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Marching for Life: Countering Roe V. Wade's Escorts

I saw them again a few weeks ago, the first time in a while. My wife and I were driving by. They stood outside the Planned Parenthood clinic in Pittsburgh. "Look," I said to my wife, "those are the so-called 'escorts.' They lead young women into the abortion clinic. Look at their smiles as they do their job."

Hope Springs Eternal: Forty Years of Egyptian-Israeli Peace

March 26, 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty. Historians consider the Egyptian-Israeli peace brokered by President Jimmy Carter in the late 1970s to be the most important and impressive diplomatic achievement of an administration otherwise plagued by foreign crises.

Throwing the First Pitch

In The Presidents and the Pastime: The History of Baseball and the White House former presidential speech writer, veteran journalist, and college professor Curt Smith provides a lively, informative account of our nation's chief executives and America's quintessential sport.

America - Exceptional, not Nationalist

Some of the liberal criticism of President Donald Trump since his election stems from an intellectual tradition that gained tremendous influence in the West during the 1960s, especially in American universities. According to what historians have labeled the New Left, a more radical strain of the American left, America is just another example of a toxic nationalist state, not unlike certain imperial or even fascist states.

The Quite Coup of the Courts

There is a constitutional crisis in this country. One branch of government is undermining the rule of law.

Right to Try Provides a License to Cash In on Patient Fears

More than 1.7 million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer this year. One in three of those patients will eventually succumb to it.

Grease FDA Wheels to Save Lives

When you're desperately ill, your chances of recovery improve as your access to treatment improves. That's why it's such good news that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is working to speed up the process of getting new medications to patients.

VA Must Not Neglect Catastrophically Disabled Veterans

Imagine losing both your legs while serving your country only to be told the Department of Veterans Affairs can't provide you the wheelchair you need. The VA's not sure when one will become available. So they tell you to stay in bed.

Trump Pushes the Ethanol Blend Wall

President Donald Trump intends to hand out $12 billion to various farmers to offset the financial losses they are facing due to his trade war. That's his attempt at directly padding his supporters' pockets.

"Environmentalism" Shouldn't be a Dirty Word for Republicans

Is there a more despised word among Republicans than "environmentalist"? For many GOP voters, the term conjures up a mental image of tree-hugging socialists hell-bent on regulating our country back to the Stone Age.

Trump Claims He's Defending U.S. Companies — But Businesses Disagree

This summer, President Trump imposed a 25-percent tariff on $34 billion of Chinese goods. The move follows his June levies on steel and aluminum from Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

Audio Recordings - Omarosa, President Trump and Billy Graham

Perfect people will never work in government. People make promises and look good in television advertisements but people are people and that always means human error.

Trump's Trade War Jeopardizes American Energy Jobs

This summer, China and the United States launched the opening salvos in a trade war that has been brewing for months. America imposed a 25 percent tariff on $34 billion of Chinese goods. In response, China slapped tariffs on U.S. products and agricultural goods such as soybeans and pork. President Trump escalated things by announcing another $200 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods.

Want To Save the Environment? Support Offshore Drilling

Several states are preparing to sue the federal government. They're trying to halt Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's planned expansion of offshore oil and natural gas drilling. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, the most vocal opponent of Sec. Zinke's plan, claims the drilling "threatens our environment and our economy."

Infant Health Deserves Careful Research, Not Partisan Bickering

Want to win a political argument? Accuse your opponent of hurting children.

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Why Kamala Harris Is Fading in the Democratic Primary
There's her backtracking on busing and her waffling on Medicare for All, not to mention her prosecutorial scandals.
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Many Journalists on 2020 Beat Coordinated With Clinton Camp
A timely reminder that in 2016, several major journalists were revealed to be explicitly coordinating with the Clinton campaign or-at the very least-favoring it and working closely with it. None suffered consequences. These folks will help shape 2020 coverage.

