Sexuality Information

Sexuality Information

This Magic Moment

Remember when you began dating your wife or girlfriend?Those moments when the touch of her hair, the wisp of a kiss or the electricity you felt when holding hands? Do you still feel the same way or do you feel that you are missing some of those feelings?Of course you still love your mate, probably more than ever before, but unfortunately most of the excitement has, somehow, disappeared.You have fallen into the same day, in, day out, doldrums.

Masturbate and Feel Good

"Masturbation ..

Boost Your Sex Power - Natural Ways

If your sexual tempo is decreased after sunny summer days do not be anxious! This is totally normal. You will find a few recommendations and a special formula for men to overcome these hard days on the next lines.

Goddess Seeks God

She sighs as a flute, softly emitting silver echoes of her rapture. This is the sacred song of a female, a woman, whose fragrance is rising to the mind, where petals fold back, releasing a white-gold energy into infinity.

What Turns Them On?

People make 90% of their opinion about us in the first 4 minutes.Physical desirability is determined in the first 10 seconds.

Sex Without Intimacy and Intimacy Without Sex

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Excerpt From The Relationship Handbook: How to Understand and Improve Every Relationship in Your Life by Kevin B. Burk=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-We no longer feel the social pressure to confine sex to committed relationships.

Why Men Worship Lingerie, and The Qualms We Have With Lingerie Stores

I must first present the disclaimer: as only one man, I cannot, and will not, speak for the rest of my gender. I can only present my side of the story and the details and ideas I have personally acquired throughout my short yet informative and experienced mature life.

Orgasm & Early Ejaculations - Sex is a Serious Thing!

Most of the questions asked to sexual health experts are about men's early ejaculations and women's orgasm troubles. When you read this you may say: It's normal, if man is coming off quickly, woman couldn't have an orgasm! But if you really think for a few seconds, surprisingly, you won't see any relation between these two events.

Adult Halloween Costumes for Mature Trick or Treating!

Getting the kids dressed up for Halloween can be a highlight of the autumn season. Dressing up in costume has been a tradition for many cultures of the world for a variety of reasons.

Why You have the Right to Choose to Think

Sexuality is a fundamental part of being human and alive. It is powerful, even in its distortion it carves our lives in the same way that flowing water engraves the planet.

Your Sexual Health is Super-Charged by the Natural Medicine of Humor

Giovanni Casanova (1725-1798) was an Italian adventurer, writer, soldier, musician, spy, and diplomat. Those accomplishments, however, have been historically overshadowed by Casanova's reputation as a freewheeling sensualist.

Whose Moral Values Are They Anyway?

First there was the sight of Janet Jackson's pastie-adorned breast at the Superbowl, then Nicollet Sheridan's towel-dropping scene on Monday Night Football. A public outcry followed, deploring the obsessively sexual orientation of advertising, entertainment, and the media as a whole.

The Top Ten Secrets For Great Sex!

Clearly there are no rules, only what lovers have known since Antony and Cleopatra: "Pay attention, be kind, and be loving". But the following Top Ten List might be a useful reminder! Enjoy!1.

Thong Fascination: Just Another Way to Tease The Boys, or a Glimpse Into The Future?

They say that the thong is much more comfortable to wear than other panties; it just takes a little time to get adjusted to them. They will sell the fact that panty lines are not as apparent as they once were, making pants fall with a sleek line and no interruptions.

