Top 7 or 10 Tips

Top 7 or 10 Tips

7 Reasons You Want Referral Business and How to Get Them

Studies have proven that there is one reason why people don't do more referral business: they don't ask. There are two reasons why, they forget or they don't have a strong enough relationship with their clients, so they don't feel comfortable The truth is every professional should strive to have all of their business be referral because the benefits of referral business are undeniable and extensive.

Top 10 Ways Websites Makes Me Suffer

I believe some people create and publish websites for the sole purpose of tormenting their visitors. Browsing various websites and navigating the Web can often be like trying to read on an airplane while a kid kicks the back of your seat and the baby next to you alternates between screaming, crying and drooling on you.

Business Profitability - 10 Ways To Boost

10 Ways to Boost your ProfitabilitySo many business owners work hard - really hard - just to break even or keep afloat. Each one of us deserves reward for our efforts, whether that be financial or personal.

Wealth Building Scams

I have some good news and I have some bad news. First the good news.

Seven Questions to Improve Your Business, Your Relationships, and Your Life

Seven Questions to Improve Your Business, Your Relationships, and Your Life One of the most powerful tools we have as humans is our ability to ask questions.  The more adept we are at asking them (and waiting for and listening to the answers), the more effective we will be.

Ten Ways to Strengthen Your Reading Habit

Most people wish they read more.  It is an activity that is both fun and enlightening.

Ten Tips for Cross Cultural Communication

Here are some simple tips to help you improve your cross cultural communication skills: Slow Down Even when English is the common language in a cross cultural situation, this does not mean you should speak at normal speed. Slow down, speak clearly and ensure your pronunciation is intelligible.

7 Reasons Why Training Doesn't Produce the Desired Results and What You Can Do To

Seven Reasons Why Training Doesn't Produce the Desired Results and What You Can Do To Improve Your Results OverviewAbraham Maslow said, "If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail."  As managers, leaders and change agents, we want to improve our organizational performance.

Your Leadership Shopping List

'Tis the season to give. And finding the right gift to give the people on your team can be challenging.

Top Seven Reasons to Publicize your Business with Articles

Do you want to be #1-10 on Google and other search engines? Do you want quadruple your Web sales in five months? Promote your business to the top with these 7 reasons to write and submit how-to articles. 1.

Top Ten Tips for Online Publishing Success

Use the checklist below to make sure your article, tip, or book excerpt will get published and make you a household name on the Internet. 1.

Top Ten Things to Do to Make your Signature File Sell

Always include a powerful signature on every email you send out, even to friends. It's even more important when you send out articles to opt-in ezines (no spam) and top web sites in your field--more important than your article's message.

The Top Ten Ways to Attract Buyers, Not Just Visitors to your Web Site

Have you put a lot of effort, time, and money into your site and are frustrated with low sales? If you are like many professionals out there, you know your subject; you are excellent at your craft. You have a great service and maybe a great product to sell.

Plan Your Success In Seven Ways

Many businesses lose money yearly because they don't think creatively about the future.  They run their businesses doing what they think they should: dealing with customers, dealing with problems, ordering for their business, and paying their expenses.

Want a Web Site that Turns Lookie Loos into Buyers? Seven Passion Copywriting Tips

Web Site Blues? Need one, don't know where to start? Got one, but aren't getting enough sales? If you need a Web site soon you may be wondering where to start and who to trust. All Web masters are not equal.

