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California Leads The Country In Proving The Blue State Model Doesn't Work

New York lost more residents from July 2022 to July 2023 than California, almost 102,000 compared to 75,423, according to the Census Bureau.

Blame Washington for Drug Shortages

America is experiencing the worst shortage of prescription medicines in nearly a decade. Patients and their physicians are struggling to obtain more than 300 drugs, mostly generics.

Confessions of a Former Environmentalist: Five Reasons Why I Gave Up on “Green” Policies

I used to be an environmentalist.

New Biden Admin Proposal Legitimzes Foreign IP Theft

America's position as a global tech leader is under attack from within.

This New Year, Don't Crush American Innovation

Federal officials may soon decide to give away key domestic assets -- American intellectual property -- to our rivals. This will have profound and dangerous consequences for U.S. workers and our economy.

Hospitals are Abusing This Drug Discount Program. Congress Must Step In

Hospital chains are unfairly profiting off a program meant to help low-income patients afford their medicines. If policymakers don't reform this system soon, I worry that many of the marginalized patients I've devoted my career to protecting won't be able to access the care they need.

The FDA Offers Up Children to a Log, Brutal, and Fatal End

The effects of Sanfilippo syndrome in small children are so devastating that the rare disease is often known as "childhood dementia."

Time to Throw Chevron Overboard: Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo

Suppose that you owned a manufacturing business for which the government prescribed certain production regulations, and suppose, further, that the government demanded that you provide office space for a federal observer to monitor your operation.

Help American Inventors Bolster National Security

According to a recent State Department-funded study, China leads the globe in 37 out of 44 critical and emerging technologies, including many in defense, robotics, energy, artificial intelligence, and quantum tools. The United States ranks first in just seven, and comes second in most of the rest/

To Stop Preadtors from Using AI to Exploit Children, Congress Must Act

Sexual predators are using a new tool to exploit children -- AI image generators. Users on a dark-web forum shared 3,000 AI-generated images of child sexual abuse in one month, according to the Internet Watch Foundation.

Women and the Abortion Issue Will Decide the 2024 Election Outcome

A woman has never told me she felt good about her abortion. For 39 years I served in pastoral roles in different places. I had numerous women tell me they felt like they had no choice.

How Hospitals Hijacked a Drug Discount Program for the Poor

Corporate greed is a powerful motivator. When our lawmakers draft legislation, they really ought to have a special committee to evaluate how corporations might exploit it.

Time to Expose America's Secret Lawsuit Gambling Ring

Hedge funds have found a new way to juice their returns: betting on lawsuits.

A Wake-Up Call for American Innovation

American innovation faces an existential threat: the steady erosion of intellectual property rights. Early stage biotech funding is on track to decline 40% this year, and leading investors have made clear that one reason for the retreat is their declining faith in the sanctity of patents

Congress Must Not Miss an Opportunity to End HIV

Congress and President Biden recently struck an agreement to keep the government funded through early 2024. Between now and February, lawmakers will have a chance to solve policy disagreements and, at least in theory, pass longer-term spending bills.

Education is Failing America's Future by Forgetting Its Past

Last year, eighth grade test scores in civics and U.S. history hit record lows. The decline didn't start with pandemic school closings. But they made it worse and revealed its extent.

The Mexican Border: Experts Call It a Disaster of "911" Proportions

Tom Homan, former Acting Director of ICE, and Jaeson Jones, former Captain with the Texas Department of Public Safety, are veterans when it comes to the Mexican border and the dangers of the Biden administration’s lackadaisical approach to border security that has created what they call a humanitarian crisis.

Drug Companies Shouldn't Be Used as a Political Piggy Bank

It's been just over a year since President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law. Already, Americans are reaping numerous benefits from the law's historic investments in clean energy and health care.

The IRA Kills Incentives for Medical Innovation. That's Hardly a Win for Americans

The Biden administration recently announced the first 10 drugs that will be subject to price controls under Medicare as part of the Inflation Reduction Act. The president celebrated the occasion, saying, "We took on Big Pharma and special interests... and the American people won."

PBM Reforms Would Strangthen Competition Among Health Insurers

Congress is poised to crack down on the drug-industry middlemen responsible for inflating the price of medicines. Pending bipartisan legislation in the House and the Senate would rein in these "pharmacy benefit managers" and strengthen competition among health insurers. The big winners will be patients, who could save billions of dollars at the pharmacy.

Misusing This Law would Destroy Market Opportunity for Start-Ups

The federal government rejected a petition to unilaterally slash the price of the prostate cancer drug Xtandi in a closely watched decision this year. Making drugs more affordable is undoubtedly a worthy goal. But in this instance, American patients should be grateful for the government's restraint.

To Prevent Drug Shortages, Protect Generic Drug Manufacturers

Nearly 250 generic drugs are in critically short supply. These drugs range from cancer treatments to antibiotics to drugs that treat ADHD or irregular heartbeats.

