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Coping As A Caregiver
Success Through a Supercharged Network
Get a New Attitude
Success, Opportunity, Carl, and Kenny G
How Do You Attract Opportunity Into Your Life?
Attitude Is Everything
Closing the Feedback Loop
Creating Your Character is Like an Artist Creating a Sculpture
The Principle of Abundance
Achieving Your Vision of Abundance
The Likeability Factor - Do You Have It?
Follow Your Passion
Top 10 Ways to Use Attraction To Build Your Business
Top 10 Keys to Attracting More Clients!
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Perception Is Reality
What Goes Around, Comes Around
Paradigm Shift
10 Powerful Tenets Of Personal & Professional Leadership Using The Law Of Attraction
You're Right to an Abundant Life
How to Tame the Destructive Ego
14 Relationship Principles to Live A Successful Relationship
If You Want Others to Like You, Like Yourself First!
Dont Be Afraid to Let Other People See Who You Really Are!
Crack the Clandestine Code of Diamonds
The Pearl Story
How To Be Interesting
On St. Valentines Day, Or Any Romantic Interlude, Woo Your Sweetheart With Chocolates, Roses...
Why Cant You be More Like Me?
The Art of Manifestation
How We Evolved Into An Un-Charming Culture...(And What To Do About It)
Charm Is Good Business
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What Message Are You Sending Out?
God Doesnt Say No...YOU Do!
Step-By-Step Guide to Manifest Your Desires
What is the Universal Law of Attraction?
It Doesnt Take Long To Become An Expert in The Law of Attraction
Your Vibrational Meter
Do You Have What It Takes To Attract What You Want?
You Cant Have An Intelligent Conversation With Everyone
Letting Go and Trusting The Universe
Abundance Flourishes in an Atmosphere of Integrity
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
WAKE UP and Create Something
Introduction to the Law of Attraction and Unlimited Wealth
What is it That You Want, Honey? Discover Wealth and Prosperity with the Angels of Abundance
Whats the Opposite of Doubt?
What to Do When Your Spouse or Your Friends are Negative?
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Just Allow? But How?
Plants, Herbs, And Roots For Love
Feng Shui To Attract Love
With This Herb, There Comes A Wed
Recognize Desire AS Power
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What People Are Really Interested In & How to Win Friends
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Enjoy the Magic of Prosperity
How To Make A Strong First Impression: Seven Tips That Really Work
100 Ways to Keep Your Lover - Happy - At Home!
Beads-A Sign of the Times?
Aging Gracefully Through Vastu Shastra
Self-Concept and Self-Actualization: Nucleus of Shyness and Social Anxiety Disorder
Body Language Counts!
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Harvest Moon Lessons
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What's Bugging You?
Did Your Personality Choose Your Career?
Abundance Of Money - Abundance Of Love
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Body Language
Why Do We Lack Character
A Sweep of Vanity: How To Burst Your Own Bubble
Heal Thyself First
Appreciation Attracts Prosperity
Avoid a Life of Regrets With Your Yes List
Guiltless Contentment
What Is Your Legacy?
The Chi of New Homes: Feng Shui-ness and Destiny
Self-Divine-ation: Defining a Divine Future!
The Joy Of Living In The Zone
Stopping Time
Where Are The Punctuation Points In Your Life?
Ego, Arrogance, and Self-Esteem
Whats Your Plan? Designing Your Future
Great Communication Skills
Making New Friends
Demanding Miracles
The Manifestations Of Self
The Inner Critic Unveiled
Give The Wrong Words An Inch And They May Take A Mile!
A Magnificent Obsession Is The Best Medicine!
Appreciating and Communicating Your Value
Bigger Fish To Fry
Get More Personal
Mental, Emotional and Physical Prosperity
October: A Month of Personal Harvest
You Teach People How to Treat You
How The Power of Attraction Can Help You Get What You Want?
Knowledge is Power... So, Keep Your Mouth Closed To Keep It From Getting Away!
Live Your Own Life
If Youre in a Hole, Stop Digging
Lottery Winners Lose It All
Yes You Can
How to Manage Self Consciousness
Five Ways to Sharpen Your Sense of Humor and Improve Your Relationships
Theres No Glory In Being The Richest Man In The Graveyard!
Four Steps to Attracting More Good Luck
Does Size Matter?
Hearts Made Strong
What is Intution and How do I use it?
Change The World
A Look In The Mirror
Speak Up!
Would You Rather Be Wealthy?
