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Truly Bizarre Taxes: The Tax on Illegal Drugs
One can never underestimate the enthusiasm that politicians have for trying to hunt up tax revenues. The creativity of some politicians can lead to bizarre taxes and unfortunate results.

Save Money on Taxes - Let Uncle Sam Pay for Your Fun!
"Deducting Meals and Entertainment"O.K.
The Internet Tax Man Cometh
Q: I was contacted by the city tax collector to say that my business is scheduled to be audited to see if I owe sales tax on items purchased on the Internet. Can they really make me pay sales tax on internet purchase? I thought you could buy things online tax free? -- Charlie B.
Tax Audits: What Signs Make You More Likely to be Audited by the IRS?
It's a major fear for most Americans: A notice from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) summoning you for an audit.What is it about these three letters that strikes a cord of fear in Americans' hearts? Learning the signs that could put your tax return at the top of the list for an audit, and avoiding them if possible, may put your mind at ease.
Hurricane Katrina - How To Use Your Business Loss To Get A Refund on 2004 Taxes
With the massive losses caused by Katrina, the economy of the Gulf Coast region is in extremely bad shape. Fortunately, there is a quirk in the tax code that can help you generate a large refund from your 2004 taxes.
History Of The Federal Income Tax
The powers of Congress, and the limitations set upon those powers, are set forth in Article I of the United States Constitution. Section 8 specifies both the power to collect, "Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises," and the requirement that, "Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States.
Small Business Tax Credit - Americans with Disabilities Act
Many small businesses complain when confronted with the expense of complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Most do not realize that there are a number of tax incentives available to offset the costs.
Complaince of Tax Return in Electronic Commerce Taxation
Emerging Legal issues of Tax compliance of e-business Self-assessment system relies on taxpayers voluntarily meeting their tax obligations by tax payee. This concept is recognised in all tax statutes, which sets out taxpayers' primary obligations to fill tax return on self-assessment, and clearly spells out that taxpayers are required to determine the amount of tax payable correctly and to pay it on time.
Highlights of IRS List of 2005 Tax Scams
Each year, the IRS lists various scams taxpayers get caught up in. The top 2005 scams include several that manipulate laws governing charitable groups, abuse credit counseling services or rely on refuted arguments to claim tax exemptions.
How to Donate Your Car to Charity and Get Tax Deduction
Donating your used car to charity is a win-win situation; the charity gets your gift and you get tax deduction. Below are some simple steps to make a car donation.
Paying Workers - What Can You Write-Off?
As your business grows, you are going to need help. This help comes in the form of employees and independent contractors.
IRS Statute of Limitations: Do Taxes Ever Expire?
Many Americans believe that an IRS debt is a debt for life and that the tax collector can hound them to the grave. Thankfully, that is not the case and there are statutory time limits on the ability of the IRS to examine and collect taxes.
Send Your Kids To Summer Camp and Write It Off
If you paid someone to care for a child so you could work, you may be able claim a tax credit for child and dependent care expenses on your federal income tax return. This credit is available to people who, in order to work or to look for work, have to pay for child care services for dependents under age 13.
Tax Trap #5 -- Ignoring The IRS (and the 5 best ways to contact them!)
We all love to criticize the IRS, don't we? And I'mjust as guilty as anyone. It's easy to ridicule a hugeorganization of government bureaucrats who often seemto be Public Enemy #1.
Another Tax Loophole
Just image, you are a small manufacturing company, business has been good, but yesterday you received a call from a customer who wants 50,000 widgets in 45 days. The customer is a large account and if you turn the business down, he may never call you again.
How To Get An Extension To File Your Business Tax Returns
Yes, the tax season is upon with the first filing date for some businesses being March 15, 2005. If you can't imagine getting your tax returns together by that date, you need not worry.
Income Tax Returns Your Accountant Should Not File
You've been feeling uneasy (perhaps even guilty) becauseyou've failed to report your under the table business income. Perhaps you've never filed a tax return, even though you know you owe money.
Getting A Second Extension to File 2004 Taxes
Millions of people file tax return extensions every year. The tax filing deadlines can rush up on your quickly.
A Taxing Investment
April 15 - The most dreaded day of the year is right around the corner. Are you ready? Some of the most neglected (and misunderstood) tax issues are those related to your investments.
Insider Guides to IRS Audits!
Ever wish that, as a business owner, you knew exactly what would raise "red flags" at the IRS? Or how to make an IRS audit go as smoothly and painlessly as possible?If you're in the right type of business, you can get that information, directly from the IRS!Traditionally, IRS examiners have been responsible for auditing many types of businesses. An examiner might audit a grocery store one week and a construction company the next.