The Drug-Industry Reform that Woud Lower Costs to Patients

Americans are already unhappy with the cost of prescription drugs. They may get a whole lot unhappier when they learn how some companies game the system at patients' expense.

While Newsom Travels the Globe, California's Problems Grow Worse

With festering problems all around, California is becoming the sick man of America. And where has California's governor been? Traveling the world.

End the War on Innovation and Small Life-Science Companies

America's life-science industry is braced for the impact of last year's Inflation Reduction Act, which will soon impose price caps on a range of popular drugs covered by Medicare.

One Company's Disturbing Effort to Slap Tariffs on Canned Goods will Impact Millions of Americans

One Ohio-based company is so eager to reap a windfall in profits it's ready to make American consumers pay more for basic necessities at a time when millions of families are still struggling.

Congress's Latest Patent Legislation a Big Win for Entrepreneurs, Small Business

"Mr. Watson. Come here," Alexander Graham Bell said to his aide, "I want you." Those were the first words transmitted through Bell's breakthrough technology, the telephone. The history books document that moment, but a pivotal event took place three days earlier. On March 7, 1876, the U.S. Patent Office granted Bell patent number 174,465, cementing his legacy as the inventor of the telephone.

Biden's Cancer Research Initiative is Dead on Arrival

Earlier this year, the Biden administration announced a new cancer research initiative, the Precision Surgical Interventions program, as part of the president's recently relaunched Cancer Moonshot.

Black Americans Need Better Immigration Policy

Growing up on the rural farms of Halifax, Virginia, I pulled tobacco just like my great-grandfather Roosevelt, a sharecropper who provided for his family until he died in his late 80s. Just a generation before him, his father was a slave.

Your Loan is Between You and Your Bank

Many years ago I took out a second mortgage on my home. The house had grown in value and had at least $30,000 of equity. At that time, I had multiple reasons.

Eroding Patent Rights Threatens U.S. Cancer Patients

Pancreatic cancer takes a devastating toll on American families. It's the third most common cause of cancer death in the United States, despite not being among the 10 most frequently diagnosed. The five-year survival rate is just 12%

Congress Prepares to Kick Tech Workers While They're Down

Tech companies are laying off workers at the fastest pace since the Dot-Com bubble burst over two decades ago. Amazon, Twitter, Netflix, Shopify, and Meta have all announced deep cuts. Cumulatively, tech firms have axed more than 240,000 jobs so far this year, 50% more than 2022's full year total.

Can Political Foes Be Personal Friends? A GOP and a Dem County Chair Test a Theory

Heads probably turned as we entered the early 1900s red brick town house in Warrenton, Virginia on a warm September morning. It happened to be the headquarters of the Fauquier County Republican Committee. Its chairman, Greg Schumacher, was welcoming me along with his Democratic counterpart, Max Hall.

Congress Must Repair the U.S. Patent System

America's high-tech industries grew up hand in hand with a robust system of intellectual property rights. Without strong patent protections to encourage inventors, we would never have become a global leader in software, biotechnology, or artificial intelligence.

The U.S. is Losing Its Technological Edge. Congress Must Intervene to Take it Back

The United States is at an inflection point. A recent report indicates that China now holds a lead over the U.S. in 37 of 44 fields critical to future economic competitiveness and national security, from artificial intelligence to electric batteries to synthetic biology.

Superbugs Threaten Us All — It's Time for Congress to Act

Up to 37 million Americans have chronic kidney disease -- but nine in 10 of them don't realize it. The illness typically causes no symptoms until it reaches advanced stages, which gives the condition its reputation as the "silent killer." For around 800,000 Americans with end-stage kidney failure, kidney function is so impaired they must receive dialysis to survive -- or a transplant.

Two Bipartisan Bills Can Revitalize American Innovation

There may be some good news on the horizon for small business owners, courtesy of Congress.

Move On from Marching-In Based on Price

When it's time to come out swinging in partisan political battles, everybody knows which side I'm on. But that doesn't mean we should overlook the successes we've delivered by working across the aisle. That's how we unleashed American innovation in 1980 after a decade of torpor.

Keep Working, Somebody Has to Pay for All This

Prayers for the devastated people in the Middle East.

Inaugural List of Price Controls on U.S. Medicines Means Hard Choices for Investors

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services recently announced the first 10 drugs that will be subject to Medicare's new price controls. More drugs will follow each year.

Without the Right IP Protections, We Might Say Goodbye to our Biotech Innovation Sector

The United States lost its once-dominant position in semiconductor research and manufacturing thanks largely to shortsighted policy decisions. Thankfully, Congress, rightfully alarmed over the potential economic and national security implications, passed last year's bipartisan CHIPS Act to regain a foothold.

What if Hamas Invaded America?

