Stress  Management Information

Stress Management Information

10 Ways to Monitor Corporate Stress Levels

10 Ways to Monitor Corporate Stress LevelsGood military leaders work hard to balance thepositive and negative stress. Positive stressencourages high performance.

Stress Control: Tough Leadership vs. Easy Does It

Tough leaders are usually seen as ogres. Theirexacting demands and high expectations add tostress levels.

Control Stress with High Morale

When Army leaders fail to control battlefield stress, they lose as many soldiers to combat stress as they do to enemy bullets. Even when they are well trained, these soldiers are more likely to collapse in the face of great stress.

10 Ways to Benchmark Workplace Stress

With almost 50% of workers complaining that their jobs are very stressful, it is no surprise that more than two-thirds of all medical problems are stress related.Each day, workplace stress is credited with more than a million absences and at least 40% of all personnel turnover.

13 Stress Reducers & Profit Boosters

The United Nations declares workplace stress to bea worldwide epidemic. In the United States alone,forty-six percent of workers report that their jobis very stressful.

3 Kinds of Workplace Stress

Workers across America will tell you that stresslevels are increasing. The demand for anti-depressants is up.

Overcome the Top 10 Causes of Workplace Stress

Workplace stress is on the rise and it's costingcorporate America a fortune. Some estimate that80% of health care costs are stress related, andthese expenses go right to the bottom line.

Stress Causing People to "Super Size"

Stress Causing People to "Super Size"by Georgianna Donadio D.C.

Stress & Burnout: The Adrenal Factor

I was a psychotherapist for years before I got involved in the holistic movements..

Beyond the Stress of Success - Access Your Thriving Zone

Genuine enthusiasm..

20 Ways to Shift Worry Into Attractive Energy

Worry, big or small blocks positive vibrations from entering your realm. The longer the behavior, the deeper the roots, the harder to override.

Stress Reduction Tips for Parents

The best way to reduce your stress is to really know what it IS, that is making you stressed! So sit down for a minute and think about last year. You can look at a calendar to remind yourself of events, or appointments.

7 Tips to Relieve Stress At Work

Do you feel stress at work? Do you carry your stress home with you at night?Here are some tips that will help you achieve success over stress. You can reduce stress on the job.

5 Steps to Stress Relief

Take a moment to think about the week that just passed. Are your first thoughts of long hours at work, driving your kids to every kind of practice imaginable, hurrying to make dinner, clean the house, do laundry, vacuum and wash dishes? Is it any wonder that in today's busy world, more and more women suffer from stress-induced anxiety than ever before?If you often find yourself struggling with the effect stress has on your physical and emotional well-being, follow the following 5 steps to stress relief:1.

How to Recognize Stress Before it Turns Into Anger

After a stressful day as a computer programmer, Jim pulled into his driveway. The children's toys were scattered on the walkway to the house.

