they arrived at the olive grove.
09/07/2021 08:42 AM
Outreach Guilt
There are many Christians that are carrying about self-imposed guilt. They feel guilty that they have never led anyone to a salvation experience.

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What is Love?
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Over the last week I have received dozens of heart-rending and thought-provoking responses to my latest article, and I am thankful for each of them. Personally, I believe the tsunami and its aftermath is the most serious issue now facing humankind.
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Pop singer Madonna came this week to Tel Aviv to take part in a congress of Kabbala studies. According to press releases, she is going to stay in Israel until Sunday night and will have on the last day of her visit, the opportunity to visit the graves of Jewish Tzaddikim (righteous holy people) near Safed, a small town in northern Israel.
Death of an American,The Death of Decency
John 16:2-3:16The Death of an American, The Death of Decency. The following is a quote from the Arab network.
What That 70s Show Taught Me About Christianity
What in the world could I have possibly learned about Christianity from "That 70's Show"? I'm sure that's what everyone is thinking right about now.Well today I was watching it and the episode was about the family going to church and generally their take on religion.
Living By the Truth, the Word of God
Let's be honest: Too many Christian books are nothing but fluff or teach a viewpoint that is borderline contradictory of what the Bible actually teaches. Christian publishing appears, to this reviewer at least, to be focused too much on marketing and profits, and not nearly enough on solid teaching for building up the church.
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The human being is endowed with ability. We have the capacity to do things.
End Time Events and the 2nd Coming of Jesus
In part 1 of this series of end time articles, I am going to go ahead and outline all of the main events that will be occurring that will be leading up to the 2nd coming of Jesus to our earth. This will be a basic overview of the main end time events.
The Goodness of His Strength
The dictionary explains strength as being endurance, force, bravery, spirit and source of power. The Bible mentions many times about strength and songs.
Thank Catholic Schools For Faith in Every Student
Their high achievement comes as they spend half the money of Indiana's public schoolsWhile government schools scream about small cuts in their state funding, Catholic schools will celebrate the great work they do with half the per-student spending of their counterparts.This is Catholic Schools Week, when schools nationwide will showcase what they do for millions of children.
Whose Land?
It is interesting that everyone is so hung-up on the debate regarding who has official rights to The Land known historically as "The Land of Canaan."If we go back far enough, we discover the near Middle East was settled by descendants of Canaan, thus the region was referred to as "The Land of Canaan.
Water Into Wine: The Meaning of Jesus First Miracle
The second chapter of John's Gospel offers a most interesting account of the beginning of Jesus's ministry of miracles and teaching. Yet, where is John going with this, and why did he include it? But before we undertake to solve this mystery, let us first read the text in question.
Jesus in Wales
The next few days were as hectic and exciting as any days Jesus could remember. The never-ending stream of people who wanted to meet him actually increased each day.