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VOIP Information

VoIP: Finally Worth a Look

Dear Internet Friends, Hundreds of thousands of consumers collectively save millions of dollars each month by replacing (or supplementing) their traditional telephone service with personal voice over IP (VoIP) telephony. Using IP to transmit voice is not new.

Finally Voip Worth a Look!

Everyone can Benefit from this Technology! Voip will be next communication tool in the world. Below are just a few of the most common uses of the ICON Communicator Business Applications Conferencing between two or hundreds of participants.

Things You Should Consider When Selecting a VoIP Provider

The following are very important factors to consider when you are selecting a VoIP provider. Educate yourself and be informed before you choose.

How VoIP Works -- Busting Out of Long Distance Rates

VoIP is the newest advancement in audio communications technology, and has a variety of different applications that make it useful. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and how VoIP works is actually quite revolutionary because it streamlines the process of sending analog audio signals by converting them to a much easier to send digital form for transmission.

Broadband Phone Technology - Top 5 Reasons You Should Take Notice

For the uninitiated, the term broadband phone is loosely used to describe the technology currently available where one can make telephone calls from a telephone system that sends the voice signal over your internet connection. The call may terminate at a regular phone line or another broadband phone.

The Single Most Important Thing to Know About Computer Phones (VoIP)

Over 90% of computer phones (VoIP) are not secure because they use a public known codex (publicly known encryption of sound packets) and a publicly known protocol to transport voice conversations. Therefore, users of these type of services are unknowingly exposing themselves to anyone who wants to listen in or access their confidential information.

VOIP: A Basic, Basic Intro

What is it?Most people are familiar w/ NetMeeting and other software that let you talk to others over the internet. VOIP is similar.

What Is VoIP and How Does It Work

IntroductionThe way we make phone calls is changing. In fact in many circumstances things have already changed.

What Do You Know About VoIP?

What is VoIPVoIP is an acronym for voice over internet protocol, aka voice over ip phone. A VoIP, in essence, is a computer phone that allows you to make phone calls from your computer to anyone in the world, e.

Needless HIGH RISK Exposure For Business Using Computer Phones

The Facts? Computer phones (VoIP) offer the most optimal means of communicating when considering quality and cost, and can save businesses up to 80% on their phone bills when calling from PC to PC, to landlines, or to mobile phones, regardless of company size.? Over 90% of all VoIP solutions providers operate on unsecure lines or platforms, whether free or charging for services.

How VoIP Will Affect Every Household and Business in the World

Seattle venture capitalist, Greg Gottesman, calls it "?one of the most important changes in communications in the past 100 years."The Boeing Company announced plans to move its 150,000 employees to an internet-based phone system, and several Seattle area residents are using internet telephones to get cheap rates or, in some cases, free international phone calls.

Is VoIP Good For The Home?

There is no doubt that you have heard about VoIP by now. It's made headlines and is plastered everywhere both in online and TV advertisements.

Instant Menaces or Instant Messengers?

Many vendors offering Instant Messaging (IM) services have added new capabilities such as voice messaging and file sharing. Among others, AOL, Microsoft, and Yahoo offer these IM services.

The Dangers of Peer-to-Peer Systems

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) systems do not operate on secure lines, thus providing a conduit for hackers to enter a network or computer, access personal and confidential information, as well as deploy viruses or worms. Users of P2P systems are prime targets and/or launching points for malicious hacker attacks simply because it requires downloading and sharing electronic files or programs, not to mention usage on publicly open and interpretable industry standard protocols and industry standard codec.

Why Over 90% of VoIP Services Are Vulnerable to Attack

John Ashcroft, Attorney General, in remarks at the High Technology Crime Investigation Association 2004 International Training Conference held on September 13, 2004 stated, "We have seen worms and viruses attack?disrupting basic services?And with the increased use of the Internet and especially peer-to-peer networking, we have seen malicious code spread more quickly and infect more personal computers than ever before. The cost of these worms, viruses, and denial-of-service attacks?reaches into the billions of dollars.

