Try Salvia - Real Shaman advice to help you find the right time to try Salvia for the best experience

Author: Barbara Boyles

Salvia is a type of plant that is use for medicinal purpose. It is legal in some countries, but it as well banned in few countries. Salvia is not a harmful drug and its effect is felt for just a short period of time. Teenagers as well as middle aged people can take Salvia for it offers an elated feeling and it will only last for a few minutes. Salvia is available in various forms like leaves, extracts, and others. It is sold by pack depending on the weight and size. There are different ways to take Salvia. It can be chewed, smoked, inhaled, or swallowed. Salvia should be bought from legitimate store. If it is your first time to use Salvia, you should first keep your mind free from stress and pressure. You should also have a baby sitter with you to keep you acquainted with the real world.

First time Salvia users are advised to take Salvia in a soothing environment. You should choose a quiet and peaceful environment. Turn off the TV and radio and stay away from noise and distraction. If you have telephone with you, you should completely turn off the phone to make sure that there will be no distraction. The entire process will only take a few minutes.

It would be more ideal if you are going to take Salvia late in the evening. If you are a music lover, then you can play soothing and calming music to help you feel more relax and stress free. You should adjust the lighting of the room to semi dark and place yourself on a couch or on a bed. To start with, you should take at least 3 to 4 pinch hits of Salvia leaf. You should as well use a water pipe and it should be filled with ice chips or cold water. To help you with the entire process, you should have a sitter with you.

To light the pipe, you should use a lighter. Do not use a match. You should gently such on the pipe while Salvia is still burning. This will ease vaporization of the herb and it can be drawn for at least 20 to 30 seconds on the first attempt. Afterwards, the vapor should be exhaled completely. Just simply repeat the process until you will reach the state of satisfaction. You can take a deep breath in between hits. It will just take 2 to 3 minutes for the entire process to be finished.

Right after the session, you should stay on your seat not unless the sitter detects something. After the session, you should rest for about 10 minutes and keep your eyes closed. During this period, you will experience a different sensation. You will feel like you are in a state of fairytale. You will feel like you are flying in the space or you will feel like you are seeing strange things. If you are going to take Salvia, you should thoroughly follow the aforementioned tips as it will help you heighten the entire Salvia experience.

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