What Turns Them On Pt.2

5. The DerrierA rounded peach shaped buttock is considered most attractive for men.

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05/16/2021 11:54 AM
Anorgasmia, Preorgasmia and Vaginismus
Men's need for intercourse defines Female Sexual Dysfunction. Women who love their partners, provide for their sexual needs. Women think they are supposed to orgasm with a lover.
05/10/2021 05:26 PM
Premature Ejaculation and Male Impotence
Erectile dysfunction is not normal & should be treated. Premature ejaculation is the most common male problem. To keep sex alive, men need to provide what women want.
05/10/2021 05:26 PM
Rise of Hentai in the World of Porn
In the present day, porn is something that is appreciated and loved by most people all around the world. As time progressed, the mentality of people has also changed; they no longer treat porn as a taboo aspect and have accepted it with an open mind. Many different, unique, and premium porn websites are available on the internet; this provides various niches and genres of porn to people.
05/04/2021 09:51 AM
The Misunderstandings Behind Sexual Dysfunction
Male dysfunction is defined by male pleasure. Female dysfunction is defined by male fantasies. The modern mismatch between fantasy & reality.
04/26/2021 08:35 AM
Sex As a Bargaining Chip in Loving Relationships
Men want sex whenever they are aroused. But a woman is not always sexually amenable. Men create the trade between money and sex.
04/19/2021 12:58 PM
The Misconceptions That Arise From Pornography
Women appear to be aroused by the stimulation men provide. Women are shown having endless but unrealistic orgasms. Women provide turn-ons rather than aiming for orgasm.
04/11/2021 02:36 PM
Men & Women's Perspectives on Relationships
Men & women are different for a reason. Men tend to focus on their sexual needs. Women look for affectionate companionship & support.
04/06/2021 11:28 AM
Sexual Behaviours Compensate for Responsiveness
Women use behaviours to substitute for responsiveness. Gays indicate that men are much more promiscuous than women. Women provide for men's needs to obtain emotional control.
04/06/2021 11:22 AM
Women Have Varying Degrees of Sexual Willingness
Women's desire to be accepted by pleasing a lover. Female orgasm acts as a token of female pleasure & consent. Women's silence allows men to ignore a lack of enthusiasm.
03/22/2021 08:33 AM
Women Are Often Disappointed With Casual Sex
For some men, sexual freedom is important. Casual sex focuses on intercourse as a default. Women are typically looking for a relationship.
03/15/2021 01:17 PM
Women Attract Men by Sexualising Themselves
Sexual display to obtain admiration & reassurance. Women compete with each other to obtain male admiration. Men need to focus on what women do, not what they say.
03/08/2021 07:39 AM
Seduction: She's Out of My League
So, you really like this girl, but you think that you don't have a shot at her because she's the most popular and clearly the best looking one within a two-mile radius. Well, if you know how to seduce a woman out of your league, then you'd know that it is very much possible. Change your negative beliefs If you already think that you don't have a shot, then you already lost.
03/08/2021 07:34 AM
The Sexual Politics of Women Competing Over Men
Women's dependence on men motivates them to please men. Women boast about orgasm rather than discuss erotic turn-ons. Men are not interested in female orgasm but simply amenability.
03/01/2021 08:55 AM
Male Propaganda: Saying Women Should Enjoy Sex
Political & emotional pressure silence women. Porn reassures men that women truly want sex. Marriage involves an implicit trade: sex for support.
02/20/2021 06:29 PM
Sex As a Competitive Sport & Entertainment
Men see women as a kind of trophy they have won. Men promote female orgasm as a means of justifying sex. Heterosexual men would not be happy with views of male penetration.
02/19/2021 08:57 AM
Women Are Not Respected for Being Promiscuous
Some women offer sex to get what they want. Men prefer to marry women who are not promiscuous. Then men are frustrated when their wives don't want sex.
02/08/2021 08:41 AM
Prostitution Generally Involves Men Paying for Sex
