The Truth About Your Health

BEWARE OF THE CULTURAL HYPNOSISWe live in a cultural hypnosis that has taught us that we are fragile. It has taught us that things are happening to us. It has taught us that drugs are the answer to disease. We have been conditioned to feel "fragile", or "in danger". Most of us think that some little 'bug' - flu,aids, cancer, etc - is going to sneak into us some day? and take us down! I'm here to remind you of the truth? YOU ARE NOT FRAGILE.

The truth is that our natural state is one of Strength, Health, and Energy. Our society as a whole has been led to believe that most sickness and disease comes from external agents "attacking" our body. This is simply not true. The truth is that health comes from within, and is also lost from within.

The truth has been with us for thousands of years. It has been swept under the carpet, however, in the name of profit - it is in certain people's interest that we feel vulnerable. You see, fear will make us buy and consume just about anything.Pharmaceutical companies will NEVER discover a cure for Cancer, AIDS, or Diabetes, etc.Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on finding treatments for SYMPTOMS of diseases. They want us to keep applying an 'ointment' on the symptoms, but never deal with the SOURCE of the disease.

The root cause. That's where it all happens. Your 'dis-ease' is a symptom of something very fundamental happening within you.Why don't they discover a cure for your disease? The answer is simple? It's not in their interest!They are raking in billions every year from selling you consumable products to treat symptoms.Products that you have to buy over and over again every day of your life until the day you die.You see, it's MUCH more profitable this way?

The noted economist Paul Zane Pilzer, in his excellent book "The Next Trillion Dollar Economy" (, exposes and blames the processed food and pharmaceutical companies for the current sad state of affairs when it comes to America's health problems.

Do you want to play into their hands, ingest foodstuffs that are killing you, and then make pharmaceutical companies richer by having them treat symptoms of the diseases you've created through your lifestyle - or do you want to take responsibility, live the truth, and be free from all disease?

Everything you know about health is wrong

We are lead to believe that germs and viruses cause disease. Avoid or 'kill' the germs and maybe you can avoid the disease.We are taught that illnesses like cancer and diabetes can just show up, for no good reason and that the only solution is medicine and surgery - if we're lucky. We don't feel empowered about our health and we place it in the hands of 'experts' and hope that when we get ill, they will be able to help us get healthy again and live for longer. After all we don't know what to do, so isn't it a good thing that we have all these experts and drugs researchers out there to tell us what to do?The reality is that we are living and being medically treated in a way that endangers our health.

This is NOT an attack on the medical profession. Doctors care immensely about human beings and they will give their heart and soul - at the expense of their own health, emotions, or families - to help other people recoverfrom disease in the only way they know how. Most of them go to Medical School for almost a decade, and then they're running full tilt trying to help everybody. The truth is, our culture has put doctors in a horrible position.The half-life of the current medical education is 4 years, according to the American Medical Association. This means that a doctor leaving school today knows 50% more about medicine than someone who left 4 yearsago. 8,000 new drugs have come out in the last 4 years.

How do doctors keep 'up to date'? Doctors are primarily educated about new advances in medicine by the drug companies' salesmen!Similarly, we 'The Consumers' if you like, are constantly being told what to believe - usually by the researchers of drug companies promoting their drugs! As doctors and patients, we allow these salespeople to become our Health Gurus even though, as we've discussed, they patently have other interests, aside from helping us to actually get better!Two things are for certain. Firstly we can feel compassion for doctors - Go and watch what a doctor has to do to make it through medical school. What a dehumanising process! It is unbelievable what they go through out oftheir desire to help others. They learn from day one that they can never be wrong, because if they are wrong, their treatment may result in illness or death for the person they are trying to help. Medical school training is also an intentionally gruelling process, designed to physically push the weakerstudents over the edge.

They do this so that they know that as a doctor you will be able to take the pressure in a real life-or-death situation and that you won't "trip up". Perhaps the intentions are good, but it's hardly awholesome learning environment for the doctors! Doctors in training are given more work than they could possibly do. Many doctors have to take all kinds of stimulants to stay up and study - they learn early on to be dependent on chemicals. Medical School is an abusive, destructive, dehumanising process. Students have zero time to stop and say: "Hey,does this make sense to me?" They have to know the answer to what's being taught NOW, or they're out. Their whole life they've got to be 'right' because not being 'right' means taking the responsibility for harmingsomeone who has entrusted you to make them better, and being wrong can even threaten their life's purpose as a doctor. The only way for them to be right all the time is to do exactly what they're taught, to the letter.

It takes a great deal of courage, and a knack for 'thinking outside the box' for a doctor to opt out of the conventional way of thinking and search for what really helps people. These traits are all but trained out of doctors by the time they leave medical school.In addition, it takes a long time for medical convention to accept anything 'holistic' or 'new' and doctors who stick their necks out publicly to examine or recommend anything 'unconventional' are risking their reputation. As a result such doctors are rare. By extension, the other thing we must know for certain is this:

NOW is the time for us, The Consumer, to take more responsibility for our own health!

