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The Bud Light Hangover

Anheuser-Busch InBev is the world’s largest beer company with over 400 global brands. Among these brands is one of America’s leading light beers, Bud Light, known for its sophomoric, fun, and outlandish advertising characters like Spuds McKenzie and the Dilly-Dilly knights.

Small Business Failure -- a Marketing Approach

As many inexperienced business owners might admit, starting a new business is no easy task, there are many things that could go wrong however, in order to make things work you need to think and act in a positive way.

Website Promotion For Small Business

It’s been said that 96% of businesses fail within their first 10 years of operation. With that in mind, will you be part of the 4% that succeeds?

The benefits of using press in your recruitment advertising campaign

If you're trying a recruitment advertising campaign, you'll want to get the press involved. You can't really just put up some signs and hope that people come to you.

Internet Advertising : What is an Advertising Website?

Logic will tell you that if you receive more visitors to your web site, you will also receive more paying customers.

Advantages of Promotional products at sports events

Sports crowd comprises captive and fanatic audience. Audiences that feel happy utilizing free sample they receive.

Online Advertising : Choosing Your Advertising Mode

In order to succeed with your new web business online, you must have good traffic volume.

Property and Travel Advertising

If a company is looking to market for tourism there are certain places that it should look into advertising.

Why Advertising with a Specialist is a Must

It is best to leave the work to the experts – and advertising is no different. Hiring professionals is beneficial for a number of reasons.

Most Popular Classified Listings

Things are not like they used to be. The writing is on the wall for most all of the paper newspapers; it is just a matter of time before they all disappear just like nearly all of the pay telephones did.

Where to Advertise and How to Slash the Expense

Advertising is and should be the major focus of any business.

The Ultimate Instant Research Tool

You may have heard recently about Google's new product Trends. I read about it in various blogs and feeds so I checked it out. For the first five seconds I just sort of stared at it. "Ok, this is neat, but so what?" I thought. Then it hit me in a huge way.

Engagement, Or Lack Thereof

First, thanks to the good folks at Yahoo! for their Long and Winding Road summit series they presented here in Dallas this morning. They are a class act and man are they on brand. My name tag looked professionally printed and my name was even in the Yahoo! approved font.

We've Blown Up The Media Department

In our last post we talked about Yahoo! and OMD's findings of their recent consumer purchase pattern and behavior study. In it, Mike Hess mentioned a term that made me stop and think: Channel Planning.

Are Automotive Ad Spending and Corporate Losses Related?

What a week for news. First, Jan Thompson, Nissan's VP of Marketing for North America sets the trades ablaze with her assertions that manufacturers are over spending per new vehicle retailed and that their timidity in embracing new media is partly to blame.

Tracking Your Advertising and Marketing Dollars

Are you getting the proper return on investment of your advertising dollar? Do you feel that your marketing dollars and advertising expenditures are getting the results that you want?

Local Advertising - The Biggest Mistakes

When it comes to small business marketing and advertising, I am amazed at how many local advertisers squander their money. I wish I had the money they wasted. I'd be a rich man.

Custom Banners

If you can’t find a banner that meets your needs, and can custom design your own. You can customize your banner and distinguish yourself from hundreds of banners seen everyday. You can then submit your specification to a banner production company; they will produce it for you.

Advertising and Marketing on a Small Budget; Delivering the Message

Many small businesses or even large corporations do not understand that you can market your wares on a relatively small budget. It is all about delivering the message to the target customers or target market and the more inexpensively and more efficient you can do that the smarter you are and the better marketer you will be.

Advertising Disruption Strategies; Competing for the Customer Mind Bandwidth

Is your company heavy on the advertising and marketing side of things? Are you able to insure that your customer is indeed getting the message? Are you properly getting the word out and are you able to make sure that your customer or target-market it indeed absorbing this message?

Why So Many Construction Contracting Businesses 'Do It Hard'

Many building contractors start their own contracting business for one major client. This leads to all sorts of problems for them because they are usually excellent tradespeople but not always good business people and generally have no, or very little, marketing experience.

Five Tips Guaranteed to Reduce the Cost of Your Yellow Pages Advertising

When you read your Yellow Pages contract you will see initials for various items success as BLN, WBLN, WFL, and ABLN. Most of these items cost between $ 7 and $34. Do you ever ask your sales Rep “what the heck is this?”

