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How to Organize a Seminar or an Event

Seminars and events have always been implemented as a holistic experience to participants. Thus, organizing an event requires extensive planning and preparation with most work implemented at least a few months before the actual event.

Become a Business Brain Surgeon

Are you working longer and taking home less than your staff? Are you working all hours of the day and night and still barely managing to keep your customers happy? Are you unable to delegate or outsource work to give you more time to work on your business? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, maybe its time you learnt what Brain Surgeons do.

Free Patent Search Training

The need for a Free Patent Search Training course is very intense around the world. State of the art Patent Search is becoming an important function of all Research and Development centers across the world. The reason is simple. The European Union estimates that about 20 billion Euros are spent every year in Europe alone trying to research and find out inventions that are already patented.

Numbers Don't Lie; Interpretations Might

"A full 17% of respondents admitted that their CEO's had pressured them to misrepresent results at least once" per a 2002 Electronic Business article. How comfortable are you with the financial results used to manage your business?

Business Plans are for Wimps!

After 20 years of self employment and the last 4 as a small business consultant and coach helping people to start or grow their businesses, I can say with no shame I used to feel that business plans were only for wimps. That was until I did one.

Minding Your Global Manners

To say that today's business environment is becoming increasingly more global is to state the obvious. Meetings, phone calls and conferences are held all over the world and attendees can come from any point on the globe.

To Invest in a Qualified Business Plan is a Fundamental Strategy

Before you start reading any arguments about why you should have a super professional Business Plan for your new venture, you might as well first take a look at those lean statistics.

The Do's and Don'ts of Cash Management

Working capital is a highly effective barometer of a company's operational and financial efficiency and effectiveness. The better its condition, the better placed the company is to focus on developing its core business.

I wonder why do procurement departments still exist today ?

I am amazed that it is taking such a long a time for procurement departments of indirect goods and services to perish and be replaced by a function called "commercial".

Convert Visitors Into Repeat Buyers

I'm going to start this off with the most essential mindset; I believe this to be the number one business-saving, money-generating rule. I call this the SGT method.

Why do you Need Charity Event Planning Service?

Planning a successful and a perfect charity event can be a really perplexing and hard task. It requires devoting a considerable amount of time to make sure that the preparations for the noble cause run very smoothly without any hassles. If you do not have any experience or clear idea on how to start your fundraising event, then you can take the assistance of a professional who can help you to organise a great event, and this is where the charity event planners come into the picture.