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Its Time For Some Steak

Recently, I was reviewing our website statistics. One of the sites that had a link to mine caught me by surprise.

The Positioning of Success

Many businesses of today are often driven to compete striclty on price, quality, and features of their products and services. Companies who prosper over the long term don't simply offer the best deals, the best quality, or the most impressive bells and whistles.

The Brand Called You

The best brands always try to do the right thing, so that their reputations will remain unsullied. But beyond that they grow, evolve and get better with time, while maintaining their special qualities from the past.

Id Buy That: Getting A Brand Mindset

Feel that? The crisp tingle in the air? It's fall. Fall ushers in the promise of eating, seeing, and getting.

Are You Brand Worthy? Are You Brand Worthy?

Branding is a one hot topic, although it is wildly misunderstood. To make things even more confusing, branding is often tossed in the same basket as marketing which makes its application to an entrepreneur or sole-practioner even more unclear.

Branding Is Not Selling Out: ITS SELLING IN

Ever see an amazing band perform and wonder why you've never heard of them before? Ever see an astonishing artist on the street and wonder why isn't their work isn't in a gallery? Ever see an astounding independent film and wonder why people all over the world don't know about it?Me too!It breaks my heart to know that there are musicians, painters, sculptors, and filmmakers everywhere starving. Starving.

Don't Get Caught In the Trap: The BIG Difference Between Personal and Business Branding

When you're all alone in the privacy of your home office, surrounded by your computer, your phone and your business idea, have you ever asked yourself, "Where's the line between me in my business and the business in me"?With hundreds of thousands of home-based businesses starting every year, and few ever flourishing, the topic of branding has become hot, hot, hot. And thanks to experts touting the need for a personal brand in sole proprietor businesses the confusion is growing.

Too Dull? Too Sharp?

You work hard getting the right cover message and words for your brochure. Now, you want to give it a look, an image.

Notable News - The Branding Myth

How many times have you heard of seen advertising for a graphic design company that states that they do branding?If you think branding is a logo, letterhead, or web design with all the same look, and colours, then it's true..

Naming Names... How to Name your Business

Sometimes the best inspiration comes from hearing about the deconstruction of other company's names. For you, I am happy to share how I came up with "Slice A Day :: your slice on marketing".

Brand Building 201: Finding The Ideal Way

The strongest and longest lasting brands branch off of anexisting category. Branching takes patience and time.

12 Ways to Reduce Postage

1. Never send a letter that weighs less than 30 gms.

How to Write Classified Ads that Get Results Now.

SELLING DIRECTLY FROM A CLASSIFIED AD Classified ads can be used to sell products directly from the ad.This works best for items costing no more thanapproximately $5.

How to Create Your Own Mail Order Products

Pick up almost any book or report on Mailorder Selling andinvariably you will find the same advice. When you select amailorder product, select one which: - appeals to a large segment of the population- is not readily available in stores- is easy to ship by mail- is worthwhile- and a product that lends itself to repeat orders Most mail order writers will also tell you to try to acquireexclusive selling rights to your product.

My First Year In Cyber Space

My first year as a Cyberpreneur was a steeplearning-curve. I was an academic beforestarting an online business, so I had a lot to learn.