How To Easily And Quickly Create A Successful Ad Copy To Market Your Products!

Professionally presenting your products in an ad copy can make the million dollar difference in your results.

How to Create Product Names that Sell and Tell

What’s in a Name? Does a Rose by Any Other Name Sell as Sweet?

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

Many people sign up for affiliate programs with the hopes of making some serious money. They advertise a few places and then wait for the money to start pouring in. When it doesn’t, they blame it on the program and quit.

New Tendencies in the Art of Advertising

How to sell things has become a science more than an art in the last few decades. Crowds of people of different professions work hard to find the way to be ”different”. They use all their creativity to be appearing.

Advertising Strategies - Alternatives to Print, Alternatives Within Print

Is print advertising headed for extinction? No way, but I am seeing more and more companies pulling dollars from their print advertising budgets and moving them into other alternatives.

Is Your Business Card Hurting Your Business

If you have bought into the practice of "image or personal marketing," it's time to take a fresh look at what today's consumer really wants. The 80's and 90's were the decades of image and personal marketing. Marketing experts advised Realtors® to prospect using a personal brochure.

The Point of Commercials is to Get You To Do Something?

In business the point of an advertisement or a commercial on the radio or TV is to teach you to do something; either to get you to buy a product or make a decision.

10 Easiest Ways to Advertise your Arts/Crafts Business

1) CREATE A WEBSITE. This will act as a Portfolio and lists all the items you created and want to sell.

The 5 Biggest Mistakes in Direct Response Radio Advertising

How do we know what the 5 Biggest Mistakes are?

Silicone Bracelets for All

Customized silicone bracelets and wristbands are a great way to advertise, and seem to be becoming a very popular way to get a message across. Many companies are seeing the value of using customized silicone bracelets as a twist to word of mouth and viral marketing strategies.

Radio Advertising Commandments

I'd like to discuss the many uses of Radio. Sort of the 10 Commandments Of Radio Advertising. This will take up several pages, for sure, so I'll start by asking the most obvious radio questions.

Stock Photography

Stock photography is images that can be used by advertisers, magazines, publishers, graphic designers, web designers, calendar and greeting cards companies, and television and film producers for commercial purposes.

Humor and Advertising Don't Mix? You Just Don't Have a Sense of Humor!

Sex, money, and religion. What do they all have in common? They are the three subjects that are most powerful when getting a person’s attention. However, when it comes to developing catchy advertising, I can add another subject to that list: Humor

Where in the World Is...?

With Internet use spreading across the globe, one advertising message no longer fits all. Believe it or not, Asians, Europeans and Latin Americans account for more than 60 percent of all Web traffic, and the percentage is climbing.

How To Advertise Your Internet Business and Drive Traffic and Sales for Pennies

We have all seen advertisements promising targeted traffic and massive sales, but most of these are scams and rarely do they produce the traffic and sales that are promised.

My Boogers Itch - Good Marketing or Not?

If you've driven through Atlanta - or perhaps throughout the South - you've seen large, attention-getting signs proclaiming (among other things) that someone has gas. ???

Thinking of Having Your Vehicle Wrapped?

Some businesses are exploring the idea of this fast-growing medium of vehicle wrapping as an effective advertising tool. Small businesses, large corporations, media outlets and others that want to attract attention are turning to vehicle advertising as a means to that end.

What Ad Agency Media Buyers Won't Tell You

Those of you familiar with my personal history know that I have a strong background in, and affinity for, digital marketing. Now that my bias is fully disclosed, I’m going to tell you what most traditional ad agencies will not…that the digital medium is far and away the most powerful, cost effective and measurable form of media available today.

