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To Sell Successfully, You Have to Be Willing to Be Different
We are complex. We confidently assert that we are independent thinkers but then we can feel uncomfortable -- even embarrassed - if we break out of "the norm.

Write On The Money: The Ten Commandments (Plus Five) Of Profitable Sales Letter Writing
According to the Direct Marketing Association, in 2003 U.S.
Store Owners - Five Ideas to Increase Sales
1. Animate your window display.
Caring - The Secret Sales Strategy
Sales information resource Just Sell, calls caring "sales love". Here's the meaning:Sales love ('sAlz - luv): noun: 1: unselfish and loyal care for the good of a customer, prospect, reseller, and/or team member.
Wholesale Secrets Revealed: The Holy Grail Of Wholesale!
Like the legendary search for the Holy Grail, the cup that Jesus drank from at the Last Supper, the same "holy crusade" goes on today by veteran and newly anointed business owners for the perfect wholesale, surplus, and drop-shipping resource. They believe that divine intervention will lead them to suppliers that can defeat the economic laws of "supply and demand.
Using Emotion for Persuasion
The other day, I received the last issue of a business magazine before my subscription runs out. Now, I like this magazine, but I'm swamped with reading matter so I won't renew.
Want More Sales? Write A Barry Bonds Sales Letter
I'm not a baseball fan. Never have been.
Two Mistakes That Will Cost You Money
You've met a new prospect, accurately assessed their needs and determined that you can provide the product and service she is looking for. You've presented your information in an engaging manner and the prospective customer appears interested.
Selling Services
Selling a service isn't the same as selling a product. Your prospect is buying an intangible.
Your Clients Buying What Youre Selling
Linda felt like she had reached a plateau in her cleaning business. For the past 3 years, she'd run the same ads in the same publications with the same results.
Selling the Dr. Seuss Way
"I am Sam. Sam I am.
Model Dell: The Art of the Affiliate Coupon
Along with having an innovative supply chain, there's another reason Dell is the largest computer company in the world. They always offer great coupon codes to online affiliates that let the buyer "in" on deals that they otherwise wouldn't get.
Chicken Little And The Disintermediation Myth
If Chicken Little were alive today he wouldn't be running around forewarning us of the sky that was about to fall. He'd be too preoccupied alerting everyone about another potential disaster - which may in the end prove to be just as erroneous as his first prediction.
Ask for the Business
Many times in the process of making a sales presentation to a potential client, we will break down our product piece by piece, explaining all of the features and benefits it has to offer, then we expect our customer to have immediate buy in, and purchase our product based on the presentation they just heard.Unfortunately, it does not work that way.
Incentive Dilemma:
Manufacturers and distributors are rolling out more sales incentive programs for their channel partners than ever before.Some of these programs are not as successful as they could be, however, because they fail to appreciate fully what motivates salespeople and drives them to overachieve.
Why Are We All So Afraid?
What can strike terror into the heart of even the most successful sales professional or entrepreneur? Cold Calling. What can crush self-confidence, destroy self-esteem and leave even the most seasoned sales professional quivering with humiliation and defeat? Cold Calling.
Selling Against Goliath
Selling Against Goliath?How to Take on the Big Guys and WinBy Dave Stein, Author of How Winners SellIf you sell for a smaller company that competes against the big guys, the age-old story of David and Goliath might come to mind. In this story, the giant, Goliath, was beaten in a fight by the small boy, David (later to become King David), because of the boy's ability to outsmart the giant.
Your Profit is in Your Follow-up: A System for Increased Sales Conversion
No matter what you sell--products, services, or causes--one of the key ingredients to your success will be the attention you give your sales lead follow-up system.Notice that I used the word system to describe your follow-up program.
What is Lead Generation?
Lead Generation is vital to all businesses. All companies try to attract new customers, and this is a kind of lead generation.
Can Barter Help Increase Cash Sales and Visability for Your Small Business?
Barter is becoming an increasingly popular method of commerce. The U.