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09/20/2021 10:22 AM
Small Business Ideas With Low Investment
Nowadays, the youth of our country wants to do their own business instead of working for someone else. But most youth have a financial shortage, so they start thinking that they will never be able to do business themselves. There are more people like those young people who think that they need a lot of investment to start their own business. But this is not true at all. There are so many businesses that can be started with low investment and all these are Long-Term-Business. The specialty of these business is that students, young people and housewives can also do this. It may be that some people think that Small Business can be created from these Business Ideas, that we should understand that if these small Business Ideas are done differently, then in the making of crores of companies from a small business.
07/29/2021 03:02 PM
5 Tips Look for The Best International Courier Company
Since there is a growing demand for high-end services, most international courier companies try their level best to offer the best services for their customers. Today, businesses want to get their products delivered to their customers in a timely fashion. Besides, they also want to make sure that their products will be intact when they reach their customers or clients. Therefore, they look for the best international courier company for this purpose. In this article, we are going to share with you 5 tips that will help you look for the best service. Read on to find out more.
06/10/2021 09:13 AM
Want To Invest In Startups - Consider This First
The underfunded entrepreneur has become a clich?, they're always, looking for money. Don't shy away from investing in startups or early-stage ventures just do it wisely.
06/01/2021 08:48 AM
Payment Security Checks - How to Lose a Customer in Three Easy Steps
The accountant/finance manager is an expert at putting the needs of his own business ahead of any of those silly customer expectations, like fast order processing and delivery. Who cares if the troublesome punters go away never to return when the upside is elimination of payment problems?
04/13/2020 05:16 PM
15 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Gold & Silver
There's a great deal of "Smoke and Mirrors" when selling gold and silver, and it's all designed to help the Buyer and not the Seller. If you don't know how the game is played, then you're a prime candidate to be taken advantage of when selling jewelry, coins, or sterling silver. Here are 15 things you should know before attempting to sell your precious metal treasures.
04/23/2019 10:25 AM
7 Ways Show Bands Bring Los Angeles Style Corporate Success
How do you find success? Show bands style! Show bands bring Los Angeles Style Corporate Success, are you ready?
02/01/2019 02:30 PM
7 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Route Optimizing Software
This article lists 7 reasons for SMEs, retail units, FMCGs, and large companies to use technology for route optimization. It will also give reasons on how using this software can benefit the business.
01/03/2019 09:28 AM
Top 8 Online Side Hustle Ideas To Generate Extra Cash Every Month
We give you the top 8 strategies to use to make money online and to be a independent online business.There are countless excellent reasons to be interested in earning money online and it is no exaggeration to say that this is a decision that can change your entire life.Earning online also give you the financial freedom.
07/16/2018 03:09 PM
Successful Business - Top Reasons
1) Direction. Every startup needs a leader with a vision. During the difficult times, the CEO needs a clear idea of the end mission and how the company needs to get there.
07/10/2018 08:20 AM
Successful Tips Business Owners Should Learn From IKEA
IKEA's history goes back more than 60 years. The founding father of IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad, is worth $78.1 billion today.
06/19/2018 08:15 AM
How To Take Your Business To The Top With 7 Tips
Turning into successful entrepreneurs don't happen overnight or by accident. There are certain traits in a person that helps you get to the top if you are new to a business or trying to bear your active business.
03/09/2018 08:31 AM
Top 10 Reasons to Migrate to EDI Managed Services in 2018
The article describes top 10 reasons for choosing the Managed EDI Support services. Read the complete guide to enhance the EDI services with the help of experienced consultants.
01/18/2018 09:57 AM
Top 10 Space Saving Catering Equipment
In the restaurant business and the catering industry there is a wide variety of catering equipment, appliances, and foods that move in and out of the commercial kitchen on a daily basis. It's not surprising that space can become an issue. Here are the top 10 space saving catering equipment.
10/26/2017 02:18 PM
Seven Key Formula for Winning Cost Proposals
A winning cost proposal to the Federal Government requires several elements that seem like they "just make sense", and they do, but often we find that contractors miss the boat when they put together their cost proposal. Many companies cover the basics when it comes to responding to a Federal requirement and call it finished.
09/18/2017 09:42 PM
Your Top Work ABC's
Take a few minutes to reflect on your top ABC's for a successful business. Remind yourself of what's important to you.
07/17/2017 03:26 PM
7 Ways to Make a Lasting First Impression on Facebook
When consumers are thinking of buying a product or service they go to the internet to do a little research. Social media profiles are often among the top results in search listings for brand names. Consumers will probably see your Facebook page before they see your website.
06/05/2017 04:11 PM
Price Matters! The Role of Strategy in Developing a Winning Government Price
In these days of slashed Government budgets, price is even more a factor now then it has been ever before. Price REALLY Matters! Whether the procurement specifies best value or low price technically acceptable (LPTA), doing your homework and sharpening your pencil to get the most competitive price is likely to spell the difference between a win and losing an important competitive procurement.
