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How to Remove Stress from Owning a Business... Forever!

I meet and talk to hundreds and hundreds of business owners every year and do you know what I've discovered? Virtually all of them are regularly suffering from stress.

It dawned on me while running a seminar one day... stress is caused by pressure. Isaac Newton's Second Law of Motion says for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That means in order for there to be pressure there must be resistance. Its impossible to expert pressure on something unless there is resistance.

So in order for you to feel pressure (and hence stress) there must be something you are resisting.

And when you feel stressed you can also feel like you're under pressure.

So here's the magic solution to removing stress.

Find out what or where you are resisting.

That may be easier said than done however, so I'll give you some examples.

Often business owners feel financial stress... with too much month at the end of the money. So what may cause this cause of stress? Lack of action to change their financial situation. If the business owner was to learn more about their key performance indicators (KPI's) they could see where they could improve simply by accurate and detailed measuring.

Once they have measured many of their numbers in marketing and production (or distribution) they can begin to try new ideas to improve their situation.

Let's face it; you can't do nothing when you feel stressed.

That's called resisting change. You must DO Something! Find a way to make some changes. Otherwise the pressure will continue to be there and even increase more over time.

Business owners often resist getting an education on sales, marketing or measuring systems and as a result they often don't know enough about the performance of their business by looking at the KPI numbers.

They don't know how many customers that are buying from them in a week. They don't know what their ability to produce work is in regards to how many customers they service in a week and they don't know if they are making a profit or not each day or week. As a result they stress because of the huge amount of unknown variables.

What you resist persists. But what you look at disappears. If you face your challenges and see where the cause of your stress lies, the problem disappears. If you don't it will keep on persisting.

Learn your business KPI's and you'll understand exactly where you need to focus your time every week to "work on" your business. Then you'll find yourself proactively solving problems, even before they appear. Then you'll rarely if ever feel stressed again.

I've found it's less stressful to grow a business fast than it is slowly. When you're growing fast you can only do so with application of information and by understanding your growth numbers.

While if you're not growing you're often not improving, that's where pressure comes from, stagnation. A rolling stone gathers no moss they say and a growing business has less stagnation and hence resistance.

Keep changing and you'll rarely be standing still long enough for pressure to build. Imagine what your life in business could be like if you never felt stressed again, only excitement.

You can do it!

Tim Stokes is one of the best business builders in Australia and possibly the world. He has a unique ability to generate dozens of profit generating ideas in very little time.

His knowledge on setting up KPI's is extroardinary with many accoutants wanting to work with him to understand how to measure.

To find out more about Tim, his amazing results and his extraordinary ability to find ways to measure go to

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