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The Herbal Approach to Transgender Breast Enhancement

Only you are able to decide which path is best for your needs, but do keep in mind that the herbal approach is safe to undertake and has many benefits. What are some of these benefits? The herbal approach uses the endocrine system of your own body to increase your breast size naturally and safely, adding size, firmness and fullness. It is your own tissue growth. Your body does it by itself. The results are long lasting and you have your own naturally larger breasts.

The most dramatic and unique effect of the herbal approach comes during the early stages while your body is changing. As you begin to see and feel your body shape changing, a new and wonderful relationship with your body takes place. Your body is like a new friend, bringing you new levels of happiness every day while providing delight in the gradual changes taking place. It is a journey of body re-discovery, as what has often been merely a dream now becomes a reality. Even more than the tangible physical changes that take place to your appearance, you begin to realize a daily increased feeling of self worth. Other important benefits include the safety of using all natural ingredients, comparative cost effectiveness, and heightened feminine physical sensations in the breast area and throughout the body.

Why Choose Herbal?

When beginning your journey of transition, you are offered a barrage of options to consider. Though temporary, the choice of breast forms is the most easily accessible. Hormone therapy is another choice available to you, characterized by high cost and a level of physical risk. The more drastic alternative of breast implants comes with a high level of complications and risk over a lifetime. Breast implants can be cost-prohibitive and need further surgical intervention often in 3 to 5 years and in at least 8 to10 years. And then there's the herbal approach, which can result in substantial and impressive results with significantly lower risk, minimal cost and virtually no adverse side effects.

Using all-natural herbs, significant long lasting results of up to two or more cup sizes are being routinely reported. The percentage of people who are getting good or excellent results approaches close to 100% satisfaction for herbal breast enhancement programs that are individually monitored and adjusted. The most successful programs use ingredients based on concentrated herbal extracts that are 10 times the strength of standard herbs.

A personalized herbal program is about a tenth of the cost of breast implants. The safe, non-invasive and low cost herbal approach has many advantages not found in any other method. The herbal approach is the only one that heightens breast sensation so that you feel the same sensual and sensory effects in the breast area that are normally experienced only by women. Surgical implants will reduce sensation to the breast area and almost always result in a partial or complete loss of sensitivity. By way of comparison, herbal breast enhancement has few if any side effects. Other than some temporary tingling, itching, or even soreness felt in the breast area, a normal occurrence while your breast size is increasing, you will notice softening of the skin and hair, rounding of the hips and a noticeable increase in sexual libido.

So you're thinking, "Sounds great, but how does it work?"

How Does It Work?

Estrogen, often thought of as the "female" hormone, but also present in males, is critical for sexual functioning, boosts the immune system and supports bone growth. Estradiol is one of sixteen different types of human estrogen. It is the estrogen responsible for a long lasting size increase in the breast area.

The key to a natural and long-lasting breast size increase is stimulating the body to produce a large quantity of its own human estradiol. When human estradiol production increases beyond the necessary threshold level, it will go to the breast tissue where it binds to the estrogen receptor sites. Every person, regardless of sexual orientation, has literally millions of unused estrogen receptor sites in the breast area that can be used for size increase.

Most herbal products found in today's market do not contain the necessary component that stimulates the endocrine system to produce its own human estradiol, but rather offer only phytoestrogen, or plant estrogen. Human estrogen is from 200 to 1000 times more potent than phytoestrogen and bonds strongly to the estrogen receptor sites in the breast tissue. The drawback to just using phytoestrogen-based herbals for breast enhancement is their inherent inability to bond strongly to the human receptor sites for any length of time. Although these plant estrogens will go to the breast tissue and provide temporary results, you will have to constantly use these products to maintain any size increase.

So how do we get long lasting results?

We tap into the power of your human body as an efficient biological factory. With our personalized program we introduce a separate set of herbs that are adjusted for each person's body to stimulate the body's endocrine system to produce its own human estradiol. Now, when your body finds the plant estrogen we bring into your program it will use it as the ideal building blocks for creating your own human estradiol. When your body produces its own human estradiol you achieve long lasting results.

When the correct amount of concentrated phytoestrogen is readily available in the body, the body uses very little energy to produce a large quantity of human estradiol. The results are your own naturally larger breasts, made from your own breast tissue. It is real, it is natural, you did it yourself, it is long lasting and it is authentically you.

What to look for in an effective herbal breast enhancement product:

Dosage: The best products for TG use are based on herbal ingredients that are highly concentrated extracts. Herbal breast enlargement products not based on extracts are usually too weak to give significant results for TG. A typical women's formula will deliver less than 200mg a day of the needed ingredients, while an effective TG program will provide ingredient dosages in the range of 15,000mg to 20,000mg a day. Without using concentrated extracts, the conventional capsule requirement could be an impractical quantity of 100 or more capsules a day.

Ingredients: You will find Saw Palmetto in almost all of the herbal formulas available in the market. It is one of the richest sources of plant estrogen. Other significant and common working ingredients are Wild Mexican Yam, Fenugreek Seed, Fennel Seed, Pueraria, Red Clover and Avena Sativa. However, to get a long lasting result, the single most important herbal ingredient is Lepidium Meyenii, commonly known as Maca. Be sure your breast enhancement program includes Maca in an extract 10:1 concentrate. This is the most important ingredient for attaining results that will last for years. With Maca present and adjusted to the proper personalized dosage, you will not have to continue on any herbal regimen once you have achieved the size you want.

Starting Evaluation: A successful program should include a personal evaluation. Because each of us is unique, it is important for you to choose an herbal program that will factor such details as your age, weight, height, metabolism and level of physical activity, as well as your breast size objectives and goals. Other factors affecting personalization are caffeine and nicotine use as well as digestion and any other issue that might adversely affect an individual's personal progress.

Follow Up: Follow-ups are a crucial part of any successful breast enlargement program. Each individual's program should be reviewed in 30-day intervals for analysis of individual progress and to assist in what can be done to help the client get the best results possible. Your customer service representative should be knowledgeable. You should have personalized treatment. Be sure the sales staff members are not merely "order takers" but consultants that care about your progress and success. Toll free access to your personal consultant is an equally important factor in choosing your program.

Results: Are the results long lasting? A properly formulated and administered program should take about 180 days to get the long lasting results you want. The most effective breast enlargement programs will strongly stimulate the body to produce its own human estrogen. This in turn will convert any phytoestrogen that is provided by the breast enhancement program into human estradiol, which gives you long lasting results. You only have to take those products until you get the size you want and then you can stop taking the product while keeping the size you achieve. Effective programs have achieved results that are very near the 100% success rate.

Product Comparison: Do your research. There are significant differences between breast enhancement products. Look carefully at the ads & call the companies that advertise with us to compare. Remember to look for the information you have just read and then make your choice with wisdom and care.

For more information on herbal breast enlargement, please visit:

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