Spirituality Information

Spirituality Information

My Search for the Truth

I am a Falun Dafa practitioner.  Maybe you've heard about the persecution of Falun Dafa (or Falun Gong) practitioners in China.

Path to Healing

It is within us to explore and draw upon our inner resources to heal. Some wounds are embedded so deeply that no amount of professional expertise can cure, much less heal.

Sacred Space, Sacred Time

We all need space, we all need time to ourselves.In Exodus3:15- Word of God:When the Lord saw that Moses was coming closer, he called him from the middle of the bush and said: "Moses, Moses", he answered, "Yes, here I am"God said, " Do not come any closer.


Shamanism is an ancient form of mysticism. Although there are many localized variations, the basic tenet is that all things are sacred and alive.

The Final Chapter

     Several months ago, I read an article about a 22 year old, successful young lady who died a premature death in a plane crash. The more I read this article, the heavier my heart became because she died in the midst of her formative years.

Why Sit Here Until I Die?

The bible tells a story about four men who sat at the entrance of the city's gate dying with leprosy, an incurable disease which causes terribly visible swelling and sores on the skin, only then to eat inward to the bones. Because of this contagious and incurable disease, these lepers sat outside of the city because they were not permitted to live within the city.

Faerie Wisdom

Spirit DancerThe spirit dancer is the card of creative expression. Of exploring our inner truths and desires.

Seven Soul-Nurturing Suggestions for Busy Women

Looking for some ways to feed your soul in the midst of all you do?  Try one or more of these great ideas! 1.) Body Work/Movement: Tai Ji, massage, Feldenkrais, Reflexology ? there are tons of modalities which contribute to healing in soulful ways.

Ten Soul-Tending Principles for Women

Feeling restless?  Is part of you calling out for change, though you don't yet know what that looks like, or what you most need? Well, maybe, just maybe, you need a little soul nurturing.  Try one or more of these nurturing principles on for size: 1.

Spirituality at Work Because You Cant Leave Home Without You

Several years ago after I presented a workshop entitled "Spirituality at Work: Because You Can't Leave Home Without You?" I got a phone call from someone who saw the program booklet. She was very interested in the topic and wanted to know how to "get it" at her company.

From Spiritual Cry Baby to Bold Seeker of Truth

Ever notice how people dread discussing the truth about life? Their fear usually comes out as, "I never talk about that" or "Some things we're not supposed to know." They quickly cut off any probing of who they are and why they're here.

Soulstretch: Raising the Bar on Nobility and Nicety

In the make-believe world, too, fiction and films are filled with flawed characters fighting their way to selfish goals. Pick up any book on how to write novels and short stories and you see the word "conflict" in bold.

Animal Spirits: Power Animals and Guides

We shamans are a strange breed..

Beyond Normal - The Liquid Level Of Consciousness

I am not enlightened, and yet, I am no longer "normal." Since you are reading this, I suspect you probably feel the same.

Leaving Storyville

One of the most difficult barriers to overcome on the path to spiritual growth is extracting yourself from the tenacious grip of the Ego Story. Unsuspectingly, many people are mesmerized and possessed by this mental illusion.