What would happen if several thousand members of ISIS or a group similar to Hamas invaded our Southern border? What if a group of 5,000 terrorists with semi-automatic weapons stormed our border? What would it look like? It might look like the Southern border of Israel – horrific.

Medicare Sows Industry Confusion that will Lead to Fewer New Drugs

Medicare just named the first 10 medicines subject to government price controls under the Inflation Reduction Act.

The Ripple Effects of Expanding Drug Negotiations Beyond Medicare

In last year's scramble to include government price controls on prescription drugs in President Biden's "Inflation Reduction Act," Democrats were willing to say almost anything. They reassured us that their scheme applied only to Medicare and would phase in slowly, with ample opportunity for stock-taking along the way.

America in Chaos

New York’s mayor Eric Adams has recently been on a trip to Mexico and parts of South America preaching the urgent message, “Don’t come to New York City!” It’s good that he is making this evangelistic crusade to convert those being fooled in third world countries.

This Tariff Scheme Would Squash American Businesses

My family's can company, Independent Can, has survived the Great Depression, the Great Recession, two world wars, and 16 presidential administrations. But now, an Ohio steel conglomerate could threaten that legacy of success.

The Supreme Court has Weakened U.S. Patents, and Congress Must Act

The Supreme Court has handed down momentous decisions over the past two decades on a variety of hot-button issues. But some of the most consequential rulings -- for our physical well-being, our economic vitality, and even our national security -- have flown under the radar.

Making Big Pharma an Offer It Can't Refuse

As part of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) gained the authority to negotiate the price the government pays for prescription drugs. Recently, the CMS released a target list of 10 drugs that will be subject to the first round of government-mandated price negotiation.

A Tragic Day for American Patients

The Biden administration recently announced the first 10 drugs that will be subject to price controls under the disingenuously named Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). This misguided policy will restrict patient access to existing medicines and stifle the development of new ones.

Healthcare Concentration is Far From What the Doctor Ordered

Healthcare giants are on a shopping spree. In just the first three months of this year, large hospitals and health systems bought up smaller entities in 15 different deals valued at $12.4 billion.

The Small Molecule Penalty is a Threat to Health Equity

A seemingly minor provision in last year's Inflation Reduction Act could make it harder for marginalized patients to access the medicines their doctors have prescribed. It could also prevent the future development of cutting-edge, convenient treatments for many diseases that disproportionately impact communities of color.

Mitch McConnell — Does He Really Feel Like Working?

Is Senator Mitch McConnell too old to serve in the United States Senate? The same question is being asked of California U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, President Joe Biden, and even former President Donald Trump. How old is too old?

Biden Says He Wants Drug Pricing Transparency. His Actions Suggest Otherwise

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services just proposed a rule supposedly designed to improve transparency in Medicaid.

Inflation Reduction Act will be the Achilles heel of Biden's Cancer Moonshot

The Biden administration just announced a new initiative to improve cancer outcomes in low-income communities across the United States. It marks a critical step toward meeting the broader goals of President Biden's Cancer Moonshot, which aims to cut the cancer death rate in half by 2047 and improve the lives of patients with cancer and survivors.

Expansion of Drug Price Controls will Harm Medical Innovation

Lawmakers in Washington are getting even more heavy handed in their approach to prescription drugs.

Progressive Fixation on Drug Pricing will Impede Progress

The recent pace of drug development in America is nothing short of breathtaking.

Reining in Public Accommodations Laws: 303 Creative v. Elenis

When Lorie Smith, owner of a Colorado website design business, thought about expanding her business to include websites for those planning traditional weddings (one man and one woman), she was understandably concerned that such a business expansion could put her in legal jeopardy under Colorado’s “public accommodations” law.

Experts Say, "Climate Change" Is a Hoax

“In the good old summertime,” as the song goes, you can expect a heat wave or two in certain parts of the country. Indeed, summer is the warm season. It’s the norm.

Medicare for All Means Tax Increases and Long Waits for Everyone

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. recently launched his latest bid to ban private health insurance and force all Americans into a government-run health plan.

How Misguided Drug Pricing Policies Worsen Drug Shortages

More than 300 medicines are in short supply across the United States.

The Stupidity of the SMART Prices Act

America's largest pharmaceutical companies continue to sound the alarm about last year's Inflation Reduction Act.

Congress Just Made Strides Toward Combating Superbugs. Now, Let's Cross the Finish Line

A bipartisan group of House and Senate lawmakers just proposed legislation that would address a pressing public health crisis: antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Passing the bill, known as the PASTEUR Act, could help avert millions of AMR-associated deaths in the coming decades.

From Sitting Room to White House: 100 Years of Calvin Coolidge

On Aug. 2, 1923, President Warren Harding unexpectedly fell ill and died while visiting San Francisco. Five hours later, America had a new president: Calvin Coolidge, a man driven by humility, respect, civility, and compassion.

