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We hear a lot of talk about junk mail nowadays. Many peoplewill tell you that they dump it straight in the trash. Butwhy do you think so many organisations send out so calledjunk mail - because it works!

I dump most of my junk mail just like everyone else, butevery so often I'm attracted and respond to something thatcomes through the mail. Whatever it is, grabs my interest just at the right time.Sometimes it's a mailing I've seen several times and I'vebeen slightly interested; however, there comes a time when Idecide to do something about it.

Research has shown that, on average, people need to see anadvertisement seven times before they respond - it's thesame with direct mail.

I'm not looking for a new credit card at present; howeverthere are thousands of people who are. These people willrespond to a credit card company mailing because they want anew card with a better interest rate or because their othercard is at its limit or they want to transfer a balance.

It has to be said that the average response rate for directmailing is less than 1% and as you'll appreciate, the largeorganisations send out millions of direct mailers.Small to medium sized businesses can have success withdirect mailing by keeping it small, focussed and personal.

Target the right people - You need to have a good mailinglist. The best one you can have is the one you've builtyourself. You build it with all the contacts you make fromyour networking and all the enquiry phone calls you receive.(If anyone contacts your business you need to capture alltheir relevant information. Tell them you'll add them toyour mailing list so that they'll receive all the up to dateinformation)

Buy or rent a mailing list - There are many reputablesuppliers (and some not so reputable) who'll supply you witha closely targeted list. If you wanted the names ofTransport Managers in the food industry in your city - thenthey can provide it. For consumers, they can supply detailsof people by zip or postal code, age group, gender, specialinterests etc. You could probably get the details of female accountantsunder thirty, interested in fishing and living in a specificarea of your city or country. (Not sure why you'd want that,but I'm sure you get the point)

The product or service has to be appealing - It has to havebenefits or problem solving abilities for the person you'retargeting

It must be clear - easy to understand and be believable

There must be a call to action - There are three things thatsomeone will do with a piece of direct mail - 1. Scan it andthrow it in the trash 2. Put it aside to make a decisionlater. (However later never comes or when it does, most mailwill hit the trash) 3. Take action - Phone the free numberor tear off the pre-paid reply coupon or complete the orderform

It's vitally important that your mailing prompts actionimmediately.

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