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Dedication Before Constraint for Marital Success

How times change. I once read that in the 1950s a professor at a major state university was fired when an interview in the student newspaper quoted him as saying that it would be a good idea for students to live together before getting married. In the 21st century, cohabitation before marriage has become normative, with about 70% of couples moving in together before they marry. It is accepted by most people as axiomatic that moving in before marriage is an important way to test the relationship.

Have These Financial Conversations Before You Get Married

Talking about money often can be a source of anxiety and frustration in committed relationships. But for engaged couples, it’s a critical step to take before meeting at the altar.

5 Financial Tips for Newlyweds

February is the month of love and one of the most popular times of year for couples to get engaged. According to a recent study, 36% of respondents said Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day to propose. If you’re about to get married or just walked down the aisle, here are five things to do to ensure your financial health.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas: 5 Great Reasons to Have a Magician at Your Wedding

When it comes to organising your wedding party, you have a wide range of options. You could have a simple event or a themed party, perhaps featuring 60s, beach, Bond, or medieval themes. Or you could have a casino or celebrity look a like. As for decor you could feature an ice sculpture or chocolate fountain.

A Summer Wedding

THE sunshine had come out to ensure the wedding of footballer Benji and his wife-to-be Sabine had the perfect backdrop. For the month before the excitement had been growing amongst the players and supporters of St Cernin de l'Herm, a village in the south west of France, as the day came ever closer.

How to Enhance and Enrich Your Marriage

Any marriage counselor will tell you that one of the most common problems observed when couples come for help is poor communication skills. People get into trouble in their marriages because they have not developed their ability to listen and communicate.

Planning Your Wedding - How To Get Organized

You have purchased the latest bridal magazines from your local grocery store and there are pages and pages of photos of beautiful wedding gowns, rings and articles on weddings. Some give you a brief idea of what you need to do to plan your wedding, but you're still not sure how to begin the process.

How to Choose a Pearl Necklace for Your Wedding Day

The elegant beauty of a strand of pearls has fascinated brides for centuries. People believe that wearing pearls on their wedding day will bring bliss to their marriage.

Thoughts from Deik and Kims Wedding, for You and Your Marriage

Deik and Kim, remember that marriage is a COVENANT relationship. It is not merely a contract of convenience, nor a promise to live together as long as each still feels good about the other.

Business Partners & Marital Partners Will The Marriage Survive - Part II

In the last article, we concluded by saying that keeping your business and personal relationships separate is very important to the survival of both your business and your marriage. In this article we will talk about how to achieve this goal.

Business Partners & Marital Partners Will The Marriage Survive - Part I

With today's economy, and the layoffs occurring as a result of these economic conditions, more and more people are opting to start their own business. Due to the low start up costs, the prevalence of home-based businesses is on the rise, many of these started by husband and wife teams.

The Reality of Arranged Marriages

Arranged marriages have been a topic of interest for centuries. Authors across the ages have explored this theme at length, and it still surfaces in literary works today.

A Tale of Two Weddings

In the next six months, my son, daughter, andgrandson are all getting married. Our family isspread across Ontario and the United States, so I'm thankful to be living in the computergeneration.

Building Up Your Marriage with Healthy Communication

Would you like to have a stronger, healthier, more enjoyable marriage? I am sure that you would. And yet we live in a culture where about half of all marriages will shatter and end in a divorce, leaving behind the wreckage of broken adults and broken children.

Building Your Marriage: Some Thoughts From St. Paul

These verses of Scripture from St. Paul are commonly used in Christian marriage ceremonies.

Seven Ways to Survive a Remodel (And Save Your Marriage) Tips from Pisa Design, Inc

Remodels are tough on everyone. The house is out of order, the refrigerator is out of pudding, and the family wiener dog is out of sorts as he searches for his food dish.

Marriage and the Election

Dear Friends of Marriage,There is a lot of talk on both sides in this election that this is the most important election this century. Most of this is exaggeration to try and motivate people to vote for one candidate or the other.

Marriage Missing its Spark?