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12/14/2021 10:10 AM
How We Helped A Local Consultant Get More Visibility (And Become A Bestselling Author!)
A Case Study On Douma Leadership Apologies if I sound like a broken record, but there are some things that are so important in the world of digital marketing, that I can't say them enough. One: you need a good website. And two: a good website isn't enough.
11/16/2021 11:19 AM
10 Online Business Examples We're Anticipating For 2018
Needing to begin your own business is a keen move for a considerable measure of reasons. In any case, the greatest mental obstacle a large portion of you confront right presently is making sense of what the best online organizations to begin are. You've caught wind of associate promoting, however, some person said Shopify amid lunch. Furthermore... you've for a long while been itching to compose a book, and you've perused tales about outside the box writers procuring millions.
11/16/2021 11:19 AM
What's Brewing In Digital Advertising Folks? Top 5 Trends to Look Forward to in 2018
There's no doubt that the digital marketing revolution is moving forward and becoming better everyday. With continuous innovation of advertising techniques, new technologies, staying ahead in this competitive field is important. Effective advertising is an essential part of the marketing world. Now the question which arises is... How do we make advertising effective? NO WORRIES Here are 5 Advertising Trends which will definitely make the digital top bananas this year.
10/19/2021 07:32 PM
Indian Medical Device Start Ups
Indian medical device industry is fragmented, price-sensitive and bogged down by infrastructure constraints like erratic power supply, low doctor-patient ratio and shortage of trained personnel to handle complex processes. These are pain points that Indian start-ups are trying to tide over to achieve market acceptance, stated Vishnu Bhat, managing director, BlueNeem Medical Devices.
10/19/2021 07:23 PM
Plain Shirt at Karawang, Quality Cheap Plain Shirts
Plain karawang shirt has become a very appropriate choice at this time from various things, either as a business or many other purposes. In terms of business needs, you can buy a lot of plain karawang shirts and buy them with the largest amount or wholesale. by buying with a wholesale amount you will get the advantage of buying wholesale at the cheapest price compared to retail, so you will get even more satisfaction. POLICE T-SHIRT IN KARAWANG REGION Plain T-shirts in Karawang and nowadays more and more in demand, by all circles there are both young people and adults. Shirt karawang Polos has a very comfortable and elegant character so it makes many people buy it at once to be elegant. In the lead-up to the presidential election, or ELECTION T-shirts, plain karawang shirts are the best supporters so that people look for plain shirts to be used as a support for the need for promotional shirts.
10/19/2021 07:16 PM
Why You Need a Website
Your website runs 24/7 and 365 days a year without any supervision. If you have the website, you can always be there for your customers. You can provide both prospective and regular customers the convenience of reviewing your products and services when your store or office is closed.
10/19/2021 06:21 PM
TalkCharge Offering Exclusive HomeShop18 Deals To Its Users That Seems Highly Beneficial
TalkCharge recently launched a few discount deals on HomeShop18 through its online portal that got a lot of love & praise from its subscriber base, especially from the women. The HomeShop18 Discount Coupons that are available on the TalkCharge site provides a user a whopping discount on HS18 products, of up to 75% off.
10/19/2021 06:17 PM
Why Do You Need a Brochure?
While the website is the first of the most important items to own for advertising about your business, a company brochure is the second most important. You can explain what your business is all about, through words that best describe what your services are, and use images that can make the consumers relate with your products better.
10/19/2021 06:14 PM
6 Simple Marketing Tactics to Endorse a Medical Conference
Do you wish to boost attendance at your medical conference and call up more attendees? Well, make use of the different medical marketing techniques to sell out the tickets and make everybody eagerly waiting for the upcoming year's early bird unique tickets. Chats on Twitter Twitter is considered as a superb network for happening of the real-time conversations.
10/19/2021 05:55 PM
Stripe Pillow Shams Sateen Comfy Royal Blue
If you are looking for a blend of comfort and stunning looks, then you should definitely opt for pillow shams. Aanya Linen offers Stripe Pillow Shams Sateen Comfy Royal Blue is both eye-catching and classy. The soothing royal blue color of the pillow shams will surely help your room to stand out. You can also opt for the pillow shams to act add a finishing touch to your bedding ensemble.
10/19/2021 05:53 PM
Avery Dennison Printer Solutions ADTP1 Tabletop Printer
ADTP1 increasing profit potentials by cutting vendor production charges and costs. Now deliver faster and more accurately with Built-it RFID verifier. Overstrikes on bad RFID labels or bad RFID tags.
10/12/2021 12:33 PM
SAP S/4 HANA For a Successful Implementation in the Real Time Business
SAP S/4 HANA can be already related to trade and social networks and all set for the internet of matters (IoT). With all these facets, SAP is protecting your investments by using facilitating subsequent-generation trade purposes.SAP S4 HANA Cloud is on hand as software-as-a-provider.
10/12/2021 12:32 PM
Cost Per Mille Cpm or Cost Per Thousand Impressions
Instead of paying for each and every individual click, online marketing came up with a new term called as CPM. CPM stands for cost per Mille where Mille which is symbolized as 'M' is derived from Latin word which means thousand. As a result cost per mille in short CPM is also referred as cost per thousand impressions.
10/06/2021 01:52 PM
Corporate Gifting Ideas in Dubai
Corporate gifting has become a standard procedure these days due to its importance in establishing and maintaining relationships among the stakeholders and clients. Realizing the effectiveness of gifts in corporate relationship management many companies nowadays started to allocate a separate budget for gifting alone. However, in this article, we are going to see the suppliers from Dubai and the advantages of purchasing gifts from them.
10/05/2021 09:35 AM
How Do You Gain Customer Trust?
A happy customer is more likely to recommend a brand they trust to others. Here are 4 strategies you can use to earn customer trust.
09/27/2021 09:00 AM
Things to Keep in Mind While Looking for Supplier of Wristbands