A New Beginning With The People At Work
Digging To The Root Of Your Problem
Finders Keepers
Security Is An Inside Job
True Friends Are Not Dream-Slashers
Your Life and Prosperity Are In Your Reputation!
Feng Shui with Style! Working with Your Element Type
How to Improve Your Love Life with the Power of Feng Shui - Without Spending a Dime!
Are You a Wildflower?
The Path of Appreciation
Jekyll vs. Hyde, 2 Faces of Immortality!
My Assignment ... If You Didnt Create It, Then Its Not Yours!
Better Tame The Bull, Or, Youll Eat The Crow!
Affirm Actions: Stop Lying to Your Soul and Make It Real!
Be Your Own Best Friend
Tiger and the Three Pigs
Compounding Effect of Selfishness
Abundance Prosperity Based on Wallace Wattles and Napoleon Hill
How Do You Treat Others?
No Ifs, Ands Or Buts
How do I Know if Im Getting any of This Law of Attraction Stuff?
Character or Reputation
10 Simple Ways to Honor Your Uniqueness
Its Your Life - Take Control
Abundance is a Feeling
On Uniqueness
If Something Shows Up 3 Times, Is That a Sign That Its Right for Me?
Law of Attraction and Dreams, Premonitions or Predictions
Afloat on A Sea of Abundance
Make A Superb First Impression
The Competition Fallacy
Affirmations Based on Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Increasing Money by Conquering Personal Fear and Greed
Teach Me Who You Are
The Gift
Principles for Total Prosperity In Business And Beyond
The 'Stand-Out' Principle
Doing Your Lifes Work
Do You Have Your Best Life?
Be Grateful for Gratitude
What Do You Want This Year?
Reminding Yourself of Prosperity
How To Get Lucky
The Art of Possibility
Passion Play
So, The Thing Is... We Reap What We Sow
Dont Seek Success; Seek Self-Actualization
Communication Quiz: Are You a Great Communicator?
The Modern Geek - Changing the Stereotype
7 Ways To Make You Feel Good Instantly!
The Fastest Way To Manifest Your Desires
Two Principles That Can Change Your Life Completely
Creativity, The Law of Attraction, & Networking
Reminiscing About Your Past Can Stimulate Your Future
Are You The Driver Or The Passenger?
How to Start a Conversation Effortlessly
Social Skills Training Can Positively Impact Your Life
6 Great Ways To Improve Your Social Skills
4 Important Conversation Tips for Your Personal and Professional Lives
How To Master The Art of Conversation
5 Simple Ways To Overcome Shyness
Listening Is As Important As Speaking
4 Helpful Ways To Beat Shyness
Plug in with a Pupose!
Complete Self Acceptance
Establishing Your Charisma Presence
8 Powerful Tips to a Magnificent Life
Why Doesnt This Manifesting Thing Work for Me?
Be Specific
Break the Cycle
I'll Believe It When I See It
Secret of Wealth
Why Do We Settle? You Have the POWER to Change the Outcome
Secrets Of Energy
Who Do You Think You Are?
Prosperity on Purpose for a Purpose
5 Practical Shyness Tips That Work Everytime
How to Take Control of Your Self Confidence
7 Simple Tips For Cultivating Tons Of Confidence
The Self Appreciation Enhancer
The 3 Steps To Communication Mastery
Communication Expert Reveals 5 Keys To Self Expression Without Limits
Small Steps And Golden Stones
The Mirror Man
Dealing with Mr.Charisma
The Power of Perspective
Mind Your Mind
Getting What You Want Most From Other People
Letting Go Of Wanting Your Own Approval
First Impressions - Turn Fear Into Courage
Manifesting Money
The Universal Laws Of Attraction
How To Invite Positive Change In Your Life
The Keys To Faster Evolution
Unexpected Wisdom
Insecurity, Dont Get Sucked In Because Women Dont Like It
The World According To Max The Cat
Its All Up to You (Nobody is Coming to Save You!)
What Does the World Owe You?
Improve Your Conversations By Watching Talk Show Hosts
Basic Intuitive Timing for Business and Life
Business Intuition: Using the HeartMind
Other Peoples Opinions
Self Improvement and Self Growth
Why and How You are Caught Up?
Living a Values-Based Life
You, Your Dream, Your Destination, and Your Life
To Be A Cut Above The Rest!
Telling Your Story of Success
How to Get Rich
Opportunity Knocks 1000 Times
What Did I Do? Will Someone Tell me?