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Understanding The Basics Of Advertising
I get the L.A.
Create Your Dynamic Elevator Speech
So, what's an elevator speech, and how do you get one?What Is It?An elevator speech is a short (15-30 second, 150 word) sound bite that succinctly and memorably introduces you. It spotlights your uniqueness.
Magnetic Business Cards: Make Your Marketing Message Stick
What is it about magnets that draw people to leave them on fridges and file cabinets for years at a time?Many people like to have the contact information handy for common service providers without flipping through a bulky phone book. Magnets are the perfect solution for being seen in this situation.
Localized Advertising - Door-to-Door Ad Distribution on the Fly!
Have you ever had to distribute door-hanger advertisements for your business?
The Man With The Grasshopper Mind
The title of this article also happens to be one of the "20 Greatest Headlines Ever Written."Did you know, just changing the headline has been known to dramatically improve the effectiveness of an ad or sales letter by up to 1700 percent? Yes, headlines are that powerful--and that important!However, over the last few years, I've noticed a proliferation of badly written--or just plain weak headlines--both online and off!Particularly disturbing is the copycat syndrome.
Advertising: 10 Powerful Secrets To Help You Sell Your Ad Space Like Crazy
If you want to sell more ad spaces, you must read and use the secrets I am revealing here:1. Give your customers a discount when they spendover a certain dollar amount for ad space.
Business Ideas: 5 Uncommon Ways To Generate More Online Business
Sometimes, it is not an obvious business idea that will makeyou more money.It may be what is not so obvious, which most people never thinkof that may make you money.
Why Would Anyone Want Your Business Card?
Do you remember how proud you were the first time you saw your name in print?Most entrepreneurs feel that same flush of pride when they gaze on their new business cards. That small piece of paper represents years of planning and effort and hard work and dreams.
Small Business Image
The single easiest way to increase sales is to look professional. People believe what they see.
7 Essential Elements for Profit-Pulling Ads
Advertising will make or break your business. It is crucialto your success that you learn to write great ad copy.
Secrets And Top-Tips Of Mail Order Advertising
Good Advertising creates more production, thus greater consumption, faster turnover and lower sales price per unit. To a great extent it determines the success or failure of the mail order operator! When working up an advertising program remember that what is genuinely desirable to you may or may not appeal to the majority of your prospects! Different types of merchandise or services demand completely different advertising media.
LED Moving Message Displays
LED's are becoming more and more popular in all kinds of lighting fixtures. For simpler, slimmer design, moving message displays utilize Light Emitting Diodes (LED's) as the display technology.
The Future of Voiceovers: Hold Your Tongue...Possibly Forever
"Do we need to cast a voice-over talent for this project?"That's a valid question any producer might ask when creating an advertisement, corporate audio-video presentation, video game, etc. Of course, the answer depends on what elements the producer and client feel will best communicate with the audience.
Getting the Most Out of Your Networking Group
Here is my personal list of things to do at your networking group:(1) Bring your business cards. Sound simple? Well, I regularly meet people at networking groups who have forgotten their cards or their cards are at the printers.
Moving message Sign
Moving Message Signs are a unique, attention-grabbing way to communicate and motivate. They are used for eye-catching shop-front or under awning advertising, promotions of products or services, directing and/or welcoming customers, displaying safety and emergency information, directing customers to specific service areas or entrances etc.
How Can All the Radio Stations Be #1?
Are you confused by all the information you receive from various radio stations? Do they all tell you they are #1 and you don't know who to believe? Most of them probably are #1 so believe it or not, they aren't lying to you. The question is, "What are they #1 in and is it a group of ears you want to reach?"Quite often a radio "Account Manager" or "Account Executive" which are pseudonyms for radio sales person, receives a call from someone who states they are gathering information for someone else, the real decision maker, someone who is looking at radio as a possible advertising medium.
Juice - Scam of the Decade or Opportunity of the Century
If you are an ardent web surfer and MLMer like I am, then I am sure you would have seen the sales pitch "Give away free broadband and earn £27 GBP each time". Depending on which side of the fence you are, this product is either God's gift to freebies enthusiasts, MLMers and all paying ISP subscribers or it is the biggest scam yet, bar none.
How to Get People to Read Your Ads Like CRAZY!
Rule One :- The HeadlineThe headline should summarize the whole offer. It should grab the eye, and make you want to read the subheading.
Go Ahead Im Listening
In today's fast paced environment, interaction with family and friends is often relegated to a few left over minutes here and there, leaving many people feeling isolated.Radio fills the gap.
10 Simple Techniques To Make Your Ad Get Powerful Attention
1. Make your ad's keywords and phrases standoutby enlarging the text.