Abortion and Contraception Equals Birth Dearth

The latest abysmally low birth rates from North America, Europe, and Asia continue to alarm business leaders and policy makers, as well they should. In Europe, only France is within spitting distance of replacement level fertility.

A Better Solution to Shortages than Chinese Cancer Drugs

The Food and Drug Administration recently announced it will loosen the rules to allow importation of a non-approved cancer drug from China. Ironically, this dangerous move is supposed to make up for a scarcity of critical medicines the Biden Administration itself helped to create.

What's Preventing Mental Health Providers Like Me from Helping Kids with Autism

Autism is more prevalent than ever, according to data recently published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Yet, it's growing harder for children with autism to access the mental health care they need.

Restore the American Dream for Inventors and Their Businesses

Imagine you're an inventor. After investing your life savings, and spending countless late nights refining your product, you've managed to turn your good idea into a thriving small business.

Why Tech Startups are Failing

For more than a century, startups have been critical to U.S. technological advancement. They could not exist today without venture-capital funding, which enables them to form and grow. So, it's alarming that venture fundraising is now at a nine-year low.

Hottest Day(s) Ever?

Undoubtedly you heard that several days in early July were the “hottest days ever” for good old Planet Earth. The source of that story was an entity called Climate Reanalyzer, affiliated with the University of Maine.

My Family-Run Business has Thrived for Nearly a Century. Tariffs Could Change Everything

An Ohio-based mining conglomerate is lobbying a federal agency to impose massive new tariffs on the steel used in nearly every canned good in America. If the effort succeeds, consumers will pay a whole lot more at the supermarket and hardware store -- and my family's can company would suffer a severe blow.

There Are Big Red Flags with the IRA's Treatment of Small Molecule Drugs

As a result of President Biden's marquee Inflation Reduction Act, for the first time ever the government has the power to tell drugmakers how much they are allowed to charge for their products.

Senate Democrats Take One More Step Toward Socialized Medicine

It's been less than a year since Democrats enacted the Inflation Reduction Act, which gives Medicare the power to set the prices of certain medicines. Those price controls have yet to go into effect.

There's No Need to Extend the TRIPS Waiver

The "public health emergency" surrounding Covid-19 expired on May 11. The Biden administration's decision effectively acknowledges that with ample supplies of vaccines and treatments, the virus is now a problem that the global community can manage without extraordinary measures.

The Court Bolsters Property Rights: Sackett and Tyler

In its last three terms, the Supreme Court has received a great deal of public attention — both positive and negative — due to its decisions on human sexuality (Bostock, Zarda) and abortion (Dobbs).

How American Farmers Promote Economic and National Security

After steadily declining for over a decade, global hunger has reached an all-time high. Continued supply chain disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, escalating inflation and a rapidly changing climate, have exacerbated challenges around the world, particularly in developing countries, and today, as many as 828 million people still go hungry.

Why are Policymakers Undermining One of the FDA's Most Successful Programs?

Alzheimer's patients received great news this year when the FDA granted accelerated approval to lecanemab, a new treatment for the fatal dementia.

Tariffs are the Last Thing U.S. Consumers Need

Inflation is finally subsiding. It's welcome news for families who've struggled to keep up with rising costs of food, fuel, and transportation. Unfortunately, policymakers are considering a "can tax" that could increase certain grocery costs by up to 30%.

Two Ways That the Ukraine War Could Have Been Prevented and Might Still Be Ended

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of the immensely destructive Ukraine War lies in the fact that it could have been averted.

Undercutting Accelerated Approval Could Doom Biden's "Cancer Moonshot"

Thirty years ago, AIDS patients faced increasing symptoms and the risk of death while awaiting life-saving drugs that had shown enormous promise in clinical trials -- but that were hung up in the FDA's traditional approval process.

While America Weakens IP Rights, Global Rivals Strengthen Them

Many politicians assume that the key to successful innovation is government research funding -- the more, the better. The reality, however, is more complex.

China Gets By With a Little Help From Its Friends — On the Supreme Court

China is overtaking America in a variety of high-tech industries -- thanks to some inadvertent help from the U.S. Supreme Court.

Don't Vote For a Number

Are President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump too old to be President of the United States?

How Medicare Perpetuates Privilege -- Not Equity

Thanks to Medicare's top official dodging questions by members of Congress, the fight for equity in American healthcare just suffered a further setback.

Are Presidential Candidates Sinners?

Are the Presidential candidates all sinners? This could be a potential question for an upcoming town hall meeting or debate.

Our National Security Depends on Intellectual Property

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently rejected a petition that asked the federal government to misuse a decades-old law by imposing de facto price controls on a widely available medicine.

Female Entrepreneurs Rely on IP, Currently at Risk under the TRIPS Waiver Expansion

Nearly 10 years ago, American society crossed a gender rubicon.