Are You a Sheep in People Clothing?
Antagonists And Fear
Make Money by Making a Life as Mother Teresa Did
Creating Your Own Destiny
Do You Choose to Believe in Choice? (Not for the Faint of Heart)
The Power Of Charisma
Attracting Opportunity -- 10 Tips
10 Keys to Prosperity
How to Play to Your Strengths
Achieving Your Highest Potential: The Journey Begins With Self Awareness
What Do You See When You Look In The Mirror?
The Edge of the Moon
The Magic of Mike
Can You Change a Man?
What Next?
The Art of Perfecting the Life
When Will Love Find me?
Once Upon A Time There Was No Money
Your #1 Path to Hidden Power
What Characters Teach Us about Character
7 Tips to Make a Fantastic Impression on People Who Count
Become a Practicing Artist
The Magnetic, Attracting Power of the Mind
Talk Your Way to Financial Freedom
Intuition: Your Best Moving Guide
The Art of Loving & Living
How to be Successful in Life or Small Business!
The Laws of the Universe
Affirmations - Anxiety & Panic
Self-Esteem: The Foundation of All You Achieve
Rising Above the Average
Heres What I Got Out Of "What The Bleep Do We Know"
Finding Truth
My Other Life is Exciting, is Yours?
The Good Luck Recipe!
Use Your Reset Button to Change Your Vibration
How To Become Insane
Limited Thought, Limited Experience
How To Influence People
Be The Chooser
Embrace Change
Manifest Your Desires Using Natural Hypnosis
Intuition and Instinct, Our Friends
Seven Truths of Universal Law
What the Young Man Heard
Do You Want Raspberry, Chocolate Or Vanilla?
You Attract What You Are
Are You Thinking About What Youre Thinking About
Change Your Association
Right Thinking
Change Your Story; Change Your Life
Will You Be Part of the Bigger Picture?
A Life of Adventure?
Visualization: Attracting Your Dreams and Desires
Living Abundantly: May the Force Be With You!
The Centre of Creative Powers!
Do You Have the Skills to be a Secret Service Agent?
How Do You Choose To Deal With Your Life?
Success -- There Are No Secrets
The Monkey And The Spreadsheet
You Think That You're Listening?. But Are You Actually Hearing What Im Saying?
Success Through Authenticity: Harness Your "Innie" Natural Edge
Searching for Higher Ground: 24 Hours to a Better Life
Discover the Magical Power of Pulling Heartstrings ...Its Mindblowing!
Aspirations Worth Their Weight in Platinum
The Power of Focusing on What Vs. How
Your Mind is a Battlefield
Limiting Perceptions and Broadening Horizons
Jerry Green's Top Ten Adversity Busters
Manifest Your Dreams
Etch a Sketch or Oil Painting: Where Do You Need to Take a Stand?
Whos World Is It? The World Is Yours - Invite Success
Choose Your Friends, Choose Your Fate
The Power of Letting What is Be Okay
How to Better Improve Your Life Through the Power of Change
Change Your Mind, Shift Your Life
The Secret of Self Care
Cop Some Tude!
How To Actualize Your Potential
10 Ways to Survive and Celebrate Valentine's Day When You Are Single
The Cliché of Balance
You Cant Direct the Wind but You Can Adjust the Sails
5 Tips To Increase Your Personal Power
Universal Law
Purpose of Choice
7 Steps To Having More Energy
Why Character and Integrity Are So Important
The Way of Attraction - Walking the Path
Releasing the Illusion of Control
You Too Can Have Charisma
The Three Pillars of Life
Do Your Things Own You?
You Can't Seek for Change and Control at the Same Time
Create a Climate for Success by Mastering Your Total Image - Part 1
Create a Climate for Success by Mastering Your Total Image - Part 2
Create a Climate for Success by Mastering Your Total Image - Part 3
Awaken The Genie Within
What Will It Cost You?
Turn Whats Bothering You Into A Blessing
Courage To Be Someone New
Isnt It Time to Give Yourself Permission?
The Secret Weapon For Gaining Wealth
Relationships - 9 Never-Changing Rules
Thought and The Law of Attraction
Millionaire Mindset: We Become What We Think About
Our Fascination with Pop Culture and What It Says About Us
Better Than a Million Dollar Lottery Win
One of the Many Ways That The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles Gets It Right
The Real Secret of Attraction
The Law of Attraction - Make it Work For You
Mirror, Mirror
Quick Tips On Becoming The Best In Your Field
Do You Have Tickets To Your Dream Theater?