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Here's a fascinating idea..
How To Write Super-Effective Ads and Sales Letters!
"The more things change, the more they stay the same". That saying couldn't be more true, especially when it comes to writing ads and sales letters.
Media Planning: Smart Choices for Your Success
Media Planning for SmartiesYou say you're ready to advertise. How are you going to choose whether to place your ad in the local newspaper or a national magazine? Why not do a radio spot or place a banner ad on a related company's website? Understanding the benefits and pitfalls of these different forms of media will help you get the most out of your advertising budget.
The unnecessary and extensive use of female models in advertisements is common not only in America & Europe, but also in Pakistan and rest of the world. Women are used to sell everything from cars to cigarettes.
Increase Business By Being Nice
I have been reading articles on increasing sales using search engine optimisation as well as writing them for a very long time and I have not seen many which point out the best way to increase sales.The answer is obvious yet often overlooked; you just have to be as good to your customers as you would expect any other site owner to treat you.
Hiring an Amateur Could Mean a Potential Lawsuit for Your Business
These days, everyone's looking to save a buck. But if you plan to cut corners by using a fledgling copywriter or marketer, expect to put the money you just saved towards a really good lawyer.
Advertising Your Holistic Business
The most basic answer is the same answer as to the question, how does advertising work? Advertising works through repetition, and Holistic Hometown offers you that repetition.What all successful companies know is that advertising it a process.
Nine Power Words To Punch Up Your Ads
As every professional politician and public relations man knows words have the power to entice, persuade and motivate people into a specific course of action.There are certain words that I refer to as "Power Words" that I learned, back in the dawn of time, when the dinosaurs still roamed the earth.
Why Your Ads Aren't Working
The president of a manufacturing company recently asked me, "Why isn't my advertising working?" Have you ever been asked this question? Have you ever asked it yourself?Like most marketing communications questions there are no simple answers. After all, communication is a high level activity.
Buying Radio? Read This and Dont Waste Your Money
Pay close attention and make it work the best for you.No doubt you've listened to, and then quickly deleted, messages from account execs from your local radio stations.
Push vs Pull Advertising
Push vs. Pull Advertising - Understand the Consequences for your Product or ServiceYou will save yourself a considerable amount of time and money if you first determine your product's (or service's) suitability for "pull" and "push" advertising.
Printing - How Do I Buy It?
Why should I care where I get my printed material from, I'll just go for tenders and go with the low bidder. If you do this probably you won't be in business for long or you'll never really run a successful business.
Print Your Marketing Postcards For A Penny, Address Them For Free, and Automate the Whole Process
This article will show you how to cut your printing costs to a penny and have your postcards addressed for free without doing it all yourself, reducing the time you invest in your mailing to almost nothing.So, you have a list of hot prospects in hand; you need a way to get your marketing message in front of them with the hope that a reasonable percentage will call you.
How to Know if Direct Mail Will Work for Your Business
Here's a great lesson that applies to direct mail. Ready? Some people say one thing and do the opposite.
Advertising - Does it Matter?
When advertising, you need to sell your opportunity, your products and yourself. What sets you apart from everyone else? Maybe you produce a newsletter with a specific content where there is a demand from a particular group of people, or you promote your own special product that no one have not yet seen.
How Do People Know Youre in Business?
One of the most important things to do now that you've started a business is to TELL THE WORLD! But HOW? It can be very expensive and time consuming if not done properly. Here's some inexpensive publicity and marketing ideas to help you get recognition for your new venture.
Small Cards, Big Ideas: Alternative Uses for Business Cards
Aggressive business card marketing isn't about handing your business cards out to everyone you see.The card itself must have a new use, an innovative design, or something other than the usual contact information printed on it.
Moving Message Display
Moving message display are designed to be installed into environments where vast amounts of information need to be conveyed to large audiences both quickly and efficiently, also in the world of indoor and outdoor displays. This gives you enormous flexibility for creating interesting text message on Moving message display.
How To Create Instantly Compelling Ads Every Time
Use This Quick 3-Question Evaluation Process, So You Can Be Sure Your Message Will Sell!EVALUATION #1: "Well, I Would Hope So!" When you make a claim, don't think about it in terms of words coming out of your mouth. Think of it in terms of words entering your prospects ears.
Secrets to Profitable Mail Order Products
The most profitable mail order products are simple 3-to-5 page informational reports such as this one. Once you've got your act together, these 3-page reports can be produced for $10 per hundred or less, and sold for at least $200 per hundred.