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Self Improvement:Spirituality Articles from EzineArticles.com
07/02/2020 11:38 AM
Numerology and Compatibility Part I
Numerology, or what used to be referred to as number mysticism, is one of several tried and true forms of divination used to derive personality traits and compatibility. Nobody is perfect, and those imperfections are reflected by unique patterns of over-balanced and under-balanced forms of each number.
07/02/2020 11:36 AM
One World Religion-This Is The Time To Examine Yourself
Many Christians are wondering about the One World Religion that is seriously coming up now. And all manner posts, videos, comments, and so on are out there in the media and online. This is agitating many Christian believers. But what truly should be our concern at this time? This is the time to examine yourself.
07/01/2020 10:31 AM
Join The Soul Winning Team Of The Almighty God
Are you ready to answer the honorable call to join God's soul-winning team? This is a call from the Almighty God to every Christian and is with great blessings attached. However, many are too busy this season to answer this call to reach out for the salvation of others.
06/30/2020 06:34 AM
The Purpose of Awakening: Learning to Love
We are gifted with life in the physical body and world to learn how to truly love. Awakening to this process allows us to fulfil our highest purpose. Learning to love requires us to develop gratitude and forgiveness. We cannot truly love with judgment and hatred in our hearts; and we cannot enjoy the beauty of life when we are driven by insatiable greed. Instead, we can learn to can stand tall, evict all fear from our lives and radiate that transformative love to a world in desperate need of healing.
06/22/2020 08:49 AM
How To Rededicate Your Life, Coming Back To God
Jesus has not abandoned you, He is still there reaching out to you! Jesus wants you to return to Him with your whole heart. God wants you to rise up today and be energized by His Word and start living in His wonderful light. That's right! It's time to come back to God! It's not a coincidence you're here today!
06/22/2020 08:49 AM
Your Mind Must Be Trained By The Holy Spirit To Live The Spiritual Life
Your mind must be trained by the Holy Spirit because He sets your mind in the right direction. No more distractions because the kingdom of power is within you. The way you think. The way you speak. There should be no compromise when it comes to the Gospel of Jesus of who you are in Christ. This teaching article is Highly Recommended!
06/19/2020 04:08 PM
How to Amazingly Touch the Heartbeat of the Almighty God
Some people think that God is Almighty God, so He has no desire, feeling, or passion. And they only think of what they can get from Him. So, they are always in the 'give me give me' mood, and they fail to seek the heartbeat of God. However, God has a passion that He would want His children to also have. This article tells what God's heartbeat is and how to touch His heart for fearful blessings.
06/19/2020 04:08 PM
The Amazing Passion Of The Almighty God For More Souls
What's your passion in life? Many people are running with their passion and are doing great exploits. Now God, who caused human beings to have a passion for things, also has passion. And God's passion is for souls.
06/15/2020 02:46 PM
7 Tips to Peacefully End a Relationship
Part of life is accepting that not all relationships and friendships are meant to last forever. People mature at different rates, change hobbies, meet more compatible friends, move away, grow up, grow a backbone, regress, progress, and fall out of love or in love with other people.
06/09/2020 03:15 PM
Never Back Off Your Confession Of Faith
God wants you to stay spiritually strong and full of faith. He wants you to be stronger than any force of darkness that comes against you. Your faith speaking is the language of heaven. You walk, talk and act according to your spiritual confession of faith. It's not a coincidence you're here today. This is important and you need to know about it!
06/09/2020 03:15 PM
Negative Thinking From The Devil Is The Most Powerful Poison In The World
The devil wants you to keep thinking negative because those who are in the flesh cannot please God. The evil one talks to you to discourage you so he can leave you frustrated and disappointed about your life. But you need to be ready to advance His kingdom through your life by walking in the light of His Word. Here's what you do.
06/09/2020 03:14 PM
Whatever Your Battle Is Let Jesus Help You Win It!
Jesus is greater than every adversity and opposition that you may be facing right now. Bring your cares, problems, and concerns to Him! What's your battle today? Place yourself and your problem in the care of the One who can give you supernatural help. I'll teach you more about it. Trust me, it's well worth your time to read!
06/09/2020 03:14 PM
Lift Up Your Hands To God And Say, I Need Jesus!
You maybe weak, tired or discouraged about some things you maybe going through. It maybe fear, depression, confusion or doubt. You maybe searching for directions, solutions and answers to problems and circumstances about your life. Jesus has to move on your behalf! There, I said it and it's the truth! This article teaching is what you're looking for!
06/08/2020 09:18 AM
In Support of Psychics
We are acquainted with some talented psychics, and some of them don't do it professionally. In our experience (personally, and as professional psychics), psychics often get the overall idea right, but it's difficult to put a time-stamp on it, or sometimes the ideas get mixed up in translation, as possibly with the above outlined case.
06/01/2020 08:52 AM
How To Create Your Own Brave New Paradigm
COVID-19 changed our world forever. There is no turning back, only moving forward. What do you want from life? How will you create it? Here are some pointers to help you navigate confidently and with mature wisdom in the emerging new paradigm.
