Small Business Tips to Launch and Thrive

(StatePoint) May, which is National Small Business Month, is the ideal opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of small business owners, take a closer look at the challenges they face, and connect them with valuable resources.

“Being a small business owner within an ever-changing landscape can feel intimidating without support,” says Michelle Van Slyke, senior vice president of sales and marketing at The UPS Store, Inc. “Fortunately, a variety of resources exist to help business launch and thrive.”

With more than 5,100 locations across North America, The UPS Store network comprises the nation’s largest franchise system of retail shipping, postal, print and business service centers, and is leveraging its expertise to offer new and seasoned entrepreneurs alike these small business tips:

1. Find a one-stop shop. One of the first steps in creating a business is sending out paperwork for the business formation and acquiring the licenses or permits needed. Save time and effort by using a one-stop small business services shop to have documents notarized, faxed, copied, scanned and securely shredded.

2. Simplify correspondence. Consider using a private mailbox rental, so you can give your small business a real street address, as well as establish a central location to pick up mail and packages. Consider a mailbox service that offers package acceptance from all carriers, receipt confirmation, mail forwarding and holding, and easy delivery updates.

3. Get out the word. Be sure to regularly let your customers and prospective customers know when you’ve added new products and services to your portfolio with both print and digital marketing. Update the company website, blog and social media channels regularly and be sure to use tried-and-true methods of promotion as well, like direct mail services. The UPS Store, which can help you design, print and mail postcards, flyers and other marketing materials, offers two direct mail options, one that provides total market coverage, and another, more targeted option to reach a specific list of customers.

4. Don’t pay full price for business services. Some vendors may have discounts for qualifying businesses, so be sure to inquire about that. You can also access deals and promotions on packing, shipping, logistics management, printing, marketing consultation, secure mailboxes and more by joining The UPS Store email program.

5. Get inspired by the work of other small business owners. The UPS Store and Inc. Magazine have teamed up to host the 2023 Small Biz Challenge, an opportunity for entrepreneurs to win up to $25,000, one-on-one mentoring with a business expert, an editorial feature in an upcoming issue of Inc. Magazine and, and a trip to the final event in New York City. Recognizing the inspiring business skills and expertise of entrepreneurs, this year’s competition requires entrepreneurs to demonstrate their unique problem-solving skills and innovative thinking.

“Every day we see entrepreneurs overcome obstacles on their path to success. Our goal is to find the most unstoppable business owners across the country,” says Van Slyke.

To learn more about the contest, the nine semifinalists, and to vote for your favorite entrepreneur, visit

For more tips and resources, visit The UPS Store small business blog at:

Running a small business presents new challenges every day. However, finding the right resources can help you focus on the big picture, so you can grow your business and see your vision through.

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