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03/26/2021 02:14 PM
What Every Company Needs To Know About Business VoIP And Unified Communications
The search for a business VoIP solution, or more appropriately Voice Over Internet Protocol, can confuse any business. There are many flavors of VoIP... and many pros and cons... that you need to be aware of when considering which service to choose.
02/12/2020 03:59 PM
VoIP Leading Over Telecom Industry
Earlier telecom industry dominated the communication all over the world but with the inception of VoIP technology tables had been turned upside down. Now most of the companies are replacing the traditional telephone services with VoIP technology via softphones and mobile dialers. Organisations have put down the PBX systems and VoIP solutions have taken the front seat. The diminishing telephone services have been rooted by the ability of VoIP providing lower costs benefits, efficiency, productivity hike, ubiquity and much more to talk about. A lot more features are encompassed in VoIP technology as compared to traditional systems of communication. Within melange choices one will choose only that option that is cheap and best, that can give more in less investment and this is what actually goes with VoIP technology.
08/01/2018 08:28 AM
An IP PBX Phone - The Heart of an Eco-Friendly Business Enterprise
Transitioning to PBX phone system may not be the ideal strategy to foster an environment-friendly business ecosystem but office phone systems as well as that of the residence, which install a VoIP telephone system would save on expenditure and more. The given points in article are an elucidation on ways that an IP PBX Phone system that can be environment friendly.
06/14/2018 10:10 AM
Why Ringless Voicemail Is a Preferred Choice for Every Marketer
Ringless Voicemail is considered as the most preferred choice for every agent and marketer as it is the most reliable technology that delivers the voice message without even disturbing the recipients. Here are its most common reasons discussed that make the technology perfect for both agents and users.
06/11/2018 02:11 PM
The Future Scope of VoIP
As in the Internet era, VoIP services stands unique and inexpensive to internet people. The buzzing word in today's calling is Voice over Internet Protocol. The revolution of VoIP has already taken into many corporate spaces and ready to exceed the gamut of its today's version in coming future. According to recent survey nearly 90% of large companies have switched to VoIP technology. Also world has witnessed a great transition of revenue in VoIP from $13 billion in 2002 to $197 billion in 2007. And in terms of usage it has witnessed 8.3 billion minutes in 2002 to 823 billion minutes in 2007.
04/26/2018 03:05 PM
Top Call Center Practices for 2018
There are certain significant measures which should be taken by every call center industry to remain competitive in the market. If you are following advanced call center practices, you can simply offer good customer services, and can also keep the brand reputation to the highly desired level.
04/06/2018 10:00 AM
Tips for Running an Effective Skype Business Meeting
Learn to run your virtual business meetings efficiently and Skype will soon become your favourite money-saving business communications tool. Whether you need to speak with remote employees, international customers or suppliers at the other end of the country, Skype is the business communications tool that can keep things simple and personal whilst still saving all parties time and money.
03/07/2018 10:01 AM
VoIP Vs Landline: Which Is Better for Your Business Telecoms?
Every year, a steady stream of individuals are bypassing the use of landlines in favour of online or mobile connections. The business telecoms world is seeing a similar trend, as organisations switch to internet-connected communication. In fact, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies showed double-digit growth in 2017. But which is best for your business?
03/02/2018 11:51 AM
Why You Should Be Investing in the VoIP Business Phone System
A VoIP business phone system which essentially is a cloud based phone system can help in giving a boost to your productivity as well as the customer service to a great extent. It makes use of the internet connection to make phone calls and also allows you connect with the phone system from anywhere in the world.
01/25/2018 10:09 AM
An Introduction to VoIP and the Way It Works
Living in this age and time, if you still haven't heard of VoIP, then you better fine-tune yourself a bit. It is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol and is a revolutionary technology in itself, potential to rewrite the destiny of telephones. To put it in short, the technology allows to convert analog audio signals - which is produced when you speak on the phone - to digital data.
01/10/2018 10:37 AM
A Glimpse at the Future of VOIP Telephony
It is evident that the road of development is very long as far as the VOIP technology is concerned. In the whole journey of advancements, one fact persists that small business VOIP phone systems are going to receive a spin. In the ever-evolving scenario