To Live Or To Live With Purpose: That's The Ultimate Question
How Anyone Can Manifest Anything!
Abundance or Scarcity: What Belief Do You Choose to Engage?
Electrical Deficiencies
The End Of The Road
Manifesting Your Abundance
How to Increase Your Income Significantly
To Be Or Not To Be, Visible That Is...
Some Gals Have All the Luck: How to Create Your Own Good Luck
Courage to Change
Simple Truths for Change, Healing, and a Magnificent Life!
Brainology... Lets Start Learning Something Everyday, Every Moment
The Powerful Mastermind Team
The Power of Desire - Part 1
Create Your Own Luck
The Power of Desire- Part 2
Breaking News: The Answer May Not Be In The Infomercial Financial Course
What You Sow You Reap!
The Winning Combo!
A Mini LOA T-ToolTM
Why These Berkeley Scientists Were Baffled!
Change Thorns into Flowers
The Power You Possess
Write Goals, Say Prayers, and See Your Successful Future
How to Interpret Your Dreams
Life Focus: What Does Your Life Say?
Great Things Cannot Happen Without Change
Finding Your Passion
How to Develop the Genius within You
Creating Relationship Synergy through Rapport Building
How to Create a Thriving Prosperous Life
What Do You Want Out of Life?
The Journey to a State Called Authentic
Emotional Alchemy
The Mind - What An Amazing Universe
Use Your Vibrations of Energy to Communicate
Use Your Vibrations of Energy to Communicate Part 2
I Like to be Unreasonable
How To Put An End To Rejection
Five Ways To Create On Purpose By Living In The Moment
Some Straight Talk About Your Success And Happiness
Your Authentic Self
The Magic of Breathing
Dont Take It Personally
Vacation Longing: What You Can Learn From It
Four Disciplines To Getting What You Want
My Eight Success Secrets
Birthing Your Dream
Freedom of Choice -- Learning to Make the Right Choices
The Top 10 Roadblocks to Attracting Prosperity and what We can Do About Them!
The Mechanic
What Keeps You From Your Destiny
Are You The Worlds Expert On Yourself?
9 Exercises to Enhance Your Self-Expertise
Are You Killing Your Beautiful Dream?
Seeing What You Never Saw Before
Be Not Afraid of Greatness
Are You Living?
Is There Something Called Free Will
Looking to Where the Grass is Greener?
Jedi Mind Tricks - How To Make Suggestions Like A Jedi Master
Make the Eat and Earn Connection
Everyday People Are Accomplishing Their Dreams - Now Its Your Turn!
What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up
What You Habitually Think Becomes Attracted to You
The Revolution Begins When YOU take Control
Aspire to Be
The Law of Attraction and Love
Is Effortless Prosperity Really Possible?
Getting the Universe to Work for You
Releasing Your Potential
What is the Key to a Successful Life?
The Wealth-Receiving Mindset
How To Use Affirmations To Create Prosperity?
A Fun Way To Make A Living
Who Do You Want to Meet?
What Do You Do?
Clarity of Vision
What are You Creating?
Raw Love
I Believe In Man
Be Not Afraid, Ye of Midlife
The Beast
Hot Date Tonight?
Sometimes Being Unfocused is the Risk You Need to Take
What Image Are You Projecting?
Putting Yourself on the Road to Success
Do Good Deeds & Get Rewarded? A Universal Mystery Uncovered
5 Powerful Steps To Unleashing Your Creative Self
Law of Attraction - What You Project You Receive
The Number One Secret to Success in Business
Your Default Settings
Who Are You Really?
10 Common Money And Success Myths - Part 1
10 Common Money And Success Myths - Part 3
Whats in a Name ?
Transformational Counseling - Part One
Transformational Counseling - Part Two
The Big Key to Freedom
4 Simple Steps To The Good Life
Correcting a Gap Between the Teeth
Invisible Braces, Viable Solutions
Who Wants to Work?
Creating Your Future
We Are All Literally Two-Faced
Grab Their Attention
Your Gut Instincts & Ability to Get Along Quiz
How To Step Into The Flow Of Abundance
The Art of Manifestation
How To Create The Life You Really Want
How To Know You Are Living Your Dream
How Are You Inventing Your Life Today?
Buying the Myth
7 Ways to Drive a Man Wild
Create Your Best Life
Who is Directing You?
The Big Secret
Ending the Internal Conflict
Who are You Listening To?
