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No Baby Boom This Year; TheVirus Has Put a Damper on Pregnancies

We’re fast approaching the ninth month of the COVID-19 lockdown and if we were going to see a coronavirus Baby Boom this year, it would be starting now, says Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC].

Executive Order for Price Controls Will Harm Innovation and Patients

President Trump just signed a new executive order to reform our healthcare system. While his desire to lower costs for patients is appropriate, the proposed changes would do more harm than good.

Keep Thanksgiving, Family and Friends Alive

Joe Biden or Donald Trump will never visit me in my home, stand beside me at the funeral home or dance at my wedding. I will not be receiving any calls from either of them to pray for me during sickness or to check on how my children are doing. I probably will never sit in a room with them to visit, laugh and tell funny stories or just to hang out over a cup of coffee. I do not personally know either one. I welcome the opportunity to visit with either of them, but doubt it will happen.

Trump's Drug Pricing Order Would Make George Washington Gnash His Wooden Teeth

Has America's 45th president forgotten our first commander-in-chief's most important warning?

Fix Election Day Pain

2020 will be remembered for more than we what to remember including the painful November 3, election. Our country was already suffering from the Pandemic and all its spin-off problems. Unemployment, business closings, demise of the travel industry, struggling houses of worship, massive national depression to name a few of the problems. However, great news Pfizer has come up with a vaccine that has been 90% effective in preliminary trials. At this writing this is great news with the stock market on the verge of setting an all-time high. This vaccine has the potential to bring this country out of the house and back to work, school, church, and more.

The Mayflower Mystique: Remembering the Pilgrims

Few can name which groups the Godspeed and the Arabella brought to America. They were the Jamestown colonists in 1607 and the Puritans to Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630, respectively. But the Mayflower, which brought the Pilgrims to Plymouth in 1620, has sailed into history and ranks with the Titanic, the Lusitania, the Bismarck, and the Queen Mary as the world’s most famous ships. What accounts for the Mayflower’s mystique?

Superbugs will Kill Millions — Unless Congress Acts

We're in the midst of the worst health crisis of the 21st century -- and it's not COVID.

A 40-Year-Old Law Continues to Produce New Jobs Today

This fall, tens of millions of Americans will get vaccinated against influenza -- but they won't all experience a prick in the arm. Instead, many will take FluMist, the painless nasal flu vaccine.

Court Packing—Destabilizing and Unnecessary

The idea of expanding the size of the U.S. Supreme Court, also known as “court packing,” has surfaced once again, as it did after the Brett Kavanaugh appointment. Often mentioned is a proposal by Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of University of California Berkeley’s Law School. He favors increasing the size of the court to 13 instead of its current nine. There are other calls for a larger court, such as those produced by organizations like “Take Back the Court” and “Demand Justice.” Of course, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez simply demands: “Expand the court.”

The Sun is Shining

The Sun is shining today and will rise tomorrow. For more years than we know the Sun has followed this same pattern.

Why Fracking is a Big Issue

In my previous column, I described the “paradox of prosperity”—the strange tendency of many people who have benefited from economic advances to denounce and vilify the source of their prosperity, a sort of “bite-the-hand-that-feeds-you” phenomenon.

With New Drug Pricing Order, Trump Flirts with Socialism

President Trump's recent executive order on drug prices gets almost everything right -- except the solution.

Drug Price Controls: Right Objective, Wrong Solution

This month, President Trump signed an executive order to reduce Medicare spending on prescription drugs. For each medication, Medicare will pay no more than the lowest price available in other developed countries.

Biden and Trump, Follow Your Heart and Mind

Typically, the heart leads us and keeps us in various places throughout life.

Trump's Reference Pricing Order Imports Joblessness

Never in the history of the modern world has there been such a need for the pharmaceutical industry to save our world and return us to a form of normality. Covid-19 is impacting everyone, including the leader of the free world. Yet before becoming ill himself, in a last-minute bid to curry favor with senior voters, President Trump signed executive orders aimed directly at this industry and its ability to perform.

President Trump's Executive Order Will Put an End to Pharmaceutical Breakthroughs

Every day, scientists get closer to a COVID-19 vaccine. A handful of biopharmaceutical firms hope to make one available by year's end.

For Workers' Sake, Keep the Pressure on America's Trading Partners

In his marathon testimony before Congress earlier this summer, United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer detailed the trade-policy achievements of President Trump's first term. It's a list that should make the administration proud.

President Trump's Latest Executive Order Will Decimate U.S. Innovation

With only a few months left in his first term, President Trump is trying to make good on his campaign promise to lower drug prices.

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