Most importantly you have no clue on what to expect as you cannot touch the band before purchasing. Therefore, you have to rely on the supplier of wristbands to come up with the best quality one.
09/20/2021 10:22 AM
The Future Of Packaging - Updated Version Of 2018
The future of packaging is going to revolutionized, new trends of self cooling and heating technology is able to make inside products safe and secure. They have longstanding effect on products, as well as this is considered as the best marketing as well as branding tool.
09/01/2021 03:19 PM
How to Define Your Brand Voice and Vision to Increase Awareness and Credibility
Defining the personality of a business is the main part of branding. A good brand builds trust, familiarity and makes the company memorable among consumers.
08/20/2021 11:49 AM
The Key To Smart Branding
For some new entrepreneurs, 'branding' can be a scary word. The 'big guys' spend millions on their branding efforts, so how can you possibly compete? In a word - consistency. You compete with consistency in your branding. Find out why consistency is the #1 best thing you can do for your branding and how you cab keep your branding consistent.
08/09/2021 10:34 AM
What Are The Qualities of A Timeless Brand?
Every generation has a timeless brand to swear on. These are brands that have unlocked the key to connecting with their audiences on an emotional level. They have earned trust, loyalty, and a strong sense of identification and fulfillment from their market. They remained constant when the rest of the brands in their niche would come and go.
08/02/2021 06:09 PM
5 Emerging Blockchain Training Institutes in India
MindMajix: Mindmajix Training course makes you expert in blockchain programming concepts like cryptocurrencies, distributed ledger, hyper-ledger. This Blockchain online training course focusing on the key concepts like architecture, core layers of the blockchain, Bitcoin mining, Ethereum public and private blockchain concepts. You will also get an exposure to industry based real-time projects in various verticals.
08/02/2021 06:06 PM
Visual Storytelling, a Game Changer for Your Business
This article gives a vivid description on the relevance of utilizing visual storytelling in business.Visualization is gaining momentum in the modern world due to its growing popularity. Moreover it is an effective method to establish your brand or business.
07/21/2021 11:23 AM
How to Choose a Branding Strategy
When developing a brand strategy, it's easy to follow the latest trends and produce your own version. You'll get a hit now and then, but your work isn't memorable. There's nothing original and memorable about your strategy.
07/15/2021 09:06 AM
How Events Help in Brand Building
Whether you want to use the event as a branding mechanism or to grow your business by getting more leads, events - whether you host or attend - are an effective way to grow your business. They help you make connections, get known, and build your email list stronger and bigger.
07/13/2021 09:29 AM
On Ap Standa Day Dong 100%
Cong Ty Co Phan On Ap Bien Standa Viet Nam. Cong ty Co Phan On Ap Bien Ap Standa Viet Nam: On ap Standa; bien ap Standa chuan day dong 100%; Phan phoi lioa gia tot nhat.
07/12/2021 10:57 AM
How to Engage Your Customers and Make Money at The Same Time?
Brush Your Ideas Product Design Tool is an extension that works for both Magento & WooCommerce platforms. We have integrated the tool for several print industry owners.
07/12/2021 10:50 AM
The 3 Stages of Content Marketing You Should Know
When you think about it, all marketing is content marketing-your sales page, your blog, your website, your message, your emails, your videos, your podcasts-they're all content. So, why do so many coaches (and other solopreneurs) cringe at the thought of having to market their business? Here's what you need to know.
07/09/2021 11:05 AM
A Guide for Cannabis Businesses to Avoid Shadowban and Effectively Market on Social Media
Enhancing brand visibility is no child's play. Content creators need to roll up their sleeves and work diligently to ramp up their social media presence. However, in doing so, they also need to follow certain rules to ensure that their posts do not clash with the community guidelines of various social media channels. Instagram is hands down one of the most widely used social media outlets to enhance their reach and bolster their image. Indeed, a well-established presence on this platform can work wonders for a business.
07/01/2021 11:22 AM
What A Great Branding Campaign Looks Like?
You plan for a branding campaign, but amidst dozens of other competitive brands and their branding campaigns, how do you ensure that your brand and branding campaign stands out? Lets have a look through some of the outstanding and popular campaigns and get the tips to a successful, branding campaign.
06/30/2021 02:12 PM
How You Can Design a Logo For Business Brand
A logo is a need of every business. To make a better presence in front of your audience you need to design a professional logo for your brand. Are you worried about the logo and want to create it for your business?
06/30/2021 02:10 PM
Business Video Solutions Make Information Exchange Easier
Video campaigning is wonderfully effective since it involves better user engagement with conceptual and targeted digital content. Promotion of various products, live-streaming events and videos help in enhanced marketing strategies.
06/30/2021 02:09 PM
Flex Banners Printing In Munirka Opposit Vasant Vihar Bus Depot Near Vasant Kunj New Delhi INDIA
Flex Banner Printing, Display Banner, Exhibition Banner, Vinyl Banner, Backdrop and Banner Advertising are the perfect advertising tools for any business or events. All these are designed and printed to look like a flag or billboard with an imprinted infographic message. Sometimes it is, draped over a cord or wire and flown over the head. It is generally used for customer awareness tool in high-traffic areas as well as in retail stores, supermarkets or discount variety stores or in political campaigning. It's an economical way to reach out to our prospects.
06/30/2021 02:09 PM
10 Business Tools Every Mompreneur Should Have to Run a Thriving Business (and Not Lose Her Sanity)
Running a full time or even a part-time business requires a plan, strategy and tools. Lots of tools to stay organized and productive. As a mompreneur, I have learned just how important these tools are and most of them I could not live without. Seriously. They make my life and my work more streamlined and I don't know about you friend, but keeping my sanity intact as much as possible is pretty important. Now if you have followed me for any length of time you know that I am not a fan of the whole work/life balance philosophy. I find it too restricting and unachievable for most moms who are trying to hold together their life and a family while pursuing their passions. So having the right tools to help me blend these areas of my life together are invaluable. I am excited to share 10 tools every mompreneur should have to run a thriving business AND how I made $6.000 in my coaching business in 7 days with you. I no doubt know this info will help you tackle life and mompreneurship a little easier while creating some awesome momentum in your business.