Whose Life Is It Anyway?
Dont Let Other Peoples Walls Fence You In
Universal Law Series - the Law of Cause & Effect
Are You Attracting Prosperity, Happiness, & Your Hearts Desire OR Just the Opposite?
What is the Life Your Were Born To Live?
Ego or Higher Self: Whos Behind Your Decisions?
Faith Creates Ideas That Create Wealth
Seeing Is Believing! - Visualize The Result In Your Life Today!
Success Is In Your Hands - For Things To Change, I Must Change First!
Maximizing Your Potential - How To Optimize Your Off-Peak Performance?
How to Develop the Awesome Power of Getting Other People to Cooperate With You
Living Life to the Full: 20 Steps
Overcoming Underearning - Recognizing the Problem and Taking the First Steps Towards A Solution
Do You Have an Exit Plan?
Wise Hericlitus
What the Samurai Can Teach Us About Self-Improvement
A Story Of Unbelievable Persistence
Successful Living: 9 Universal Laws
Part II--The Journey to a State Called Authentic
Follow Your Dream
Pretending Your Life As You Want It - True Power Series
How Often Each Day Should I Read or Say My Desire Statement?
So You Want To Win the Lottery
Power Affirmations Are Not Enough
How to Get that It Factor Happening
Motivation for Life: What Would You Do if You Could Have a Do Over?
The Universal Law of Attraction Never, Ever Goes On Strike
How to Escape Out of Thought Traps?
Gratitude: 11 Universal Laws for ThanksLiving

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Relationships:Friendship Articles from
06/19/2020 04:13 PM
Changing Codependent Dynamics in Abusive Relationships
Many codependents are in abusive relationships with addicts, narcissists or people with BPD. Sadly, codependency increases their pain and prevents solutions. Due to dysfunctional parenting, codependents have lost touch with their ability to respond to their internal cues. They've come to believe that they're inferior and that what they feel, think, need, and/or want, is unimportant.
06/16/2020 09:10 AM
Friends From Long Ago
Childhood friendships can be rekindled with the technology which is available today. It is possible to reconnect with old friends from long ago. Friends can bring joy to life.
05/01/2020 06:25 PM
Your Bestest Friend - You
I have a friend, Maggie, who has been my friend since 1968, and she calls me her "bestest" friend as a way of appreciating our connection. It always makes me smile, and I feel the same about her. Often, my clients have trouble learning to appreciate and trust themselves, and I think Maggie's phrase should apply to the only relationship we'll have from birth to death-the relationship with self.
04/27/2020 10:01 AM
How to Detach and Let Go With Love
We become overly attached-not because we love so much but because we need someone to act how we want so we can feel okay. Detaching can be hard but loving.
02/28/2020 09:23 AM
Five Fun, Yet Frugal, Ways to Entertain Friends at Home
This article is for the budget-conscious host who doesn't wish to scrimp on fun and excitement. Groups of friends, whether large or small, will find it helpful.
01/03/2020 09:54 AM
Starting Again, But Where Are My Friends?
Have you ever changed school, moved home, left one job for another and realised that by doing so you're starting again and leaving all your friends behind? Going away to university, getting divorced, moving on are often exciting times but can be full of trepidation nonetheless. The impact on our friendship groups may be something we didn't fully appreciate until much later down the line. Here are a few tips for when we're starting out again.
01/02/2020 11:14 AM
Expanding Our Hearts
Reaching out to someone beyond your every day scope of life can bring great rewards for you both. Risk getting out of your routine and helping another so you can expand your heart.
07/05/2019 11:47 AM
The Role of Food in Your Social Life
I'm sure we've all been there, running through various questions when we've been invited to someone's house. And if it's a dining out invitation there may also be questions about settling the bill, who's drinking alcohol and who's not, how formal will it be. Food often plays a big role in our social life.
06/12/2019 02:30 PM
The Advantages of Small Town Living
Continuously, people, especially those from the east coast criticize people living in small town USA, particularity the Midwest. One of their major complaints is that small town people know everyone's business and life story. So what, what have you done wrong that you don''t want anyone to know about? So what, if everyone does know, you are only human, humans all do things they would be better off if they haven't done them, everyone else in your little town has done the same. In most small towns people have a genuine concern for their fellow neighbor and even though they may occasionally gossip about them, when the chips are down, they will pitch in and help each other when those in the larger cities could care less about their neighbor and leave the helping to someone else.
