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Stirring Humor into ‘Old Age’

No doubt everyone grows old in their own way.

Fact Is Funnier Than Comedy

When I need a chuckle, I try to watch a sitcom or read the funnies. When my need for comedy is greater, then I invest my time in watching a complete movie. But when nothing but the funniest will do, I just observe the so-called real world around me.

Old Blue, Willie, and Their Rotten Gaggle

Old Blue was Great Grandma's nephew. His true name was Bluford Howard. Really. his name was Bluford. And everybody in the town knew him as Old Blue.

A Very Unlucky Day

There was an incident last time when I bought some booze on a particular pharmacy in our town. My friend lend me his bike, not just some cheap mountain bike but a bike worth not less than 1000 dollars.

Learning Chinese - NOT!

When I first came to Taiwan to live I listened to the language and thought to myself, "OK, this doesn't sound so hard. I have high-school French and German so I already possess some linguistic ability. I can learn this."

Comedy and Comedians

We have all heard about "laugher being the best medicine". It is so very true. A laugh is welcome anytime. Laughter can do wonders. It helps us forget all our worries even if it is for just a fleeting moment.

Comedy Talent Agency A Description in Brief

Canadians love comedies, there are different talent agencies in the country that searches out the talented guys who can make people laugh with witty activities. Laughing is always a sign of healthiness and it a healthy body.

"Funny Web Videos": The New Face of the Internet

This fact is becoming each day truer: our world is too gloomy, too serious. Hopefully, there are some people who are trying to resist. They do not accept this, and they are trying to have some fun, in all the cases, by any way, and, even on a tool that is, a priori, designed for more austere purposes.

Annoying Audience Members

There are many types of irritating theatre audience members, but here are the most annoying.

Iraq Opens Suicide Bomber Range; Calls It Twice-Blessed Paradise Express

In an effort to reduce the loss of life and limb by suicide bombers, the Iraqi government has opened a suicide bomber range. The government's intention is to encourage all those who are determined to carry out such an explosive termination to execute the insane plan in a way that is being hailed as twice-blessed.

Smoking Gun In Cancer Revealed; It's The Smoking Throat

OK, smoke fans, the facts are out once again. According to the new and pretty inarguable Cancer Atlas and the updated Tobacco Atlas, which were published by The American Cancer Society, if "Smoky, The Scare" gets his way, tobacco use is projected to kill a billion people in this century.

Peace-Loving Muslim Located; Expresses Normal Human Concerns

Noting the way violent and irrational Muslims have dominated the news, while the Muslim masses and, most inexcusably, Muslim clerics have in general remained reticent about the scandalously murderous terrorist talk and the mayhem the lunatics advocate, we decided there must be, among the worlds billion or so Muslims, any number of normal, peace-loving and, on a wild bet, perhaps even modern-minded, acolytes.

In Mogadishu, Coke Is Branded As The Infidel Thing

Islamic militants who have taken over in Mogadishu and dropped the dark veil of medievalism over the minds of the citizenry have branded Coca-Cola as un-Islamic.

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