06/01/2020 08:45 AM
Are You Washing The Feet Of The Others Like Jesus?
What does it mean to wash the feet of others? How often do you wash the feet of brethren? Jesus gave an example to follow if we are to be blessed. And in this article, I share what that example of Christ means.
05/27/2020 09:02 AM
Money And Spiritual Encounters
God is calling into deeper personal intimacy and divine encounters with Him. He wants to pour out Himself into you as wine. He wants to cloth you with His Glory. However, the qualification for this deeper call is your hunger and thirst for Him. The more you Hunger for Him the more He will cause you experience more of Him. Let the thirst come, He shall be filled with the wine of God.
05/26/2020 03:45 PM
Jesus Is Your Supernatural Provider
Don't go around day after day expecting the same thing, the same way. Jesus has greater levels for you. He is not limited by the natural! He has supernatural power! This article teaching has lots of spiritual information that most Christians overlook.
05/26/2020 03:31 PM
How God Can Get You Out Of Financial Problems
God is doing great turn-arounds for people, signs and wonders all over the world! You see, when you seek God, you must do so knowing that He is a Supernatural God! He is Almighty! He knows how to get you out of financial problems! Here's what you need to know and what to do if you're in this situation
05/19/2020 09:11 AM
How to Improve Your Life With Spiritual Laws
Many people claim using the law of attraction can help reach goals. Does it always work? No, because there are other spiritual laws, some that supersede the law of attraction, you need to be aware of in order to have an advantage in life.
05/13/2020 05:26 PM
The Red Sea-A Place Of Salvation And Destruction
In Exodus 14, we have the story of the crossing of the red sea. we learn a lot from this story. So, this article gives the lessons to pick from this story.
05/11/2020 07:58 AM
Are You The Woman God Is Looking For To Represent Him?
Are you the woman God is looking for? God will use His scriptures to help you grow in the real knowledge of Christ. God wants you to represent Him to the spiritually lost and without Jesus. Does God want you to succeed? Yes! Absolutely! Here's how you get started.
05/11/2020 07:58 AM
Jesus Wants To Save You! Will You Come To Him Today?
Jesus is both Savior and Lord and He gives us eternal life. The Gospel invitation is offered freely to one and all, but many people are too pre-occupied with other things. Here's what you can do right now to get saved! A must reading if you want to come to Jesus.
05/11/2020 07:57 AM
How To Get New Benefits And Blessings From God
It's the Lord's hand of new benefits and blessings on you that sets you up for recognition, promotion, success and increase. When you bring Jesus into your situation, He can cause every bitter experience to become sweet! The information you need is right here, right now! Let's get started, let me teach you.
05/11/2020 07:51 AM
Don't Talk Yourself Out Of God's Plan For You
God wants you to know and obey His will. Be a person whose heart is on fire for God! To experience God's plan for you, you must embrace the opportunities He gives you. He is constantly at work in you, but you have to be listening, watching and obeying. Trust me, you don't want to miss this article teaching!
05/05/2020 07:56 AM
Fate or Free Will or a Combination of Both
According to the theories of reincarnation, karma, and personal fate, your soul selects a lifetime to experience conditions, circumstances, and specific key events prior to your birth in order to learn and understand. You have free will, within predetermined events in your life, to respond and make the most of your circumstances.
04/29/2020 09:40 AM
How To Build Your Spiritual Life In Christ Now
Are you building up your spirit man more than your soul or body? The one you build more determines the kind of success you will have in life. However, building your spirit profits you in all things and promises great things of life now and afterwards. This article tells you how to build your spirit man in Christ.
04/27/2020 10:04 AM
The Bible Will Always Tell You Who The Devil Really Is!
The Bible will always tell you who the devil really is! The devil is the father of lies. One of the tactics of the devil is to get you to blame God for all your problems and troubles. This is a very critical time right now. Why do I say this? Keep reading to find out.
04/27/2020 10:03 AM
Today! Lift Up Your Hands And Say, Thank You Jesus!
Jesus wants you to see Him as the Source of help in every situation. Life is not about who you are, it's about whose you are. Jesus gives you a totally new beginning with God! It's not a coincidence you're here today. I highly recommend you really read this teaching article. Let's get started.
04/20/2020 04:32 PM
How To Give Love, Devotion And Loyalty To God's Word
Are you prepared for Jesus to reveal Himself to you? It's starts with the Word. There are many things about Jesus you will learn but only as you give love, devotion, and loyalty to God's Word. You see, you can't serve and obey God and ignore His Word. Interested? Let me teach this article to you.
04/20/2020 04:32 PM
Is Jesus Your Savior? This Is How You Really Know!
When Jesus is your Savior you have the great privilege to have your spirit in union with His spirit. Through your spirit you are always conscious of Jesus. Jesus values your faith in in Him far above any good work you do. Get ready... I'll teach you more about it.
04/20/2020 10:05 AM
The Pros and Cons of Clearing Your Spiritual Energy
Are you having a difficult time relaxing or sleeping? Not feeling safe or comfortable in your home can indicate it's time to do a clearing, especially if you feel better away from home. Also, If your neighbors are only feet away their energy could be invading your home.