06/30/2021 02:09 PM
The (Im)Possible Journey to Success for Female Entrepreneurs
Why does it feel so impossible to become a successful female entrepreneur? Is it that you don't know the right network of people? Or maybe it's you don't have the money to really set yourself up for success? Oh wait... what about time? It's gotta be because you don't have enough hours in the day to make it successful? Or what about time management? Trying to fit it all in - life, work, being a mom, homework while trying to figure out what to make for dinner? As a mom myself who runs a thriving coaching business that started while I was working a full time job in corporate America, here is a gentle reality check - it's none of those reasons.
06/30/2021 02:08 PM
How to Avoid This One Major Pitfall As a Coach (and How to Rise Above It)
It's time for us as coaches to do better for our industry and that starts with understanding that when someone hires us for coaching it's because they want it, not because they need it. By doing that, we not only serve our industry with more integrity but we position ourselves to rise above the masses who are still hanging on to doing business the fear of missing out way.
06/30/2021 02:02 PM
How to Make a Budget That Is Easy to Follow
Instagram is the latest trending boom of the social media via Internet. It's for the Photo Sharing via Online mode. Uplifting the business hubs, it has been the magic wand for what you want more sharing with people as hastags
06/30/2021 02:00 PM
Best Script To Do Online Classified Business
Earlier people used to spend money for advertisements on newspaper or on tv ads. Even right now that strategy is on live but it consumes large volume of money. To find alternatives for the promotion of the business, technical minds found an option called online classifieds.
06/29/2021 05:40 PM
Know Why It Makes Sense to Use Led Sign Board Lights
Using led lighting is well one of the most attractive and beneficial options of the businessmen in order to promote their goods and services effectively. With the advancement of the technology and service, there is the huge demand for led lighting among all. Led Lighting is one of the most admirable lighting options and also has a longer lifespan period.
06/22/2021 10:10 AM
OCCWAY Development History
In 1994, a printing machinery factory was formally established and named "Linnan Printing Machinery Factory." At that time, the products were hot foil stamping machines and die cutter. Thanks to the founders' efforts, they set up a solid foundation for machinery, creating a very good sales performance within 5 years.
06/22/2021 10:03 AM
Improve Your Brand Image and Outsource to the Experts
When it comes to branding, you want to have expert support so you look professional online and offline. This article gives you several areas to consider when branding your business.
06/07/2021 09:14 AM
Why Do Businesses Use Branding?
Great branding requires that you understand your audience, know their values, and can add value to their lives simply by existing. You'll be able to charge more, launch more easily, and defend against negativity a lot more easily too.
05/28/2021 07:36 PM
The Basic Guide for Branding a Business
Every day there are many new businesses being opened or planned, so to break into the world of marketing even with the best products or services you need an edge to stand out and give people a reason to notice you, that's what brandings all about. Each person is unique with their own personality and dose their business. Following the pattern of other business may not be utilizing your own strengths and opportunities.
05/27/2021 01:15 PM
Choosing The Right Photos For Your Website & Online Brand
Choosing the right photos for your website is important. Here is why images are important in web design and how you can choose the right images to boost your online presence and convert potential customers.
05/24/2021 12:12 PM
Sieben Grossartige Massnahmen, Damit Man Sich An Ihren Messeauftritt Erinnert
In addition to an innovative exhibition stand design, new measures are needed when planning the exhibition stand in order to get back into the brand memory of the visitors. A trade fair appearance presents marketing professionals with major challenges. These include, in particular, the following aspects:
05/04/2021 10:12 AM
9 Ways to Brand Your Small Business
Doing research about your audience, their problems, wants, desires and values will help you develop branding that truly translates into giving your audience the feelings you want them to have. It really does matter more what they think than what you think. It's all about them, after all - not you.
04/20/2021 11:52 AM
How A Plastic Surgeon Can Increase His and Her Patient Leads With A Successful Marketing Strategy
How A Plastic Surgeon Can Increase His and Her Patient Leads With A Successful Marketing Strategy That Will Leave Their Competing Plastic Surgeon Neighbors Unheard Of When the referral system is not the only way to marketing in the era of the internet boom of research and trust...
04/20/2021 11:41 AM
Tourism in Alappuzha
The best tourist spot in Alappuzha. The best way to blend into the nature in Alappuzha.
03/15/2021 06:19 PM
Hire A Freelance Writer To Create Your Content
So, you are looking to hire a freelance writer for your blog content. Many business owners can manage to pay to have the site created. The product development stage is easy. The issue is being able to create the content in order to make an adequate web presence. That is just where things get difficult. See, those that make it online manage to be able to hire a freelance writer to be able to draft up the content. Those that don't have not grasped onto the technique of being able to outsource their writings.
03/09/2021 05:51 PM
Social Media and the Self-Employed
There are plenty of dangers that can lurk unseen when it comes to using social media and we cover a lot of those in Purple Snowflake Marketing. For instance: the mistake of becoming buried in entertaining and educational posts and videos. Blurring the lines between personal entertainment and business activities can waste a lot of precious time.
03/01/2021 08:57 AM
How to Save Money on Vehicle Branding
Vehicle wraps are a great way to advertise. Company vehicles essentially become mobile billboards driving around their target local market. But they're expensive.

