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The Marc Jacobs Handbag is a Reflection of Style and Sophistication
The Marc Jacobs handbag is a reflection of style and sophistication. Marc Jacobs has become one of the most popular and influential handbag designers in the fashion world.

Bling Bling on a Budget
A nice piece of jewelry can brighten up your entire day. It can bring together an outfit and make you feel great.
The Truth About Platinum
Is platinum a new metal?After all, in the past, one would associate diamonds with gold. Nowadays, the most expensive fine jewelry designs set diamonds in platinum.
How to Dress for the Business World
1. Treat your business clothing as an investment and choose wisely.
A Clothes Encounter In The Business World
Do you ever wonder where all the dress rules have gone? Depending on when and where you are on any given business day, the words "distant past" might come to mind. It's difficult to decide if people don't know what to wear to work or if they have lost sight of the relevance of appearance to professional success.
Diamond Stud Earrings: Elegant Unisexuality
A diamond stud earring is made up of just one perfectly cut diamond, set in fine gold or silver. The simplicity of the design itself is its own selling point: anything fancier and you could easily fall into the trap of over-accessorizing.
Chandelier Earrings: Cascading Elegance
Earrings come in many forms, and the complexity of the style reflects the sophistication of the wearer's taste. One of the most elegant and complex designs is the chandelier cut.
History of the Watch
The earliest mention of the watch was in Shakespeare's play "As You Like It." In the second act of the play one character produces a sun-dial from his pocket and muses about the time.
Discovering the Amazing Secret Benefits of Womens Shoes
I love womens shoes and in my lifetime will never own enough pairs.Thousands of women every month search online for womens shoes.
Sunglasses! Does Fashion Compromise Your Eye Protection?
With models and movie celebrities showing off their trendy attire including the types of sunglasses they wear, a question that comes to my mind is, "are they becoming more of a fashion statement than protection for your eyes?"All you have to do is turn on the television, and famous stars are spotted wearing the hottest brands of eyewear, such as sunglass styles from Gucci, Ray Ban, Oakley, Serengeti, Christian Dior, Armani, Silhouette, and the list goes on.There are even websites that list famous movie stars and music singers that are wearing a certain brand and style of sunglass frames.
Thrifty And Fashionable
Growing up with three sisters, it was important for us to bewell-groomed. We were always borrowing clothes from each otherthen returning them clean and pressed.
Rabbit Jewelry: A Sign of Refinement
There is a certain delight that comes with the sight of rabbit jewelry. The motif is cute and cuddly, and the person wearing it may often be seen as fun to be with, whimsical and affectionate.
The Mindful Shopper: Learning From Fashion Trends
Are you a fashion trend watcher? Do you spend a lot of time flipping through magazines and analyzing the wardrobe choices of others? Do you buy trendy items only to despise them--and yourself--later?Trend-watching--and, more precisely, observing our trend-watching--gives us tremendous opportunities to create awareness of the traits we hope we have but are not sure we do. In fact, being frustrated, embarrassed, or depressed that we have succumbed to a trend is a perfect chance to discover what we value most.
Denim is Big This Season - Dress It Up or Down
For all you denim lovers, like myself, this is the season for you to shine. Denim is big this season.
Tips in Choosing the Right Kind of Sunglasses
Today, sunglasses have become everyone's bestfriend. We never leave home without them.
Turn Back the Clock with Throw Back Jerseys from the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and College Sports
Throw back jerseys are all the rage across the United States. They are big business, too.
Angelo Carbotti Handbag Line Karen
As some of you might already know Angelo Carbottihandbags are designed and made in Italy. Pelletteria Carbottiwas established in Martina Franca around 1950.
Public Awareness of Conflict Diamonds Increases - What You Must Know About This Important Issue
Both Hollywood and the rap industry are promoting a diamond term more serious than "ice" or "bling." In a world where looks are everything, and the jewelry worn by a star is envied and emulated by peers and fans alike, a movement is emerging that raises awareness of a serious issue - the importation of conflict diamonds.
Shoes You Need for Summer Holiday
Summer is always a good season for people doing various activities. They might go to the beach, working out in the park, playing tennis with friends, and other more activities which are fun and make them good.
Plus Size Fashion Tips: What's Hot this Summer
The sun is sizzling, and so will you this season! A lot of trendy, fun and colourful styles are in fashion at the moment: follow our guide which highlights what's hot in the plus size fashion scene for summer 2005.This summer it's all about the subtle touches that give an outfit that extra something.