Thank the IRA for Cuts to Critical Drug Research

President Biden's Inflation Reduction Act is just eight months old. It hasn't yet slayed inflation. But it's already gutting drug research and development.

To Combat Skyrocketing Colorectal Cancer Rates, Amend IRA

The rate of colorectal cancer in Americans under 55 has nearly doubled since the 1990s, and scientists don't really know why. By 2030, colorectal cancer is predicted to become the leading cause of cancer deaths for people under 50, and is already the second leading cause of all cancer deaths, behind only lung cancer.

Dopes on a Slope

The ink is barely dry on the Inflation Reduction Act's drug pricing provisions. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services hasn't even finalized many of the relevant regulations.

Big Tech Has Eviscerated America's Patent System

Google founder Larry Page's first patent -- U.S. Patent Number 6,285,999 -- describes the search algorithm that later became one of the most powerful tools in human history. Mr. Page and his colleagues turned that patent, which was licensed from Stanford, into a trillion dollar company -- and revolutionized the internet in the process.

Lawmakers Can Help Fight Valley Fever in Arizona, the Time is Now

Arizonans face a uniquely high risk from the respiratory infection known as Valley fever. Contracted from airborne particles of the coccidioides fungus, which normally lives in the soil, the disease typically causes flu-like symptoms. But while most cases remain mild, a few lead to pneumonia, meningitis, and even death

Washington Fiddles While China Burns Our Innovators

The Department of Justice recently charged a Chinese spy for attempted espionage.

The Environmentalist Movement Needs to Get Back to Its Roots

Americans just celebrated the 53rd anniversary of Earth Day. The holiday has changed drastically over the past half century -- and so has the natural environment that activists are seeking to protect.

Blundering Toward the Demise of American Innovation

The American inventor is under attack, and it's coming from our own government. Lawmakers harp about patents as "monopolies" that purportedly prop up prices; the executive supports a grand technology give-away as pandemic relief; and the judiciary has confused the concept of a "patent-eligible" invention, and whittled away at the inventor's exclusive right.

Patent Chief Gives Tech Giant Special Treatment

Just before the new year, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Director Kathi Vidal weighed in on one of the most contentious intellectual property disputes in recent memory -- and put her thumb on the scale in favor of Big Tech.

A TRIPS Waiver Expansion Would Be a Nightmare for Patients

Last summer, with the support of the White House, the World Trade Organization waived global intellectual property protections for Covid-19 vaccines. Now it's considering expanding the waiver to include tests and treatments, and since the trade body makes decisions by consensus, it can only do if it gets U.S. support again.

A Simple Tweak Could Improve the Inflation Reduction Act

It's been nine months since President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law. And the landmark legislation is about to bear fruit.

The U.S. Patent System Isn't Broken

The leaders of the Initiative for Medicines, Access & Knowledge (I-MAK), a group that tracks drug companies' patent filings, recently claimed that "our patent system incentivizes and legitimizes corporate gamesmanship at the expense of the public interest."

Republicans Strike a Blow Against Illegal Immigration

On May 11, House Republicans passed a sweeping bill that, if enacted, would largely end the illegal immigration crisis.

FDA Needs to Protect Vulnerable Newborns from Aluminum Toxicity

The Food and Drug Administration has long recognized aluminum exposure as a serious toxicity risk for infants, especially those born prematurely. That's why the agency has traditionally imposed tight limits on aluminum content in the specialized nutrition products that hospitals use to feed preterm babies.

With 340B Ruling, Corrupt Hospitals Get What They Deserve

A federal appeals court just dealt a huge blow to hospitals that pad their bottom line with cash intended for needy patients.

Treating ADHD is Harder Than it Should Be

Approximately 6 million children in the United States have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, better known as ADHD. As many as 5% of adults also live with the condition.

Stop the Invasion Before the Ship Sinks

Your three-bedroom house might accommodate 10 to 12 guests on holiday weekends, but it’s not easy. Even If you have two bathrooms then shower time has to be coordinated. You enjoy the gathering but after a couple of days you are ready to resume normalcy. America may never resume normalcy. We are now living our new normal.

Five Reasons Lawmakers Need to Improve Public Health Emergency Preparedness

The Covid-19 pandemic is seemingly behind us; in fact, President Biden recently ended the official national health emergency [April 10].

SCOTUS Weakened America's Patent System. Luckily, Congress can Fix It

Americans have come to take innovation for granted. Of course, the United States was going to be the leader in developing Covid vaccines and treatments -- just as we have led the world in the development of semiconductors, internet-based platforms, and so much more.

It’s Time for Renewed Activism in Combating Child Labor

When news began surfacing this year about the exploitation of migrant child laborers in U.S. factories and businesses, it made clear the urgent need for union and community leaders to renew their activism in combating child labor. Such activism helped curtail profound abuses in the past, and it must do so again.