Only some men want to use a prostitute due to lack of emotional connection. Men remain anonymous & women are shamed for men's need. Some men have needs that women will only supply for payment.
02/04/2021 08:27 AM
The Sex Industry Focuses on Male Gratification
The sex industry focuses on male sexual pleasuring. Sexual pleasure has negative connotations for women. Women need softer images of romance & relationships.
01/27/2021 10:43 AM
Misunderstandings Over How Orgasm Is Achieved
Women have nothing to lose by fabricating accounts of orgasm. Women mistake emotional & sensual sensations for orgasm. Men attribute female orgasm to their own efforts during intercourse.
01/19/2021 09:45 AM
Women's Fantasies Are Sexually Explicit Scenarios
Unlike men, women do not want to act out their erotic fantasies. Eroticism is a male view of sex - women are not aroused as men are. The use of fantasy allows a woman to identify with the penetrator.
01/12/2021 01:48 PM
Differences Between Men and Women's Responses
Men are aroused by real-world erotic stimuli. Women experience emotional sensations with a lover. A woman's experience of orgasm is quite separate to her relationship.
01/04/2021 01:39 PM
The Ability to See a Partner As a Sex Object
Arousal is caused by erotic objects or concepts. Men's instincts cause them to view their lovers as sex objects. Women's fantasies use fictitious men as objects of arousal.
12/28/2020 06:26 PM
The Mental Focus Required to Achieve Orgasm
Anyone who masturbates must use erotic fantasy for arousal. Our mental response to eroticism motivates us to seek stimulation. Even for a responsive woman, her arousal must be consciously generated.
12/21/2020 12:04 PM
Arousal Is Psychological and Arises in the Mind
Sexual arousal is a form of nervous excitement. Women are never aroused as men are with a lover. We all achieve orgasm alone in our own minds.
12/16/2020 09:30 AM
Similarities Between Men & Women's Responses
Orgasm is a physiological response of the nervous system. Men's reproductive function & responsiveness are aligned. Female responsiveness mirrors (parallels) male responsiveness.
12/07/2020 08:55 AM
The Kind of Stimulation That Leads to Orgasm
We must be able to reliably obtain the stimulation needed for orgasm. Anyone who can orgasm, knows what anatomy they need to stimulate. Both sexes massage the blood within the corpora cavernosa of the phallus.
11/30/2020 10:10 AM
Orgasm Is a Response to Stimuli of an Erotic Nature
We don't orgasm because we are given information. Mental arousal arises as the brain responds to eroticism. Tumescence of the phallus initiates instinctive stimulation.
11/23/2020 07:45 AM
Orgasm Is a Very Specific One-Off Sexual Release
Orgasm depends on the mind responding to erotic concepts. Once aroused, we massage the blood flow within the phallus. Orgasm occurs sporadically with rest periods in between.
11/16/2020 09:03 AM
Women Only Orgasm When Alone Not With a Lover
Male sex drive makes another person critical. Female masturbation is a miracle of evolution. Women's fantasies cannot be used with a lover.
11/09/2020 12:43 PM
Women Mistake Emotional Sensations for Orgasm
Erotic fiction lead women to assume that they should orgasm. Women often stimulate themselves without ever achieving orgasm. Most women are unaware that orgasm is a result of mental arousal.
11/02/2020 09:14 AM
How We Know That Female Orgasm Is Uncommon
Female arousal has always been a mystery. Women cannot explain how they get turned on. Heterosexuality is defined by vaginal intercourse.
10/26/2020 03:35 PM
Women Orgasm Only in Specific Circumstances
We must be able to reliably obtain the stimulation needed for orgasm. Anyone who can orgasm, knows what anatomy they need to stimulate. Both sexes massage the blood within the corpora cavernosa of the phallus.
10/19/2020 11:17 AM
We (Not a Sex Toy or Lover) Cause Our Own Orgasm
Stimulation does not cause orgasm by itself. We must be mentally aroused before stimulation is effective. We tend to believe the orgasm claims of a minority of women.
10/12/2020 09:53 AM
How We Know That Female Masturbation Is Rare
Research indicates that women orgasm by masturbating alone. Very few women in everyday life promote masturbation. Most women are shocked by the mention of genitals & fantasies.