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I dreamed I had come up with a solution to America's greatest problem, eliminate Congress. Unfortunately when I awakened I was in greater distress because the television was on and Congress was in session haggling. Tragically my dream awakened to America's ongoing nightmare.
Fuel the American Economy with Offshore Energy
Some parting gift: On his way out the White House door, President Barack Obama banned seismic surveying in the Atlantic Ocean from New England south to Virginia.
Encumbrances - State Churches, O'Reilly and Kim Jong Un
An encumbrance will often weigh us down or prevent us from going forward.
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Innovative thinking is the key to resolving the Obamacare replacement dilemma
Support may be growing for the notion that the expansion of Health Savings Accounts can provide a "creative solution" to the Congressional dilemma on how to repeal and replace Obamacare, according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.
Patients Will Die if Congress Doesn't Reauthorize this 25-Year Old Law
Thousands of Americans could die waiting for the FDA to approve new, lifesaving treatments if Congress fails to reauthorize a 25-year old law this summer.
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We will never figure out health care, Medicaid and most of our country's issues until we learn how to enter and exit buildings.
Rising Chronic Disease Rates Portend Unsustainable Costs
12 percent of Americans suffer from five or more chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. This fraction of the population accounts for 41 percent of total health care spending.
U.S. Senate Misstep Will Cost Jobs and Slow Energy Production
The Senate just failed to roll back an Obama-era regulation that will discourage energy production, cost millions of dollars, and kill thousands of American jobs.
How U.S. natural gas will help countries meet their Paris commitments
While critics bemoan President Trump's decision to pull out of -- or renegotiate -- the Paris climate agreement, the United States has been reducing its greenhouse gas emissions over the past decade. And now the country is poised to help a number of the signatory countries reduce theirs as well.
A 'Made in America' Product Even Free Traders Can Support
President Trump recently announced "Made in America Week," when he emphasized the economic benefits of revitalizing the U.S. manufacturing sector. Many economists push back against such efforts, asserting there are numerous benefits to global trade and economic integration. But there is at least one sector where "Made in America" means a stronger economy, not a weaker one.
America's Government Pension Pain
Stories of struggling government pension funding have abounded the last few months. Reports of changing the retirement scenario for state employees are dominating the conversation in states like New Jersey, Illinois, California and Kentucky.
A Money-Back Guarantee for Prescription Drugs
President Trump will soon issue an executive order to lower drug prices. The order likely will encourage federal health agencies to make greater use of "outcomes-based" contracts.
Prevention Requires a Lot of Effort
Most of us believe in prevention but we don't always practice it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure we've heard before.
Confusion Shouldn't Stop Patients from Buying Health Insurance
This year's Affordable Care Act open enrollment period starts November 1. Millions of Americans will soon visit HealthCare.gov or the online insurance exchange run by their state to shop for 2018 health plans. Many will be confused by what they find.
Energy Companies Have Helped Texas, and the Nation, Recover from Harvey
Hurricane Harvey dumped enough rain on Texas to fill the entire Chesapeake Bay. Widespread flooding caused an estimated $190 billion in damage, meaning Harvey could be the most expensive storm in American history.
Just What the Doctor Ordered
While the Republican Congress remains paralyzed over how to repeal and replace Obamacare, recent activity among two of the healthcare industry's largest players could signal a new approach to delivering access to affordable healthcare. CVS, the nation's largest pharmacy chain, recently announced that it is acquiring Aetna, one of the nation's largest insurers, for a reported $69 billion.
A Merit-based Immigration System Would Help Americans -- and Skilled Foreigners
Don't expect a bigger paycheck anytime soon. Fed Chair Janet Yellen recently admitted there might be far more "slack" in the labor market than she and her colleagues realized, meaning that employers can attract all the workers they need without raising wages.
Proposed Legislation will Fuel the Opioid Epidemic in the U.S.
Consumers better think twice before clicking "purchase" on an internet pharmacy's site.
The Big Button
In 1964, when I was a college freshman, all healthy male students without prior military service were required to take two years of a basic Air Force Reserve Officer Training Course (AFROTC). The Stanley Kubrick movie. Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, was new. This child of the 1960s now in his 70s has two satirical movies committed to memory: Dr. Strangelove and Animal House.