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Self Improvement:Stress Management Articles from
11/09/2021 08:32 AM
7 Tips For Success To De-Stress
Stress relief is often a pipe dream, something that seems unobtainable--we just don't have enough time! But with these 7 easy tips you may find reducing your stress is something that can be achieved.
11/08/2021 05:42 PM
Read to Combat Stress
Reading. Something we do every day, in many ways. We read street signs, we read directions, we read texts and emails, we read instructions on everything from setting up a baby crib to how your manager wants you to approach a new project.
11/02/2021 10:50 AM
How To Achieve Stress RELIEF?
Although, stress, left, uncontrolled, and without any attempt to effectively, proactively, address, risk, a debilitating set of experiences, and life, few people, seem to pay, nearly, as much attention, to this, as they probably, should! There are a variety of stress management techniques, etc, one might use, both, prescribed, and common sense, behavioral approaches, but, this article, will attempt to comply with my book, Natural Alternatives for Stress Relief, and discuss, only those, non - drug - related, possibilities, and/ or, approaches. After, over four decades of personal involvement, in many activities, related to this concept, from being an executive with...
09/20/2021 10:20 AM
Bring Home Your Vacation for Year-Round Stress Relief
Discover four great ways to capture part of your next vacation for future stress relief. Then start replaying relaxation from your vacation whenever and wherever you need some stress relief.
08/09/2021 10:30 AM
How To Make Your Daily Interactions Less Stressful
How to make your daily interactions less stressful. How can you make your interactions with others less stressful? Make a note of the number times your emotional sense of well being was disrupted and you felt stressed out enough to have an outburst during the day. Was it during a conversation or during a meeting? Was it with family, co-workers or strangers? Begin by finding out your emotional disruption ratio or percentage
08/04/2021 03:07 PM
The Better You Plan, The Less TENSE, You'll Be!
Although, being, nervous, and uncertain, at - times, is normal and understandable, if/ when, we take the time, and make a concerted effort, to plan, better and more effectively, in most cases, we become far - less, TENSE, and more productive, and self - confident/ proactive! Unfortunately, while many, state, they do so, few, actually pursue, and consider, a variety of options and alternatives, and become better - equipped, to opt - for, the best path, to choose, and follow! This meaningful dedication, and commitment, is normally, rewarding, and enriching, in terms of self - help, personal growth, and self - help!...
07/01/2021 11:19 AM
How Do You Heal?
Healing tends to happen in its own time. Whatever is entailed, whether it be verbal, like an apology, an appeaseatory gesture of a bunch of flowers, or a medicinal treatment, perhaps a cream or an ointment or a more serious intervention, healing can take a little time. And sometimes even the slightest trigger, like a comment, gesture or physical movement can set the entire healing process back weeks, if not months.
05/20/2021 09:42 AM
Mindful Self Care
In its totality self-care refers to caring for the health of your mind and body. However, the thing that has the biggest effect on the body is the mind, as many people currently struggling with their mental health will attest. Even if you've been feeling good physically, the moment the mind starts to really struggle it translates into the body as aches, pains, feelings of fear in the gut, and a random sense of feeling under the weather with no apparent cause. Mindful Self Care is the way to ensure that your mental health doesn't affect your physical health.
05/04/2021 09:52 AM
5 Ways To Take Some Personal Quality Time!
Have you ever felt, burnt - out, because you spend, so much time, trying to get - ahead, you seem, to constantly, be, neglecting - yourself? Are you having issues, attempting to balance, a successful career, with a personally, satisfying, personal life? Does it, sometimes, seem, you, often, run - out, of time, and energy, in your quest, to take some, true, personal, quality time?
04/21/2021 11:58 AM
Why I Prefer Loving Kindness (Metta) Meditation To Other Meditations
Metta meditation, also known as Loving Kindness Meditation, is a type of Buddhist meditation. Metta is a Pali word, which is like Sanskrit, and it means positive energy and kindness towards others.
04/06/2021 11:26 AM
5 Keys To Addressing Personal Stress!
SInce, we all, at some time, or another, experience, stress, and/ or, stressful experiences, doesn't it make sense, for each of us, to do, all we can, to proactively, address stress, sooner, rather than later? The Nobel Prize, was awarded, decades ago, to, Dr. Hans Selye, who, differentiated, between, debilitating - stress, and the useful type, which he called, eustress.
04/05/2021 08:59 AM
