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Video Killed The Telephone Star ...

You know the 80's song, "Video Killed the Radio Star." It was a big hit and one of the first videos to air on MTV. Well, what came true for music video is on it's way to becoming true for telephone.

You're the star of all your phone conversations already, right? Everyone loves to hear your voice and hold endless conversations on the phone with you ? well, you better get prepared to dress up for your appearances now too.

Yup, video phones are now the newest trend to hit the market and it's not being provided via your traditional phone carrier either. The video phone is available only through a broadband phone provider or phone supplier, but it is already taking off in the market as the next household necessity much like the cell phone and high speed Internet did.

My Privacy ? I Just Got Out of the Shower!

Before you worry about invasion of privacy issues, like just getting out of the shower, most video phones are optional in their viewing modes. This means you have the option of being on camera or not. Phew, got that off of your chest.

The Entire Globe

Now the great part is that it is through the broadband voice providers that most broadband phone services are available globally. So it is very likely that if you have relatives afar, you can video phone with them overseas.

Cost Savings with a Catch

With broadband phone calling, long distance or international is now running as low as 3 cents a minute or less so you don't pay much to call at all. You might even call it a steal. What's the catch? Well, it's the video phones themselves. The phones run about $500.00 or more a piece. Yikes!

With a little shopping ingenuity however you can find lower prices on these video phones. Packet8, a VoIP broadband phone company has a mail-in rebate for the time being on their line of video phones to notch down their price 50%. Their phones after rebate run at $250.00, which for many households, may still be a little too steep.

History Promises the Trend

Don't get too discouraged by phone prices though, this trend is still in a growing stage. Cell phones are free these days and they use to be only afforded by the rich and famous. Everyone has a cell phone now, a camera phone for that matter. So if price holds you back now, you can anticipate lower prices and even free offers in the future.

Video Phones Save On Travel

If you travel to visit relatives often or even once a year just to see them face to face, the video phone may very well pay for itself in travel expenses alone. So you can't give them a hug, well would you believe there is a prototype for a virtual kissing phone coming out for cell phones? Yes, you can virtually smooch back and forth between another phone owner.

Technology will never cease to amaze, and prices can't stay up forever so eventually you will more than likely find yourself a consumer in the video phone market. Rest assured today's growing technologies will have you saying, "Back in my day." I already say it.

This article was written by Aaron Siegel of TopSavings.Net which provides consultive services for communications for households and businesses alike.

Services available at the website include broadband phone services (Including Packet8), Phoneless DSL(SpeakEasy), Long Distance, Local Phone Services, Cellular services, and more. Broadband Video Phone Service

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Video-Conferencing Outlook for 2014
Through the years, I had witnessed several hurdles and unacceptance (I admit I was once a non-believer too) due to mainly to the costs involved and quality of video broadcast (which is mainly due to bandwidth issues), Video Conferencing have gone a long way in just these few years. The ever evolving technological landscape together with the way people are working in this digital era, Unified Collaborative Communication is definitely going to be part of everyone's life. Thus based on the trend that was observed from 2013 and the years before, 2014 is undoubtedly going to be bright and exciting. From the indications I had gathered so far from my vendors and partners, I am really excited with what the year has to offer.
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Video Conferencing To Improve Company Productivity
In the world of business today with escalating economic pressure and immense global competition, time is a major factor. The common objective of businesses around the world is to reduce company downtime and improve productivity considerably.
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Video Conferencing For Online Training Sessions
As per the growing technology, the organizations are now focusing on making their work force get updated with the latest technologies, through effective training. Training sessions offer the employees to grow as a personal and professional. Physical or classroom training requires ample number of resources such as infrastructure, time and tutors. Employee training is an ever ending process in any of the organization, for which the organizations cannot afford for standard resources. Here e-learning is an ideal solution where-in the trainer can simultaneously teach two or more groups of trainees at various locations.

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