A Different Aproach

We live in a society today that is about "Better living through chemistry & surgery".

Let's examine a different approach - an approach that has worked for thousands of years - that has made a huge difference in the quality of people's lives.


That's right. Health is not about 'not being sick', or 'getting by', it is about real, honest to goodness Energy and Vitality. It's about feeling great! It's about having a packed day, getting loads done and having energy left over at the end! It's about living life like you mean it and enjoying the process!! It's about bouncing out of bed in the morning and roaring into another day with so much energy that other people may ask you, 'What are you on?!!'This kind of life is not a fairy tale or a dream, it's a reality, and there are many people who already live like this, not just for a week or two out of the year, but EVERY DAY OF THEIR LIVES! If you aren't one of these people, there's something you should know:


What are cells? You and I have 75 trillion each. Every living thing, plant or animal is made up of cells. They are the tiny building blocks of life. What do they do? They don't just fill you up like polystyrene packaging, each cell is a living, breathing, reproducing organ, with a specific job inside your body. They compose our organs of sight, sound, smell and taste, every nerve in our bodies, and our brains. They make up the lungs that we breathe with, our beating hearts, our muscles, our skin ?. even our blood. Our cells, each in their specific way, take the information and resources that are given to them and process these to get a specific result. For example, give a cell water and it will absorb what it needs and use it to support chemical reactions, and remove waste products. Give a nerve-cell information in the form of a tinyelectrical pulse and it will help transport this information to brain, or organ.

So you can see that cells are absolutely essential to life. If your cells are sickly and weak, toxic, undernourished and constantly lacking oxygen, where do you think that leaves you? Feeling awful!!!One of a cell's many jobs is to create energy, just to do the other jobs it needs to do. When you have cells that are strong and vital they will easily be able to create enough energy, and when every cell can do its job effectively how do you think you will feel??? That's right, Energetic and Ready for action! It stands to reason that if you want loads of energy, you'd better take real good care of YOUR CELLS! The cells in our bodies must be nurtured. Health starts, and ends at a cellular level. As your cells go, so do you go.

With anything you do, stop and think: "What is this going to do to my cells?"Cells are very sensitive devices protected by an extremely fragile outer membrane. Given the right conditions, a cell is programmed to get better all by itself - even cancerous cells! Yes, you read correctly - on almost every occasion, a sick cell DOES NOT NEED INTERFERENCE! It needs nurturing, and it will get better of its own accord! That is why we have skin to cover us, and why all our orifices have a series of filtering devices to make sure that we are protected from anything getting directly into our bloodstream - because except in cases of extreme emergency - IT ISNT NECESSARY! Imposing foreign influences on the body usually just gives it another imbalance to deal with, on top of the weakness and sickness it is already experiencing. Alas current 'health' culture intrudes again. We have learned that when we get ill, we must inject or otherwise absorb foreign matter directly into our bloodstream (the direct supply line to each cell), with no filtering device to protect it, or worse still, we must chop out the offending bits of ourselves! And then we wonder why we don't seem to get any better over the long term!


Health is energy and vitality.Our overall energy and vitality is dependent on the health of our cells.Sick cells DO NOT NEED INTERFERENCE! They need nurturing, to get better by themselves!I hope you have been inspired to find out more about what my e-books have to offer in helping you cure your disease and experience outstanding levels of health, energy, and wellbeing. I urge you to visit in order to purchase an e-book that is specific to YOURcurrent health challenge.

We offer a 90-day money-back guarantee on ALL our products - a stipulation that I can assure you is irrelevant when considering the impact this crucial information will have on your life.Here are some of the insights you will discover through reading my e-books:

• Why Your Cells Break Down
• What To Do In Order To Have Healthy Cells
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• How To Create A Healthy Inner Environment
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• The 10 Fundamentals of Vibrant Health & Energy
• The answer to eliminating YOUR health challenge!

DISCLAIMERThe writer of this material believes that a natural and holistic approach to health and maintaining a balance within the human body (our 'inner terrain') are of extreme importance in experiencing energy, vitality, and vibranthealth throughout life. The author recognizes that within scientific and medical fields there are widely divergent viewpoints and opinions. This material is written for the express purpose of sharing educational information and scientific research gathered from the studies and experiences of the author, healthcare professionals, scientists, nutritionists and informed health advocates. None of the information contained in this e-Book is intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease, nor is it intended to prescribe any of the techniques, materials or concepts presented as a form of treatment for any illness or medical condition. Before beginning any practice relating to health, diet or exercise, it is highly recommended that you first obtain the consent and advice of a licensed health care professional. Should you choose to make use of the information contained herein without first consulting a health care professional, you are prescribing for yourself, which is your inalienable right.However, the author assumes no responsibility for the choices you make after your review of the information contained herein and your consultation with a licensed healthcare professional. None of the statements in this article or in the book have been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), or the American Medical Association (AMA).

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