Unchaining & Unleashing: Winning Against Overwhelm
Beyond making a list of things to do and doing them one by one, there is a way to deal with the modality of overwhelm. When things get too complicated, seek the simplest solutions, pull back right and then deal with everything.
03/26/2021 02:15 PM
Tips And Strategies For Managing Pain And Criticisms From Past Events
Learn to use perspective to manage criticisms related to past events. What will you do when you casually try to discuss what happened in the past and you get criticized? When you get criticized don't lash out emotionally. I know this is easier said than done. I have caught myself feeling one way sometimes, but reacting in a different way. How do you use discipline as an emotional guard to eliminate and manage stress? Do you remember exactly what you were doing at this time yesterday? Do you know what you were doing 10 years ago? Where you in a past event that you now remember with strong negative emotions? Here are tips and strategies for managing pain and criticisms from past events.
03/24/2021 01:37 PM
How Will You Handle Your Fears?: 5 Keys
From time, to time, each of us, faces something, and/ or, someone, which makes us afraid, fearful, and/ or, overly - stressed! However, the difference, between, overall happiness, satisfaction, and controlling these feelings, and letting them, control you, is, often, what you do, how you proceed, your attitude and mindset, and whether you are ready, willing, and able, to, proactively, handle and confront your fears! Nobel Prize Winner, Dr.
03/16/2021 03:14 PM
Gobs of Gratitude
What if you could perform a quick, simple, and easy exercise every morning that will assist you in maintaining a positive outlook so you can react and respond to events that come at you during the day in an efficient, and effective manner? Well, Gobs of Gratitude is one such exercise. Read more about how effectively it works and the instructions for performing the easy, simple exercise in this article.
03/08/2021 07:38 AM
Opting Out of the Rat Race Can Be a Valid Life Choice
"The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat". So take a serious look at your life, and consider opting out of the rat race.
02/11/2021 04:51 PM
Retirement Redefined: Eight Tips to Creating a Sustained Lifestyle
In 2004, I left Microsoft so Patty and I could homeschool our son Trevor. He was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at age five, and we decided as he was entering seventh grade that he would need more help than what his public school could offer. I was his math and science teacher for two years until he re-entered public school in ninth grade.
01/29/2021 01:18 PM
How Will You Handle Stress?: 4 Possibilities
One of the constant, realities of life, is, there is, and will probably be, some degree of stress. Sometimes, it may be minor, and, at other times, seem - to - be, far more serious, etc! There have been many studies, and reviews, of a variety of issues, related to stress, stress - management, and how to proceed, but, rather, this article will attempt to consider, the relationship, between how each of us, handle it, and will briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 possibilities, and possible strategies, many people utilize, and, the potential ramifications, and implications, of each of...
12/16/2020 09:28 AM
How Emotional Freedom Technique Cured My Phobia About Blood and Injections
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), is an alternative therapy that is claimed to work well with the full range of anxieties, sadness, anger, grief, guilt, stress, phobias, post traumatic stress disorder, and a number of other conditions which have an underlying emotional component. EFT has been described as a form of psychological acupuncture, in that it involves tapping on a number of acupuncture points located on the face, upper body and the hands, whilst you focus on a stated issue with a simple affirmation that states the issue clearly and that you accept yourself. I have used EFT on a number of occasions and the results have been good, and in one case extraordinary.
12/10/2020 04:29 PM
Stress Is Normal!
Living in the 21st century, we have adopted certain terminologies as a part of our vocabulary. And, we do not even spare a moment to think about them. One such common phrase is "stress is normal!"
12/07/2020 12:52 PM
2020 - The Year Of Clarity - Good or Bad?
I don't know about you but I personally have had some health scares (Cancer) and right now my wife is under going ovarian cancer follow up. We have gained, we have lost and we have lost a lot of people this year - How the hell do we deal with this crap! 2020 Really!!
11/19/2020 09:22 AM
Sleep Is the Neglected Necessity of Life
Many people deprive themselves of sleep yet it is an obligation to the body. Sleep is a necessity not a luxury and in order to be your best you, you must have rest.
11/19/2020 09:19 AM
Losing It? Here's How to Handle Reactivity
