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Advertising Agency Software

There are many different types of software that an advertising agency needs to conduct business efficiently. Here are some examples of tasks that can be supported by software that is currently available to agencies:

Are Paid Surveys a Scam?

The truth is, you CAN actually get paid to take surveys online. But most of what you see advertised online are not really paid surveys.

How to Use Magnetic Marketing to Massively Multiply the Results of Your Advertising

It works without fail, every time. It can work with everything you are selling or promoting. It works on the principle of giving before receiving, and of offering more in value than you are getting in cash.

Oh, the Mistakes Spokespeople Make

Question: What do many new spokespeople at technology companies have in common? Answer: they make similar mistakes and fall into similar traps.

Postcard Power! How To Instantly Generate More Business With Powerful & Inexpensive Postcards

Postcards can be valuable marketing tools for any business. Here are a few ideas that will help you get the most from your own postcard marketing campaign.

Mailing Lists - Part 2 of 5 - Geographical Parameters

How to determine how far to go out geographically for a mailing. What discounts can I receive through USPS Entry Discounts?

Direct mail marketing postcards

Direct mails have been a prominent and popular marketing gimmick for many years. To get their message across, marketers have used direct mail marketing for decades, so, it is a proven and good marketing channel.

Five Ways to Achieve Accent Neutralization

Thinking of getting an MBA? Moving to a new place or just preparing to do some tourism, while you perfect your English and get to know the habits of the country? Nevertheless, before packing your suitcase, here are various guidelines that are going to assist you to sound like a real American as soon as you arrive.

Timing Your Direct Mail

How to make sure your Direct Mail gets in home on the dates you want it delivered.

Attract More Business with Magnet Postcards

Keep your name in front of consumers for a weeks and months by making your Magnet Postcard indespensible to them.

Pimp Out Your Postcard

There are a lot of ways to add bells and whistles to make your postcard mailing standout from the crowd.

Opportunity Seeker Mailing Lists: Should You Use Them?

The term "opportunity seekers" has become a buzz-word among direct mailing. multi-level marketers and entrepreneurs, but is using this list strategy steering them down the wrong path?

Support Your Local Mailhouse

Save time and save money by using a Mailhouse for you mailings. If you weren't a believer before reading this article you will be one afterwards.

Using CD Mailers To Leverage Your ROI

Research has shown that when you combine direct mail with optical disc response rates are proven to explode! Internet Fax is developing indirect sales via partnerships, provider of professional fax service worldwide has launched its new partnership program aiming at developing an important indirect sales force.