Successful Placed-Based Innovation Policies Rely on Bayh-Dole

American innovation and the economic growth that results don't have to be concentrated on the coasts. Policymakers increasingly want to make sure communities around the country actually benefit from the cutting-edge R&D activity they host.

Russia’s Perpetual Culture of Death

“I feel only sympathy for the Russians. No people have suffered as much death.”

People Living with Early Alzheimer's Need President Biden's Help

Last year, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that it would refuse to cover an entire class of FDA-approved therapies for the treatment of mild cognitive impairment and early dementia due to Alzheimer's disease.

A U.S. Judge Is Enabling Tech's Campaign To Crush Startup Competitors

Startups across the nation are on edge -- and for good reason. A District Court judge in Delaware recently imposed rigid and burdensome disclosure requirements including on companies that sue their much larger rivals for patent infringement.

Marginalized Groups Face Added Barriers to Rare Disease Treatment Access

Members of marginalized communities struggle to navigate a health system plagued with inequities. These communities include not only racial and ethnic minorities but also less-visible groups such as disabled people and LGBTQ+ individuals.

Banning Non-Compete Agreements Hurts U.S. Companies and Workers

President Biden recently touted the Federal Trade Commission's proposal to ban all non-compete agreements, which prevent employees who leave jobs from working for rival firms for a limited time.

Meeting Unmet Medical Need Means Changes in Medicare

Under the Inflation Reduction Act, the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is able to negotiate prices for dozens of drugs.

U. N. Comes Under Fire for Suggesting Young Kids Have a Right to Engage in Sex

Is the U.N. saying young children have a right to engage in consensual sex-- including consensual sex with an adult? It certainly appears to have officially announced that the world needs to adopt a kinder, gentler approach to what is commonly known as “Statutory Rape” in the civilized world.

The Inflation Reduction Act Has Harmful Side-Effects for Cancer Patients

Between 2000 and 2016, new therapies helped prevent more than 1.3 million cancer deaths. Since then, scientific progress has only accelerated.

Inventors Have a Right to Sell Their Patented Products by Blocking Copycats

A little-known Supreme Court decision is allowing corporations to violate the intellectual property rights of their rivals -- and largely get away with it. Letting this precedent stand any longer would discourage America's innovators, and by extension, harm our economy and our competitive standing in the world.

Nature Isn't a Museum

Americans are increasingly approaching nature with a "look but don't touch" mindset -- and losing a fundamental part of their national identity in the process.

A Postman "Carries the Mail" for Religious Liberty: Groff v. LeJoy

In January 2019, Gerald Groff left the Holtwood Post Office in the small rural community of Holtwood, Pennsylvania, located in Lancaster County. When he left, he figured it was likely for good. He resigned his mail carrier position there because he knew that he was inching closer and closer to being fired.

Congress Should Investigate Chinese IP Theft

The House of Representatives recently formed a bipartisan committee to "investigate and submit policy recommendations" on ways to counter the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party.

Trump and Daniels - Hush Money Doesn't Work

An ongoing saga continues to surround Former President Donald Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels. Will it never end? Trump may or may not be indicted by the time you read this but who knows? Who isn’t tired of hearing about an alleged sexual encounter between these two.

It's Time to See Just How Serious President Biden is about Defeating Cancer

We're well into year two of President Biden's reignited Cancer Moonshot. The $1.8 billion initiative, which then-Vice President Biden helped launch back in 2016, aims to cut the cancer death rate in half over the next 25 years while improving quality of life for cancer patients and survivors.

The Agreement Paradox: Reducing Political Polarization Through Disagreement

In case you hadn’t noticed, America is a bit of a mess right now.

Moral Hazard as a Way of Life

Moral hazard occurs when an agreement people make to act in concert for their mutual benefit results in an incentive for one of them to act immorally. The classic case is insurance.

Good Policy Always Makes for Good Politics

The Biden administration has been working to repair the reputation of the United States around the world. It's working. A recent global survey by the Pew Research Center shows a near doubling from Trump to Biden in those expressing confidence the U.S. president will do the right thing.

Big Tech's Latest Shady Bid Aims to Squash it's Smaller Rivals

Big Tech lawyers are riding high. A Delaware judge recently delivered a lengthy memo trampling the American justice system and supporting Big Tech’s longstanding efforts to crush smaller entrepreneurs.

We Can't Ignore the Terror Threat from Somalia — or the Southern Border

Terrorist groups continue to pose a major threat for America and its allies -- even if U.S. policymakers have shifted most of their focus to Russia and China.

Silicon Valley Bank and Your Life Savings

If you have worked hard and saved money all your life you may have over $250,000 in a bank. Or, maybe one of these days you might if you keep working and saving.

OPINION: An Urgent Immediate Call For State Laws & County Ordinances

There is an urgent immediate need for specially crafted state laws and where necessary, county ordinances to protect American citizens from the totalitarian dictates of the international World Health Organization (WHO).