10/05/2020 10:26 AM
Chinese Condoms Are Too Small for Africans Complains Zimbabwe Health Minister
China has made long strides in the field of manufacture and industry to military power. It has also developed deep pockets. China has a lot of surplus cash to donate to needy countries.
10/05/2020 10:21 AM
How Women Masturbate Themselves to Orgasm
A woman assumes a fixed position with eyes closed. A woman needs an intense focus on surreal fantasies. She massages the clitoral organ & squeezes from within.
09/28/2020 09:44 AM
Educated Men Masturbate More Than Other Men
Masturbation is most common among educated men. Educated men look for more erotic feedback from a lover. Less educated men, who rely only on intercourse, have more orgasms.
09/21/2020 10:45 AM
How Men Masturbate Themselves to Orgasm
Male masturbation is very common & effective. Male masturbation is manual & simulates intercourse. Erotically, masturbation is less rewarding than intercourse.
09/14/2020 11:23 AM
How Anyone Achieves Orgasm When They Are Alone
We discover masturbation because we are responsive. Women lack men's incentive (regular arousal) to masturbate. We masturbate by emulating the male role in intercourse.
09/06/2020 03:12 PM
How We Know Women Do Not Orgasm With a Lover
Women cannot account for the anatomy involved in orgasm. There has been very little support for clitoral stimulation. Women talk of relationships rather than erotic turn-ons.
08/31/2020 09:27 AM
Why Couples Don't Discuss Female Arousal
Men don't want to miss out on sexual opportunities. Men can't accept the sexual reality that women face. Women are not aroused by real-world erotic turn-ons with a lover.
08/28/2020 11:12 AM
Women Fake Orgasm to Reassure Men's Sexual Ego
Men need to believe that women want intercourse. Women use faking to speed up male orgasm. Foreplay can make sex more onerous for a woman.
08/17/2020 12:59 PM
Women Make Conscious Effort to Respond Sexually
The dog & ball theory - men like to chase women. Women need to make conscious effort to respond. Female sexuality involves assisting with male arousal.
08/10/2020 11:52 AM
The Erotic Pleasure a Man Enjoys From Sex
For men, intercourse is always an erotic act. Some men hope for a lover who is willing to explore sex play. Eroticism is often at odds with intercourse as a loving act.
08/03/2020 02:43 PM
Only Men Are Aroused by the Prospect of Sex
Memories & associations cause men to anticipate sex. Women do not obtain physical gratification from others. We cannot be aroused by stimuli that do not naturally occur.
08/03/2020 02:40 PM
Do You Have a Sex Life After 50?
"Do you have a sex life?" - Is this phone sex? - Yes... Why, after all, please whisper? - The grandchildren are sleeping.
07/30/2020 02:31 PM
The Most Important Woman's Erogenous Zones
Every part of a woman's body can be eroticized. With enough dedication, passion, time and relaxation, every part of a woman's body can deliver incredible pleasure. Therefore, it is very, very important for you: please do not view the female body as a body with special places that cause pleasure.Think of a woman's body as a body that is holistically POTENTIAL. Maintain your enthusiasm for experimentation and curiosity and embark on a journey of discovery with your partner!
07/30/2020 02:30 PM
Ecstasy Technique
The entire female body is a potential erogenous zone. At least theoretically, women can get sexual arousal from almost any physical stimulation. It doesn't matter where this stimulation takes place. This is especially true when your partner is deeply relaxed, not bothered by worrying thoughts, and can feel 100% comfortable with you.
07/30/2020 02:30 PM
How To Fix Your Sexual Problems
Fixing sexual problems is easier than ever before. Revolutionary medicines and professional sexologists are here to help. But you can solve minor sexual problems by making several changes to your lovemaking style.
07/27/2020 08:48 AM
Men Are Aroused by Seeing & Stimulating Genitals
Heterosexual eroticism is defined by female nudity. Women's lack of familiarity with their own anatomy. Women are not aroused by real-world turn-ons with a lover.

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