04/24/2019 11:38 AM
My Visit to the Professor - Part 1
Out of the blue, on the Saturday morning of April 13, I called the professor and said, "I want to come over." It was not really out of the blue, for lately I may have been thinking about him, the way people hold others at the back of their minds without much effort while they go about their daily business. When his voice came over it was reassuringly strong but raspy, and I wondered if he was trying to fight off some aches and pains while at the same time talking to me.
04/23/2019 12:27 PM
The Advantage To Living In A Small Town
Many years ago, a very wise person told me that I would eventually travel extensively and would learn many things. She also told me to never forget where I came from, to never forget what was important in life. At the time, I didn't understand what she meant. I grew up and was still living in a small town in southeastern Indiana. It seemed rather insignificant to me, about the only thing there were corn fields and basketball hoops. There were very few of what we now consider the modern necessities of life, restaurants, theater, etc, the finer things in life. It took several years for me to finally realize that wise person was correct. Many say that people who live in small towns are narrow minded, old fashioned, stubborn, and many of the various negative traits we attach to people who are different than ourselves.
03/13/2019 11:16 AM
11 Smart Ways To Make New Friends
If you are looking for smart ways to make friends with new people, you are on the right page. In this article, we have shared several smart tips that can help you make new friends. Read on.
03/13/2019 11:15 AM
5 Benefits of Joining a Friendship Club
If you are thinking of joining a friendship club, you may be a bit intimidated. You can join a local or online club to make new friends. If chosen wisely, you can enjoy a lot of benefits by being part of a club. Given below is a description of 5 benefits that you can avail if you make this decision after doing your homework.
02/26/2019 01:34 PM
Judging People - Why So Hard to Stop
Despite our valuing non-discrimination, judging someone's social status, attitudes, and character is often too quick. Here are 3 reasons for this.
02/04/2019 04:12 PM
Why Not Make the Effort and Turn Up!
I bet I'm not the only one who sometimes heaves a sigh of relief when an evening's plans are cancelled. Winter especially can be a tough time for leaving home. But being sociable is an important way to stay involved and engaged in all areas of our lives. It's important to make the effort to turn up.
01/03/2019 12:59 PM
Show How Much You Care
I recently received a most gorgeous gift, an expected box of homemade treats. I was blown away that someone had cared enough to think of me and go to all that effort. And it set me off reflecting on the many different ways we can let someone know that we're thinking about them, that we value our friendship and we care.
10/31/2018 12:49 PM
8 Tips for When You've Not Socialised in a While
If you're a new parent, have perhaps had a change in personal circumstances, moved location or introduced a new lifestyle and are now being offered opportunities to go out when you've not socialised in a while it can be hard to motivate yourself to leave the house and make the effort to join in. Here are 8 great tips to help you get out there and join in!
07/18/2018 11:53 AM
Who Are Your Real Friends?
Who do you refer to as your friends? Is it the person who spends the most time with you? Or the person who is always there in times of trouble? Is this a real good definition of a friend or only a construed meaning of what a real friend should be?
07/09/2018 03:55 PM
Your True Friends Will Always Be - If You Can Count Them on One Hand, You May Have Too Many
The advent of Facebook was one of the worst vehicles to ingratiate itself upon our lives. IT (information technology) effectively took everyone's lives and smashed all of us all together into a virtual universal high school, if not lesser. Our lives have been turned into "a social experiment" that seeks to promote a constant reinforcement of validation, overstated promotion of our faulty ideas and irrational thoughts, and perpetually masturbates some form of tacit confirmation that we "matter." Facebook's system of acquiring and adding "friends," was the single most incredible achievement of entrepreneurial and psychological proportions; encourage people to virally promote themselves, cross-connect with "like-minded folks" that politically charge up the armies with "group think mentality," link up with people they know and call them, "friends," and then, use that information to market a truckload of useless nonsense and unnecessary commodities to these people through the social medium. Brilliant. Your true friends know who and what you are, understand how and why you are, and love you for better, worse, richer, poorer and always stand with you, whether the battle is theirs or not!
06/06/2018 09:14 AM
5 Genuine Reasons Why We Lose Friends
We all wish to have the same best friends as we had in our childhood. But how many of us are actually able to do so. With each passing year, friendship changes due to the challenges that life offers.
06/03/2018 06:04 PM
The Responsibility We Have to Friends
Deep friendships mean abysmal betrayals, when, for some reason, the relationship ends. Inevitably every close relationship, friendships particularly, are affected by conflict, and ultimately some skirmish occurs to test the strength of trust between two buddies.