04/19/2017 08:42 AM
8 Golden Success Secrets for Small Businesses
Running a small business is as challenging as trekking to Mt. Everest without having oxygen cylinder, prior practice, and a valid map guide. The challenges are only because there are no authentic rules that can lead a small business towards success while other major obstacles comprise: low budget, limited manpower, and lack of efficient resources.
03/21/2017 08:54 AM
All You Need to Know When Moving Offices
Relocate your business and move offices can be a very stressful task that could potentially affect your business if not managed properly. We have put together some expert advice and top tips to ensure that your office move project can be implemented quickly and efficiently with minimal downtime and risks.
03/01/2017 11:41 AM
10 Steps To Create The Corporate Event Of The Year
Let's be honest. Corporate events can be downright boring. In fact, some can even be best described as sleepers. If you want something better for your event - read more of this info:
02/22/2017 02:54 PM
9 Excellent Reasons WHY You Should Invest in a Fabric Inspection Machine! (Check MASTER)
First, let us give you a brief on Fabric Inspection and Fabric Inspection machines: Fabric is the most important ingredient of any garment. It also contributes the maximum to the cost of the fabric. Hence it is pertinent that it must be checked properly to avoid rejections and cost-overruns due to faults in the fabric. The main objective of the inspection is to detect the defects as early as possible in the manufacturing process so that time and money are not wasted afterwards on either correcting the defect or even writing off the defective Garments.
01/26/2017 08:58 AM
7 Hot Topics For Amazon Affiliate Markets
Pretty much a daily discussion at the Round Table, what topic can I sell Amazon affiliate markets on? Well, it isn't really a secret, there are several ways to figure out the top markets, and find ways to make the best of whatever marketing opportunities you find, but these are the top 7 markets that have been the most profitable in our circle.
01/26/2017 08:45 AM
7 Secrets To Powerful Article Marketing Results
You've been doing it, but not getting great results? Well, you're probably missing one of these 7 Secrets to powerful article marketing results. You should try them. Run through the list and make sure you're getting it right.
01/25/2017 12:21 PM
7 Tips to Make Your Rental Experience the Best It Can Be
Rental is a business unlike any other, and often misunderstood by many. The following 7 tips will help you through a rental transaction without the confusion that plagues the industry.
01/25/2017 07:50 AM
Cover Bands - Theme Ideas For Corporate Events
Do you know what the top 7 themes are for corporate events? We did some research and found the top 7 theme concepts for corporate events, and the cover bands who perform these themes. I'll give you a BIG tip - Flappers are super popular at these events!
01/13/2017 09:29 AM
Nine Benefits of Web Blogging for Small Businesses
How to write a blog for your business. The reasons why you should use a web blog to promote your business. How to confidently get started on your blog.
11/28/2016 02:38 PM
Tips on Handling Mistakes Within Your Company
All employees will eventually make a mistake. When a mistake is made, there will be consequences. However, your response to the situation, as a manager and a leader, take will dictate the actions the employees take.
11/04/2016 08:28 AM
Top 10 Best Ways To Market Your Business With Top 10 Lists
How do you market your business with Top 10 BEST lists? Well, let's just figure that out, with my top 10 BEST ways to market your business. I'll start with the basic concepts, and move up from there, to better ideas to share.
10/29/2016 05:41 PM
Best 7 Essential Principles of Corporate Event Planning
Over the past two decades I've learned a thing or two about party planning, and how to make a corporate event successful. The first and most important part of the event is always - entertainment. Once you get that right, the rest just falls into place. Let's get started!
10/10/2016 11:07 AM
10 Top Tips For A Successful Investor Pitch
If you're an entrepreneur and passionate about what you do, you'll know how it goes... you have a great business idea, perhaps even one that you have proof of concept for, but now you need funds to take it to the next level. Over recent years I've had to spend a fair amount of time not just consulting on how businesses can cut costs, increase profits and grow, but also on determining how best to pitch to interested investors. One of the most difficult presentations to make as an entrepreneur, is the investment pitch. This article aims to help you through it!
09/29/2016 03:08 PM
10 Tips How To Avoid Locksmith Fraud
As scary as it may sound, Locksmith scams are becoming a part of our day to day lives. Locksmiths target home and auto owners when they are at their most vulnerable state and in desperate need for help- in an emergency and needing immediate assistance.
09/19/2016 09:07 AM
7 Most Preferred Convention Centers in Southern California
Looking for a great spot to hold your Corporate Training and Team Building Event? Convention Centers in Southern California may offer more than just the best service in the country. Local Cover Bands can be scheduled at reasonable prices. Year round planning opportunity may benefit your event. And who can resist a Southern California vacation - made deductible by attending a Corporate Training Event?
09/13/2016 08:59 AM
Celebrity Doubles - 7 Entertainment Tips for Corporate Events That Double the Fun
Your corporate event needs a little something... You know, you've got all the traditional training programs going on, there's plenty of good food, and entertainment, but it would be nice if Elvis showed up, or perhaps you'd rather have Taylor Swift? Maybe Royalty is more your style? Check this out... Elvis is in the room.
08/15/2016 10:08 AM
7 'C's That Create Champions
I've been watching some of the Summer Olympics games. I'm always inspired by the performances of the Olympians.
08/10/2016 09:23 AM
Seven Top Tips For Expense Management To Enhance Profitability
