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Baby Shower for Mom and the Ladies

Baby Shower for Moms who just wanna have fun! This type of baby shower is not the only type of shower given today. Traditionally, baby showers have been thrown for mommy-to-be and the guest list was strictly women.

Gift Giving For Baby

Since they are you friends or relatives, chances are you know their lifestyle. Do they like to travel or like taking day trips to the amusement parks or zoos? If yes, backpack diaper bag is a good idea.

Potty Training Guide

Toilet training (herein referred to as "potty training") is an exciting time for parents and children, as the child takes the next step to becoming a "big" girl or boy. While parents usually start this adventure filled with the anticipation of being able to cross "diapers" off the shopping list, their toddlers can make them wonder if this will ever happen.

A Surprise Baby Shower Can Be the Perfect Way to Celebrate

Throwing a surprise baby shower doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, it can be fun for all involved.

Baby Shower Decorations

When decoration for a baby shower, there are a few key aspects that should be considered:1) Will your baby shower adhere to a theme?Visit our baby shower theme for ideas about selecting a theme. If you are using a theme, then it is good to be consistent.

Baby Signing - 10 Easy Ways to Start Signing with Your Baby

Babies can communicate their needs and desires a lot earlier than we think. They have an instinctive need to communicate.

Couples Baby Shower Honors Both Mom and Dad

If having a Couples Baby Shower seems odd to you, consider this: Mom-to-be did not get pregnant on her own. Nor will she likely be raising the baby on her own.

Home Remedies for Colic

You are at the end of your rope. You have tried everything under the sun to soothe your little one who is still crying non-stop.

The Mystery Around Colic

You are a proud parent of a happy and healthy 2 week old baby. You and your spouse have both now gotten into a routine that is comfortable concerning nightly feedings, changing and enjoying your new little one.

Baby Shower Invitations Ideas

The first thing you need to do before you order invitations or make your own baby shower invitations is to decide on the theme of your party! You can choose from baby shower invitations ideas like teddy bears, ducks, baby bottles and diaper pins. And what colors do you want? Blue for boys, pink for girls, or yellow and green for the baby yet unseen?You need to consider the mother's personal style.

Tips for Decorating Your Babys Nursery

Decorating your child's nursery is an exciting experience. Your little bundle of joy will finally be in your arms soon, and you want to make sure his or her new home is absolutely perfect.

Baby Shower for Twins (Or More) Peas in a Pod

Baby shower for twins or multiples can be given when the mother-to-be is expecting twins or more. Having twins is twice as nice.

Types of Baby Showers

There are different types of baby showers to cover just about any ocassion. Baby Showers have been traditionally for Ladies only.

Benefits of Making Your Own Homemade Baby Food

Making your own homemade baby food will ensure that what your child is eating is fresh, nutritious and free of additives. By making your own baby food, you'll be saving money.

Baby Sleep Tips

Getting a baby to adjust to a normal sleep schedule can be a challenge for new parents. Here are some tips so that both you and your baby can get a good night's rest.

Its Not Too Late to Vaccinate Against the Fear of Failure Flu

There's an epidemic in our culture. Have you heard of the 'fear of failure flu?'Early symptoms include sweaty palms and a knot in the stomach.

3 Simple Steps In Searching For A Baby Name

1) BRAINSTORMIt is a good idea to pick a baby boy, girl, or a unisex baby name, even if the sonogram has already shown you the sex of your baby, after all, surprises do happen. Set aside time with no interruptions to clear your mind and brainstorm names that appeal to you and write them on a piece of paper.

Potty Training Dolls - Why Use a Potty Training Doll to Assist in Potty Training Your Child?

The idea of using potty dolls to potty train toddlers has been around for some 30 years. Many parents (including myself) have successfully potty trained their children using a potty training doll.

Potty Training Doll - How Do You Use A Potty Training Doll To Potty Train You Child?

Your heard about using a potty training doll that drinks and wets to assist in the process of potty training. Okay - that sounds good.

Potty Training Boys - How To Potty Train Boys - Do You Teach Them to Sit or Stand?

I am asked this question by many parents - they all want to know whether to start potty training boys to urinate standing up or sitting down.While there is definitely no right or wrong way to potty train a boy, most potty training experts will recommend that toddler boys should be potty trained sitting down.

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Mom-approved Prime Day baby deals are still live: car seats, toys,...
Baby it's time to shop! There are still huge markdowns on all your favorite pint-sized picks.

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Decoded: Who are zero-dose children and what does the Unicef report mean?
Zero-dose children: Acc to the latest World Health Organisation (WHO) and Unicef immunisation report, India follows Nigeria in having the highest number of unvaccinated children, with 1.6 million zero-dose kids in 2023

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Are Mosquito Stickers Safe For Babies & Kids? Experts Have Thoughts
Doctors say not to use bug repellents, even in sticker form, on very young infants. And, some stickers use essential oils that haven't been tested for safety.

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Baby Shower Games to Make Your Baby Shower Exciting
The perfect way to spoil the baby shower games is when there is less involvement and participation from your guests. Have you ever been to a baby shower party, any kind of party, and been bored to death? Well, I have, and let me tell you, they are as boring as they get.
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