05/21/2018 09:39 PM
Do Work & Chores Stop You From Making New Friends?
How 'good' are you at making new friends. Recent research has discovered that many of us are simply too busy to think about initiating new friendships. 63% say that work takes up too much of their time, whilst chores are blamed by 65% But surely sometimes it's important to park up distractions, do what it takes and extend our circle with new friends.
03/13/2018 09:46 AM
Look, Listen, and Learn From Friends
Look, listen, and learn. Real life. As children we develop friendships that we vowed no matter what, we will be friends to the end. We were sincere in the very idea and thought of that pack.
03/08/2018 09:40 AM
Should You Cut Bad Friends Out of Your Life or Learn to Better Manage Personal Boundaries?
Once you realise that you have attracted an unhealthy dynamic with friends, it's not always as easy as simply 'cutting them off'. If you don't learn how to improve your interpersonal dynamics, you'll just attract more parasitic friends. The trick is to learn healthy boundaries and practise them with your existing friends.
02/16/2018 12:17 PM
The Magic of Congenial Friendship
We, as social animals need company of each other to share our happiest, grief-stricken, difficulties and easiest moments. Consequently, it leads to either celebration or empathetic moments in return. Whatsoever way we may think to be independent, we are either directly or indirectly dependent on each other on this planet.
02/04/2018 09:14 AM
Making and Keeping Friends
It can be hard to know the difference between a true and fake friend at first. However, once you know the difference between the two, you should try to make friends and keep them. Maybe making friends is hard for you because you're shy or naturally quiet. Even if you're not shy, it can be hard to talk to people you don't know well or who make you feel nervous. The fact is, most adolescents feel shy some of the time and some feel shy a lot of the time. There's nothing wrong with keeping to yourself when you don't feel like talking.
02/04/2018 09:14 AM
Faux Friends Versus True Friends
Having true friends can make school easier and more fun. If you have a friend, you have a person to talk to and enjoy good times with. You also have someone to help you through hard times at school. You can help each other with schoolwork, stick up for each other, and cheer each other up when one of you is down. However, we have to do know who are true friends are. We have all had friends who have hurt us from time to time. We need to be able to recognize which friends are loyal and which ones are false friends. We can't all immediately spot people who are false friends. False friends are usually cheaters, bullies, people who spread rumours about us and those who treat others like dirt. But there are also more subtle signs that someone is not worth your friendship. If someone makes you feel bad about yourself, tells stories about others, lies to you or laughs at you, run the other way!
12/15/2017 08:07 AM
8 Tips To Become More Social And Make New Friends
For introverts, things are a bit difficult. They have to show initiative and strength, so they have to have social skills in order to develop personal relationship and achieve success in their professions. If you are want to become more social and want to make new friends, we suggest that you follow the tips given below.
11/28/2017 08:19 AM
Dangers of Mixing With the Wrong Crowd
The quickest way to destroy your own life is to associate yourself with bad company and many people have discovered this to their cost. There is no doubt that hanging around bad company will have a detrimental affect on your potential.
11/07/2017 08:27 AM
The Key Ingredient
Some people are surrounded by a throng of friends. Some people have no friends. Some people have that one best friend that lasts a lifetime. What is that one key ingredient?
09/08/2017 11:40 AM
When to Let Go of Your Home Boys
There comes a time when you outgrow the friends you grew up with. These are the signs that you need to let them go.
09/07/2017 10:33 AM
How To Make Friends
Making friends is not easy, but everyone is looking for friends. So go in blind if you have to, don't be afraid to be yourself, don't be afraid to ask personal questions, and set some goals for yourself. And remember to smile!
09/05/2017 09:36 AM
What Having a Friend Might Mean to You
People mean a lot to each other due to several memories, relationships and sometimes just a simple connection. For me, relationship or even friendship was a very strange thing. I never actually understood it. I liked being aloof, independent and on my own all the time. I loved my silenced-filled life with a lot of time to think whatever I want. In simple words, I was never a people person.
08/08/2017 03:43 PM
8 Reasons Why You Can Find A Lifetime Friend in Your Cousin
You can always be counting on your family before anyone else. And life gets you going social and you have to be independent on your own.
08/02/2017 08:31 AM
Are Friends Bad for You?
How many of us stay with the people in our social circle out of habit, laziness, inertia? And yet when we read that we become like the five people we spend most of our time with - is that really for you? Are friends good or bad for us?
