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I Wont Tell My Lawyer but I Will Tell You

A general counsel of a large international consulting firm told us about his experience talking to an interviewer who had called to discuss his satisfaction level with his outside law firm. He had been using the services of a "high end, expensive" law firm out of New York.

Customer First Customer Service

The world of customer service is rapidly changing. Thirty years ago, telephones and mail services were the norm for most companies.

Responding to Complaints

It's possible that in the course of your business dealings, you may (just may) have to deal with a complaint from a customer or client ..

How to Win the Hearts of Your Customers and Friends

Those of us doing business over the internet have to become especially adept at our listening and speaking skills since we don't have the luxury of talking with our customers face to face. It's especially important to give those on the phone extra attention - listening to their voice, because that is the only thing you have to go on, to sense their emotion.

Turning Customer Mistakes Into Raving Fans

When you make a mistake with a customer, should you write them off as lost -- never to return again?Nope. There have been numerous studies which show that a customer who has had a problem and gotten it resolved in a timely manner and to their satisfaction is a more loyal customer than one who has never had a problem.

What Type Of Software Is This?

The other day while at the book store, I came across some accounting software CDs strewn with other CDs and books in garage sale box.How can any self respecting businessman (even a small one at that) pick up a copy of this cheap sale accounting CD from the box for his business to use? He'd think "what type of accounting system is this that would end up in a garage sale?".

Is Your Food Establishment Clean?

Is your restaurant, bar or hotel clean? I mean really clean. I don't mean"do you stick to all the rules and regulations?".

Customer Service For Huge Profits

Customer service is the most vital asset for Businesseither it is online or offline. It's the critical factorwhich determines if your business has a future or not.

Learn to Anticipate Your Customers Needs

This morning I was having breakfast with my good friend Diane at one of my favorite breakfast nooks. I enjoy the atmosphere there although I've been less than pleased with the customer service so far.

The Art of Giving Great Service

Sales is tough to get right, and depends on retaining those customers, yet people do it badly and unprofessionally all the time. It's really not difficult to learn the art of good service, and if you get it perfect, you will see those rewards.

Mexico: Online Ordering-Dont!

I got it into my head sometime in December 2004 that I wanted order a laptop computer. I thought I would get one from the hugely popular computer company that allows you to call their 800 number and custom order what you want.

IT Customer Support - The Backbone of the IT Industry Always At Your Service

When a person or organization goes for buying an item, or for some services, it is obviously expected that there should be a support to the customer, by way of solutions to their issues or problems or doubts

5 Ways To Turn Off Your Customers And Earn A Bad Reputation

A business' reputation is also its lifeline. The more you do things that go against good customer service, the lower your lifeline becomes. So it's only right that you take care of your reputation by providing excellent products or services and customer service. Customer service is one of the keys to the success of your business. But if you fail in this department, expect to see the downfall of your business anytime soon. Here are 5 ways to turn off your customers and earn a bad reputation.

Affordable Customer Service Outsourcing is Here

A call center is basically a place where businesses outsource their customer service. All calls to the company are forwarded to a "call center" whose only business is to answer calls and provide customer service.

How Call Centers in Missouri Help Businesses Succeed

Businesses of all sizes are finding numerous benefits to using professional answering services in Missouri to handle phone communications with their customers and prospective customers. This article examines some of those benefits and talks about services call centers can provide that many people aren't aware of.