Emu Oil: Wonder Cure or Snake Oil?

In my search for at-home spa treatments and home herbal remedies, which I really enjoy playing around with, I came across a product called Emu Oil.

The next time that I was at my local health food emporium buying various essential oils and herbs for my latest herbal experiment, I asked the sales clerk if they carried Emu Oil. She handed me a cobalt blue bottle with a picture of a large, prehistoric-type bird on the label.

I really wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with this yet, but I usually follow my intuition when I feel like I should buy something. It almost always becomes apparent to me within days exactly what I will use it for and I'll be glad that I have already purchased it and have it on hand. I learned a long time ago to trust that little voice in my head that seems to always be there to assist me, even when I do not fully understand why.

That day I proceeded to create some yummy herbal spa treatment recipes which were quite delightful, but the Emu Oil remained unopened and pushed aside.

It wasn't until several days later that I found myself on the internet looking for a solution to a problem that I had been having for about a month. The last time that I had visited my hair stylist she had recommended a hair product that would add volume and body, which I needed for the cut that I was currently sporting.

I purchased the product she had recommended and liked the results. But soon I begin to notice that my scalp was having a bad reaction to it. After several weeks of using the product, I finally decided that I needed to stop using it completely. But by this time my scalp had become irritated and itchy.

If you've ever felt itchy, you know that it can drive you crazy. I wanted relief and I wanted it NOW!

Online I found some information that indicated one thing that might alleviate my condition was massaging Emu Oil into the scalp.

Hey, how about that! I just happen to have a bottle of Emu Oil in the cupboard, and now I know why I bought it.

Well, not only did it bring me instant relief, it made my hair very soft, as well.

So I started reading about some of the other things that Emu Oil has been touted to have been helpful in alleviating.

Some of the items were:

*Burns, including sunburn and radiation burns

*Heal wounds, minor cuts and injuries

*Relieves eczema, psoriasis and acne

*Soothes discomfort of insect bites and rashes

*Helps prevent scarring of fresh wounds

*Aids in diminishing stretch marks and other skin blemishes

*Reducing pain and inflammation caused by arthritis

*Reduce swelling and muscle soreness

*Improve condition and rate of growth of hair and nails

Apparently there are some people out there who claim that Emu Oil has been effective in reversing hair loss. Is there anything that Emu Oil can't do?

I don't personally have any experience with Emu Oil other than using it as I mentioned above. But I certainly would give it a try if I ever needed relief from one of the other problems that so many people say it can help.

Although 100% Emu Oil doesn't really have an unpleasant smell, it certainly doesn't contain any of the perfumed scents that are usually added to other products that we purchase over the counter. I found that adding a few drops of my favorite herbal essential oil to the Emu Oil was a great way to have the smells that I like while also being able to enjoy the benefits of the healing properties of Emu Oil.

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