Body Mass Index Is Not The Only Focus of Your Weight Loss Plan. Think About The Stress in Your Mind

The first of January will bring a new group of folks out to the local gym and the fitness equipment store. Many of us have been a part of this crowd once or twice in our lifetimes. We dedicate ourselves to health and fitness as our new year's resolution.

Whatever the motive, we have decided to drop a few pounds, start a running plan, and develop a much healthier lifestyle for a variety of reasons. We will go all out until we hit our goals, or at least until we start to miss our old ways of sleeping in and helping ourselves to another round of mother's favorite treat.

Many mistakes will be made by fitness beginners for a variety of reasons. The biggest failures that the author has noticed are inadequate goal setting and unrealistic dreams.

There are many authors and experts who write about proper goal setting techniques, so I will let them do their work. But what we will attempt to uncover is how to envision the correct future and how best to attempt a lifestyle change that will be conducive to success in the fitness and happiness world.

First, it is most important to discover the source of the problem. Many people, including yours truly, have a tendency to open the refrigerator door excessively throughout the course of a day. This might not be a problem if the cooler were stocked with some good snacks like carrots and apples. That's where many of us get in trouble. We are unwilling to give up the goodies we enjoy.

I have found that by expanding my culinary horizons to include fruits and vegetables, that I actually enjoy these foods. It took a little time to become more knowledgeable about these treats, but it was, and continues to be, a fun source of exploration in the grocery store.

Getting rid of all the great snack foods was tough at first, but gets easier over time. Have you ever looked at the label on a can of soda? I know a handful of people that have one open all day long. Not good. But I'm not here to criticize others.

Next, it is necessary to take the steps to fix whatever is triggering your unhealthy behavior. It's not too hard to do, in my opinion. With the help of some inspirational books and some meditation, you will begin to realize that you can accomplish any goals you set. By waking up every morning, after a quality night's sleep, and doing some light stretching, you won't believe how positive you can start your day.

I recommend not turning on the morning news. Simply find a quiet spot in your home, do some toe-touches and some leg stretches. Sit in a comfortable position, and plan out your day. Just sit there for a few minutes and pay attention to your breathing patterns. Don't let anything else interfere with this process for about 4-5 minutes.

With some practice at this, you will notice that your inner dialogue will begin to quiet, and you will be able to concentrate on the task at hand. This is a great exercise to do anytime of the day. By taking just a few minutes to yourself, your stress levels will start to drop and you will accomplish all that you wanted to in your day, and possibly much more.

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