What happens when we lose it? Losing it simply means that we have lost conscious awareness and defaulted to feeding the ego with reactivity. If we wish to create a more peaceful world, we need to learn how to embody and become the peace we desire. This article shows you how you can let go of reactivity and remain peaceful within.
09/02/2020 01:28 PM
3 Ways To Reduce Stress By Strategic Thinking And Improve Your Health
How can you use strategic thinking to reduce stress and improve your health? Don't allow yourself to be overwhelmed by negative thoughts. You can learn how to act as the gatekeeper to the stream of subconscious thoughts that flow into your conscious experience. Some of these thoughts may based on negative outcomes, your doubts about your ability to succeed or your fears and anxieties. These thoughts can stress you out, unless you are able to concentrate on a concrete reality that you can control or influence.
08/17/2020 01:11 PM
Facts One Need to Know About International Yoga Day
Yoga has become India's gift to mankind. Its role in stress management, improving self-esteem and overall wellness of the body is now known to the world. Hence, the UN body has chosen to allocate a day for the world to do yoga.
08/11/2020 11:34 AM
Cool Your Jets
"To open or not to open, that is the question." Shakespeare is probably rolling in his grave at my lamentable misuse of his famous "To be or not to be" but these days "To open or not to open" IS the question. And it is driving most of us absolutely crazy.
08/11/2020 11:32 AM
What's the Best Part of Your Day?
When's your favourite time, the best part of your day? When so many of us live full-on, busy lives, reaching our favourite, best part of the day can be akin to arriving at an oasis in the middle of the desert. It causes us to smile, breathe deeply and let go of all the stresses of the day.
07/06/2020 09:34 AM
How Do You Feel About Leaving Work to Go Home?
Not wanting to leave work isn't necessarily about being a workaholic. There can be a myriad of reasons why we may feel uncertain, reluctant or even afraid about leaving work at the end of each day. There are those who will be incredulous that this might be a 'thing'; they can hardly wait for clocking-off time to arrive, when they're finally free to walk out the door.
06/22/2020 08:43 AM
When You Need to Take a Break
These past few months have been an exhausting, emotionally draining time for many of us. Coping with upheaval and uncertainty whilst trying to remain positive, upbeat and maybe professional has been a massive ask of everyone. There are times when you need to take a break. Not a holiday, or a night out with pals, but a simple time out, recharging break. Flopping in your armchair might be fine occasionally, but done long-term it's counter-productive and can result in you feeling lethargic and flat. When you need to take a break here are some positive suggestions.
05/26/2020 03:40 PM
5 Happiness Apps to Help With Anxiety
Thanks to technology, apps are available to provide help with anxiety and depression at your fingertips. Who doesn't need that right now during the coronavirus pandemic? With that in mind, this article shares some happiness apps meant to help calm nerves and help you live a happier life, even during these difficult times.
05/01/2020 06:28 PM
Managing Your Stress During This Time of COVID-19
The stress level of professionals is skyrocketing because of the life changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Are you finding yourself more stressed than normal? Would you appreciate some stress management techniques which can give you a sense of peace right now? Read this article for helpful advice to help you manage your stress and rebuild your life balance.
03/23/2020 10:57 AM
Fear of Death While Living in a Pandemic
In this article we learn that fear is nothing to fear, yet this does not imply the we should not fear. Fear of death in the context of our current COVID-19 pandemic is explored.
03/10/2020 02:49 PM
Three Steps to Reducing Fear of Coronavirus
Fear and panic about the global coronavirus crisis is as destructive as the actual problem, if not more so. Use these three empowering steps to take back control of your mindset, and generate calm in yourself and those around you.
03/02/2020 08:17 AM
\"Do Unto Others" and Rebuilding the Temple
This article, when applied practically, has the potential of transforming our inner and outer lives. The single crucial benefit -- due to the silence-meditation practice -- is the strengthening of the all-vital human immune system. This scripture, in its decoded format, presents an easy to follow blueprint on mental, physical and cellular well-being development through awakening the body's inner power centers, the 12 inner faculties.
02/05/2020 08:45 AM
Less Burnout, More Success: The Life-Changing Mindset Shift We All Need!
When we are too focused on our goals and taking action, we can undermine both our success and our wellbeing. Push too hard and we make it worse! So what's the alternative approach? Is it possible to have better results and less burnout?
