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Developing a Strong Brand

Unless you just don't have an appetite for fried chicken, or you've been living in recluse for the past few decades, the phrase "We do chicken right" should immediately conjure up the fast-food restaurant, Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Brand Development, You Should Improve Your Branding

It might be almost blasphemous to talk about letting go of old brand equity and laying an old brand to rest, but there are times when change is needed. Reformulating and re-designing, or even overhauling an old brand can be a wise decision.

Corporate Internet Branding

The Internet is a ubiquitous Corporate communications and sales channel, however many companies are still not utilizing much of its power. That could be because of loyalties to comfortable old channels or that there aren’t enough Internet marketing experts to take their brands into the digital realm.

Starbucks: Please Don't

There they go again. Starbucks Corp. is on a mission to boost sales of glittery snow globes and other non-coffee items.

An Inconvenient Truth — A Failure to Persuade

Stealing Share is in the persuasion business, make no mistake about it. Our business category is brand development but our brand work must be, by definition, persuasive.

So What?

Well that certainly is a direct -- if not offensive -- title, isn't it? Stay with me a little while longer, and you will understand its significance.

How Lanyards Are Used in Business and Industry

Lanyards have become extremely common nowadays. It is very normal to see ID badges dangling from a person’s neck on a short cord, and on the cord or small rope itself, is printed the name of a company, or a school or an event on it. All these prove the popularity of lanyards in business and industry.

Branding a Small Business Without Paying A Dime

As a young entrepreneur I was always looking for ways to brand my small companies. I didn't want to hire a firm and I was always open to learning. These are some things I've learned along the way that you might find helpful.

What Brand Consistency Can Do For Your Business, and Why You Should Care

Have you ever noticed that all of the Old Navy commercials on television all have the same look and feel? How about the mailers that you receive from Staples, Office Max or Best Buy? They’ll feature different products each week, but have you ever noticed how consistent their look is from week to week?

Are You Designing Your Own Business Brand? These Graphic Design Gaffes You Have to Avoid

When looking at a web site, business card, brochure or logo, have you ever thought; “I really like the way that looks”, but you didn’t know why you liked it? You probably said, “There’s just something about it”. Well, that, “something about it” is what separates mediocre designers from experienced talented ones – the talented ones know what that something is.

Branding Development Techniques: Be Unique; But Recognizable

Developing a business brand can be one of the most rewarding and challenging of experiences. The rewards of a successfully orchestrated brand identity can be found in that feeling of complete accomplishment.

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