Drug Price Controls will Hurt American Patients

Senator Bernie Sanders will soon introduce a bill that, in his words, would prevent "the pharmaceutical industry from charging more for prescription drugs in the U.S. than they do in Canada, Britain, Germany, France, and Japan."

Policy Changes Could Cut Short a Golden Age of Drug Development

2022 was an incredibly productive year for American scientists. Biopharmaceutical researchers conducted over 7,000 clinical programs, including more than 3,000 for cancer, 182 for cardiovascular diseases, 111 for Alzheimer's, and 57 for Type II diabetes.

Diversifying America's Supply Chains Point to a More prosperous Economic Future

Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash., the incoming chair of the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee, recently warned that the United States is "dangerously dependent" on Chinese supply chains, especially for the raw materials used to make medicines.

Assaults on Intellectual Property are Crushing American Innovation

America's innovation infrastructure depends on the protection of intellectual property -- the patents, trademarks, copyrights and other mechanisms that secure for inventors and creators the fruit of their hard work.

GOP House Opens the Door for Real Prescription Drug Reform

Voters made clear in November that they want more action on what really matters to them. The new Congress has a chance to notch a major victory for average Americans by going after the real source of high prescription drug costs in this country: middlemen companies known as pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs).

America's Wars — Who are the Winners?

America was involved in Vietnam for 20 years. Our presence started small but by 1965 had significantly escalated. 3.1 million troops saw combat and at least 58,300 were killed.

Don't Ignore China's Quest to Replace the U.S. as World Leader in Science

Chinese President Xi Jinping is putting his money where his mouth is.

Problems with Government-Run Health Care

Last week, I spoke with a lifelong friend. He has lived in western Canada for almost 50 years, and he was in Phoenix staying at the home of another lifelong friend. Rick flew to Phoenix to arrange for knee-replacement surgery.

The 10-Year Fight of a Courageous Baker: Jack Phillips and Masterpiece Cakeshop

n 1950, Eileen Barton’s rendition of “If I knew you were coming I’d have baked a cake” became #1 on the Billboard charts. Until 2012, that song might well have been Colorado baker Jack Phillips’ favorite.

Senator Sanders is Mistaken About Price Controls

Senator Bernie Sanders will soon introduce a bill that, in his words, would prevent "the pharmaceutical industry from charging more for prescription drugs in the U.S. than they do in Canada, Britain, Germany, France, and Japan."

Assaults on Intellectual Property are Crushing American Innovation

America's innovation infrastructure depends on the protection of intellectual property -- the patents, trademarks, copyrights and other mechanisms that secure for inventors and creators the fruit of their hard work.

How to Stall America's Medicine-Making Engine

Five of the world's leading Covid-19 vaccines were invented in the United States, saving untold lives worldwide. Two-thirds of all prescription medicines originate in our laboratories. Research conducted in America has yielded breakthroughs in treating everything from cancer to HIV.

Tired of Hearing About China? Stop the Cash Flow

Do you get tired of hearing about China? Now we have floating surveillance balloons over our country. We are yet to know for sure what this is about but time will tell. China is probably scouting out the next land or business purchase.

Deconstructing “My Body, My Choice” Hypocrisy on Both Sides

To show partiality in judgment is not good. Proverbs 24:23

To Help Patients Save Money, Congress Needs to Tackle the Middlemen in Health Care

As a Republican-controlled House of Representatives with a small majority opens for business in January, one member has especially big ideas for saving patients money on prescription drug costs -- and the research to back it up.

Investigative Journalist John Solomon Talks Censorship and the Biden Documents

When Elon Musk took over the social media giant Twitter, he found what some might call an effort to silence conservative messaging. Award-winning investigative journalist John Solomon says Twitter had been turned into “a massive censorship machine that ramped to life in 2019 and has been living very well since then, all the way through the 2022 election.”

Classified Document Stink Piles

An Old Testament story records an overwhelming infestation of frogs throughout Egypt. There was no place in Egypt where frogs were not present in large numbers. The plague was sent in response to Pharoah’s attitude toward the Israelite people who lived in slavery under his rule.

IRA Exemption is a False Promise to Small Biotechs

The legislators who drafted the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) apparently had some idea that their bill was going to hurt small biotech companies.

More School Counselors Could Turn the Tide on the Youth Mental Health Crisis

More than 130 children's organizations recently called on President Biden to declare a national emergency in response to America's youth mental health crisis. That news came just days after an expert panel recommended that all children ages eight to 18 receive routine screenings for anxiety.

How to Stall America's Medicine-Making Engine

Five of the world's leading Covid-19 vaccines were invented in the United States, saving untold lives worldwide. Two-thirds of all prescription medicines originate in our laboratories. Research conducted in America has yielded breakthroughs in treating everything from cancer to HIV.

