Aromatherapy for Common Ailments

Aromatherapy works in several ways to combat commonailments. Essential oils contain molecules that onceapplied or dispersed through the air trigger nasalreceptors to send healing messages to the brain. The brainthen experiences changes of chemistry that tell your bodyto feel relaxed, cheered or numb to pain.

A common physical complaint today is arthritis. A blend ofa couple of drops each of clove, ginger and peppermint oilsdispersed in eight ounces of a carrier oil such as almond,olive or jojoba can be worked manually into the areas thatfeel sore. These oils have the effect of cooling hot spotsin the body and bringing oxygenated blood to the affectedareas. Tea tree oil can also be used along with geraniumor lavender oil to heal cold sores. Mixed with chamomileoil it is an effective remedy for eczema.

Essential oils are also very effective when it comes tosoothing the pain of muscle soreness. You can mix a fewdrops any one of the following oils in 8 ounces of acarrier oil and add them to a bath or rub them directlyinto the skin: balsam fir, pine, juniper, ginger, cloves,peppermint or rosemary.

Many aromatherapy oils are extremely effective when itcomes to diminishing the pain of headaches or curing themall together. Basil, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus,neroli (orange blossom) or linden blossom oil eitherdiffused through a room or rubbed on the temples and neckcan greatly relieve headache pain that seems to be causedby stress or tension. Headaches that are provoked by sinusproblems are effectively relieved by diffusions of basil,clove, eucalyptus, frankincense, lemon, lavender, juniper,pine or rosemary oils. If the headache is believed to havea hormonal cause, chamomile, clary sage, geranium, jasmineor lavender may relieve it.

Tea tree oil can be bought in commercial preparations ormade into an oil by yourself by diluting two or three dropsof the essential oil into eight ounces of a carrier oilsuch as witch hazel or aloe vera. This oil can then used toheal and disinfect small cuts, scrapes, bruises, insectbites and bee stings. Tea tree oil can also be used alongwith geranium or lavender oil to heal cold sores.

Aromatherapy can also be used to treat nausea. This iseffectively done simply by rubbing a blend of peppermintand ginger oils in a circular motion on your stomach andpulse points or by anointing a handkerchief with a fewdrops so that you can sniff the aroma while on a road trip.

Did you know that aromatherapy oils can also be used torelieve jet lag and hangovers too? Oils that are veryeffective for warding off that feeling like you overdid itare peppermint, orange, clary sage, geranium, eucalyptus,ginger and basil. The optimum cure would be a preparationthat you would blend yourself in almond oil called "hangover helper!"

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