Cleansing Your Elimination Organs to Achieve Good Health

Benefits of Cleansing Your Elimination Organs
Colon cleansing, kidney cleansing, and liver cleansing routines are key elements to an overall body cleansing and detoxification plan. Proper cleansing of toxins from these important elimination organs frees up your body's resources to more effectively fight disease. In addition, proper cleansing will often help clear up those mysterious symptoms that modern medicine can only hide. The colon, kidneys and liver are the primary elimination organs - they eliminate waste and toxins from your body. If they are not functioning properly, there is a likely buildup of toxins in your body. Cleansing these organs is an important part of keeping them healthy.

Colon Health
The colon plays a vital role in the health of our entire body. Think of the colon as the sewer system for your digestive system. The primary function of your colon is to collect and eliminate waste from your body. It also absorbs water and certain nutrients into the bloodstream.

Your colon starts on the lower right side of your abdomen, moves up toward the ribcage, crosses the body and comes back down the left side, where it goes down to the pelvic area. Movement of waste along this long and winding path is caused by wave-like rhythmic contractions of the intestinal muscles. Eating food that contains fiber helps keep that waste moving along in the colon. You can well imagine that if the movement of waste were disrupted, the colon would become clogged and heavy and can actually sag.

In addition to eliminating waste, the colon also reabsorbs water and absorbs nutrients from its contents. If water is not sufficiently reabsorbed, the waste is too liquidy and is called diarrhea. Liquidy waste moves through the colon too quickly and therefore nutrients are not absorbed properly. This can lead to hunger pangs and frequent eating. Also, since water is not reabsorbed into the body, the body becomes dehydrated.

Too much absorption of water, however, also causes problems. Waste moves too slowly in the colon and has a tendency to plug up the intestinal canal. The effect is constipation, which can cause a bloated feeling and can finally cause the colon to sag.

Adding fiber to your diet can help regulate the liquid absorption in your colon and also cleanse your colon at the same time. Think of fiber as nature's scrub brush in cleansing your colon. Signs of an unhealthy colon include Crohn's disease, colitis and irritable bowel syndrome.

A simple colon cleansing plan consisting of increased fiber intake, nightly consumption of a colon cleansing formula and the use of an enema can effectively clean your colon in as little as 30 days.

Kidney Health
Your urinary system produces and excretes urine from the body. Your urinary system consists of your kidneys, your bladder and urinary ducts. The kidneys are the most important organs in this system. Think of your kidneys as filters that cleanse toxins from your blood. If it were not for their constant filtration of our blood, we would be poisoned by our own waste products. Your kidneys also provide an important function in maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance. Electrolytes are substances such as salts that dissolve or break apart into ions when mixed with water. Good health depends on maintaining a proper balance of water and electrolytes. Healthy kidneys are essential to good health.

Just as our bodies produce waste from the food we eat, each of our cells produces waste as a result of normal metabolism. This cellular waste, along with drugs and other toxins, are picked up by the blood and carried to the kidneys for filtering and cleansing. Metabolic waste must be removed from the blood, or it quickly accumulates to toxic levels - a condition called uremia. Bacteria can infect an unhealthy urinary tract, which leads to prolonged illness and fever. When someone with poor kidney health goes on a high protein diet, uric acid crystals can form in joints and kidneys - called gout - and in other parts of the body - called acidosis. By far, the most well known kidney problem is kidney stones - crystallized mineral deposits that develop in the kidneys. These stones are very painful when evacuated through urination. If kidney stones are sufficiently large, they can block the urinary flow, thus backing up the urine.

Kidney cleansing can help dissolve kidney stones, to allow them to pass more easily through urination. Drinking a simple formula each night for as little as 2 weeks can dissolve any kidney stones and improve the health of your kidneys.

Liver Health
The liver is our body's primary detoxification organ and manufacturing plant. It cleans drugs, alcohol, poisons, bacterial products, various waste products and worn out red blood cells from the body. The liver is also the main factory for amino acids, proteins and fats, and the stores fat and glucose - the energy source for all bodily functions.

The liver plays a major role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins - the nutrients that supply the body with energy. It converts carbohydrates into glucose, removes excess glucose from the blood and makes and stores glycogen - a source of energy between meals. Cleansing your liver can help your body better control its blood sugar levels.

The liver is also very important in metabolizing proteins. The liver manufactures amino acids and removes from circulation excess amino acids. It has the ability to dismantle amino acids that are found to be in excess and convert them to other amino acids that may be in short supply. It removes ammonia - a toxic byproduct of protein we consume - and converts it to urea to be eliminated by the kidneys. Liver cleansing can help provide your cells with protein in the form of essential amino acids.

The liver also controls the metabolism of fats we eat. It manufactures bile - necessary component for us to digest fat - and stores it in the gall bladder. The liver builds and breaks down fats as needed by the body. A liver cleanse can help you better regulate your body fat. I lost 5 pounds and about 2 inches off my waist by simply undergoing this liver cleansing program.

As you can see, a healthy liver is essential to achieving a healthy life. Liver cleansing or liver detoxification can help you achieve a healthy liver and may also relieve you of various maladies that are really symptoms of liver health.

Symptoms of an unhealthy liver include allergies, poor immune system, malnutrition, and in extreme cases hepatitis and gallstones.

A thorough liver cleansing eliminates a buildup of toxins, gallstones and their precursors. It can also relieve symptoms associated with allergies and can reduce your cholesterol. A simple 24 hours process of purging and drinking a liver cleansing formula can thoroughly cleanse your colon.

Kris Kelkar has been practicing cleansing and detoxification regimes for years. These routines have proven effective in lowering cholesterol, substantially reducing allergy symptoms, eliminating insomnia, and eliminating adult acne.

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