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A Successful Failure
A successfully positioned business sometimes doesn't win a new client. And that, my friend, is the point.
Are You Brand Worthy? Are You Brand Worthy? 
Branding is a one hot topic, although it is wildly misunderstood. To make things even more confusing, branding is often tossed in the same basket as marketing which makes its application to an entrepreneur or sole-practioner even more unclear.
Logo Files: Versions Of Your Logo That You Should Own
Your logo is the most important graphic element in which you will invest for your business. You should own the logo in many file formats.
John Deere and NASCAR; Excellent Use of Brand
We should all recognize the marketing efforts of John Deere especially as we have spoken before with regards to their TOYS. They have a complete line of nearly every tractor or agricultural attachment they make available in small, micro size.
You'll Bring a Parade of Business to Your Door!
Parades happen in every big city and many small towns. They are fun, relaxing and most people are there because they really want to be.
Branding Is Not Selling Out: ITS SELLING IN
Ever see an amazing band perform and wonder why you've never heard of them before? Ever see an astonishing artist on the street and wonder why isn't their work isnšt in a gallery?  Ever see an astounding independent film and wonder why people all over the world don't know about it?Me too!It breaks my heart to know that there are musicians, painters, sculptors, and filmmakers everywhere starving. Starving.
What Make Us Unique and Different
Starting a business can take a lot of time, money, and energy. And because we don't want to completely re-invent the wheel, we often want to copy (legally) other techniques, strategies or processes used by others.
Quality and Service - Yeah, Right!
One of the critical drivers of business success is having a unique competitive advantage. Most managers understand that to attract a larger share of the market, or find enough customers prepared to pay a premium price, they must provide something of greater value than their competition.
Top Eight Mistakes to Avoid When Naming Your Business
Naming a business is like laying the cornerstone of a building. Once it's in place, the entire foundation and structure is aligned to that original stone.
A good logo vs. a FABULOUS logo
If you had a choice, which one would you choose, a good logo or a fabulous logo? Think about it for a second here, although I know the answer is crystal clear. Because many of us settle for a good logo created by a credible logo designer just because he or she is a credible logo designer who charges low prices.
Branding 101: Why Its Critical to Business Success and How to Do It Right
What's Your Brand?A brand is a product/company personality that helps distinguish it from the competition. It evolves out of the product essence.