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eBooks With Reseller Rights Are Your Ticket To Online Success
Starting an Online business today is pretty easy and it doesn't have to cost a fortune, unfortunately being easy to start doesn't guarantee of success. Not to scare you off, but you need to know.

Information at What Price? Exploring Fee-based e-Content
In pursuit of a paid model for content, many businesses offer newsletters for a fee or ebooks. These models offer pros and cons.
How To Find HOT, Non-Internet Marketing Topics For Your eBooks
It's so tempting to write ebooks yet again, on "How To Make Money on the Internet" isn't it?You see the thousands of books pitching the next big tip, technique or strategy for making money online.You get a flood of email from guru's who have made it big in the world of internet marketing products, writing ebooks on that topic.
Writing Acknowledgements for E-Books
It is important to have an acknowledgements section in your E-Books. Having authored some 1600 articles, 3000 pages of Operations Manuals, 4 E-Books and Co-Authored a Book on Franchising, I can tell you that a properly written acknowledgement, introduction and dedication is smart diplomacy.
You, Marketing-Minded Financial Planner, Can Be an Author
After you've gotten in the groove of turning out articles and notes to reporters about your topic, take it to the next step: Write and self-publish a book about your topics.Does this seem intimidating, or even impossible (not to mention expensive).
Self Publishing Era: Digital Publishing Tears Down Walls
Since the birth of publishing, authors have been forced to deal with the middlemen of this industry; the publishing houses. Often some of the best authors are turned away at the door because they are not "recognized" enough.
Rapid Knowledge Development for Businesses
When there is little time to go to the local public library or shop around for a good business book, e-books on the Internet may be the best solution. If you are looking for specialized information, e-books may be the "only" solution.
5 Sizzling Tips to Creating a Money Making E-book
5 Sizzling Tips to Create a Winning E-bookIf you have been looking for a genuine business opportunity on the internet, somewhere along the way, you have heard about creating an e-book. And no doubt, you have read about the thousands of dollars you can make from home publishing.
Internet Marketing - How to Write Your Own E-book
I tell you now the first e-book I ever wrote sat in my directory for a few months. I was scared out of my wits to actually put it out there incase the reaction was "bad".
How to Almost Guarantee Your eBook Market Success
Conceptualizing a profitable idea and formulating a marketing plan to sell it is a relatively exhausting task. Not everyone is gifted with the creative juices to come up with a cutting edge concept.
Why Write an EBook?
It's not true that everything that has been said hasalready been written. Since that unfortunate axiomcame into use, the whole universe has changed.
Top Ten eBook Mistakes and How to Correct Them (Part 2)
Did you know that you already have an eBook inside you? And, like your coach, you can earn thousands of dollars each month? Even if you are a non-techie like me, you can write your ebook at the same time you write your print book. Or, solve your readers' problems using other articles and reports already in your files.
Are Ebooks Overpriced?
Who ever thought that one day books would not be written. People no longer have to go to stores and buy books anymore, they can read them online by authors who instead of paying the extra money to get published, simply put their book in a virtual form.
How To Get Your Article or Ebook Started Fast... Time Saving Tips To Get Your Writing Moving..
As we have all heard time and again (and it's very, very true), writing articles for ezines/newsletters and ebooks is a greatway to increase your exposure, brand your name, establishyourself as a Subject Matter Expert (SME), increase your subscriber/optin base and ultimately, increase that so-longedfor amount of cash in your bank account.For some people writing comes easy, others have gone to school and studied how to write.
Your First Step to a Digital Publishing Empire
The hardest part of writing is the first sentence. When you look at the whole project, it seems like an impossible task.
Write Your eBook - 6 Great Ways to Find the Time
Busy! Busy! Busy!What's new? And who isn't busy?The majority of eBook authors are part-time writers. There are very few professional writers making their living writing non-fiction eBooks.
Resell Rights Power
The Quickest Way To Have A Product To Sell On The InternetCreating a product from scratch that you can sell on the Internet will take some time to do.Writing a book, for example, can take weeks or months to complete.
Ebook Promotion: 10 Secrets Smart Ways To Increase The Downloading Of Your Ebook
If you promote an ebook, then you must learn theseEbook promotion secrets that will increase thedownloading of your ebook.1.
This Simple Publishing Mistake Could Be Losing You Half Your Back End Sales!
Many of the Internets biggest ebook sellers are making this simple mistake, and it's almost certainly costing them a ton of money in lost back end sales. You must not make the same mistake!I was having a bit of a tidy up on my PC the other day.
The REAL Info Products Secret and How to Get Out of the Cycle
Most "info-products" revolve around Internet marketing, and get rich quick schemes. Everyone is looking for that instant "secret" that will guarantee them overnight success without spending the start up capital of a real brick and mortar business.