Protect the Laws that Protect U.S. Intellectual Property

An obscure procedural rule issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is now in the crosshairs of a number of tech firms that would like to be rid of it. Unfortunately, the change they seek could wipe out thousands of jobs at small, innovative firms nationwide.

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The Latest Anti-Drug Industry Media Firestorm: Unscientific, Dishonest, and Dangerous

Have drug companies been lying about their development costs to justify high prices?

President Trump Plans To Make Drugs Affordable Again

During his State of the Union address, President Trump pledged to drive down drug prices.

The Gun Community IS Doing Something About Violence

The tragic mass murder at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida has once again stoked the firey debate about gun control in the U.S. And once again many are calling for more gun laws and more restrictions on gun ownership. More extreme voices are even calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment.

Constitutional Democracy Doesn't Debase, It Dignifies

It didn't take long after Mitt Romney announced his U.S. Senate bid for new digs at his personality to surface. As one critique goes, Romney is mismatched to America because it doesn't dole out titles of nobility for excellent character like some Old World aristocracy.

What Switzerland Has to Do With Your Paycheck

President Trump recently traveled to the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland to deliver a message: America is once again open for business.

If You Like Waiting Four Hours for an Ambulance, Then You'll Love Single-Payer

"Hello, 9-1-1? I think I'm having a heart attack." "We'll send an ambulance right away. It'll be there in, uh, four hours."

The Passing of Two Great Americans

Last Saturday was a poignant day for me. Not only was much-loved First Lady Barbara Bush laid to rest, but I received word of the passing of a dear friend, Gerald Hath (always Gerry to me). The parallels between the Haths and the Bushes were striking.

Are Americans Crazy?

Has America simply gone crazy? We never want to think that we are a bit crazy or that people we love are experiencing craziness but it is reality. America has an overwhelming problem with craziness or I should say mental health issues.

President Trump Could Accidentally Help Protect the Environment

No one would mistake President Trump for an environmentalist. Yet his immigration policies could inadvertently safeguard the environment.

Trump's Drug Pricing Speech Mostly Hit the Right Notes

President Trump recently delivered a major speech from the White House Rose Garden on prescription drug prices. He announced several policies aimed at reducing the overall cost of pharmaceuticals and limiting patients' out-of-pocket expenses.

Don't Nuke Consumers' Wallets By Bailing Out Uncompetitive Power Plants

In mid-April, New Jersey lawmakers passed a bill that could raise residents' electric bills by $300 million each year. Legislators want to use the funds to bail out two nuclear power plants owned by Public Services Enterprise Group, the state's largest utility company.

On the Road to Idiocracy

Forget about the threat of socialism or even communism; the real threat comes from those who want to foist Idiocracy down our throats. Merriam-Webster defines Idiocracy as "a form of government in which a country or territory is run by fools." And, the madness of anti-government protests that have swept the country since the election of President Donald Trump indicate that the fools are hell bent on taking over.

Putin To The White House - Reason Enough

The buzz of a possible visit by Russian President, Vladimir Putin has died down. Different reasons have been cited from safety to timing to other things going on right now for President Trump and Putin.

New Anti-Fracking Study Combines Old News and Flawed Science

Two environmentalist groups just released a scathing report which concluded that "fracking" -- a technique for extracting oil and natural gas from underground shale rock formations -- poses an unacceptable threat to human health.

Objections to Offshore Drilling Don't Hold Water

Coastal-state politicos are scrambling to block a federal plan to expand offshore oil and natural gas drilling. In June, governors from five East Coast states condemned the initiative. In July, congressmen tried, and failed, to insert an anti-drilling amendment into a spending bill.

Stop Nuclear Cronyism

In June, President Trump directed Energy Secretary Rick Perry to bail out struggling nuclear and coal power plants. Such federal action would come on top of state bailouts, such as New Jersey's just-approved $300 million annual lifeline to keep three nuclear plants running.

Trump's Trade War Jeopardizes American Energy Jobs

This summer, China and the United States launched the opening salvos in a trade war that has been brewing for months. America imposed a 25 percent tariff on $34 billion of Chinese goods. In response, China slapped tariffs on U.S. products and agricultural goods such as soybeans and pork. President Trump escalated things by announcing another $200 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods.

VA Must Not Neglect Catastrophically Disabled Veterans

Imagine losing both your legs while serving your country only to be told the Department of Veterans Affairs can't provide you the wheelchair you need. The VA's not sure when one will become available. So they tell you to stay in bed.

Throwing the First Pitch

In The Presidents and the Pastime: The History of Baseball and the White House former presidential speech writer, veteran journalist, and college professor Curt Smith provides a lively, informative account of our nation's chief executives and America's quintessential sport.

The "FAIR" Act Doesn't Treat Consumers Or Workers Fairly

The House of Representatives just passed a bill that would make it harder and more expensive for Americans to resolve conflicts with their employers.