04/18/2020 08:52 AM
Fear Of Evil Or Faith In God-What at This Time?
Are you afraid of COVID-19 or do you have faith in God that it won't affect you? Surely, you either have fear or faith in God at this time. And what you have determines what comes to you. So, in this article we will be examining these two emotions to determine what you have.
04/13/2020 07:50 AM
Read The Bible In A Year
One of the most important things for a Christian to do is to read the Bible daily. Daily Bible reading is important, so you continue to learn and grow in your walk to be more like Jesus. There are many Bible reading programs that people use, all of which are good if they get you reading God's word every day.
04/13/2020 07:47 AM
Are You Committed To Living A Godly Life?
When God gives you wisdom He sets your mind in a positive direction. You don't walk with God according to what you feel. You walk by what you know from His Word. It's an all-about commitment to live by the Word not by the world. This is very valuable information!
04/13/2020 07:47 AM
Will You Let Me Help You Walk Into The Kingdom Of Jesus?
Turn to Jesus and He will open the door to a new, meaningful life to you. This is the greatest opportunity of your life right now to come give your life to Jesus. Be hungry for Him! Here's how you make sure you're on the right spiritual path.
04/13/2020 07:47 AM
\"Are You Sending Forth Angels To Watch Over You?"
Jesus does some of His best work through unseen angels watching over you. Angels are helping you in many ways right now that is beyond your human understanding. Here's what you need to know to get angel help!
04/08/2020 05:54 AM
What's So 'Maundy' About Maundy Thursday?
The Thursday before Easter is celebrated as Maundy Thursday. This article seeks to explain what Maundy means and what is the nature of the celebration.
04/08/2020 05:53 AM
Spiritual Traps That Get You Into Trouble
The trap of ignorance, including spiritual ignorance, leading to bad decisions is an easy and common trap to fall into, so you're not alone if you've done this. You don't learn about how to avoid life's everyday pitfalls in school and typically must learn the hard way, through experience.
04/08/2020 05:53 AM
Tips To Avoid And Clear Toxic Energy From Sex
Sex is a wonderful part of the human experience. Most adults are aware of the potential physical and emotional pitfalls of sex, but few know it's possible to pick up toxic energy from sex.
04/07/2020 08:50 AM
How To Come To Jesus And Leave Your Past Behind
The devil is the one who keeps bringing up your past and accusing you of anything he can to keep you from coming to Jesus. God wants you to come to Jesus! I'm teaching you straight here, where your focus should always be.
04/07/2020 08:50 AM
Will God Supply Your Needs? What Does The Bible Say?
The Bible is a guide to help you know what belongs to you and the Bible tells you how to receive what is rightfully yours. God knows all about your needs but, will He supply for you? Yes! God wants to do some good things for you! Read this teaching article and apply it now!
04/07/2020 08:49 AM
Your Soul's Essence
Your"Soul's Essence" is the most fundamental aspect of your highest purpose. It is the "being" dimension of you, your purpose, without doing or having.
04/03/2020 11:18 AM
Cultivating A Ministry Culture Around COVID-19
The spring of the year 2020 will forever be historic in America. It was in the spring of 2020 that most Americans came face to face with the Corona Virus also known as COVID-19. This highly contagious viral infection has been the reason schools, businesses, daycare centers, movie theaters and even churches have been locked down.
04/01/2020 09:02 AM
Worshippers or Devotees?
The most dramatic and powerful events of Jesus' life as well as his core teachings are commemorated during Holy Week which is inaugurated by Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday while introducing us to the mystery of God's salvific action through the passion and resurrection of His Son also invites us to introspect and see whether we are really worshippers of the Lord or merely devotees.
04/01/2020 09:00 AM
How You Think Does Make A Difference According To The Bible If You Want To Bless Your Life
God has clearly revealed His will to you in scripture so that you will not be confused about how to think. God wants you to think according to what is good and acceptable to Him. How you think does makes a difference if you really want to bless your life.
04/01/2020 08:59 AM
God Wants To Accomplish Great Things Through You
Give God praise today for working in you to do His will and good pleasure. Why did He choose you? God rarely chooses people who are extremely qualified to do His work. But why you? Find out the answer in this article teaching.
04/01/2020 08:59 AM
Journey of the Soul's Truth?
Journey of the Soul -How we can 'master' our soul's truth and ego to acquire the desired results and understanding of our being in the world. Life coaches are great at helping us set a direction, achieve our goals and attributes.
04/01/2020 08:56 AM
How To Attack This Virus Spiritually At This Time
How are you fighting or protecting yourself from this COVID-19 virus that is afflicting people today? Surely, whatever you are using or doing will affect the state of your mind. And though, there are many suggestions available, there is one that is good for your mind and proven not to fail. This article gives you the perfect way to fight against the virus spiritually.
03/28/2020 07:49 PM
Should We Always Forgive People When They Hurt Us?
We have all had people do things to us that are wrong. People can hurt us physically, emotionally and mentally. One of the most important things you can do, as a Christian in your walk to follow Jesus is to practice forgiveness. For everyone who has harmed you. Many times we want revenge, to get justice for what they did to us

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