Making money is only one of the successful building blocks to a profitable business. Equally important is preventing yourself from letting money slip through your fingers because you're not paying attention to costs. Here are some tips for expense management that will help you hang on to more of your hard-earned cash...
07/21/2016 04:02 PM
Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Work in Malaysia Compared to Philippines
In the early 90s, there was a huge demand for Filipino skilled workers in Saudi Arabia for manual labor. With their struggle to feed the family and give their kids a proper education, Filipino parents would often remind them to "study hard and get a good job.
06/17/2016 02:15 PM
7 Ways to Start Living a Fourth Quarter Offense
NFL team's offense' performance increases in the 4th quarter - 30% more points are scored in the 4th quarter than in the 1st quarter. What changes? Urgency. How many of us are living 1st quarter lives? Here are 7 tips to convert to 4th quarter living.
06/15/2016 03:41 PM
Top 10 Benefits of IT Project Outsourcing
Outsourcing IT projects can be a great idea if it is done correctly. Therefore, here are the ten benefits of outsourcing IT projects.
06/01/2016 09:14 AM
10 Qualities and Skills Your Next-Gen Project Manager Should Have
Ensuring that projects are completed on time and on budget is one of the challenges of the next-gen project manager. Because of this, the project manager job has become more demanding and needs people who have the core capabilities to successfully do the job.
04/12/2016 10:30 AM
7 Thoughts From Scripture for Struggling Christian Business Owners
Christian business owners struggle like everyone else. It can overwhelm our business if we are not careful. As Christians, we must learn to look to scripture and the wisdom of other Christian entrepreneurs to get through our tough times and back into God's plan for us. This article shares 7 tips from scripture.
03/25/2016 12:43 PM
How Systems Facilitate Business Growth
Systems are the only way to build a sustainable business. This article a 7 tips on why business systems are crucial to any successful business.
03/07/2016 10:01 AM
Business Tips: Words From The Wise
If you have your own business, you know how tough it is to keep it afloat. Ever felt like you needed to do more? Or you're missing on something? We've tallied down some handy tips from the big guys who used these in making their success stories.
02/19/2016 01:45 PM
The 7 Forces Of Business Mastery
These 7 forces were gleaned from a mastermind event where people spent thousands of dollars to attend. They are universal principles that will apply to any and every business - whether it is a brick and mortar dry cleaning business, an online business and everything in between.
01/21/2016 07:20 AM
The Private Equity's View of Your Company
'Whether it's broken or not, fix it - make it better. Not just products, but the whole company if necessary.' - Bill Saporito. One of the key, often understated, elements of value creation by some Private Equity (PE) firms for their portfolio companies is the ability, as an external investor (or that of any external advisor), to provide an 'outside in' perspective, at least in the first few months following the acquisition. This enables a business review through an objective and dispassionate prism i.e. in a very analytical, facts based, manner not hampered by the many cognitive biases of the leadership team that's already in place (e.g. rationalisation of past decisions and related emotional attachment, endowment effect, mental accounting, status quo or inside view, to name just a few).
10/27/2015 10:38 AM
Top 10 Reasons Why Most Corporate Health Programs Do Not Work
Create the Corporate Happy Place - there is no better way to ensure employee loyalty, performance, enthusiasm, camaraderie... and of course the ultimate bottom line of corporate wealth. Most Corporate health programs are based on the most superficial level of health - pop fitness. By creating a fully measurable wellness program, encompassing nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle choices (understanding daily exposures that sabotage our efforts) we can create an energized, vibrant environment where people and profit thrive. Our people are our #1 resource - show them. So yes - it is possible to create a process that is realistic, is adaptable to each person's unique set of demands, success is quantitatively measured - adherence & compliance are embraced - but stay away from the mediocrity of most programs.
10/21/2015 04:55 PM
7 Things About Omnichannel Engagement You Need to Know
Learn about the omnichannel (aka multichannel) trend and the implications on your business. With omnichannel engagement, you can increase customer satisfaction and employee happiness.
10/16/2015 12:12 PM
Top 10 Business Tips For Newbies
Thinking of starting up your own business, but have no idea where to start? Here are the top 10 tips to get your creative juices flowing and thinking along the right lines.
10/02/2015 09:55 AM
10 Facts About C-TPAT
The Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism is a new certification program for haulers and transporters, that provides rigorous inspections of cargo. This article takes a look at the benefits to being a member in good standing with the United States Custom & Border Patrol (CBP) and why this program is so important.
09/29/2015 09:18 AM
Top 10 Tips to Follow for Great Business Productivity
Ever businessperson must be seeking the best ways to gain maximum productivity out of their works and efforts. This article will help those hard-workers and strugglers to get more productivity in their work through the aforementioned tips and strategies.
09/21/2015 08:34 AM
7 Assets That Followers Desire in a Leader
Every follower is attracted to a leader who possesses these qualities: A - Calling - Few things are as compelling to followers as a clear calling in the life of a leader. Someone who has received and accepted a calling usually possesses vision, passion, energy, and commitment. Having the calling first really helps with the direction that you should go.

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