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Marketing Quandaries
Being in a quandary prevents you from moving forward in developing and marketing your business. When we're in a quandary, we are in a state of perplexity and doubt.

Are You Guilty Of Interruption Marketing?
You muted the commercials on the TV last night because you were fed up with interruption marketing. Ditto if you went through your mail to find most of it is junk.
You're In Charge. Now What?
For years now, you have been waiting patiently for that first opportunity to be put in charge of a group and show what you can do. It has finally happened.
Creating a Marketing Plan for Your Website
Have you created a marketing plan for your Website? If not, it is time to think about developing one. An Internet marketing plan helps you make the right day-to-day and long term decisions.
Standing Above The Crowd
In today's highly competitive business environment it is critical to find ways to separate yourself from the other companies who sell the same - or similar - product and/or service. Here are several strategies that can help you accomplish this:Help your clients achieve their goals.
Case Study: How to Get a Big Boost in Response by Taking Your Marketing to the Extreme
Want a big boost in response and quick sales from your next direct marketing effort? Then take your marketing to the extreme. What do I mean by extreme? I mean unconventional, break the mold, out-of-the-box, reaches-out-and-grabs-people-by-the-lapel marketing.
The M-Word
It was a real eye-opener to hear the perceptions people have about what it means to market professional services, as well as the anxiety the "m-word" (marketing) conjures up. It reminded me that, just because professional service providers have a lot of expertise in their chosen field, it doesn't mean they have the same level of understanding about the business of growing a practice.
How to Up-Sell Change
As Freud cautioned, it's insanity to keep doing the same thing and expect different results. You know things have to change.
Testimonials - FREE Quality Advertising FOR YOU!
Every business person who has any kind of product or service, and the merest beginning of marketing sense, invites TESTIMONIALS. These might be called "reviews" or "peer reviews" or "customer comments" but they are all testimonials - a third party endorsement as to the merits of a product which helps another potential customer decide whether they wish to engage with this product or service.
Six Essential Principles for Marketing to Women Business Owners
Marketing to women entrepreneurs is not difficult. You just have to follow six easy, but essential, principles.
How to Brief a Marketing Agency
A new client recently emailed us a brief here at Mano Design. It was very brief brief indeed.
Supply And Demand And Marketing
According to Dough McCormick, Chariman and CEO of iVillage, Inc, "Technologists focus on supply but they don't understand advertising is focused on demand. Just because we have an available ad doesn't mean we have to sell it.
Your Ultimate Competitive Advantage
The biggest secret to success in business is to always maintain a competitive advantage in everything you do. One of the best ways to get and maintain a competitive advantage is to always make it as easier for your prospect or customer to say yes than to say no.
Resume Writing Service Marketing
Marketing A Resume BusinessWhen starting a resume business, your marketing campaign is the most important aspect of your business plan. Without clients being able to find your services, you will not have orders! We suggest starting out with local advertising.
The 7 Areas of Marketing Waste - Are You Committing These Marketing Sins?
If you want to reduce waste and grow your business it can be useful to know where to look. Marketing waste is usually most apparent in these 7 key areas:1.
Flesh Eating Spiders And Other Marketing Horrors
After a friend was bitten by a spider, I decided to do some research to find out more about the spider.I came across a website that decided to create a marketing message that focused on fear based selling and over the top lies.
4 Alternative Ways To Gain Lifetime Customers
You will always have more people that turn downyour offer than actually buy. They might not havebought because of your price, payment options,or any other possible reason.
Specialized Mailing Lists Make All the Difference
If there is one thing I can't say enough it is that the most important part of your mailing campaign is your mailing list. It is vital that you put the right amount of energy into learning about lists - who to mail to - so that your mailing efforts aren't wasted.
Creating Customer Value
The purpose of business is to create and retain a customer.Much has been written about customer orientation, customer relationship management (CRM), Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) metrics, Customer Centric organization models, customer retention, customer care?add any high sounding word with 'customer' preceding or succeeding that word and you have a new model, a new theory.
Always Sell To New Eyes And New Ears
One of the hardest things for you to do as an advertiser to do is to step into your prospect's shoes and really understand what makes him buy, and to find out how the prospect reacts to your marketing and advertising efforts. It's easy to get caught up in thinking that just because you spent $14,000 -- or $140,000 -- on your latest batch of ads that every person on Earth saw the ads and paid really close attention to them.