08/01/2017 07:54 AM
Who Goes There - Friend Or Foe?
Transparency, the avowed goal of digitization, will indeed be achieved in a whole lot of interactions though the electronic slips generated thereof. However, the desired transparency in terms of human relations is getting more and more shrouded in ambiguity, suspicion and blatant paranoia...
06/17/2017 02:35 PM
Rekindling Friendship
Friendships are precious, some friendships even dating as far back as school days. Some friends continue living in the same town making it possible for them to often do things together or else spending time for chats. The way of the world today, results with many friendships broken through people moving and living in other countries and not keeping up any contact.
06/16/2017 10:14 AM
Why You Need To Avoid Fake Friends
People in life will try to bring you down to their level. Find out how you can identify this and stop it before it's too late.
06/07/2017 09:32 PM
7 Tips to Turn Strangers Into Friends
If you want to know some tips to turn strangers into your friends, we suggest that you follow these tips from experts. With these tips, you will be able to make some great friends. Read on.
05/03/2017 10:26 AM
To Tolerate or Not To Tolerate
At times I do find myself questioning the rights and wrongs, as well as expected duties required by me to my very limited amount of real friends. I often feel that I just don't quite measure up to others expectations or standards, when really I just don't know how to act, due to my lack of "friendship" experience. I find that I am constantly trying to make someone happy, or trying to do what I can to live up to their expectations.
04/28/2017 08:19 AM
Relationships: Do People's Friends Reveal If They Value Themselves?
If one wanted to find out what someone is like, they could take the time to get to know them. And, after they have spent a certain amount of time in their presence, they might feel as though they have a good understanding of them.
04/11/2017 04:19 PM
The Bare It All Syndrome Is Killing It All
When relationships go sour, which they sometime will and anger and frustration seems to rule over your heart - a word of advice to the aggrieved - hold your tongue or in today's case - emoticons, emoji, FB and eager Twitter updates and press conference if you will to spill out the beans. Silence is golden and always pays says an adage and that seems long forgotten in the age of one-upmanship where whoever spills the beans first seems to get the eyes and ears. All it does then is becomes open for judgement and ridicule and...
04/10/2017 09:20 AM
Importance of Trust
Trust is fundamental to life.Trustworthiness is a moral value considered to be a virtue. You can't have relationships without trust, let alone good ones. Intimacy depends on it.
04/09/2017 10:42 PM
Friendship Is a Relationship of Mutual Affection Between People
The relation of friendship is priceless. True friendship is about knowing that someone is there when you need help.This day is celebrated all over the world. Friend in need is friend indeed.
04/07/2017 09:45 AM
The Core
If you notice, the society around us, there is no one way of established protocol or standards or traditions that facilitate building emotional closeness in non-romantic situations between people, irrespective of the gender. Secondly, if one is married, then such person comes to depend on ones mate for the emotional closeness that one used to get from friends and thus the skills at cultivating it platonically deteriorate. Men & Women, both loose this skill at some point in their life, even before they understand what it all means... Men in particular struggle with this. One can notice that, older men with plenty of intellectual conversations to throw around, but will have no friend with whom they share the personal intimacy.
04/06/2017 12:35 PM
The Value of Real Friends
Friendship is not something you learn in school. Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness. True friends are always there through thick and thin.
04/05/2017 08:09 AM
Relationships: Do You Hide Your True-Self When You Are Around Your Friends?
If one was to think about their career, they may find that they do something that really matters to them. And if they were to think about what their relationships are like, they may also find that this area of their life is just as fulfilling.
03/13/2017 08:29 AM
Why You Love (and Need) to Socialise
Socialization, as it's formally called, produces feelings of happiness, reduces stress, anxiety and depression, and even improves cognitive function, quality of life and longevity. Humans are, by nature, social creatures - in the past we needed each other to increase the likelihood of survival and for the strength that comes from co-operation. So, being with others is a deeply soothing experience on a primal neurological level, creating a sense of safety and confidence.
02/25/2017 11:06 AM
Relationships: Are Friends The People That We Have In Our Life Who We Rescue?
If one was to look back on their life, they may find that they have had friends who have needed their help. This could mean that they have had to drive them to different places, give them a place to stay for a few nights and been there for them when they were not in a good place, amongst other things.
02/22/2017 02:26 PM
Forgiveness Is More Than Just Words, It's a Process
How often have we heard, "Just forgive her." Like it's just something we can do automatically, like turning on a light switch. If it were truly so easy, we would probably just do it.

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