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The Truth: Netzero 3G
We've all seen the ads on TV for Netzero 3G. You know the ones, "speeds so fast you sworn it was broadband" Well if your using it, you may not think it really is.

Easy Guide to RAID Recovery
What is RAID RECOVERY?RAID stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. It is a method of combining several hard drives into one unit.
Four Easy Ways To Prevent Spyware
How would you like to prevent spyware and adware from getting into your computer? You need to stop adware and spyware before it gets into your files. That way you're protecting your private information such as passwords, credit card numbers and other documents that you don't want to share with anyone.
Alien Intruders!
You probably didn't casually invite, or extend a formal attendance requestto, these undesirables known as viruses.Regardless of your opinions, such cyber-nomads may call on you, complete andactive, with their destructive payloads.
Quick Summary of Basic and Common Linux Commands
There are many commands that are used in linux on a daily basis, ones that everyone should know just to get by. Like back in the days of DOS, you had to know how to work with the command line and how to navigate around.
Microsoft Great Plains eCommerce: overview for developer
Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains was designed back in the earlier 1990th as first graphical ERP/accounting system for mid-size businesses. The architects of Great Plains Dexterity - this is the internal mid-shell, all Great Plains was written on, designed it to be easily transferable between graphical operating systems (MAC, Windows, Solaris - potentially) and database platforms - initially Great Plains was available on Ctree (both Mac and PC) and Btrieve, a bit later high end version Dynamics C/S+ was available on Microsoft SQL Server 6.
Run Your Own Search Engine
Our hosted solution allow you to run your own search engine.You can have your own special search engine such as travel, games,animals, medical, software, sports, music, cars or any other category you like.
Microsoft Great Plains: exchange & brokerage - implementation notes
If you company is small or mid-size special products or materials exchange broker, you probably have custom in-house made exchange application. Nowadays exchange is done over the internet, so you might have advanced web-based exchange application.
Crystal Reports For Microsoft Navision - Overview For Programmer/IT Specialist
Let us give you - developer some hints in the report creation.C/SIDE database - use C/ODBC to create the connection for your Crystal Report.
Microsoft CRM: Data Conversion - Import from Act!
Best Software Act! is very popular CRM for small and mid-size organization. This system attracts business owner by its low price, plus system is very easy to use.
10 Ways to Learn a Software
Following tips help you to learn a software in lesser time and in an efficient manner:1. After installing a software package, look for any README file in the installed folder.
Accessing XML Using Java Technologies
The most important benefit of XML is its simplicity. Though it is simple it is powerful enough to express complex data structures.
Most Common Ways to Accumulate Spyware (where It is Downloaded to Your PC)
It is possible that if one avoided all sources of spyware, ad-ware and virus infection that infection would be at minimal levels. Although I don't recommend using only this method as a form of fighting spyware, it can be a potentially effective mean.
OLAP, An Alternative Technology Over Spreadsheets
Are Spreadsheets Robbing your Enterprise of Competitive Advantage?'90% of "average" companies are not confident that their forecasts and reports are accurate and reliable'In a recent study, 81% of FD's cited that their highest priority is the accuracy of revenue and earnings forecasts while 63% complained of inadequate budgeting and forecasting systems .The modern FD is coming under increasing pressure from all sides to produce more robust, meaningful and accurate financial information.
C++ Tutorial 2, Input and Variables
This is the tutorial where we really get into programming. Input and variables are the essence of programming.
Adware and Spyware Blockers
The most important things you can do for your computer right now is to install adware and spyware blockers. Everyone is aware of computer viruses and run an anti-virus program to guard your computer against them.
Increase Office Efficiency With One Simple Tool
When you need a phone number, you do a quick search on the Internet and in a few seconds, you've got the information you need. And you probably receive a lot of contact information right inside the emails you receive every day.
How to Backup Windows XP Home Edition
Your computer cost you from hundreds to thousands of dollars, but the computer itself is not the most valuable part. The data on the hard disk is the most valuable part.
Groove Network. Are you in it?
If you are in a business that passes documents around to be reviewed and edited over and over before they are ready to be posted for advertising or for a client, then you have probably already heard of a software solution to help keep your "floating" documents organized from Groove Network. You may not be aware that there is another option out there.
Review on QuarkXpress 6.0
After almost two decades of existence, Quark has become the basic building block of any print designer's toolkit. It has deservedly gained a reputation for reliable printing, offering consistent and dependable output that prevents costly mistakes.