01/15/2020 03:08 PM
Self-Care and Stress Management
Self care is not about managing stress. Self-care is about managing our response to stress and not meeting stress with stress, but with acceptance and compassion.
01/06/2020 10:32 AM
Are You a Farmer Who Needs to Deal With Stress?
Farmers often have their own unique areas that cause them stress. Balancing the fluctuations of the weather, market forces, the wellbeing of their stock or crops, the way forward can all bring sleepless nights. Some we have to learn to deal with, others we may be able to manage a little better.
11/18/2019 07:19 PM
How Do You Spend Your Sundays?
Remember when Sundays were sacrosanct, all about church and family? No shops opened, so people used to worship, visit relatives and enjoy an easy day. Nowadays people are available 7 days a week and their 'Sunday' may be different to their friends or family. But we all need a day off.
11/18/2019 07:18 PM
Why Take a Retreat?
Feel like you need some time away to get healthy, de-stress and focus on what's going on in your life, the direction you're taking? A retreat can be a rewarding option and be designed to suit you and your needs.
10/02/2019 12:35 PM
Why Don't You Take Your Holidays?
The statistics are scary, so many people don't use their full holiday allocation, work hours of unpaid overtime. Then we wonder why there's so much stress! Stressed at the thought of taking then, stress when don't take them! We're experiencing tough times.
09/05/2019 04:59 PM
Is Work a Happy Place?
We spend so much of our time at work, and yet many of us are unhappy. Stress in the workplace is an increasing area of concern, costing UK businesses ?40 billion last year in stress-related issues; accidents, absenteeism, poor performance. Whether we're working for ourselves or for someone else it's becoming increasingly important to find ways that support work being a happy place.
08/26/2019 01:58 PM
Work Got You Stressed? Let Go Using These Timely Tips
Stress is part of everyone's life and work. And the better you manage your work stress, the happier and more productive you'll be. So, don't let stress be in the driver's seat!
08/07/2019 10:11 AM
Sacred Body Oracle: Energy Tributaries
Sacred Body Oracle: Energy Tributaries is part of a weekly ongoing series of articles that guide you into a relaxed state with awareness, visualization, gentle movements and conscious breathing. Awareness of your energy tributaries will help you relax your body and quiet your mind. Open your body to spirit.
08/01/2019 08:18 PM
Can You Gage Your Level of Subconscious Stress?
Anxiety accumulates when worry and fear are not properly handled. Stress refers to the reactions that a body has in the face of worry or fear and which result in a set of feelings caused by the chemicals released by our brains because of it.
07/15/2019 11:14 AM
Do Not Ignore the Importance of Self-Care
Many times the hectic pace of life makes it difficult to do the things we need to do for ourselves. Whether it is time alone, meditation, reading, personal growth, or anything else that fills you up, taking the time for self-care is an important activity that should not be ignored.
06/12/2019 02:30 PM
Learning to Embrace Not Knowing
I'll never forget the day in my mid-thirties when I had an insight that freed me from 20 years of feeling inadequate, less than, broken. I discovered that there are two kinds of people on the planet: eagle people and mole people. Up to that moment I was a mole person trying to be an eagle person.
06/10/2019 09:25 AM
When You're on Overload, You Still Have Options
Overload. Do you ever have one of those days when you can't see even a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel? You know what I mean. One of those days when your to-do list is overflowing and your phone is ringing and you are overwhelmed and discouraged.
06/04/2019 10:58 AM
Japanese Psychology and Emotions
Emotions are cues to action. They make us stop, pay attention, and prepare to act. Japanese Psychology views emotions differently from Western Psychological traditions. This article discusses the five principles that form the basis of understanding emotions from a Japanese Psychology perspective. It also provides a six-step action approach for managing troubling emotions.
06/03/2019 10:21 AM
Take the Stress Out of Stress
Some stress is good for us. It keeps us on our toes, helps us think outside the box, come up with new ideas, deliver more than we thought we could. But continual stress is counter-productive and can cause many issues and ailments over time. There are a documented 360 physical symptoms of stress and you may be working your way through them all! Let's consider some ways to take the stress out of stress.
05/13/2019 01:53 PM
How People Are Stressed or Things Get To Big and Overwhelming
Stress is a learnt weakness, it is not natural. It is natural to be able to handle everything calmly. How can we overcome this habitual stressful reaction?

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