09/14/2017 11:57 AM
How Does VoIP Phone Service Work?
For years, businesses have been replacing their analog phone lines with VoIP phone service. In its early years, VoIP picked up its own reputation among users and skeptics who touted it as unreliable; however, throughout its history, this new communication technology has grown in popularity and left its mark as a reliable and practical communication solution for businesses of all sizes. Today, businesses use VoIP features to stay in touch with customers and colleagues, expand their businesses seamlessly, monitor employee performance, and build customer loyalty.
08/31/2017 02:44 PM
How to Get the Most From Your Voicemail to Email Service
If you have a voicemail to email service, then you already know how great it can be. Aside from giving you the ability to share your voicemail messages with colleagues for easier collaboration, it also lets you decide if a message requires instant action or if you can add it to your to-do list to take care of later. Voicemail to email service is becoming an essential feature for many VoIP users, but are you making the most of this popular feature?
08/15/2017 03:54 PM
Know Your VoIP Phone System With This Helpful Glossary
Have you ever been part of a conversation with a group of people who seemed to be speaking their own language? Perhaps it made you feel left out and it was difficult to connect with the group on a personal level because of what seemed like a language barrier. That's how jargon can make "average" people feel.
08/09/2017 03:13 PM
Phone Calls Are Still The First Mode of Communication In The World
Phone calls are still the first mode of communication in the world, be it for household or business purposes. Especially in business settings, implementing the right telephony system counts a lot. After all, if the communication system is not efficient, a business may lose not only its investors or potential business deals but also its cherished customers.
06/13/2017 10:58 AM
Exposing the Top 5 Myths About VoIP Service Providers
It's stunning to think about the changes we've experienced with communication methods in such a short time. What used to take months with a stamped letter now takes seconds with the click of a mouse or tap of a finger. Unfortunately, as with most things people come into contact with, there are bound to be some critics.
06/13/2017 10:04 AM
What Is Softswitch in Actuality?
A Softswitch innovation has reformed telecom industry. Gone are the times of traditional voice switches. Nowadays, it can work with voice, fax and video, contributing much to the current media transmission unrest. In actuality, a softswitch is a virtual gadget/programming that associates calls starting with one line then onto the next. Since this is a virtual device, it is totally overseen by means of PC.
05/09/2017 10:20 PM
Advantages Of Having A Direct Inward Dial Number
Every company makes use of certain communication system to get connected to his employees. Communication is an integral part of any business. Thus, various companies use direct inward dial number to reduce the cost of calls. This is a telecommunication services offered by telephone companies to all those subscribers who operate private branch exchange system.
03/23/2017 11:42 AM
UCaaS in 2017 - The Death of the Traditional Phone Call
UCaaS is more than just a phone system replacement, its a better way to manage your customers experience and your business as a whole. If "Customer Experience Management" is a priority for your company this year, the very first place that you should look to make a positive change is in the replacement of your old phone system with a state of the art UCaaS system. Hoping for better results out of your 20, 10, 5 or even 3 year old phone system is not strategy for success, but using today's available UCaaS technologies absolutely is.
03/03/2017 03:49 PM
What Is VoIP And What Can It Do For Your Business?
VoIP powers business phone conversations. There are some great things that it can do for your business communications. This article shows you how to use VoIP to avoid business misunderstandings and gives you tips on how to answer phone calls more efficiently, save money and much much more.
02/27/2017 11:31 AM
VoIP Phone System: The Authentic and Thorough Solution for Your VoIP Business Need
In the course of the most recent couple of years, VoIP has assumed control over an impressive part of the media transmission showcase. It has turned out to be strikingly famous in the domain of business correspondence. Be it any scaled part, it has ended up being a genuine distinct advantage.
02/27/2017 11:10 AM
4 Main Types of Mobile VoIP Dialers
A mobile VoIP dialer is a software application that can be used on smart devices to make national and international calls at cheaper rates. There are total four different types of VoIP dialers from which some advanced dialers offer advanced features such as sending IM/SMS, group chat, audio/video calling, conferencing, file transfer and more.
