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The Six Rs for Changing MInds and Overcoming Resistance
This article borrows from Howard Gardner's book, "Changing Minds" (2004). In order to get people in conflict to cooperate or collaborate sufficiently to settle or resolve their differences, and perhaps achieve reconciliation, it is necessary that they change their minds.

The Art of Haggling
Did you know that at one time in this country that there were no fixed prices on anything. You would go into a store and find an item you needed then you would begin the process of negotiating the price.
30 Tips for Keeping Meeting Expenses to a Minimum
Money makes the world go 'round. And when it comes to meeting planning, money can probably get you whatever you want.
Making the Deal: Women as Negotiators
Negotiating is no game. It is not for the weak or the fragile.
7 Tips for Bartering Products and Services
What better way to gain a new customer than by getting something you need in return? The following are tips to help you use bartering correctly, and make it a good experience for both you and who you are bartering with.1.
Better Internal Proposals
A colleague of mine has a problem. We belong to the same association and he's been trying for quite some time, without success, to get support for one of his proposals.
Dont Be Afraid Of Silence
In any conversation with two or more people, there is a tendency to want to talk all the time to fill any awkward silences or gaps that appear in a conversation.However, if you think of the conversations that you have with your closest friends or family, you will notice that there isn't the same need to fill these gaps, as silences between you are comfortable.
While Youre Waiting
Not long ago, I made a partnership pitch, on behalf of an organization I represent, to another organization with similar interests. If the idea had come to fruition, it would have radically changed our organization.
Negotiations: The Art, Science, & Sport of Online Deals
Negotiations can seem as complex as physics, and in fact, people go to college to study the science of negotiating just as they would the laws of nature. At the same time, negotiation is like an ancient art form, some sort of Zen mental jujitsu.
Ask for More - You May Get More
If you are involved with sales, how do you feel when you hear phrases such as, "Can you do anything about your price?" or, "You'll have to do better than that." and variations on these? Does a cloud or two cross the sun? You start to think, "here we go again?.
Can a Corporate Executive Really Use The Beautiful Mind; To guide decision making?
I would like to comment on the "A Beautiful Mind" movie and the book, which was actually much better. I just finished reading another book on the similar side of John Nashs' assertion of working together rather than competing against.
The Art of Negotiation in 535 words
I want to get better at negotiation, but where to start?  UK Amazon currently has 2332 books on negotiation.  Google indexed nearly 4 million relevant (yeah right) pages.
Power Pricing - Getting the Right Price for Your Products and Services
There's an old joke about the New York City blackout. Power was out everywhere, and the electric company couldn't figure out what was wrong or how to fix it.
Negotiating Skills: Ask For More Than You Expect To Get
It creates some negotiating room, and you might just get what you're asking for.Whether playing the role of buyer or seller in a sales transaction, asking for more than you expect to get is a classic opening position in negotiations.
How To Deal With A Complainer
How To Deal With A ComplainerA Complainer Is Characterized by:1. Dissatisfaction in their personal life2.
Embarrassed To Discuss Your Prices? Seven Common Reasons We Cant Talk About Them
Last week, a wonderfully-skilled electrician installed a new light fixture for us. He was competent, courteous and efficient.
How Barter Can Help Your Business Online or Offline
How Barter Can Help Your BusinessBarter trade is a powerful instrument that represents a solution for companies with available stock or services. By accepting payment in trade money instead of cash, a business maximizes their efficiency by increasing stock turnover or billable hours.
Negotiate Your Way to a Better Salary
1. Be persuasive: It's hard to force your boss to increase your compensation, and trying to do so can potentially damage your working relationship.
Barter and Its Benefits
What is Barter?Barter involves 2 parties. Each party wants to trade with each other and instead of exchanging cash for products or services, the exchange is carried out with products or services that each possesses.
Negotiating Tactics: How To Strike A Negotiable Opening Shot
There is no right or wrong to fire up your opening negotiation..