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Annuity Investment Guide
While there is not a lack of information on annuities, there certainly is a lack of good information. In an age full of information, we are constantly bombarded with irrelevant data.

Wit and Wisdom on Money, Wall Street and Success - Part #1
I love to collect quotes as they concisely promote a philosophy which is readily understandable.In my 25+ years of investing I have collected hundreds of quotes related to Wisdom, Wall Street and Success.
The Perfect Economy?
The U.S.
The High Price of Oil
In less than four years, the price of oil has risen about 300%, or over $50 a barrel. The Light Crude Continuous Contract (of oil futures) hit an all-time high at $67.
Six Principles of Successful Investing
1. Begin investing immediatelyProcrastination is the number one enemy of investing.
Bad News - Why The Financial News Media Can Cost You Money!
The communication innovations we have around us today like the internet, financial newspapers, and special interest television channels focused on investing like CNBC are a high speed pipeline of nonsensical chatter. All these sources of information mean that there is no shortage of media people trying to answer our questions about the stock market and specific stocks.
What Age Should I Start Saving For Retirement?
Ask this question to 100 people and you will receive 100 very different answers. The fact of the matter is there is no right age to start.
Shareholders Meeting Changing With Times
A significant number of corporations that settled accounts in the past year are ready to hold their annual shareholders meetings.In this year's meetings, more than 300 companies plan as their main focus of attention defense measures against hostile takeover bids.
Stock Market Money Management Skills
Let's start by saying: You can't be afraid to take a loss. The investors that are the most successful in the stock market are the people who are willing to lose money.
How To Create Wealth In The Stock Market
First and foremost, an opportunistic strategy for creating wealth in the stock market is needed. And the opportunistic strategy for creating wealth in the stock market must have two ingredients, a plan and a goal.
Discipline in Investing and Trading
Discipline can be simply defined as your ability to follow your investing and trading plan.Discipline is a rather simple concept.
You all know what CYA stands for. Of course,Cover Your Assets.
The Real Cost of a Bad Habit
What is the value of a good habit? Think of some daily habits, like brushing your teeth, or buckling a seat belt, or flushing. All of these habits have value important to some part of life.
Brain Snappers and Other Wall Street Nonsense
The last time you spoke with your broker did he use any of the following words? Diversification,Price-to-earnings ratios, discretionary trading,lifting a leg (he's talking to you not yourdog), leverage, divergence, fee-basedcompensation, escalator clause, tactical assetallocation and other mesmerizing words to placeyou in stupefying shock.Brokers do that to let you know that you don't know anything about the market and you mustallow them to make decisions for you.
Can Your Annuity Do This?
Okay, so I can tell you I have sat in front of countless numbers of people who have made mistakes when purchasing and owning annuities. And I have visited people who wish they never got involved in an annuity.
Credit Scores = ROI Profits for Real Estate Investors
Strong credit saves real estate investors money on mortgage finance costs. A good credit score, along with the other credit and mortgage qualifications, means that investors can pay lower fees for financing, such as points and interest charges.
Margin Benefits are Marginal at Best
Margin is one of those things that novices find puzzling about the stock market, but the concept is really quite simple. Still, with understanding the basics of using margin accounts, determining the wisdom of using margin can be quite a conundrum.
The Biggest Oil Opportunity in the World - And How You Can Profit From It
Where is the second biggest deposit of oil reserves in the world?In the oil sands region of Alberta, Canada. Oil sands are a thick, viscid mixture of bitumen, sand, clay, and water.
Oil and Gasoline Price Uncertainties
The Light Crude Continuous Contract hit an all-time high at $70.85 a barrel, while Unleaded Gasoline Futures spiked 50% or $1 a gallon on Tuesday.
Why Do You Want to Become a Online Trader?
Motivational guru Tony Robbins teaches that the reason for doing something rates much higher than the methods you use to get the job done. In order to make your goal REAL, you need to attach severe, horrifying, intense and profound fear to failure.