12/18/2016 05:54 PM
Complete VoIP Package - A Game-Changer for Your Business
Because of a lot of perks offered by the VoIP system over the traditional telephony system, it has become more popular and acceptable among various business sectors. PBX system, VoIP Billing, Softswitch, Mobile Dialer and many others are important VoIP solutions that support the overall business communication. But when it comes to the best communication support at a reduced rate, a complete VoIP package wins the battle! Read the article to know more.
12/09/2016 08:48 AM
Simple Tips To Plan The Most Professional Conference Call Possible
A conference call is a telephone call that allows more than two people to join in the conversation. It breaks geographical barriers and makes it possible for professionals to hold meetings without the cost or need to travel and make accommodation arrangements. More and more companies are now embracing the technology that saves so much cost and time and also offers lots of convenience. There are so many platforms you can use for your business conference calls, some of which even make the calling free for your convenience. But how do you make sure the call is as professional as it ought to be?
11/04/2016 08:34 AM
The Benefits of Audio Conference Calls for Business Clients
With the improvements in technology, teleconference, or audio conference, calls are quickly being replaced with video conferencing and meeting with colleagues using internet applications. However, audio conferencing is still an important business tool for many companies and business professionals.
10/25/2016 08:41 AM
Advantages of VoIP Over Traditional Telephone Services
Regular phone service over wired lines usually doesn't include many features. You have to pay extra if you want to add anything beyond local calling ability. Many VoIP services, on the other hand, include a variety of features at no extra cost, as I'll discuss in this article.
08/25/2016 08:47 AM
WhatsApp Users Get Voice Calling Feature
WhatsApp has added a new feature that allows its users to make internet calls across the globe. This will enable them to cut the amount they need to spend for making international calls. This article talks about this new feature in detail for the benefit of the readers.
07/20/2016 09:22 AM
Softphones - How Do They Work?
These days most people use their softphones to make calls abroad. With its ease of use and reduced rates it is a great choice. It can be used as an app on a regular smartphone or as a separate phone so there's also a lot of flexibility that comes with the use of softphones. Most people use them - but how many people actually understand how they work and how they let us make cheap calls? This is what I will try to explain here, what softphones and how they actually work.
06/01/2016 01:46 PM
What You Stand To Gain As a Mobile VoIP Reseller
The best way to understand the benefits offered by mobile VoIP prior to acquiring it is to compare its features with those of other options. The mobile VoIP applications essentially stand out from other communication options such as the conventional cell phone. Again, different providers of these mobile apps offer varying features.
06/01/2016 08:56 AM
International Calls Made Cheaper With Mobile VoIP
VoIP uses a very unique technology to allow users on the same VoIP network the ability to make free calls. The key selling point that makes VoIP a runaway hit is its ability to make calls worldwide at an efficient and cost-effective rate.
05/12/2016 12:59 PM
Are You Paying Too Much for Your Business Telephone Lines?
Whilst telephone lines are crucial in the majority of businesses, the cost can seemingly run away with you. We take a look at ways you can reduce the cost of telephone lines for your business.
05/09/2016 04:30 PM
Cost-Effective Refurbished Cisco IP Phone System For Business
Any business needs effective channels of communications for it to flourish and surge ahead in a world that is fraught with tight competition. Small and medium-sized businesses though in need of a good system are often in a quandary when it comes to investing a heavy amount that the latest systems demand. There are the investments of the hardware and other infrastructure that are involved and also their tedious maintenance that prohibit the owners from owning the systems that they should be having.
05/09/2016 12:15 PM
Are VoIP Telephone Systems Reliable?
VoIP solutions are becoming more widely adopted by businesses. The biggest question often asked is are they reliable. We take a look in this article...
04/07/2016 03:34 PM
Become an IP PBX Reseller
There are many reasons why you'd want to become an IP PBX reseller. You might be totally new to the world of VoIP, and reselling IP PBX services is a good place to start. You might have researched all the different types of VoIP services and come to the conclusion that you want to start offering IP PBX services, as many have turned IP PBX into very lucrative business. Or, you may already be a VoIP service provider but you want to offer your clients something new in order to grow your business and get new clients. For all of you interested in the business of IP PBX - you probably know how confusing it can be and some of you probably don't even know where to start...