If the fires of passion in your marriage have been reduced nearly to embers, then you are not alone. One of the most common problems that can damage a marriage is the loss of spark?or spice, or whatever you like to call it.

How To Hire A DJ For Your Wedding

Hiring music entertainment can arguably be the most important booking made for your wedding. Guests remember whether or not they had fun at your wedding.

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Emerald at Queensridge, A Beautiful Elegant Las Vegas Wedding Venue
0624 MPlace EmeraldatQueensridge 2023

Bridal Spectacular shares one of the most elegant and imitate Las Vegas Wedding Venues captured by M Place Production. You know it's the one when you enter the enchanted grounds at Emerald at Queensridge. If you're looking for an elegant and intimate wedding venue, then Emerald at Queensridge is your dream wedding venue. Once you

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A Las Vegas Garden Wedding Of Your Dreams at The Secret Garden
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Bridal Spectacular shares the perfect dream garden wedding at The Secret Garden captured by M Place Productions. Gardens seem to embody the most romantic ambiance, both being intimate and grand all at the same time.  Just minutes from the famous Las Vegas Strip, The Secret Garden is just that! This garden venue sits on 10

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10 Wedding Tuxedo Styles from Friar Tux Las Vegas
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10 Wedding Tuxedo Styles curated by our friends at Friar Tux Las Vegas We often make a big fuss about the Bride and her endless options in fashion but this is a day for a groom to feel special too. Our Friends at Friar tux have incredible options to suit your day (Pun intended.) Lets

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Emily and Rob’s Blush and Burgundy wedding in Las Vegas
Emily and Rob walk triumphantly out of their wedding as their guests wave sparklers for their departure as husband and wife.

A Blush and Burgundy Wedding is a romantic choice for an outdoor Las Vegas Wedding Emily and Rob joined their lives with a stunning blush and burgundy wedding ceremony and reception at Emerald at Queensridge in Las Vegas. From the red rose petals down the ceremony path to the opulent indoor reception the details of

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Black and White Wedding Styled Shoot captured by LuxLife Las Vegas
Black and White Wedding decor. What a space to celebrate your nuptials. A canopy twinkling lights over the dance floor are a perfect space for your first dance surrounded by your family seated at tables with black linens.

Celebrate with a black and white wedding. Trending now! Black has been the IT color this year. From black wedding dresses to Black decor there are so many was to work this color scheme. We love the romantic look that Emerald At Queensridge put together with their vendor partners for this year's photoshoot. These amazing

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An Intimate Las Vegas Wedding Filled With Romance

Bridal Spectacular shares a intimate Las Vegas wedding captured by Iris Dee Photography. If you're dreaming of a romantic, candle-filled ceremony, adorned in twinkling lights you'll want to take the time to enjoy this special Las Vegas wedding. Iris, a Las Vegas based photographer, beautifully captures Diana and Benjamin's enchanting wedding at The Side Yard

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Sunset Wedding Color Inspiration at JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort
TaylorJordanSneaks 149

Spectacular Weddings of Las Vegas features a Las Vegas wedding with sunset wedding color inspiration captured by Moxie Studio Photography. Do you want to create a romantic and dreamy atmosphere that will leave your guests in awe? Look no further! Sunset weddings are a timeless theme that never goes out of style.  Here, Taylor and

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A Sweet and Memorable Las Vegas Chapel Wedding
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Bridal Spectacular Shares A Memorable Las Vegas Chapel Wedding Captured by Iris Dee Photography. Just like Elvis Presley, we can't help falling in love with Charolette and Daniel's wedding at the Little Vegas Chapel. This adorable destination is known for its Elvis-themed weddings, where “The King” sings, dances, and performs the rites. In addition to

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Breathtaking Las Vegas Lakeside Wedding Inspiration
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Bridal Spectacular shares Adyson and Jack's Las Vegas wedding by Moxie Studio Photography. Just imagine, a waterfront wedding surrounded by swaying palm trees and the gorgeous sunset in the background. Well, we are happy to share this beautiful Lake Las Vegas wedding location is right in your own wonderful city of Las Vegas! It all

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