04/07/2016 03:31 PM
How to Save Money on Your Calls While You Travel
Imagine this scenario: You just enjoyed a beautiful holiday overseas. Now you are home and it's time to get back to regular life... You get your next phone bill and you are shocked... 100's of dollars on your bill... You don't even remember speaking that much... or being on the web that much... but the bill is here, and it will have to be paid. You start thinking if this trip was even worth it... If this sounds familiar to you, I have some great news - there are plenty of ways to save money on your calls when you are abroad and save you from getting sky-high phone bills on your return.
04/06/2016 12:44 PM
Mobile VoIP - The Technological Revolution To Change The World
Today we can use internet for making video and audio calls. In this article, we are going to discuss how mobile VoIP are changing our traditional telephony system. Can it be a tech-revolution? I invite you to read this feature.
03/30/2016 04:03 PM
Communications Solutions for Successful Businesses
Successful business leaders are unique people that all have a few things in common. All of them are forward thinkers and are looking for competitive advantages whether their goals are to improve the customer experience or to grow market share.
03/15/2016 02:06 PM
How Does VoIP Work?
VoIP stands for Voice over internet protocol. We take a look at how this technology works.
03/09/2016 01:31 PM
Starting a Calling Cards Business
Have you always wanted to start your own calling cards business, but didn't even know where start? Here I will guide you step by step into the process of starting your business, so you can turn that into reality!
03/08/2016 11:56 AM
Strategies For VoIP Success
The year 2015 witnessed the highest VoIP growth in the market and the trade pundits who has estimated a staggering $86.2 billion revenue growth by 2010, can now be more hopeful as the market doesn't seem to slow down in near future. It is now highly recommended for the businesses to implement VoIP communications and look at it, as a means of a powerful business tool rather than a simple replacement to making calls.
01/15/2016 04:18 PM
Best Quality VoIP Communications Services and Email Hosting Solutions
Since the inception of the VoIP communications technology, the hosted PBX systems continue to replace legacy telecommunications services on both business and personal market sectors. Systems like, hosted PBX systems, SIP trunking help the VoIP technology to rule the market satisfying the new need to implement automated program control and support the emerging technology of hybrid cloud communications.
01/05/2016 11:53 AM
Refurbished VoIP Business Phone System Is Cheap And Reliable
The refurbished and pre-configured VoIP business phone system is an ideal option for small businesses and offices with the need for streamlined communication at low-cost installation and maintenance. The VoIP phones offer a range of features like the virtual receptionist option, the voicemail, conference calling music on hold and much.
12/30/2015 03:33 PM
What Is VoIP And How Exactly Does It Work?
The VoIP market is growing and growing and many people are turning to the VoIP industry to start a lucrative business. But what is VoIP actually? And how does VoIP work? This is what I will try to explain in the following article
12/21/2015 12:35 PM
Will Mobile VoIP Take Over the Market of Mobile Calling?
Mobile VoIP is the use of VoIP from a mobile phone. Using a mobile phone is the preferred way of calling as mobiles can be used anywhere and at any time. But is it here to stay?
12/18/2015 10:48 AM
The State of VoLTE in India
LTE is the next generation of mobile data networks. Can developing countries make use of it to leapfrog older systems?
12/11/2015 10:46 AM
Calculating VoIP Bandwidth
Making the bandwidth calculations for VoIP is easy. You just need to know the various factors.
12/03/2015 10:42 AM
A Few Advantages Of IP Phones
People need to communicate and interact in every field of life. The most attractive and easiest means of the communique is vocal communication. For exchanging opinions and talking through voice, several devices have been introduced based on different technologies.
11/20/2015 12:13 PM
Integrating VoIP With Web Apps
VoIP has gone far beyond a mere replacement for phone calls. It now integrates with web applications to provide a much more sophisticated communication solution.
11/13/2015 11:45 AM
VoIP Patents - A Powerful Shaping Force
As all technology, VoIP is made or broken by patents. They determine who can make what, and how much each individual product and service costs.
11/06/2015 09:56 AM
The Text-Telephony Waiver
The transition to IP networks has raised a host of problems for telcos. One such example is "Text-Telephony" or TTY.

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